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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Honest Baguio Taxi Driver Returns Lost Wallet with Cash and Cards to American Resident

Photo Courtesy || Baguio Chronicle

Cordillera - A Seattle native, Bruce Baskin, left his wallet in a Baguio taxi and worried it was lost forever. 

The wallet contained important cards and thousands of pesos. 

Baskin canceled his cards and thought he might have to deal with identity theft.

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To his surprise, honest taxi driver William Cargolio found the wallet and personally returned it hours later. Everything, including the cash and cards, was intact. 

Baskin and his partner believe it was a miracle and credit the taxi driver's honesty and the city's honest reputation. 

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Baskin expressed gratitude, saying this act of kindness might not have happened in America.

source || Baguio Chronicle


Sunday, January 30, 2022

Honest Taxi Driver Returns Lost Cash worth P100,000 left in his car

Photo Courtesy || Digway TV

Cordillera - Another honest Cordilleran taxi driver deserves our commendation for his honesty in returning cash that was accidentally left inside his car by a passenger. 

Mr. Marcial Diclas, a native of Mankayan, Benguet did not hesitate to find a way to return a lost cash worth P100,000 to the respective owner. 

According to the owner, Mr Ruel Masantoc, he was very tired that day so he accidentally forgot the cash inside that taxi driven by Mr. Diclas. 

Indeed, Mr Diclas honesty is another testament to the innate values of the Cordilleran and trying the live with the culture of Inayan.

The act of honesty shown by Mr. Diclas will also elevate the status of taxi drivers in the Cordilleras and will also serve as a good example to be followed by all taxi drivers. 

Taxi drivers in the region are known for their honesty particularly in returning cash and valuable items that were left by passengers inside their cars.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Coca-cola's honesty cart - Are Baguio People Really Honest?

Photo Courtesy || Janeth Martin & Public Information - City of Baguio
Cordillera - The people of Baguio are known to be honest. There are countless scenarios when  Baguio residents  returned valuable items they found to the owner.
However, does honesty among the people of Baguio city still prevail despite life struggles and crisis brought  about by the covid-19 pandemic?

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Last month, the Coca-Cola company has launched the Wheels Project Honesty Cart which sells drinking water.

The carts were stationed in the Central Business District, at the Baguio City Hall and barangay Irisan.

The  aim of the project is to support marginalized individuals who lost their source of income due to the current pandemic as well as to promote honesty as a core value among the locals even in times of hardship.

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No one was assigned to sell the item or collect payments so buyers can freely get the item and drop their payment in a separate box.

It was reported that there wasn't an under collection, rather the exact opposite from the items that were sold in the store carts, according to the Public Information Office - City of Baguio
The city Mayor, Benjamin Magalong was so proud of this report.

 "Looking at the audit report, there was even an overcollection. We can say that people of Baguio are amazingly honest. I m so proud, " he said. 

This project has once again proven that honesty has been the core value among the locals all along. This value has been passed from generation to generation that it already became part of everyone's lifestyle.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Honesty Jeep in Baguio helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

Photo Courtesy || Orly Pacya
Cordillera - The world is currently dealing with a global pandemic, an unseen and invincible foe that is hard to battle with. This has been onerous for all the people around the world. The global pandemic as caused panic, scare, and anxiousness. 

Because of of this crisis, people are starving, the sick is dying, and the economy is collapsing. Covid-19 had brought chaos, hunger, and death. This situation is apparently surreal; this has become a havoc full of mayhem.

However, on the other hand, the global pandemic had also brought kindness, humanity, and compassion. This has become God's way to call our attention, to seek for our prayers and to strengthen our faith.

After merely 3 months of home isolation, the Philippines is now slowly opening its economy to sustain and maintain the stability of the country. A partial opening to many businesses, and the resumptions of public transportation are the first thing that the Government had come up with. 

But there are still lots of questions that leaves Filipino citizens confused, one of these is how are the transportation operators, drivers, and conductors will practice health precautionary measures considering that it is a ‘public’ transportation.

A jeepney in Baguio City has answer for this, he came up to create an honesty jeep, where passengers will pay their fare thru a plastic bottle hanging in the middle of the jeepney.

According to Orly Pacya, the uploader of the Honesty jeep, only 50% of the whole capacity of the jeepney will be entertained to ride aboard.

Inside the jeepney, there’s a sign reminding passengers to wear their facemask and urging them to pay exact amount because of it has no returning of change.

The jeepney is roaming around Pinespark-Lubas-Tawang, La Trinidad route.
This is a genius way in preventing the spread of the virus and to minimize direct contact from other people. It is also an amazing way to test the honesty of the passengers.

Though it is not clear about the real intention of the driver based on the facebook post, it is still evident and obvious that he is helping to stop the spread of the virus in his own little way, and he wants to promote honesty amidst the pandemic.

--contributed article--

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Honest trike driver in Mt.Province returns lost P15,700 cash to owner

Photo Courtesy || PnpMtprovince Sabangan
Cordillera - In this time of crisis where many have been hit hard financially specially those who are working in the transport sector, a tricycle driver returned a wallet containing cash to the police station. 

According to a post by PNP Mountain Province Sabangan Facebook page, Mr.Eddie B. Mercado went to the Sabangan Police station to turn over a brown wallet containing P15,700.00 and other valuable documents which he found along the road while transporting his passenger. 

Mr. Marcelo Galeng Jr. the owner of the lost items later came to the station to claim his wallet and documents from Mr. Mercado. 

The noble deed of Mr. Mercado is indeed an inspiration, an uplifting account about a simple tricycle driver with a pure heart who, despite affected by the crisis himself, still do the right thing by not keeping the money for the benefit of himself.

This is a similar story of honesty from a tricycle driver in Kalinga who returned a long brown envelope containing cheques amounting to P2.1 million. 


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Mankayan, Benguet returns lost wallet containing P23,460

Photo Courtesy || Mankayan MPS
Cordillera - A tricycle in Mankayan, Benguet was lauded for his honesty when he returned a wallet containing cash amounting to P23,000 to the police station.
According to a post from Mankayan MPS, Richard Domilos, the tricycle driver found a brown wallet containing P23,000 along Cervantes Road in Poblacion, Mankayan Benguet. 

The wallet also contains some identification cards of the owner of which is used to contact the owner. 

Without hesitation, Domilos immediately turn over the said wallet to the Municipal Police Station for its return to the rightful owner. 

Meanwhile, many netizens praised the honesty of Mr. Domilos, because despite earning not enough income  being a tricycle driver, he still chose to be honest. 
"May your trice increase Richard, God will reward you of your good deeds, a netizen commented. 

One said "Praise for you honesty manong, your are indeed a good role mode in our community. God Bless you more."

Monday, December 23, 2019

Baguio cab driver Bhong Balisong returns P60,000 cash of a retired Police Officer, gets city commendation

Photo Courtesy || Bhong Balisong
Cordillera - An honest taxi driver returned a misplaced bundle of cash, P60,000 to be exact to a passenger who accidentally left it inside his taxi on 9 December 2019.

The driver, Bhong Balisong, recounted that he found the bundle of cash left in his taxi after dropping off his passenger.

Instead of keeping the money for himself, Balisong immediately posted at the Baguio Sumbungan Forum Facebook page to inform about the cash left in his taxi.

The owner Mark Madalang - a retired police officer contacted him and they arranged to meet at Bombo Radyo Station to claim the money as well as praise Mr. Balisong of his honesty live on air. 

According to Balisong, he was never interested in keeping the money because he knew it was owned by somebody and they work hard to earn it. 

He said his conscience cannot bear to feed his family with the money he had not worked for.

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On Monday, the City Government of Baguio passed a resolution commending Bhong Balisong for his exemplary act of honesty and uprightness in returning the cash to the rightful owner. 

"Mr. Balisong's act of honesty and uprightness elevates the status of taxi drivers in the City of Baguio and is worthy of commendation, praise and emulation by all taxi drivers as well as the constituents of the City of Pines," part of the resolution read.

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"Taxi drivers in the City of Baguio are known for their honesty particularly in returning exact change without demanding additional charges from passengers." the resolution added.

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source || Bombo Radyo Baguio, Sanguniang Panglusod - Baguio 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Vietnamese national thankful to Baguio taxi driver for the return of her jewelry worth Php200,000

Photo Courtesy || Thuy Diem Vo
Cordillera - A Vietnamese national who came to Baguio city to conduct a livelihood seminar on jewelry and bonsai making felt elated after recovering her lost jewelries worth  $4,200
Thuy Diem Vo expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all her Filipino friends and the Baguio police who helped her find the taxi where she left her bag containing the jewelries.

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"Tears of happiness my sisters and I felt when I found something lost in the Philippines," Thuy said. 

"Thank you Lord for hearing the prayer of my sisters. Thank you Baguio city police. Thank your for the kind taxi driver," she added.

Francisco Jeyson was the driver of the Gentle Breeze taxi where the Vietnamese left her valuable stuff.

On Tueday, Jeyson received a commendation from the city council for his selfless act of returning the lost items left in his cab, according to Sunstar. 

A resolution passed by councilor Arthur Alad-iw, recognized Jeyson for his good deed that is worthy of praise and deserves commendation from the city of Baguio.

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"The heroism of Mr. Jeyson on his act of honesty - where his will defied greed, when his heart listened to the brain, when his sense of duty prevailed over a chance to have a property, when his integrity feel to compromise with money made with little effort - is worthy emulating by all taxi drivers as well as the constituents of Baguio," the resolution reads.
Indeed, Taxi drivers in Baguio are known to be honest and trustworthy. 

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Many visitors and tourists have witnessed the truthfulness of Baguio being the home of honest taxi drivers in the country. 

Francisco Jeyson joins the growing number of ordinary Filipinos who worked with honesty and who value integrity over money. 

Matago tago ka kailyan.

source || Thuy Diem Vu, Sunstar


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Honest Kalinga Jeepney driver returns mobile phone left by a passenger

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - A jeepney driver from Tabuk in Kalinga has been recognized for being honest after he returned a mobile phone left by a passenger. 

Eddie Gayol, a 57-year-old public transport driver who resides at Purok 4, Bulanao, Tabuk City Kalinga, returned the phone his son found inside his jeepney.

The honest driver told Tabuk Life that this is not the first time he returned lost items. But in many occasions he also returned lost money or things found inside his jeepney. 

"Adu iti naisubli kon nga gadgets wenno kwarta nga nabatbati da ngem masapul a nga isubli ta saan ko met a bagi (I have found many gadgets or money that passengers left but I have to returned them because they are not my belongings.)," Gayol said.

"Makonsensya ta met nu alan ta iti saan ta a kukua," he added. 

Gayol said that some lost items were taken by other passengers so he can not be able to returned them. 

According to Gayol, being a jeepney driver has been his source of income since 1986 and he has been able to raised and put his five children to a school and now they are all professionals. 

One is a medical doctor, the other is a nurse, a computer engineer and the other two are IT graduates.

"Kasla nga pampalipas oras ko laengen daytoy pinagpasadak ta narigat met a tallikudan iti nakasanayanen a trabaho (It's just a past time for me now to drive because it's hard to abandoned my former job)," Gayol said.

When the father of the owner of the phone tried to  offer financial reward for his good deed, he refused to accept it, because it was inappropriate to receive money for the return of an item to the owner. 

Eddie Gayol is among the growing list of ordinary drivers who have made us proud to be Filipinos because of his honesty. 

May his story be an inspiration to us, whether we are drivers or not, to be honest in our dealings with our fellow man. 

Kudos sir Eddie Gayol.

source: Tabuk Life FB page

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What do tourists say about taxi drivers in Baguio City

Cordillera - We've gathered all the comments and messages from tourists and passengers who have expressed their positive experiences with taxi drivers in Baguio City and here are what they said.

Taxi Drivers in Baguio give back the passengers their exact change.

Visitors coming from other cities in the Philippines observed that taxi drivers in Baguio city always return the change even if that is only 1 peso.

"Kudos sa mga Baguio City Taxi Drivers. I just got back from Pinas and I notice na talagang ibabalik ang sukli mo kahit under P5 compared to Manila na sasabihin na wala daw siyang sukli sa P100 kaya sa Grab Taxi na lang ako." from Wagchen

"Agree! Kahit piso na sukli mo ibibigay nila." From Johny

"This is so True. Salute sa lahat ng taxi drivers ng Baguio... Ultimo piso ibabalik nila yan. Eh dito sa Manila, 100 bigay mo 70 ang patak. Wala daw sukli." - from Mitch

"Grabee binabalik nila hanggang huling piso sa sukli mo. kukulitin mo pa silang tanggapin yung tip. Sana maging standard ang ganyang pag-uugali." from Earle

"This is very true during my college days, di namemresyo at kahit 1 PESO na sukli mo ibabalik pa." from Emma

"Yes, I credit to all Baguio Taxi Driver. They return your exchange even if it's centavo." from Xiexia

"Agree! Kahit magkanong sukli mo ibibigay, kahit super ahon ang daan ng pupuntahan ihahatid kayo ng walang reklamo." from Xyza

"Pati yung sukli, parang pagmamahal ko. Walang labis, walang kulang kahit sentimo." from Gasmel

"This is legit. Stayed 5 years in Baguio and I never had any bad experiences. Fare is fair as well." from Trisha

Baguio City Drivers return any valuable item left by passengers in their cars.

"Very true. Naalala ko nun nung sumakmay kami ng taxi nung time na nasa Baguio City kami. Tapos nung driver samin "Wait lang po mam, may dadaanan lang po tayo saglit naiwan kasi cellphone nung pasahero na sumakay sakin kanina" Natuwa naman ako," from Zarah

"Yes.. totoo po..salamat kay Tito taxi driver noong nag exam kami ng board sa Baguio ibinabalik niya yung naiwan kong transparent envelope, especially yung NOA at receipt ko sa kanyang taxi, kasi napakaimportante yun sa aming magtatake ng board," from Joe

"Not only taxi drivers but jeepney drivers as well. Last week I dropped my phone inside a jeep bound from Centermall to Motorpoll via Pico then this jeepney driver find a way to gave it back to me. Thanks much. Haan ko naala jay plate number jay jeep or name man lang piman jay driver. GBU," from Jolz

"Agree much, my grandson left his cell phone in the taxi, the driver returned the cell phone by driving back to where my grandson was dropped and it was returned with no conditions, very honest," from Adecisa

"Personal experience when I was a Baguio boarding at Cadaklan village, while going to school (University of Baguio) umuulan that time at foggy. Nang may dumaan na taxi kaya sumakay ako... may isang babae sa look ng taxi and I know the driver and the lady are son and daughter of Cordillera, the lady asked me, "Anya ti nagan mo ading?" Meaning anu pangalan mo Aking Nakababatang kapatid? Then I've replied Rey Ann, Rey Ann Pagrogado, cguro na curious bakit iba sa usual na Cordillera yung family name ko. then she asked again, tagalog ka ba? Wen (Yes) auntie (Hindi ko na sinabi na Ilonggo aku). Saan ka nag-aaral, she asked. Sa UB aunti, then since traffic along Loakan road napahaba yung kwentohan namin, hanggan sinabi niya sa driver na ipasok niya yung taxi malapit sa entrance ng building ng UB, at nang aku ay magbayad na, tinanggihan ito ng driver ng taxi na nakikinig lang pala sa kwentohan namin then I've found out na yung babae pala yung may ari ng taxi at bago ako bumaba the lady told me some words na hanggang ngayon ay "MAG ARAL KA NG MABUTI ADING, WAG MING SAYANGIN ANG PAGOD MO, KASI YANG ANG MAGDADALA SAYO SA PANGARAP MO.This is true, And yes they're kind people. MOST OF THE KIND PEOPLE IS LIVING IN CORDILLERA...BASTA SIAK IGOROTAK, NOT BY BLOOD BUT IN DETERMINATION AND PERSEVERANCE TOWARDS SUCCESS." - from Huma
Some have commented that taxi drivers in city of Baguio are friendly and they love to talk to their passengers during the trip. They also give advice, suggestion and recommendations on the best place to go around the city. 

Some have said that drivers are also very helpful in helping their passengers who are drunk so that they can safely reach their homes. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Honest Kalinga tricycle driver returns cheques amounting to P2.1 M

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - A tricycle driver in Kalinga was lauded for his honesty when he returned a long brown envelope containing the cheques amounting to P2.1 million to the police station.

Limuel Dumallis, 22-year-old tricycle driver noticed a long brown envelope inside his tricycle. Without any hesitation, he took it and immediately went to Bulanao Police Sub Station 1 for its immediate return to the owner. 

Dumallis who had been a trike driver for three years received admiration for his honesty in social media. 

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"Haan ko ammu nu sino makinbagi, basta nakitak lang dita ket innak inbati jay Police Station ta baka alaen ti sabali diyay ket nagbannugan da pinam" ( I don't know the owner, I just took it and turned it over to the Police Station because I'm worried someone might take it and the owner worked hard for it).

Dumallis is the proud father of a 3-year-old girl. Despite being a trike driver earning not enough income, he still believes that aside from honesty, the value of hard work is also important in life. 
He is encouraging his fellow trike drivers to always do the right thing whenever passengers forget something inside their tricycle.
Source || Tabuk Life

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Airport cleaner from Abra returns Php430,000 he found at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Photo Courtesy || Abrenian FB Group
Cordillera - This is another story of a fellow with a good heart who, without hesitation returns anything valuable left or forgotten by the owner. 

On August 10, 2019, Sixto O. Brillante, Jr, an airport cleaner who was assigned in one of the male comfort rooms in the Ninoy International Airport helped locate the owner of a bag containing cash. 

Brillante was originally from Abra Province in the Cordillera region. 

According to a post from Abrenian Facebook Group, Brillante was mopping the floor when an unknown passenger called his attention to inform him about a black sling bag possibly left behind by another passenger. 

He immediately coordinated with his partner to help him locate the owner through the paging system and later turned it over to the Lost and Found Section of the Airport for safekeeping. 

Authorities opened the bag for inventory and found a cash amounting to EUR7,300 or Php 430,000 placed inside two white envelopes and an iPad.

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A Turkish passenger came around one and a half hour later to claim the bag. After going through the verification process, he was determined to be the rightful owner of the bag.

"Mr. Brillante could have easily kept the bag and favorably benefited from what's inside it, but he chose to surrender it. I admire him for his integrity. Hearing stories like this makes us Filipino proud," airport chief GM Ed Monreal said.
Photo Courtesy || Abrenian FB Group

Monreal hopes Mr. Brillante's good deed would encourage  airport workers to always practice the virtue of honesty in any situation that may call for it.

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"Doing good should never be an option. It must be a way of life for all of us," Monreal added. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Honest Igorota vendor from La Trinidad returns 2.7 million cash to owner

Photo Courtesy || Gabriel Alipio

Cordillera - An honest Igorot vendor from La Trinidad did not hesitate to return a bag containing a large amount of money worth 2.7 million pesos to the owner, according to a recent news from GMA News Online. 

The Igorota vendor was Alice Baguitan from La Trinidad Benguet. 

According to Baguitan, she was eating at a fast food restaurant in Laog, City when a woman sat beside her and left a bag beside her feet. 

The woman suddenly left the restaurant but  forgot to take the bag with her because she was rushing to the bus station. 

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Baguitan took the bag and followed the woman to the bus station to return it. The woman hugged and  thanked her. She also tried to give her a reward money for her honesty, but Baguitan refused to take it. 

According to her, there are more blessing she will receive from the Lord when she does the right thing. 
Photo || Dennis Gabriel Alipio

Baguitan said she also found cash money worth half million before and she also returned it to the owner. 

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Indeed it was a wonderful example worth emulating. Doing the right thing to anyone is becoming a blessing to them. In return, we will also receive blessings a thousand fold more than we can imagine.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Honest taxi driver from Sagada returns lost mobile phone to owner

As posted by Marlon Bernard Baso on Facebook
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso
Cordillera - An honest taxi driver Mr. Joseph Inso from Sagada, Mt. Province returned the cellphone which was accidentally dropped from the pocket of my niece at the front seat of the taxi Ganduyan. 

We boarded the taxi at Lubas going to Km 4, La Trinidad, Benguet at about past 9am last Sunday - May 26, 2019 when the cellphone dropped unknowingly from the pocket of my niece. 

It was only when we arrived at the house when she noticed that her cellphone is missing. Frantically, she searched her pockets and her bags but shed didn't find it in either of them. 

So she suspected she might have dropped in the taxi we boarded.

Right away we contacted the missing cellphone and it was ringing but no reply. We also sent text messages but no reply. 

It's only this day June 2, 2019 about a week ago that the taxi driver found the cellphone when a passenger adjusted the seat and the cell phone dropped. 

Then the taxi driver was reminded of the calls and text that we had sent him. So he contacted me this afternoon and I met him at Slaughter Compound, Baguio City. 

He handed me the cell phone of which I am very grateful. 

With permission I asked for his name and took pictures of the taxi. To the taxi driver, thank you very much for your honesty. May God bless you and protect you through out your life. 
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso

Photo courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Honest Baguio cab driver returns iPhone and Laptop left from his taxi to owner

Photo Courtesy: Xania Gerardo FB
Baguio City - There have been countless of stories we heard about honest cab drivers around Baguio with regards to returning valuable items left inside their taxi.

Here is another true experience shared by Xania Gerardo on Facebook. She posted that her friend who lost her iPhone and Laptop was able to claim them after they were returned by the honest cab driver.

"Kuya Cleto of Kian Jay Taxi returned the Laptop and iPhone of my friend Krista this morning, November 10, 2018," Gerardo wrote in her FB account.

She is hoping that Mr. Cleto will be recognized by the city government for his exemplary deed because he is an excellent model to follow by all PUV drivers.

"Such manifestation of a Good Deed is worth emulating. Hope the City Government will recognize this Honest and Loving Father and Husband of our Beloved City. The pride of Baguio - Honest Taxi Drivers. Naway Pagpalain pa po Kau at Mabuhay po kaung Lahat," she added.

Screenshot from Xania Gerardo FB

Taxi drivers in Baguio are known to be honest and trustworthy. Many of them are now making rounds of appreciation on social media for returning items accidentally left by passengers inside their car.

Some of them even go the distance and make an extra effort to locate the owner as much as they can do because they knew these lost properties are important to the owner.

Sharing stories of this kind of good deeds by Baguio cab drivers on social media is a good thing. Recognizing and appreciating them will motivate others to do the same.



Thursday, March 15, 2018

Honest Passenger and Driver from Tublay return Php400,000 lost cash to a former OFW owner

Mr Jimmer Denson driver and his passenger Erwil Agyapas surrendered to this office an envelop of US dollars. Owner a certain "Mark" who is a former OFW. Photo Courtesy || TublayPNP 
Baguio City - An honest passenger and a jeepney driver from Tublay have made another reason to believe and trust that when you lost valuable things inside a passenger jeepney for whatever reason, you'll expect you can recover it if the passenger and driver have a good heart like Mr. Erwil Payangdo Agyapas and Jimmer Antos Denson.

Mr. Agyapas found  a bundle of money in U.S dollar worth P421, 791 inside a jeepney and immediately informed Mr. Denson (the jeepney driver). They knew exactly what to do, they surrendered the cash to the Tublay Municipal Police Station.

Agyapas said this is not the first time he returned a lost money and said it was a natural thing for him to return the money because it is not his and he had experienced to lost something and it's painful. 

Mr. Agyapas found  a bundle of money in U.S dollar worth P421, 791 inside a jeepney. Photo Courtesy || TublayPNP
"Isublik ah ta saan ko met nga bagi ken napadas ko met nga napukawan ket nasakit," Agyapas from Barangay Basil, Tublay said. 

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The owner of the money who is an OFW from Kapangan was very happy and relieved from worrying when he learned that his money was surrendered to the Police Station and still intact. 

Meanwhile Tublay Mayor Armand Lauro commended the honest acts of the two and said both of them will be included in the list of individuals who will receive  plaque of commendation on November this year, during the town's foundation day celebration. 

Lauro offered a small cash reward to the two and thanked them for their honesty because they resisted temptation and returned the money without hesitation.

"With what you did, it made me believe that there are indeed people like you who return money without second thoughts. This is a good reflection for our constituents this Lenten season that there are still good and honest people in this world, worthy to be emulated," Mayor Lauro commended to Agyapas and Denson. 

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source || Baguio Midland Courier

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Baguio City is home to the most honest taxi drivers in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Chinita Panganiban Viray

Baguio City, - In a world where news of crimes such as robbery, snatching, rapes and killings bombard us everyday, they make us to believe that no one these days can be trusted. Surviving in this world is hard and many people people uses that as an excuse to do bad things in order to survive. These non-ending news of crimes make us question, are there people out there who still choose to live in an honest and right way despite the hardship they had in life?

Passengers took to social media (Facebook) to extend their appreciation and give praise to taxi drivers who returned their forgotten belongings without asking any favor in return.
Some of these taxi drivers even go the distance to make a way to return a smartphone of a passenger that was left inside his car.

Just lately, according to a Facebook post from a named Sofia Wisdom, Mr. Paul William a driver of taxi with plate number AAB 3571 was recognized because of his effort to find ways to return a smartphone he doesn't know how to operate.

The owner of the smartphone said she accidentally left her phone inside the cab. She tried calling the phone through her son's phone but it just keep ringing and no one is picking it up. They tried calling the phone and after two hours, someone answered and told her to pick her phone in a store located near her house.
The reason why the Mr. William is not picking up the phone is because he doesn't know well how to operate such modern phone gadget.
Paul William finds a way to return a smartphone he doesn't know how to operate. Photo: Sofia Wisdom's FB account. 

"The driver knew well that the phone was ringing but he's not knowledgeable to operate the phone, so he just left the sound disturbed his ears that long," Wisdom wrote. "He alleged that he went twice to our residence (as far as Tam-awan) expecting that someone would be up there at the gate waiting, but to no avail. What he did was to park his vehicle beside the store and let someone answer the phone for him," she added.

Wisdom commended the driver for his action including the passenger who found the phone and turned over it to William.

"May this dear manong be showered with abundant blessings for his deed. The phone is just an item which can be replaced, but his man is commendable whose act is to be cherished. My salute too to the young passenger next to my son." Wisdom praised.

Not only Mr. William's action is a testimony of Baguio City as home of honest taxi drivers. There are countless stories that have been told with the same incidence where passengers who claimed they were able to get back their lost items because of the effort of the drivers.
Baguio Cab driver returns forgotten belongings of an Australian businessman. Photo: Ace Estrada

Well, of course, we are not saying that only in Baguio that you can encounter honest taxi drivers. It is not the place that will make you a good person. Honesty is a moral attributes rooted deep in all human beings whether you are a taxi driver or not.

Telling stories of honest taxi drivers on social media to be shared with and read by others is a good thing. Recognizing and appreciating their efforts and good deeds will motivate them to become a model for others to follow.

Although they are not expecting any kind of reward or praise, they deserve our attention to keep them motivated and become a good example for others.

"Honesty is the best, the most noble, of all human values - and it is always deeply inspiring" a good food for thought for us to keep in mind.


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