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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Sabangan returns P100,000 cash and passbooks to owner

Photo Courtesy || Pnp Sabangan
Cordillera - An honest tricycle driver from Sabangan, Mt. Province didn't hesitate to return a bag containing large amount of money and a passbook to the police station as reported by the Pnp Sabangan Facebook page. 

The post said, "A hardworking tricycle driver turn in to Sabangan MPS cash amounting to P100,000.00 and 6pcs passbooks with receipts by Mr. Benjamin Coltong, found along the highway at Sitio Todey, Poblacion, Sabangan, Mt. Province.

Mr. Coltong's act of honesty is a testament to the many commendable traits of a Cordilleran exemplifying the culture of "Inayan".
The "Inayan" culture among the Igorots signifies the fear to the Supreme being.

This helps them not to commit things that are unpleasant and undesirable like consuming and owning something that does not belong to them. 

Salute to sir Benjamin Coltong. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Honest trike driver in Mt.Province returns lost P15,700 cash to owner

Photo Courtesy || PnpMtprovince Sabangan
Cordillera - In this time of crisis where many have been hit hard financially specially those who are working in the transport sector, a tricycle driver returned a wallet containing cash to the police station. 

According to a post by PNP Mountain Province Sabangan Facebook page, Mr.Eddie B. Mercado went to the Sabangan Police station to turn over a brown wallet containing P15,700.00 and other valuable documents which he found along the road while transporting his passenger. 

Mr. Marcelo Galeng Jr. the owner of the lost items later came to the station to claim his wallet and documents from Mr. Mercado. 

The noble deed of Mr. Mercado is indeed an inspiration, an uplifting account about a simple tricycle driver with a pure heart who, despite affected by the crisis himself, still do the right thing by not keeping the money for the benefit of himself.

This is a similar story of honesty from a tricycle driver in Kalinga who returned a long brown envelope containing cheques amounting to P2.1 million. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Sabangan, Mt. Province turned-over found cash to Police

Photo Courtesy || Sabangan MPS
Cordillera - Netizens commended the honesty of a tricycle driver in Sabangan, Mt. Province for turning over a cash he found to the police station. 

Report from the Sabangan Municipal Station said Mr. Rudy Lamyong Caligtan, a member of the (STODA) from Barangay Losad, Sabangan, Mt. Province turned-over cashed money in different denomination amounting to P14,320. 

Caligtan said he found the money at the Nacagang Junction which he later turned it over to the police station. 

The owner of the said cash later notified and came to the police station to claim the money. 

Photo Courtesy || Sabangan Mps

Netizens meanwhile expressed their commendation to Mr. Caligtan for his honest act of returning the lost cash. 

"What you did is the best, May the Lord bless you and will reward your honesty," one netizen said. 

"Good job, May your good deed inspires others to follow. God Bless You," another commented. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Mankayan, Benguet returns lost wallet containing P23,460

Photo Courtesy || Mankayan MPS
Cordillera - A tricycle in Mankayan, Benguet was lauded for his honesty when he returned a wallet containing cash amounting to P23,000 to the police station.
According to a post from Mankayan MPS, Richard Domilos, the tricycle driver found a brown wallet containing P23,000 along Cervantes Road in Poblacion, Mankayan Benguet. 

The wallet also contains some identification cards of the owner of which is used to contact the owner. 

Without hesitation, Domilos immediately turn over the said wallet to the Municipal Police Station for its return to the rightful owner. 

Meanwhile, many netizens praised the honesty of Mr. Domilos, because despite earning not enough income  being a tricycle driver, he still chose to be honest. 
"May your trice increase Richard, God will reward you of your good deeds, a netizen commented. 

One said "Praise for you honesty manong, your are indeed a good role mode in our community. God Bless you more."

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Honest Kalinga Jeepney driver returns mobile phone left by a passenger

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - A jeepney driver from Tabuk in Kalinga has been recognized for being honest after he returned a mobile phone left by a passenger. 

Eddie Gayol, a 57-year-old public transport driver who resides at Purok 4, Bulanao, Tabuk City Kalinga, returned the phone his son found inside his jeepney.

The honest driver told Tabuk Life that this is not the first time he returned lost items. But in many occasions he also returned lost money or things found inside his jeepney. 

"Adu iti naisubli kon nga gadgets wenno kwarta nga nabatbati da ngem masapul a nga isubli ta saan ko met a bagi (I have found many gadgets or money that passengers left but I have to returned them because they are not my belongings.)," Gayol said.

"Makonsensya ta met nu alan ta iti saan ta a kukua," he added. 

Gayol said that some lost items were taken by other passengers so he can not be able to returned them. 

According to Gayol, being a jeepney driver has been his source of income since 1986 and he has been able to raised and put his five children to a school and now they are all professionals. 

One is a medical doctor, the other is a nurse, a computer engineer and the other two are IT graduates.

"Kasla nga pampalipas oras ko laengen daytoy pinagpasadak ta narigat met a tallikudan iti nakasanayanen a trabaho (It's just a past time for me now to drive because it's hard to abandoned my former job)," Gayol said.

When the father of the owner of the phone tried to  offer financial reward for his good deed, he refused to accept it, because it was inappropriate to receive money for the return of an item to the owner. 

Eddie Gayol is among the growing list of ordinary drivers who have made us proud to be Filipinos because of his honesty. 

May his story be an inspiration to us, whether we are drivers or not, to be honest in our dealings with our fellow man. 

Kudos sir Eddie Gayol.

source: Tabuk Life FB page

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Honest Kalinga tricycle driver returns cheques amounting to P2.1 M

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - A tricycle driver in Kalinga was lauded for his honesty when he returned a long brown envelope containing the cheques amounting to P2.1 million to the police station.

Limuel Dumallis, 22-year-old tricycle driver noticed a long brown envelope inside his tricycle. Without any hesitation, he took it and immediately went to Bulanao Police Sub Station 1 for its immediate return to the owner. 

Dumallis who had been a trike driver for three years received admiration for his honesty in social media. 

READ ALSO: Airport cleaner from Abra returns Php430,000 he found at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

"Haan ko ammu nu sino makinbagi, basta nakitak lang dita ket innak inbati jay Police Station ta baka alaen ti sabali diyay ket nagbannugan da pinam" ( I don't know the owner, I just took it and turned it over to the Police Station because I'm worried someone might take it and the owner worked hard for it).

Dumallis is the proud father of a 3-year-old girl. Despite being a trike driver earning not enough income, he still believes that aside from honesty, the value of hard work is also important in life. 
He is encouraging his fellow trike drivers to always do the right thing whenever passengers forget something inside their tricycle.
Source || Tabuk Life

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