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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Baguio's HRAB Unveils Gigantic Wedding Cake to Celebrate 16th Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Weekend

Photo Courtesy || Baguio City PIO

Cordillera - The Hotel and Restaurant Associations of Baguio (HRAB) marked a sweet milestone in celebration of the 16th Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Weekend on September 2 at the SM Baguio Atrium. 

In a jaw-dropping spectacle, HRAB unveiled the city's largest wedding cake ever seen.

This monumental confectionery masterpiece stood as a testament to Baguio's thriving culinary artistry. Crafted by 25 professional pastry chefs and 40 students, the four-layered wedding cake soared to nearly forty feet in height, with measurements of 24 feet by 18 feet (base), 18 feet by 14 feet (second layer), and 14 feet by 10 feet (third layer).

The cake's grandeur was not just for show; it was meant to be savored by the community. 

A whopping 12,000 slices of this culinary wonder were distributed among residents, mall-goers, tourists, and visitors, featuring a delectable array of flavors, including Red Velvet, Chocolate Truffle, Banana, Carrot, and Blueberry Vanilla.

In the spirit of unity and celebration, 11 lucky couples also exchanged vows in a mass wedding ceremony officiated by Mayor Benjamin Magalong, coinciding with the 114th Baguio Day Anniversary celebration.

The unveiling of this massive wedding cake was a momentous occasion led by HRAB President Mr. Anthony De Leon, HRAB Chairman Mr. Jeff Ng, Congressman Mark Go, Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Mrs. Arlene Magalong, DOT-CAR Regional Director Jovi Ganongan, and special guest Her Excellency Marykay L. Carlson, US Ambassador to the Philippines. 

It was a day that truly celebrated Baguio's hospitality, creativity, and love for all things delicious.


Meet Lola Veronica: 65-year-old Female Taxi Driver of Baguio City for 11 Years

Photo Courtesy || Karl Patacsil Films

Cordillera - In an industry historically dominated by men, Lola Veronica, a 65-year-old registered nurse, has shattered stereotypes and proven her mettle as a trusted taxi driver in the city of Baguio for nearly 11 years. 

Known as the "Queen of the Road" in Baguio, she has also achieved the distinction of being the first lady taxi driver on the city's popular ride-hailing app.

Lola Veronica's journey from nursing to taxi driving was driven by her desire for both income and adventure. 

She felt the thrill of travel while cruising the city's streets, but it hasn't always been smooth sailing. 

Photo Courtesy || Karl Patacsil Films
She openly acknowledges that skepticism has greeted her career choice, with some passengers expressing doubt about a woman's ability to drive professionally.

Despite the initial hesitations of passengers, Lola Veronica remains steadfast in her belief that being a taxi driver is an honorable profession. 

She has not only broken gender barriers but also showcased that dedication and competence know no gender boundaries. 

Her story serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging women to pursue their dreams in male-dominated fields and to challenge societal norms. 

Lola Veronica has truly become a symbol of empowerment on Baguio's roads, proving that women can steer their way to success in any industry.


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Color Dancing Fountain at Upper Wright Park, BC set to open by September 1, 2023

Photo Courtesy || Baguio City PIO

Cordillera - Baguio City, known for its picturesque landscapes and cool climate, is all set to unveil its newest tourist attraction – the Color Dancing Fountain, located at Upper Wright Park. This vibrant water display is sure to captivate both locals and tourists alike.

The Color Fountain is a part of the city government of Baguio's rejuvenation project for Upper Wright Park, aiming to enhance the beauty of the area and provide a delightful experience for visitors. Scheduled to open on September 1, 2022, just in time for Baguio's charter day anniversary celebration, the fountain promises to add a touch of magic to the already enchanting city.

One of the main draws of the Color Fountain is its mesmerizing display of colorful water illuminated by a spectacular lighting system that delights the senses. The dynamic and ever-changing hues evoke a sense of wonder and joy, making it an instant hit with people of all ages.

Tourists and locals alike will find themselves drawn to the Color Fountain as it provides a perfect backdrop for memorable photos and videos. Families can gather around, capturing precious moments together against the kaleidoscope of colors. Additionally, the fountain's location at Upper Wright Park offers a beautiful view of the city, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection.

The Color Fountain is expected to boost tourism in the area, attracting more visitors to Baguio City and contributing to the local economy. Its unique and captivating nature will likely encourage tourists to extend their stay and explore other attractions in the city, promoting a positive impact on various businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors.


Thursday, July 6, 2023

Honest Taho Vendor in Baguio City Returns Bag with Large Sum of Money

Photo Courtesy || Manuelito Bonifacio FB

Cordillera - Manuelito Bonifacio, a dedicated taho vendor in Baguio city, has captured hearts with his incredible act of integrity and kindness. 

While going about his daily taho sales, Manuelito noticed an abandoned bag near his vending spot at Lion's Head along Kennon Road. 

As time passed and no one claimed it, curiosity led him to investigate further, revealing a significant amount of money inside, cellphone and ATM cards.

Driven by a profound sense of responsibility, Manuelito promptly reached out to the bag's owner using the identification cards discovered within. 

When questioned about his decision, he humbly shared, "Taking the money never crossed my mind. All I desired was to return the bag to its rightful owner, fearing the consequences of karma. The ability to do good for others is my ultimate reward."

Expressing deep gratitude, the bag's owner thanked Manuelito for his extraordinary kindness and even offered a reward in appreciation. 

Yet, true to his humble nature, Manuelito gracefully declined, content with the satisfaction of making a positive impact. 

Sir Manuelito Bonifacio is a true embodiment of honesty and virtue.


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

WATCH: Baguio bet for Miss Universe PH, Krishnah Gravidez shows the beauty of Baguio

Photo Courtesy || Erjohn Dela Serna

Cordillera - Filipino beauty queen and model, Miss Krishnah Marie Gravidez is the official representative of the city of Baguio in the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 pageantry.

The 21-year-old young and fresh Gravidez was among the top 40 delegates for the Miss Universe PH. She shares her story in the new episode of HER STORY by Empire Philippines in YouTube.

Photo Courtesy || Krishnah Gravidez


Cordilleran from Baguio City has Higher IQ than Einstein?

Photo Courtesy || Jozef Maynard Borja Erece

Cordillera - A proud Cordilleran from Baguio city is being hailed as genius, a polymath, a child prodigy, profoundly gifted and extremely talented.

When he was a kid, the Psychology Center in New Zealand conducted an IQ test for Jozef Maynard Borja Erece and the result showed he exceeded the IQ level of 160 using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III (WISC III). 

The WISC III also showed Jozef verbal IQ scale was off the charts and his full scale IQ score was also beyond the standard IQ scores.

Jozef also took the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test II (WIAT II) and the result indicated that his performance and achievement was at very superior level against his age group.

The Education psychologist and lead educators who conducted that test concluded that Jozef is profoundly gifted with an IQ beyond the 160 limit.

Who is Jozef Maynard Borja Erece

Jozef Maynard Borja Erece is a young legal prodigy from the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia, who is considered the youngest person in the world to be admitted to the legal profession. 

He completed a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Southern Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Queensland University of Technology in 2015. 

At the age of 18, he was admitted to the roll of barristers and solicitors by the Supreme Court of Queensland in a widely publicized ceremony held at Brisbane City Hall. 

He is also recognized as the youngest law graduate in the history of Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Jozef is also a book author, an accomplished basketball player and taekwondo jin. 

Jozef is the son of Dr. Maynard Victor Erece who went to Magsaysay Elementary School in New Lucban, Baguio city and worked as a criminal lawyer, prosecutor and an educator. 

Her mother, Dr, Josephine Ana Borja Erece, a medical doctor by profession went to St. Louis Center and graduated as valedictorian. 

The city government of Baguio has passed a resolution to recognized and commend Jozef for giving honor to the city and the country as the youngest law graduate and practicing lawyer in the world.


Monday, January 30, 2023

Cordilleran genius from Baguio becomes the youngest law graduate in the world, at age 18

Photo Courtesy || Jozef Maynard Borja Erece / everybodywiki

Cordillera - A Filipino-New Zealand-Australian gifted child becomes the world's youngest law graduate at the age of 18. 

Jozef Maynard Borja Erece, a proud Cordilleran is arguably the youngest person ever admitted to the legal profession and youngest law graduate in the history of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Mr. Erece was born in New Zealand in 1996 to Filipino parents and was recognized as a gifted child. 

By the age of 3, he was already reading, and by 11, he was in high school, graduating as Valedictorian in 2011 from St. Peter's Catholic School in Cambridge. 

In 2011, he was offered a spot in Stanford University's Institutes' Program, a special course for gifted youth, but declined the opportunity. Instead, he chose to attend the University of Southern Queensland in 2012, where he completed his Bachelor's degree in Law in just three years.

Jozef is the son of Dr. Maynard Victor Erece who went to Magsaysay Elementary School in New Lucban, Baguio city and worked as a criminal lawyer, prosecutor and an educator. 

Her mother, Dr, Josephine Ana Borja Erece, a medical doctor by profession went to St. Louis Center and graduated as valedictorian. 

Jozef Maynard Borja Erece is known for his exceptional abilities, being called a genius, polymath, and child prodigy. 

He has received widespread recognition for his achievements and his journey has been widely covered by the media. 

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His gifts and talents have been the subject of research by experts in the fields of gifted and talented education, psychology, neurology, and child development.

The city government of Baguio has passed a resolution to recognized and commend Jozef for giving honor to the city and the country as the youngest law graduate and practicing lawyer in the world.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Baguio World Class Toilets win ASEAN Public Toilet Award

Photo Courtesy || Neil Clark Ongchangco

Cordillera - Two World Class Toilets of Baguio city located in Botanical Garden and Wright Park bagged the "ASEAN Public Toilet Award' from the prestigious 2023 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Tourism Standards Awards. 

This is the first time the city government of Baguio which managed the toilets were able to won the award. 

The Baguio toilets passed the four main criteria which recommend how a public toilet must be operated and maintained. 

These are Design and Environmental Management Safety, Amenities and Facilities, Cleanliness, and Safety.

The ASEAN Tourism Standard Task Force has laid down the Public Toilet Standard to ensure the quality, comfort, safety, and proper waste management of  public toilets at tourist spots within the region. 

"A basic yet vital component in the tourism industry that can make or break the tourist experience is when the tourist has to use the toilet," it said. 

The awarding ceremony will be conferred next month at the Marriot Yogyakarta Hotel, Indonesia.


Thursday, October 6, 2022

Baguio - Cebu Direct Flights expected to begin by December

Cordillera - Tourists from Cebu can now visit the summer capital by air this December as the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and Philippine Airlines (PAL) are fast-tracking the rehabilitation of the Loakan Airport, according to the Baguio City Information Office. 

Capt. Stanley Ng, PAL presidents and CEO said during the stakeholder's meeting at the Baguio Country Club that they will be ready to fly their newest Bombardier Q400 turboprop and dual-class airplaine when safety audit of the Loakan Airport is done.

PAL is planning a four times a week flight, a 9:20 AM departure from Cebu and arrival by 11.20AM in Baguio city. A return flight is also expected by 1:20 PM on the same day, according to Bud Britanico, PAL vice president for sales.

Mayor Magalong expressed his gratitude to the Department of Transportation under Secretary Jaime Bautista for its commitment in improving the airport and helping the city government's economic recovery efforts.

Magalong is hopeful that the opening of the Loakan Airport will spur economic recovery of the city and would also encourage other airline companies like Cebu Pacific to cater air travel to the city.


Sunday, September 4, 2022

Cordilleran artist wins 2 Gold Medals, 1 Bronze in 25th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts in California

Photo Courtesy || Jefferson R. Coronado via Highlandtribune

Cordillera - A Cordilleran artist from Baguio brought honor to the city when he bagged 2 gold medals and one bronze medal during the recently concluded 25th Annual Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in Anaheim, California U.S.A. from July 22 - 30, 2022.

Jefferson R. Coronado, a resident of Hillside barangay in Baguio took home two gold medals in WCOPA broadway category and the original work category. 

He also won bronze medal in the group production category together with Team Philippines including a semi-finalist pin.

Coronado, an alumnus of Saint Louis University-Glee Club and a vocalist of Baguio's premier pop/jazz band was among the 60 Filipinos who competed in the event which was participated by 60 countries across the globe.

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Meanwhile, the city government of Baguio City has passed a resolution congratulating and commending Jefferson R. Coronado for bringing pride to the city.

"With such world-class and top-brass accolades, it is just but fitting and proper to award this commendation to Jefferson Coronado for his excellent achievement that has brought pride and glory to the City of Baguio," the resolution states.

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WCOPA is an international competition program for seasoned and up and coming performers and entertainers held every year and judged by "Hollywood" industry professionals.

During the competition, Philippine team bagged a total of 265 awards and medals with 38 gold, 59 silver, and 85 bronze and 44 semifinalist medals, eight grand finalist medals, one scholarship, 29 division winner plaques, and one extraordinary national director plaque.


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

LOOK: Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, coach Julius Naranjo tie the knot in Baguio

Photo Courtesy || Nice Print Photography

Cordillera - Filipina Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz and her long time coach Julius Naranjo tied the knot in the city of pines on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

The newly wed couple's photos has been shared online by Nice Print Photography    and Exige Weddings.

Photo Courtesy || Nice Print Photography

Hidilyn wore a wedding gown designed by Francis Libiran.

“Today marks the first anniversary of our winning the Gold medal in the @olympics for the Philippines. And today also will be a memorable day for @imjulius and me, we will get married today,” Hidilyn posted on her Instagram.

"One year has passed since the historic Gold medal, here’s a recap of this historic moment. With what @hidilyndiaz and I accomplished last year, now it’s on to forever," Julius posted.

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Earlier on Monday, Hidilyn and Julius paid a courtesy call to Baguio mayor Benjamin Magalong at the Baguio City Hall.


Saturday, May 21, 2022

LOOK: PH most advance attack helicopter landed in Cordillera

Photo Courtesy || Pinoy Aviators
Cordillera - Two of the the newly acquired and most advance attack helicopter of the Philippine Army, the TAI/Agusta Westland T129 ATAK helicopters had been deployed at the Loakan Airport in Baguio City for the PMA cadets to personally witness and do some walk around of the helicopters. 

Also deployed were the Sikorsky S-70i Blackhawk twin-engine medium lift combat utility helicopter and the Sikorsky S-76 Air Ambulance twin-engine helicopter.

The T129 is a twin-engine, tandem-seat, multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter based on the Agusta A129 Mangusta platform and further developed in Turkey, which is designed for advanced attack and reconnaissance missions in hot, high environments and adverse geographical conditions, both day and night.

The T129 ATAK is equipped with a 20 mm three-barrel rotary cannon in a nose turret with 500 ammunitions capacity and up to 76 unguided 70mm rockets for close air support. The helicopter is also equipped with up to 8 UMTAS 160 mm long range anti-tank missiles, 16 CIRIT 70 mm missiles, 8 air launched Stinger short range air-to-air missiles.

The T129 ATAK helicopter also equipped with advanced electronic warfare and countermeasure systems which increase survival capability in the battlefield. The electronic warfare and countermeasure systems of the helicopter features Radar Warning Receiver System (RIAS), Radar Frequency Mixer System (RFKS) and Laser Receiver System (LIAS) in addition to Warning System (FIS), Countermeasure Firing System (KTAS), IR (Infrared), and Countermeasure System.


Thursday, September 2, 2021

LOOK: Baguio Session Road Got a New Look

Cordillera - Tourists and locals can now enjoy a new vibes and scenery at the famous Session Road in Baguio City. 

Thanks to the management of the city government unit, Session Road is now close to the nature with its new look and new road designs. 

Photos from Metro Pines shows a green lane for bikers and bookshelves and benches for book readers. 

Bookshelf and benches at Session Road. Photo Courtesy || Metro Pines

Green Lane for Bikers at Session Road. Photo Courtesy || Metro Pines


Sunday, March 14, 2021

LOOK: Former Irisan dumpsite converted to a beautiful ecopark

Photo Courtesy || Baguio PIO

Cordillera - Here is another exciting spot for every turistas coming to Baguio City for relaxation - a beautiful ecopark right on the former Irisan dump site. 

The former dumpsite converted to an ecological park with a budget of P17 million is set to be completed in 6 months. 

Once completed, people will enjoy walking around the park which is decorated with different kind of flowers and plants. 

Eugene Buyucan of the General Services Office said the ecopark will have cemented pathways, pave roads, parking spaces and huts made out of bamboos.

Browse some of the photos from the Baguio Public Information Office - FB

Photo Courtesy || Baguio PIO

Photo Courtesy || Baguio PIO


Thursday, February 4, 2021

PH's city mayors expressed full support to Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong

Photo Courtesy || & LCP

Cordillera - The League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) has expressed its utmost support and unwavering faith in the leadership of Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong. 

LCP National President and Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia has sent a letter to Mayor Magalong lauding his leadership as the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) Contact Tracing Czar. 

The LCP president said Magalong's comprehensive and systematic contact tracing approach empowers various local government units using Baguio's innovative ICT solutions.

“Under his clear direction as the city mayor, Baguio City managed to reduce their COVID-19 transmissions consistently. The city was allowed to gradually re-open its local economy while still following health protocols,” Leonardia said in his letter adding this was lauded nationwide as best practice.

Recently, Magalong was heavily criticized on social media for attending a social gathering wherein many believed the mayor had breach health protocols which then prompted him to resign as contract tracing czar.

The LCP commended Magalong for admitting his lapses and offering resignation saying such action according to LCP is an act of humility and integrity. 

"We commend his strong commitment to accountability and justice that serves as a beacon of hope to his fellow city mayors and other public servants," the LCP letter reads.

source || JMS via Baguio Public Information Office FB.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Kind taxi driver in Baguio offers Free Ride on Christmas

Photo Courtesy || Dexmar Comesario via Philippine Star

Cordillera - A kind taxi driver in Baguio city had his unique way of giving gift to his passengers, he is offering Free Ride. 

On December 24, 2020, a passenger Mr. Dexmar Comesario has posted in his Facebook account a photo he took inside the taxi which says "Blessed Merry Christmas Enjoy Your Free Ride" written in a piece of white paper. 

Comesario wrote: "Naglalakad kami pababa ng Ambiong Road. Since walang jeep, hirap sumakay. Then habang naglalakad, pinara namin si Kuya. Nag-stop siya tapos mga five minutes siguro bago ko napansin yung nakadikit sa upoan na "Blessed Merry Christmas Enjoy Your Free Ride."

He then noticed that the taxi meter was not turned on. 

When they finally arrived at their destination, the taxi driver refused to receive their payment. 

Comesario thanked the driver for his little way of sharing and celebrating Christmas.

"Kudos sa'yo kuya for sharing and celebrating Christmas with others in your own way. Thank you very much," Comesario said. 


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Welcome to Little Kyoto, Japan in Baguio City

Photo Courtesy || Charles Robinson

Cordillera - The Bamboo Eco-park in Baguio City is a perfect spot for nature lovers as it offers tranquility brought by different species of tall bamboo trees. 

The feeling of visiting the famous Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan is only 30 minutes or so from the city center. 

The towering bamboo trees at the Bamboo Eco-park in Pacdal, Baguio are perfect backdrops for your Facebook and Instagram photos. 

Wooden paths are carefully put in place for visitors to walk in the middle of the thick bamboo trees.

Take a look at these stunning photos taken by Charles Robinson:

Photo Courtesy || Charles Robinson

Photo Courtesy || Charles Robinson

Photo Courtesy || Charles Robinson

The Bamboo Eco Park is now becoming a popular tourist destination in the city of pines. 

The park is located at the St. Francis Xavier Seminary at Liteng, Pacdal, Baguio City. You can reach the park by private cars, jeepney or taxi. 

If you wish to visit the place, the LGU of Pacdal reminds everyone to be mindful of not vandalizing the beautiful trees. 


Friday, December 4, 2020

UB receives four distinguished awards from PACUCOA

Photo Courtesy || UB

Cordillera - The University of Baguio received four (4) distinguished awards from Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) in the recently concluded 31st Annual General Assembly via zoom conference.

UB was once again recognized for being the Institution with the Highest Number of Accredited Programs in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).  

Moreover, PACUCOA conferred Level III Reaccredited Status to three programs-- BS Tourism Management, High School and the Science High School. 

The three programs were accorded the distinction of being the FIRST to have been granted LEVEL III Reaccredited Status in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

These accomplishments and achievements of the University of Baguio once more testify to the University of Baguio’s unwavering commitment to quality and wholesome education.

source || UB


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Baguio artist wows Pinoys with amazing face painting of Burnham lake

Photo Courtesy || Goldie Yabes via GMA
Cordillera - Baguio-based make-up artist has wowed netizens again with her amazing camouflage face painting of the famous Burnham Lake in Baguio City. 

Using normal make-up kit and a mirror, 21-year old Goldie Geanne Allawan Yabes was able to blend her entire face with the scenery of Burnham lake. 

Yabes shares her amazing artwork on social media and has inspired many Filipino artists. 

She also regularly upload videos of her doing make up tutorials on her YouTube channel. 

Recently, Yabes became viral on social media and received praises from users after doing a camouflage face painting of the mountains and skies of Dampre, Floridablanca in Pampanga.

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Her incredible talent has been shared and featured by several websites and tv shows. 

Yabes said in a statement that she was overwhelmed with the positive reactions of netizen about her artwork. 

"This is so overwhelming and unexpected. I didn't expect that people would respond to my work this way," Yabes said. 


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Proud Igorota Nurse from La Trinidad won Rising Star Award in the United Kingdom

Photo Courtesy || Grace Nabus & RCN London

Cordillera - A proud Cordilleran from Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet was among the recipients of the Rising Star Award 2020 in London.

The Rising Star Awards recognise excellence in patient care, innovation, and leadership from London’s Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) nursing community. RCN London received more nominations than ever in 2020, a year that has seen nursing at forefront of London’s response to COVID-19.

This year’s winners were recognised for giving a voice to staff and patients, for empowering themselves or encouraging others to take action, and for showing compassion, innovation, and leadership.  The winners work across a range of settings including in hospitals and out in the community, and in clinical areas such as critical care, paediatrics, mental health and end of life care. 

Rising Star winner Grace Nabus of the Royal Hospital Chealsea said via PTV-Cordillera:

"I am pleased to have receive this award from the Royal College of Nursing here in London. It is totally unexpected. The award is taken me by surprise because I did not expect to be awarded for doing my job."

She said that the award was also an indication of the level of respect for Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom.

Filipino nurses in the U.K. has been known for hard work and dedication to their profession. 

"It shows that we are valued as an individual in this profession. It also means that Filipino nurses are up there among the very best in the world. I know that because I've been witness to the care and dedication of Filipino colleague," Nabus added.

Congratulations ma'am Grace Nabus


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