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Monday, May 2, 2022

Baguio city is home of the most modernized barangay hall in the country.

Photo Courtesy || PIO-Baguio

Cordillera - The newly constructed barangay multi-purpose hall that looks like a mall in barangay Bakakeng Central will serve as the model to be followed in constructing new barangay hall in the city of Baguio.

The City Buildings and Architecture has said that two similar projects are expected to rise this year, - the Quirino Hill and Irisan  barangay hall. 

The Quirino Hill barangay hall is expected to be completed this May while the construction of Irisan barangay hall already started and expected to be finished by the end of this year, according to City Buildings and Architecture Officer Arch. Johnny Degay.

Although the two barangays have smaller area, they will have similar features with that of Bakakeng Central. 

The facilities of the new barangay hall are basketball court, day care center, evacuation center, office for senior citizens and others.

Photo Courtesy || PIO-Baguio

The Bakakeng Central barangay hall has gotten positive feedback from residents because of its impressive designs that one would think it as a mall.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong envisioned that all barangay halls in the city will be modernized in the future.


Friday, March 18, 2022

LOOK: Baguio's Children Park Soon to Open

Photo Courtesy || Baguio City PIO
Cordillera - The city government of Baguio City has announced the opening of the children's park in the near future with new playing facilities that are safer for kids to play. 

The park was closed two years ago for rehabilitation and putting up of modern playgrounds with recreational facilities like playscapes with slides, playhouses, ladders, jungles that aims to develop children's physical coordination, strength and flexibility. 

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The old play structures in the park were mostly old and decorated with multiple coatings which was discovered to contain unsafe substances by the EcoWaste Coalition.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

LOOK: Baguio's Botanical Garden undergoes major facelift renovation

Photo Courtesy || Life is a Blog

Cordillera - The popular tourist attraction in the city of Baguio - the Botanical Garden has undergone major rehabilitation.

The new refurbished Botanical Garden features well-designed walkways, a greenhouse of varied plant species, a mini-auditorium for leisurely rest and recreational time and other transformative changes. 

In a post on Benjie Magalong - Public Servant FB page, the Mayor commended the great work that has been done to improve the famous attraction in the city. 


Former Irisan dumpsite converted to a beautiful ecopark

Welcome to Little Kyoto, Japan in Baguio City

"I speak proudly of what has been innovatively done here... which symbolizes how creative we can be to make this park a better promenade area befitting its name," Magalong said.

The Mayor commended the city’s environment and parks management office led by Atty Rhenan Diwas for its innovative work that has produced a visual wonder worth visiting and spending reflective moments with Baguio’s natural environment. “This is the people’s gift to our environment,” he said,“a fitting legacy to generations next, a worthy attraction for visiting promenades.”


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Baguio City awarded ASEAN Clean Tourists City for the 2nd time

Photho Courtesy || Mccoyoguaman

Cordillera - The city of Baguio has been bestowed the "ASEAN Clean Tourism City Standard Award under the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Category for espousing the ASEAN Tourism Standard.

This is the second successive season that the LGU Baguio is receiving the award, which is being given every other year. 

Baguio City bagged the award in 2020-2022 season, and the again this season covering 2022-2024 according to the Public Information Office-Baguio.

Baguio City passed all the seven criteria set forth by in the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard. These are: 

1. Environmental management

2. Cleanliness

3. Waste Management

4. Awareness-Building about Environment Protection and Cleanliness

5. Green Space

6. Health Safety, Urban Safety, and Security

7. Tourism Infrastructure and Facilities

The ASEAN Clean Tourist City award is a recognition given to member-nations to encourage them to improve the quality of tourism in their cities, increase marketing competitiveness, create jobs for local residents and push economic growth.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Biggest Vintage bomb found at construction site in Baguio City

Photo Courtesy || BFP-Baguio
Cordillera - A vintage bomb, apparently the biggest one has been found at a construction site in Barangay Balsigan, Baguio City. 

Lead by the Baguio bomb squad and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team, BCPO and BFP-Baguio, the bomb was carefully removed from the construction site. 

Workers in the construction site discovered the bomb and immediately reported it to the BCPO and BFP.

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Experts from the EOD said the bomb weighs around 500 Kg, 132 cm. and has a diameter of 172 cm.

It can be recalled that in March 2020, a similar vintage bomb was found in Greenvally, Baguio City.


Thursday, December 2, 2021

Baguio temperature drops to 12 °C; La Trinidad 13 °C; Atok, Benguet 9 °C

Photo Courtesy || Biyahero si Bes

Cordillera - Baguio and Benguet residents and visitors woke up to a chilly morning today December 3, 2021 as the temperature drops. 

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) records 12 degrees Celsius in the summer capital, 13 degrees Celsius in the town of La Trinidad and 9 degrees Celsius in Atok, Benguet at 5AM today.

PAGASA said that the drop in temperature is brought by the northeast monsoon or "hanging amihan" from the northern hemisphere.

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It is expected that the temperature may further drop in the coming days. 

The coldest temperature over recorded in the city of pines was 6.3 degrees Celsius on January 18, 1961.

To protect someone from the bad effect of the cold weather, residents and tourists in Baguio are advised to dress warmly and wear warm and waterproof footwear.

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They should dress in layers, wear clothes with wind resistant outer layer, wear a hat and mittens. If necessary they should also wear facemask and scarf or neck tube.

When is is very cold or when the wind chill is significant, cover as much exposed skin as possible. Protect the body's extremities, such as the ears, nose, fingers, and toes because these are the parts that easily lose heat fast.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Baguio City bagged International Award from the World Health Organization

Cordillera - The summer capital of the Philippines bagged an international award from the World Health Organization (WHO) for its smoke-free programs. 

In its official Facebook page, the city government said it received the award for garnering the Healthy Cities Award under the category "Sharing Clean Air: Committed to multisectoral implementation of smoke-free laws."

WHO-Western Pacific Regional Office recognized the outstanding work of certain cities in promoting and protecting health of urban populations through the WHO Healthy Cities Recognition. 

All awards is related to the innovations that cities have adopted and amplified in the community to protect its citizens against the direct and indirect impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including innovations aimed at reaching vulnerable groups. 

The awards were presented at the Virtual Ninth Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities on November 5, 2021and is officially awarded by WHO WPR.  

Smoke-Free Baguio will continue to uphold its advocacy until the last cigarette is put off in the city of pines.

source || Public Information Office - City of Baguio


Monday, September 13, 2021

Pinoy Inventor Shows Off "Flying Car" for the very first time in Cordillera

Photo Courtesy || Baguio PIO

Cordillera - The car of the future, "the flying car" invented by a Filipino inventor soars high in the sky of Baguio City as Mr. Kyxz Mendiola conducts a flight demo at the Melvin Jone grounds on September 1, 2021. 

Witnessed by some Baguio residents and some city officials, the Star 8 Green Tech's electric-manned aerial vehicle or EMAV took off its first flight around Burnham park. 

Photo Courtesy || Baguio PIO

In a Facebook post shared by Baguio City Public Information Office, the one-seat version of the electric-manned aerial vehicle is ready for mass production, while the two-and-four-seats (multi passenger EMAV) models are already under development. 

The multi passenger EMAV is recommended for tourism purposes.

Take a look at some of the photos of the Star 8 EMAV taken by Baguio PIO.


Thursday, September 2, 2021

LOOK: Baguio Session Road Got a New Look

Cordillera - Tourists and locals can now enjoy a new vibes and scenery at the famous Session Road in Baguio City. 

Thanks to the management of the city government unit, Session Road is now close to the nature with its new look and new road designs. 

Photos from Metro Pines shows a green lane for bikers and bookshelves and benches for book readers. 

Bookshelf and benches at Session Road. Photo Courtesy || Metro Pines

Green Lane for Bikers at Session Road. Photo Courtesy || Metro Pines


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Baguio launches the first advance Smart City command center in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Baguio City PIO

Cordillera - Baguio city launches its Smart City Command Center and expected to be operational this year, the first in the Philippines. 

The Smart City is equipped with advance technological tools and software provided by CISCO System Inc. that can gather data, manage assets, resources and services; and operated by the combined force from the CDRRMO, PNP, Fire Department, Health and EMS Departments.

"I envision Baguio as a SMART City where various types of electronics methods are used to manage the Summer Capital's assets, resources and to provide even more efficient and effective services to the public," said Mayor Magalong.

The Smart City hub will be able to closely monitor and respond to any incidents that happening inside the city, improve peace and order, and provide security to all residents. 

Streets of Baguio will be equipped with CCTV cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) program that enable authorities to analyze traffic, detect unusual public behavior and potentially halt crime being committed. 

It also features facial recognition system that can identify fugitives in a crowd. 

The hub will provide better response to citizen's complaints and feedback with it Smart City App that was integrated in the platform. 

Magalong expressed the city's gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte for providing the fund worth P200 million for the realization of the Smart City project.

video source : sir Art Tibaldo


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Baguio City is 2020's 'Most Business-Friendly' LGU in the Philippines

Cordillera - The City Government of Baguio has won the 2020 Most Business-Friendly FGU Awards for City Level 1B Category, according to the Baguio Public Information Office.

The award is given to the city in recognition in its effort in successfully restoring and increasing the business operations in the locality thru sustained and innovative actions despite extreme challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The Philippine Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) cited the initiative of LGU Baguio through the leadership of Mayor Magalong in addressing the impacts of the current pandemic to the business community. 

The Baguio LGU initiated several programs during the gradual opening of tourism establishment in the city which includes the use of digital technology through Visitor Information and Travel Assistance (VISITA) online registration platform and the Ridge and Reef Tourism Corridor.

The city government also provided financial assistance to small businesses and subsidy to public utility jeepney drivers and operators during the quarantine period.

The LGU Baguio also crafted policies and ordinances that benefited MSMEs particularly  tax relief, rental holiday, waiver for rents and 30-day grace period for rent payments.

The ensure workers in the business sector not to be exposed from the virus, the city council issued directives and policies on compliance to health protocols like the mandatory use of face masks and face shields. 

The PCCI's annual expo is considered the largest business gathering in the country serving as a venue for policy makers, business leaders, diplomats, academe and MSMEs sharing ideas for sustainable and resilient business environment.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cordillerans replicate Maginhawa community pantry to help fellow residents in need

Photo Courtesy || Miah Jebulan

Cordillera - A group of musicians from Cordillera is among those who followed the viral community pantry which aims to help fellow residents cope with the financial difficulties brought by the pandemic.

The pantry in Baguio is located along 68 Evangelista Street in Barangay Leonila Hill. 

This was the first makeshift community pantry in Cordillera that provides free basic needs to residents who were greatly affected by the pandemic. 

The pantry was installed by local musicians Miah Jebulan, Menchu Mullins, Jenalyn Tristeza, Rosanna Perce, Julie Mallado, and Albert Basilan of the Cordillera Entertainers Baguio-Benguet Based Associations, Inc. 

Photos which was shared by local media outlets shows commodities such as eggs, canned goods, instant noodles and some vegetables were being offered for free to residents who would want to avail them. 

Baguio city was among the communities in the country that followed the act of kindness being initiated to provide help to fellow Filipinos who got nothing to feed for themselves. 

The group is encouraging people with enough food to participate in the program by donating and sharing what they have to the community. 

"Give what you can, Take what you need," the group encouraged. 


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Proud Cordilleran General appointed Undersecretary of the Office of the President

Photo Courtesy || PIA-CAR
Cordillera - President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed retired Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Camilo Pancratius Cascolan as undersecretary at the Chief executive's office, Malacanang said on Wednesday. 

In a Palace press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced Duterte signed Cascolan appointment letter as Undersecretary of the Office of the President last Monday. 

Kinukumpirma po natin na napirmahan na noong Lunes, Feb. 22, ang appointment paper ni dating PNP Chief Camilo Cascolan bilang Undersecretary sa Office of the President (We confirm that the appointment paper of former PNP Chief Camilo Cascolan as Undersecretary of the President was signed last Monday). Welcome aboard, Usec. Cascolan," he said.

Cascolan stepped down from his 2-month stint as chief of the PNP chief when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 56  last November. 

Cascolan who crafted the Oplan Double Barrel, the police force's flagship campaign against illegal drugs was succeeded by current PNP chief Debold Sinas.

Oplan Double Barrel involves the Oplan Tokhang aimed at encouraging the surrender of small-time drug pushers and the Oplan High-Value Target which goes after big-time drug peddlers.

Meanwhile Cascolan thanked the President for his appointment.

In a separate interview Cascolan said, “Of course, it’s an honor for me to serve the President. I just hope I could keep step with his standards and I will do my best,” he said.

He said he has yet to report at the OP since he received his appointment on Tuesday but “accordingly, I will be with the office of special concerns.”

“With my current position, whatever the President tells me, I will do my best of course,” he added.


Friday, February 19, 2021

Metro Global plans to build P11.5B elevated monorail in Baguio CBD

Cordillera - Metro Global Holdings Corp., a multinational holdings company is proposing to build P11.5 billion fully electric public transport system in Baguio city.
Photo Courtesy || blogmickey

The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the local government of Baguio City to do the feasibility studies for the building of an "intelligent public transport system" that could provide solutions to the worsening traffic situation in the Central Business District. 

According to Baguio PIO, the project is composed of a 4-kilometer elevated monorail around the central business district area and a series of feeder lines to be composed of battery-powered buses in an aim to make Baguio City the first urban center to pilot the green ecosystem and electric-powered monorail system.

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The prosed monorail project will consist eight strategic stations around the central business district which will be powered by electricity and some 300 battery-powered buses that will service the transportation requirements of the residents from their residences to the monorail stations and to their places of work.

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The company will shoulder the cost of the project through the public-private partnership over a 50-year period of the franchise, according to Robert John Sobrepen֮a, chairman of the Metro Global Holdings Corporation


Thursday, February 4, 2021

PH's city mayors expressed full support to Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong

Photo Courtesy || & LCP

Cordillera - The League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) has expressed its utmost support and unwavering faith in the leadership of Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong. 

LCP National President and Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia has sent a letter to Mayor Magalong lauding his leadership as the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) Contact Tracing Czar. 

The LCP president said Magalong's comprehensive and systematic contact tracing approach empowers various local government units using Baguio's innovative ICT solutions.

“Under his clear direction as the city mayor, Baguio City managed to reduce their COVID-19 transmissions consistently. The city was allowed to gradually re-open its local economy while still following health protocols,” Leonardia said in his letter adding this was lauded nationwide as best practice.

Recently, Magalong was heavily criticized on social media for attending a social gathering wherein many believed the mayor had breach health protocols which then prompted him to resign as contract tracing czar.

The LCP commended Magalong for admitting his lapses and offering resignation saying such action according to LCP is an act of humility and integrity. 

"We commend his strong commitment to accountability and justice that serves as a beacon of hope to his fellow city mayors and other public servants," the LCP letter reads.

source || JMS via Baguio Public Information Office FB.


Monday, February 1, 2021

Baguio city readies opening of Loakan airport for commercial flights

Photo Courtesy || PAL Wikipedia

Cordillera - The opening of the Loakan airport for commercial flights to facilitate easier and more convenient way for tourists to visit the Baguio is nearing its realization. 

The city government is working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) for the opening of the airport to resolve and address flight safety issues. 

Last month, an airline company has conducted test flight from Manila to the only airport of Baguio city to prepare for the resumption of commercial flights.

The city has started evaluating and assessing safety requirements of the airport such as constructing an alternative road at the western part of the airport to permanently close the road used by pedestrian and motorists.

Police from Station 4 and personnel from the Aviation Security Group were tasked to provide traffic assistance during flights.

Required traffic signages at the airport are also being put in place and trimming of trees besides the airport is being done by the City Environment and Parks Management Office.

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Baguio city mayor Benjamin Magalong is hopeful that the opening of the Loakan airport for commercial flight will help in reviving the tourism industry of the city.

"The resumption of flights... will play a key role in convincing high-end tourists to prioritize Baguio City as one their preferred destination," Magalong said.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has opened up its interest in providing Manila-Baguio and Baguio-Manila for tourists.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Baguio City has the most disciplined residents - BCPO Director Allen Rae Co

Cordillera - Baguio City Police Officer Director PCol. Allen Rae Co said that among all the places that he had served, it is Baguio that has the most disciplined residents. 

“Madaling magpatupad ng batas dito dahil mabilis sumunod ang mga tao kaya bakit naman kakailanganing maging marahas,” he said.

He also explained the important role the police officers in Baguio city to ensure that residents adhere to the Covid-19 health protocols. 

He said that policemen in Baguio City are fair and sensible and are not callous in implementing laws and health and safety protocols. 

“We are reasonable.  Naglalakad ka, napagod ka, inalis mo face shield mo, hindi po kami insensitive para hulihin ka agad,” he said.

However, residents should also do their part by cooperating and obeying the laws.

“Naglalakad ka nagutom ka, inalis mo mask mo at kumain ka.  Siyempre huhulihin ka kasi you’re putting yourself and other people at risk.  Pero kung tumabi ka muna, tumalikod sa mga tao saka nagtanggal ng mask at kumain o uminom, hindi ka huhulihin,” Co said.

“Tao rin po kami, kapitbahay nyo, kababayan nyo.  Hindi po kami natutuwa na huli nang huli.  We are doing this tough love for your sake but we are not inhumane,” he added.

Co said when Mayor Benjamin Magalong ordered the revitalized implementation of protocols which include the wearing of face masks and shields, they first created awareness and exercised leniency and just issued warnings, conducted lectures and even distributed face shields.

source || Baguio PIO

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

University of Baguio Voices wins MBC National Choral Competitions, beats world champions

Photo Courtesy ||

Cordillera - In a remarkable display of musical genius, the University of Baguio (UB) snatched the championship title at the MBC National Choral Competition held at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City last Dec. 13.
The UB Voices Chorale landed on the top spot in the open category, beating the biggest names in choral singing. The all-male Koro Ilustrado – dubbed as the Philippines’ best male choir – came in second. 

Another force to reckon with, the Los Cantantes de Manila (former members of the University of the East  Chorale, one of the country’s most accomplished university choirs), a world champion in Europe (considered the seat of choir music), settled third. 

Meanwhile, the Technological Institute of the Philippines Choral Society, a gold medalist in the choral contest Sing’n’Joy Manila in 2013, finished as fourth.

The UB Voices was also named the Best Show Choir during the event.

Dr. Bienvenido Constantino Jr., the group’s conductor and adviser, mentioned how fierce the competition was, noting, “We went through tough times and difficulties.”

A qualifying sing-off among over a hundred choirs was held last Sept. 28 in Cauayan, Isabela, wherein UB took the first place. 

At the semi-finals, which followed last Dec. 12, UB still ranked first among the top 28 that competed. 

Finally, during the grand finals, UB picked up the title.

The participants performed three pieces: the contest piece, a novelty piece, and an elective.

Singer and actress Nanette Inventor graced the awarding ceremonies.

In 2012, UB won second place in the same competition, organized by the media company Manila Broadcasting Company.

source || Ronalyn Banaken via UB website

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Baguio City enters vaccine deal with Astra-Zeneca, to benefit 190,000 individuals

Cordillera - Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced  the city government has entered into a deal with British-Swedish parmaceutical company AstraZeneca  for the procurement of vaccines that will benefit a total of 190,000 individuals.

The number of beneficiaries represents 70 percent of the city's target population for inoculation which does not include those aged 17 years old and below.

The multipartite agreement was signed last Jan. 10, 2021 by the mayor and representatives of Astra Zeneca, the Dept. of Health and the National Task Force on Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases.   

The mayor said that AstraZeneca initially planned to supply doses good for only 50,000 persons for the city but the company subsequently approved the mayor's request to increase the allocation to cover 70 percent of the target population and enable the city to establish herd immunity against the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Magalong said the city is also currently in talks with other international pharmaceutical companies for more vaccine provisions for the city's contingency reserve.

At the same time, engagements with global and local private companies and even civic-minded families and individuals in the city are moving for the acquisition of more vaccines free of charge. 

The mayor said the city had received commitments for a total of 33,000 doses from the private companies which include the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and locators in the Philippine Economic Zone Authority in the city.

The mayor and the city council will work out the allocation of P100 million for the city's vaccination program.

source || APR/PIO Baguio


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Philippine Black Hawks landed in Cordillera for the very first time

Photo Courtesy || PCOO

Cordillera - The Philippine Air Force (PAF) newest Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk helicopters has landed at the Loakan Airport for the very first time on January 6, 2020. 

Two Blackhawks helicopters had made their first landing as part of the Black Hawks pilot's proficiency training and familiarization of landing zone in the northern part of Luzon. 

The Philippine Air Force has acquired 16 Black Hawk helicopters from Polish contractor PZL Mielec with a total cost of P12 billion. 

Six choppers had arrive last December while the 10 remaining choppers is expected to be delivered by the the first quarter of 2021.

PAF's newest air assets will be used for conducting different missions such as humanitarian assistance and disaster response, medical evacuation, and for the government's transport of equipment and personnel during this pandemic. 

It can also be used in military operation like ferrying troops and extractions, combat search-and rescue operation, combat resupply and air support for ground troops.


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