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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Honesty Jeep in Baguio helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

Photo Courtesy || Orly Pacya
Cordillera - The world is currently dealing with a global pandemic, an unseen and invincible foe that is hard to battle with. This has been onerous for all the people around the world. The global pandemic as caused panic, scare, and anxiousness. 

Because of of this crisis, people are starving, the sick is dying, and the economy is collapsing. Covid-19 had brought chaos, hunger, and death. This situation is apparently surreal; this has become a havoc full of mayhem.

However, on the other hand, the global pandemic had also brought kindness, humanity, and compassion. This has become God's way to call our attention, to seek for our prayers and to strengthen our faith.

After merely 3 months of home isolation, the Philippines is now slowly opening its economy to sustain and maintain the stability of the country. A partial opening to many businesses, and the resumptions of public transportation are the first thing that the Government had come up with. 

But there are still lots of questions that leaves Filipino citizens confused, one of these is how are the transportation operators, drivers, and conductors will practice health precautionary measures considering that it is a ‘public’ transportation.

A jeepney in Baguio City has answer for this, he came up to create an honesty jeep, where passengers will pay their fare thru a plastic bottle hanging in the middle of the jeepney.

According to Orly Pacya, the uploader of the Honesty jeep, only 50% of the whole capacity of the jeepney will be entertained to ride aboard.

Inside the jeepney, there’s a sign reminding passengers to wear their facemask and urging them to pay exact amount because of it has no returning of change.

The jeepney is roaming around Pinespark-Lubas-Tawang, La Trinidad route.
This is a genius way in preventing the spread of the virus and to minimize direct contact from other people. It is also an amazing way to test the honesty of the passengers.

Though it is not clear about the real intention of the driver based on the facebook post, it is still evident and obvious that he is helping to stop the spread of the virus in his own little way, and he wants to promote honesty amidst the pandemic.

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