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Monday, September 4, 2017

Honest Baguio taxi driver hands back forgotten cellphone to owner

Photo courtesy: Baguio Pulisya Kwatro
Baguio City, - An honest taxi driver has made another big contribution to the city of Baguio for being a tourist friendly place after returning a passengers's mobile phone. 

Mr. Renato Campos Hafalla, driver of a Taxi with plate number AYU 595 personally turned-over the cellphone to Xyrah Basillio and Carlo Matig-a, visitors from Bacolod and Bohol Province.

According to a post from Baguio Pulisya Kwatro, Basillio and Matig-a "boarded a wagon type taxi and when they alighted, the IPhone 5S of Ms. Basillio fell down unnoticed. They reported the incident to Police Station 4. Personnel of station 4 under the direct supervision of the Station Commander PCO Dexter I. Ominga assisted said visitors. They flagged down a taxi and advised the driver to inform other taxi drivers through radio if they happened to find cellphone inside their driven taxi and to return the same to its owner or turn-over it the concerned police station." 

The report also said, they tried to contact the number of the lost phone and someone replied and identified his name as Renato Campos Hafalla, the driver of the taxi cab. 

He immediately went to Station 4 at Bokawkan to personally return the lost Iphone to the owner. 

Mr. Renato Campos Hafalla  was given appreciation by many netizens commending him for his action. 



  1. may your tribe increase! Kudos for your honesty!


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