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Monday, August 12, 2019

Honest Igorota vendor from La Trinidad returns 2.7 million cash to owner

Photo Courtesy || Gabriel Alipio

Cordillera - An honest Igorot vendor from La Trinidad did not hesitate to return a bag containing a large amount of money worth 2.7 million pesos to the owner, according to a recent news from GMA News Online. 

The Igorota vendor was Alice Baguitan from La Trinidad Benguet. 

According to Baguitan, she was eating at a fast food restaurant in Laog, City when a woman sat beside her and left a bag beside her feet. 

The woman suddenly left the restaurant but  forgot to take the bag with her because she was rushing to the bus station. 

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Baguitan took the bag and followed the woman to the bus station to return it. The woman hugged and  thanked her. She also tried to give her a reward money for her honesty, but Baguitan refused to take it. 

According to her, there are more blessing she will receive from the Lord when she does the right thing. 
Photo || Dennis Gabriel Alipio

Baguitan said she also found cash money worth half million before and she also returned it to the owner. 

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Indeed it was a wonderful example worth emulating. Doing the right thing to anyone is becoming a blessing to them. In return, we will also receive blessings a thousand fold more than we can imagine.


Unknown said...

God bless u more kabsat ..

Unknown said...

agpayso kabsat! am proud of my tribe more.

Anonymous said...

You are such an example of God's existence..

Unknown said...

hanak makareply ditoy ngamin kelangngumatang credits hanko afford, addak facebook as sam kit chan.

Unknown said... good ro hear stories like this...

Unknown said...

Keep up the good works. What a wonderful world to live in with honest people around. Good to know my parents were right after all in educating us. They didn't go to higher school but this is one thing they know and taught us. Thank you mama and papa.

Unknown said...

My wife is also igorota. mga honest talaga ang mga iyan! proud ako sa kanila! magaganda ang puso di lang sa mukha na parang mansanas!

Unknown said...

It's truly very amusing to read some news regarding very honest individuals who refuses to accept
the reward given by the owner the
Fortune. PtFttSaK Fbu Hallelujร h
A M E N ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Proud to be an igorot. Yes. God will be the one to give you reward because of your good deeds. Dayta ah ti kunada da nga true Samaritan. Almighty God will bless you more and sana all☺️☺️๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

dbe said...

The Philippines could be a lot richer if only those who stole money from its coffers return them.

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