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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Honest Taxi Driver Returns Lost Cash worth P100,000 left in his car

Photo Courtesy || Digway TV

Cordillera - Another honest Cordilleran taxi driver deserves our commendation for his honesty in returning cash that was accidentally left inside his car by a passenger. 

Mr. Marcial Diclas, a native of Mankayan, Benguet did not hesitate to find a way to return a lost cash worth P100,000 to the respective owner. 

According to the owner, Mr Ruel Masantoc, he was very tired that day so he accidentally forgot the cash inside that taxi driven by Mr. Diclas. 

Indeed, Mr Diclas honesty is another testament to the innate values of the Cordilleran and trying the live with the culture of Inayan.

The act of honesty shown by Mr. Diclas will also elevate the status of taxi drivers in the Cordilleras and will also serve as a good example to be followed by all taxi drivers. 

Taxi drivers in the region are known for their honesty particularly in returning cash and valuable items that were left by passengers inside their cars.



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