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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Coca-cola's honesty cart - Are Baguio People Really Honest?

Photo Courtesy || Janeth Martin & Public Information - City of Baguio
Cordillera - The people of Baguio are known to be honest. There are countless scenarios when  Baguio residents  returned valuable items they found to the owner.
However, does honesty among the people of Baguio city still prevail despite life struggles and crisis brought  about by the covid-19 pandemic?

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Last month, the Coca-Cola company has launched the Wheels Project Honesty Cart which sells drinking water.

The carts were stationed in the Central Business District, at the Baguio City Hall and barangay Irisan.

The  aim of the project is to support marginalized individuals who lost their source of income due to the current pandemic as well as to promote honesty as a core value among the locals even in times of hardship.

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No one was assigned to sell the item or collect payments so buyers can freely get the item and drop their payment in a separate box.

It was reported that there wasn't an under collection, rather the exact opposite from the items that were sold in the store carts, according to the Public Information Office - City of Baguio
The city Mayor, Benjamin Magalong was so proud of this report.

 "Looking at the audit report, there was even an overcollection. We can say that people of Baguio are amazingly honest. I m so proud, " he said. 

This project has once again proven that honesty has been the core value among the locals all along. This value has been passed from generation to generation that it already became part of everyone's lifestyle.


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