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Monday, March 1, 2021

Inspiring TRUE STORY of PLT John Smith Binwag who topped the PH Scout Rangers Class 211-2020

Photo Courtesy || PLT John Smith Binwag

Cordillera - A proud Cordilleran from Ifugao tops the Philippine Scout Ranger Class 211-2020. 

PLT John Smith Binwag who traces his roots to Hingyon, Ifugao received a Scout Ranger Replica as Class Top 1 and also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for earning the highest rating in academics. 

Read his Inspiring Story below:

I am 27 yrs old at present, I am the 7th among the 9 siblings of Mr. Manuel P Binwag, (native of Banaue, ifugao) and Mrs. Mary Atiwon Binwag+(native of Hingyon, Ifugao). We were raised in Lepanto Mankayan, Benguet since our father worked there as a miner and my mother as a housewife.
I graduated elementary at Marivic Elem School (2006-2007), Sapid, Mankayan, Benguet and graduated at Joaquin Smith National High School (2010-2011), Km. 4 Asin Road, Baguio city for secondary education. We moved to Baguio city last 2009 since my father was terminated from Lepanto mines.
After graduating in High School , I enrolled at the University of Baguio (academic year 2011) as a working student and took up BS Criminology, I study during the day and serve as campus security ( Marshals) during the night at the University in exchange for free tuition fee.
Despite the hardships of balancing things between time,duties, studies, rest and financial problems, I am proud that I was a consistent academic scholar during my stay in the university. I even became the Student Body Governor of UB Crim department in the Academic Year 2014-2015.
Despite all efforts, I failed to graduate criminology because i moved out in the university on April 15, 2015 since God blessed me with a better career after I passed the PNPA Entrance Examination. Luckily, I passed all  the rigors of selection process and landed as a PNPA cadet and became as part of SANSIKLAB CLASS Of 2019 ( Located at Camp. Gen. mariano N. CastaƱeda, Silang, Cavite).
After graduating in the academy last March 2019, we were commissioned as Police Lieutenants and were temporarily assigned at PNP NHQ, Camp Crame, Quezon City for orientations and seminars before deployment. 
However, among PNP members in our class, only 10 of us were given the chance to undergo Scout Ranger Training.
The ten of us reported to Camp Tecson, Bulacan on January 3, 2020 for Qualifying phase( it was a rigid screening process to test the mental stability, stamina, skill, and knowledge of a student to include markmanship, swimming, land navigation, map reading, Physical Fitness Tests and others that are in Military Terms to explain). After Qualifying Phase, only 5 of us made it to form part of the Scout Ranger Class 211 that opened on March 11, 2020.
Among the 232 qualified Ranger students who qualified to form part of SRC 211-20, only 206 had made it up to graduate on February 25, 2021 after  almost a year of rigorous training,  sleepless nights and sacrifice of blood. Our Test Mission in Jolo, Sulu lasted for nearly to months of raging war with the Abu Sayaf group from December 2020 to mid-week of January 2021.  Those who did not graduate were the ones who failed to overcome their fear, weaknesses and decided to quit a long the way.
AWARDS Received -Academics:
1. Mr. Intramurals  year-2010(Joaquin Smith National High School)
2. Dean's Lister academic year 2014-2015( SCJPS  UNIVERSITY OF BAGUIO)
3.Deans Lister for Academic Year 2018-2019 PNPA
3. Leadership Kampilan Awardee ( As 1st Captain PNPA Year 2019)
4. 4th Placer (PCAP-Oral Debate year 2013 at Cebu City)
5. Certificate of Commendation from Regiment Commander FSRR as Top 1 for SRC Class 211-2020
MOST Challenging Life Events:
1. We were nine siblings in the family, and we are stuck beyond poverty,   our distant relatives predicted us as future general problems of the society, nobody believed in us. I, accepted it as a challenge on how they look at us from below, that sooner or later, we will strive to fail all those malicious predictions to us, and that's what we slowly did.
2. Lack of Financial Support for Study- while i thank the government for free primary and secondary education, going to college is a harder choice to take specially if you have jobless parents who rather expect you go looking for earning rather than go learning in school. However, i promised my father that i will send my self  to college without him burdened for tuition fees. I entered the University of Baguio as a working student. Studies during the day and serve as campus security during the night. For i swore my self that i must sacrifice in order to achieve a brighter future, not for my own benefit but for the benefits of my soon to be children as well. Shall they not experience the life i had and a bright future be my gift for them.
3. Entering the academy, is a fulfillment of dream, however, surviving cadetship up to graduation is the realization of it. Living in a regimented way of life for 4 years is very challenging, a bit of carelessness to all aspects within the academy may lead to dismissal or separation specially surviving the rigors of academics. In order to survive, i did always remind my self that cadetship is my one way ticket for the realization of my dreams and this is the best shot to start for a carrier, and, that made me until i graduate.
Thoughts of Inspiration to all student, professionals, examinees, trainees and public:
PUT GOD first before anything.
-  Don't make excuses and start working for your dreams. Considering that we are all poor, we have two choices for survival, by asking or by earning, choose who you are... 
-Success in everything does not happen overnight or granted by fairy godmothers nor by the falling stars, it is built over time with your skill, knowledge, handwork and blood as the strongest foundation.
- Always have a plan,.. knowing utmost what you want to become will  answer all the succeeding questions on how things will be done it will serve as   compass to guide you in all your endeavors.
- Give your best in everything you do,. Specially that in every employment, credentials will speak in our behalf, either someone's gonna be hired or be fired.
-Mostly, keep a good health and stay alive, because a dead man  could no longer tell tales.
May God bless you after reading my story. I pray for everyone's safety this difficult time." - PLT John Smith Binwag

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Unknown said...

sana dadami ang mga Police Scout Ranger

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your very inspiring , transforming story. I pray that every student will read your story. So proud and salute to you my kailian. God bless. Jeremiah 29:11

Anonymous said...

Makaphod hi MAKNONGAN giving, guiding and blessing your endeavor, congratulations. you deserve the high salute, keep it up serving our country.

Anonymous said...

idol kita ,God bless you

Anonymous said...

Haggiyo are an inspiration

Anonymous said...

This is so inspiring, sir. Thank you for sharing your story.

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