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Monday, June 1, 2020

Filipino artist designs jaw-dropping gowns inspired by scenic Cordillera wonders

Photo Courtesy || Joshua Asuncion
Cordillera - The Philippine is teeming with natural wonders from the North to the South. All year round tourists and travelers, both local and international are going to these amazing natural wonders especially in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).
To express his appreciation to the real beauty of Cordillera, a young Filipino artist Joshua Asuncion lays out jaw-dropping illustration of some of the top tourist destinations in the region. 

These include the Rice Terraces of Ifugao; the Kaparkan Water Falls in Abra; the Stobosa mural and the Atok flower farm in Benguet; the Hanging Coffins and Blue Soil Mountain in Mt. Province; Apo Whang-od and Sulfur Mountain of Kalinga and lastly the Dupak Rock Formation, Lusok and Underground River in Apayao. 

Check out Joshua Asuncion's incredible illustrations below. 

Photo Courtesy || Joshua Asuncion


Saturday, May 30, 2020

President Duterte praises Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong

Photo Courtesy || Benjamin Magalong & PCOO
Cordillera - Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has praised Mayor Benjamin Magalong for the job well done in dealing with the coronavirus threat in Baguio City. 

Duterte said Magalong is a "good administrator" during a televised public address on Friday (May 29, 2020). 

"Dito sa Pilipinas hindi tayo nagkulang ng ano... for example, Benjie sa Baguio (Here in the Philippines, we are not lacking of... for example Benjie of Baguio). He is a very good administrator.

Duterte said Magalong, a former police official, has the ability to craft a government in his jurisdiction. 

"Being a military man, he has that... I said, the... how to craft a government that is really fit for your... in your jurisdiction," he added.

Recently, Covid-19 National Task Force (NTF)Chief implementer has said he will report to the President about how the city of Baguio under the leadership of Magalong has effectively handle the coronavirus threat. 

Galvez also praised the Cordillera region for the good practice and effective method in preventing the spread of the virus.

Baguio City has shown a very efficient response to the pandemic where it recorded only 46 cases with only one death. 

The region has also recorded high clinical recovery rate of Covid-19 patients.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Cordillera is the most prepared region in preventing the spread of coronavirus: Galvez

Photo Courtesy ||
Cordillera - The chief implementer of the National Task Force against coronavirus Carlito Galvez Jr. has praised the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) for the good practice and effective method in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
"For now I believe kayo and pinaka prepared or over-prepared, nakita ko ang CAR na model (For now, I believe you are the most prepared, I can see CAR as the model)", Galvez said during a meeting with the CDRRMC and several CAR mayors. 

Galvez also recognized the culture of unity and cooperation among the Igorots and the Ilocanos as factors in making the virus at bay. 

"[The] uniting factor of the Igorots and the Ilocanos, a culture of unity and cooperation as well as being disciplined that is a good strength," he said via the Philippine Information Agency.

Galves said that he will inform the President of the Cordillera's good practices in managing the pandemic. 
Baguio City has shown a very efficient response to the pandemic where it recorded only 46 cases with eight remaining actives and only one death. The region has also recorded high clinical recovery rate of patients.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong has implemented a crime mapping application system used by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in tracing possible coronavirus carrier. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Three Cordilleran cadets among Top 10 of PMA's "Masidlawin" Class of 2020

Photo Courtesy || PMA
Cordillera - The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) officials has released the official list of Top 10 graduates of the "Masidlawin" (Mandirigmang Isinilang na may Dangal at Lakas Upang Maging Tanglaw ng Inang Bayan) Class of 2020. 
On Friday, 22, 2020, the list of the top 10 graduating cadets were released to the media.

Three or the top 10 were from the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). 

They are Cadet Rojes Gaile Jamandre from Lamut, Ifugao in the top 4, Cadet Jeb Bay-an of Kabayan, Benguet in the top 5, and Cadet Catabay Ladyong of Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao in the top 6. 

Other cadets in the top 10 are:

Top 1: Gemalyn Sugui - Echague, Isabela
Top 2: Jade Villanueva - Tacloban City
Top 3: Jefferson Salazar - Zamboanga City
Top 7: Vanelyn Angel Tabao - Tuguegarao City
Top 8: June Giel Anne Factor - Ilocos Norte
Top 9: Tubenson Abgao - Baroy, Lanao Del Norte
Top 10: Dencel Aina Bayaca - Pampanga
This year's PMA graduation rights will be closed to the public due to the coronavirus crisis however parents and relatives can watch the event via live stream at the PMA's official Facebook page. 

There are a total of 196 students composed of female and male who will be graduating today at the country's prestigious academy.

source : CNN

12 Kalinga brave young cadets to graduate from PMA "Masidlawin" Class of 2020

Photo Courtesy || Midtown Photography
Cordillera - The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) "Masidlawin" Class of 2020 will hold its commencement exercise today, May 22, 2020 closed to the public without the usual pomp and pageantry. 

However, parents and relatives can watch the graduation rites through live stream at the PMA's official Facebook page, according to PMA spokesperson. 

12 Kalinga cadets will be joining the graduates in a live stream ceremony. They are:

1. Bagguiyac, Emerson Dorpis (Airforce) - Lubo, Tanudan, Kalinga
2. Dappay, Jepeson Addamo (Airforce) - Lacnong, Tabuk city, Kalinga
3. Dieza, Rennz Conrado A. IV (Navy) - Pinukpuk, Kalinga
4. Ewos, Rheden Laguico (Army) - Mangali, Tanudan, Kalinga
5. Fernandez, Chesterly Basilio (Army) - Poblacion, Tinglayan, Kalinga
6. Gammod, Martin Amagod,  JR (Army) - Gaang, Tanudan, Kalinga
7. Golwingon, Gemalyn Wanigon (Army) - Lubo, Tanudan, Kalinga
8. Gumilab, Reynante Tuguic (Airforce) - Ambato, Tinglayan, Kalinga
9. Ladyong, Catabay Dao-ang (Army) - Mabilong, Lubuagan, Kalinga

10. Limagen, Jessie Will Osdeg (Army) - Lubugan, Kalinga
11. Lugao, Alvin Kinao (Army) - Cabaruan, Tabuk City, Kalinga
12. Sayod, Irwin Bitao (Airforce) - Poblacion, Tinglayan, Kalinga

Congratulations to all "Masidlawin" Class 2020 graduate with your remarkable achievement. 

"Masidlawin" stands for Mandirigmang Isinilang na may Dangal at Lakas Upang Maging Tanglaw ng Inang Bayan.

Mushroom hunters accidentally discovered new cave in Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet

Cordillera - A newly discovered cave located in Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet has been revealed on social media lately by a group of mushroom hunters. 
Apparently, the cave was accidentally discovered by a group of young guys who went to look for mushrooms however, they ended up inside a beautiful cave that is seemingly untouched by humans. 

Photo Courtesy || Pawid Gemar
Photos from inside of the cave show deep countless rock formations which was shaped naturally by nature over thousands of years. 
Photo Courtesy || Pawid Gemar
The interior of the cave is huge and impressive with a height of up to 20 to 30 feet.
Photo Courtesy || Pawid Gemar
The guys were seen enjoying seeing the breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites formations that comes in white, yellowish and red colors. 
Photo Courtesy || Pawid Gemar
The Tinedkaw cave is one of the hidden gem of La Trinidad ready to become a top tourist destinations for cave adventurer who wanted to have a glimpse of another planet down under the town of La Trinidad, Benguet.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

A family in Kapangan builds beautiful fence using hundreds of recycled plastic bottles

Photo Courtesy || Labueg, Kapangan
Cordillera - Looking from a distance, you will notice a colorful wall like it might be made with metal or iron sheet. But the wall is actually built using hundreds of recycled (Gatorade) bottles. 
A family in Labueg, Kapangan, Benguet has came up with an innovative idea to  recycle plastic bottles by using it to build a fence along the pathway going to their residence. 

Photo Courtesy || Labueg, Kapangan
The result is a beautiful and colorful fence that attracts anyone to take notice and encourage others to recycle their own plastic waste. 

Aside from making their pathway attractive, the family is helping their community and our country of getting rid of plastic waste.

Photo Courtesy || Labueg, Kapangan
By using plastic bottles to build a fence, the family is inspiring everyone to do the same. 

ASEAN countries Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are among the five countries throwing the most plastic waste into the oceans, according to a 2015 report by the Ocean Conservancy.

Monday, May 11, 2020

How a high school graduate with no degree in film-making produces one of the top Igorot movies

Photo Courtesy || Boyong Daguines
Cordillera - To become a professional filmmaker, one must have at least a bachelor's degree in film making, but this man from Buguias, Benguet has successfully made and directed his own film without a formal education in film making.. 

Nestor Daguines  known as "Boyong" is the creator of the popular animated series in the Cordillera called 'Lampitok'. 

Daguines used to be a van driver however, his interest and passion in how movies were created since he was a kid, has inspired him to pursue film making. 

By watching tutorials from YouTube and attending seminars and workshops related to film making, Daguines gained knowledge, perfected his craft and began directing and creating movies by himself. 

In fact in 2012, he and fellow Igorot director Sendong successfully directed the first Igorot Indie film "Busol", which was shown in one of the biggest gathering of Filipino independent films in Cebu city along with other locally produced films from the various regions of the country. 

For the very first time, a film made by an Igorot was chosen to be shown in the event. 

His eagerness and passion in producing films for the Igorots has prompted him to continue despite having no formal education and enough equipment for film creation

There are other films that Daguines has created and directed including the film "Sik-a Et Baw", "White Lady", "Di ka Maupay, "Timplan di Layad" and many more. 

He has also learned film animation and made the first animated series called "Lampitok", a funny Igorot cartoon movie that went viral in Cordillera. 

With his success in film making, Daguines hopes that he'll continue producing more Igorot films and more Cordillerans will support him. 

Some of his films are already out in CD and DVD format and  are available in Igorot movie outlets in Baguio and La Trinidad.

Generous OFW donates another P50,000 to his hometown in Kabayan, Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Jemmer Tasing Tagure
Cordillera - "I know what it feels like of having less and nothing. I don't have so much to give but, I'm willing to share whatever I have. We are all affected by this crisis, some may have less and some have nothing. Share whatever we have"
This is the message of Jemmer Tasing Tagure, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who donated a total of P100,000 to his hometown in Kabayan, Benguet. 

Tagure didn't forget to look back where he came from, and out from his own pocket, he willingly donated cash to his town mates who are affected with this current covid-19 pandemic. 

Last month, he initially donated P50,000 which was used to purchase cavans of rice and distributed to the residents of Kabayan Bario.
Now he donated another P50,000 to Barangay Adaoy in the same town. 

Thank you sir Jemmer Tasing Tagure for your generosity. May the Lord in heaven bless you a thousand fold. God Bless and Take Care. 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Concerned farmer's daughter from Benguet reaches out to Ben Tulfo's Bitag for help

Photo Courtesy || BITAG OFFICIAL YT Channel
Cordillera - A concerned young lady and her friends in Benguet reached out to Bitag Media for help regarding the problem of unsold vegetables in their community. 

Richel Mendoza Saguid talked to Ben Tulfo of Bitag Media about the current plight of vegetable farmers who are having a hard time selling their produce to the market especially during this covid-19 crisis. 

She said that many farmers specially those who have planted carrots are struggling how to dispose their crops. As a result, the carrots were either rotten or thrown back on the soil as fertilizers. 

Some farmers opted to donate tons of carrots to the city residences who were affected by the lockdown.

Saguid is hoping that through Ben Tulfo's program, concerned authorities will listen and find a way to provide financial assistance to the farmers so that they can can get back to their feet and cope with their lost capital.

Watch the full episode of Bitag Media below

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