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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Igorot MMA star Eduard Folayang, one of the 50 Greatest Filipino Athletes of All-Time

Photo Courtesy || Eduard Folayang
Cordillera - Igorot mixed martial artist and wushu practitioner Eduard Folayang who fights in the ONE Championship was included in the list of 50 Greatest Filipino Athletes of All-Time.

Folayang was deemed as one of the 50 Greatest Filipino Athletes of All-Time, a book which was recently published by publisher Vernon Go to commemorate the Filipino athletes as one of our sport heroes who brought great pride, joy, and honor to the Philippines and its people.

"I'm not really a sport enthusiasts but I did feel that the Filipino athlete should be memorialized, remembered and honored," Go said.

How the book was made is a story in itself, the Philippines Yearbook has been made to also commemorate each and every issue with an encompassing theme about the Philippines. 

This year 2020, Vernon thought that this year's theme for the yearbook would be about sports and how it honors the 50 greatest Filipino athletes of all time.

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Before his professional career in mixed martial arts, Folayang came from a poor family and had a tough childhood growing up in Baguio City, Philippines. 

Although Folayang had such a rough childhood, he endured and trained hard in wushu and boxing at the age of 16 under the training of coach Tony Candeleria which helped him improve on his skills and discipline. 

In 2006, Folayang graduated from the University of the Cordilleras and went on to become a teacher. Six months in, he decided to quit in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional fighter.

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On June 30, 2007, Folayang made his professional debut a the URCC and from then on has won many tournaments in Martial Combat, Wushu, URCC and now in ONE Championship.

He is now training at Team Lakay Gym located in La Trinidad, Benguet under the careful watch of multi-awarded coach Mark Sangiao. 

Congratulations Eduard Folayang

Boxing experts and fans believed this 20-year old Ifugao boxer is the next Manny Pacquaio

Photo Courtesy || Carl James Martin & Manny Pacquiao FB
Cordillera - Philippine's boxing icon and now senator Manny Pacquiao of General Santos City has put the Philippines on the map of the greatest world boxers of all time with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and more.

Pacquaio is a legend in boxing as he was bestowed the "Fighter of the Decade" by the Boxing Association of America and hailed "Fighter of the Year" by The Ring magazine for three times.

A young prospect from the province of Ifugao in Cordillera was considered by boxing experts and fans to become the next Manny Pacquaio once the legend has decided to finally hang up his gloves for good.

Watch Martin's latest fight against Cuerdo.

20-year old Carl James Martin slowly rose to the forefront of boxing when he defeated 14 opponents of his 15 fights via an impressive knockout.

Martin, who hails from Lagawe, Ifugao is believed to be the next Philippine boxing icon like Pacquiao according to former two-division world boxing champion and now trainer Gerry Peñalosa. 

"The kid has talent and charisma. He has the right materials to be the next Filipino boxing hero. Carl is explosive and left-handed," Peñalosa said.

"He reminds me of the young Manny and has tremendous power. He has potential," he added. 

Martin has never been defeated in his 15 bouts and currently reigns as the World Boxing Organization Oriental Youth bantamweight champion when he defeated Hashimuro Zuberi of Tanzania in 2018. 

In 2017, Martin took the Interim World Boxing Council and Asian Boxing Council Continental bantamweight crown after beating Artid Bamrunguea of Thailand. 

Martin accomplishment in boxing has prompted his father and trainer Abel to compare him to Senator Pacquiao.

"Carl fights like Senator Manny... Like the legendary Manny Pacquaio, he has power, speed, and great footwork. He also likes to throw a lot of punches. In my view, he is a complete boxer," Abel said.

Watch another fight of Carl James Martin.


LOOK: Tabuk, Kalinga to get its first modern public market with community mall worth P640 million

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - Not only does Baguio City plan to transform its existing public market into a fully modernized public market, but also Tabuk, Kalinga - a growing city in the north. 

In a proposal presented to the local government of Tabuk, a 38, 508 square-meter public market is going to be built in Bulanao.

The new market will be spacious to accommodate all existing vendors, as well as new ones, according to Mayor Darwin Estrañero via Tabuk Life.
He added that the new public market will have its own transport terminal for buses, jeepneys, and tricycles, as well as a shopping center with a department store, a supermarket, food chains, a hotel and a parking space.

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
The market is divided into 5 different sections including a wet section that is built with stainless stalls, a dry section, livestock section, a transport terminal and a commercial center.

It will also have an air-conditioned comfort room with a waiting area lounge, a breastfeeding station, and other amenities.

The Commercial Center will feature complete amenities such as a cinema, restaurants, hotel, department stores, branded boutiques, financial services, vanity services, and entertainment area.

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Mayor Estrañero revealed last year during his First 100 days Report that the proposed public market will be built by Xentro Mall Developer Inc, the same company behind the Xentro Mall in Roxas, Isabela. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Former Mc Donald service crew and construction worker became lawyer through dedication and hardwork

Photo Courtesy || Howard Chan's Filipinosolophy blogsite and Rated K
Cordillera - "Don't give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you". These are the words of a former American famous basketball player named John Wooden and could be one of the motivation of Mr. Howard Chan to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. 

Howard worked as a service crew of a famous fast food restaurant in SM Baguio before becoming a lawyer in 2015. 

To help her mother financially, Howard also worked as a laborer in a construction site and also a part time carwash boy.

Howard shared on his blog site Filipinolosophy the struggles he and his family experienced during the time he was not yet a lawyer. 

During his struggles, he realized that not all rich people are genuinely helpful to the poor.

"Coming from a working class family, it was hard for me to believe that well-to-do people genuinely care for the poor. We've had rich relatives who never even bothered to check on us when we had no electricity, water, nor food to eat." Howard wrote. 

Although they had rich relatives, Howard is not saying, they are entitled to be helped however, he pointed out that a "little help [from them] would have been great."

Their struggles help Howard to developed a kind attitude towards poor people and became a humble person. 

"When I became a lawyer, I just knew that I have to be that kind of lawyer that I admire back in the days when we were struggling. I don't have to be the smartest of the most prominent. I just want to be one of the most judicious and moral" he shared. 

Watch Howard inspiring story as featured by Rated K:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Mankayan, Benguet returns lost wallet containing P23,460

Photo Courtesy || Mankayan MPS
Cordillera - A tricycle in Mankayan, Benguet was lauded for his honesty when he returned a wallet containing cash amounting to P23,000 to the police station.
According to a post from Mankayan MPS, Richard Domilos, the tricycle driver found a brown wallet containing P23,000 along Cervantes Road in Poblacion, Mankayan Benguet. 

The wallet also contains some identification cards of the owner of which is used to contact the owner. 

Without hesitation, Domilos immediately turn over the said wallet to the Municipal Police Station for its return to the rightful owner. 

Meanwhile, many netizens praised the honesty of Mr. Domilos, because despite earning not enough income  being a tricycle driver, he still chose to be honest. 
"May your trice increase Richard, God will reward you of your good deeds, a netizen commented. 

One said "Praise for you honesty manong, your are indeed a good role mode in our community. God Bless you more."

Abra farmer makes a fortune from vegetable farming

Photo Courtesy || Agribusiness YT
Cordillera - From being an insurance salesman turned to a very successful farmer, Arnel Molina has shown that with dedication and hardwork, anything is possible!

Arnel started out in being an salesman from an insurance company and later decided to quit so he can pursue his passion for the business in farming according to Agribusiness. 

He said that working as a salesman was also an advantage for him and his business because he learned so many things of how selling works. 

Quitting his job as a salesman turned into the starting point of his very successful business. From producing all kinds of produce, free range chickens, pigs and more, Arnel does not let a single go to waste but instead turns it to something he can use for his farm. 

Whenever the market is low for a certain kind of produce or is about to spoil, he usually uses it as a source of feed for his black pigs or chickens.

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Arnel was asked if he considers himself as successful as he is, he said "yes" and how he can provide for what his kids need or want, going out to eat without having to worry of how much he could pay, being able to buy a car, and more.

Arnel was also asked for some tips for those who are aspiring to be like him or planning to start their own business. He said that dedication and hard will get you where you want to be in your business. 

He said that you also need to study the "market" and have a plan for your business to become successful, and patience. 

Arnel said that patience is an important value to have because just like him, he patiently waited 3 months for his investments to pay back including the salaries he pays out to those who work for him. 

He treats and respect his workers just like his own brothers and sisters and give them bonuses. 

These are things that made Arnel who is now, a successful businessman.

source || agribusiness

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Raffy Tulfo helps troubled farmer from Kalinga with cash and livelihood

Photo Courtesy || Raffy Tulfo in Action YT channel
Cordillera - A troubled Kalinga farmer seek helps from Raffy Tulfo hoping to reconcile with his wife and save his marriage.

Elvin Garcia from Kalinga went to Tulfo in Action Radio program to ask Raffy for help about his OFW wife, who  allegedly getting married to another man.
Garcia claimed that he saw a post on his wife's Facebook account a wedding ring indicating that she is going to be married to someone else.

His wife, however, denied her husband's allegation and that the post was just made up.  

Tulfo, on the other hand, advised the wife to come back to the Philippines to personally discuss the matter with his husband and get reconciled because he was concerned about the welfare of their very young child.

In the program, Tulfo promised Elvin to give him cash assistance and livelihood to get back on his feet after having been buried in debt due to the low price of rice. 
A good Samaritan, Joan Sapanta, who is an OFW had also gave 10,000 pesos to Garcia to help him pay for his expenses in coming to Manila.

Raffy Tulfo's program is helping thousands of Filipinos who come to him for help with their problems in life. 

Tulfo's YouTube channel has grown with more 9 million subscribers as of this writing. 

Baguio City declares NPA persona non grata

Cordillera - The City of Baguio has joined other local government units in the Cordillera Administrative region (CAR) in rejecting the presence of the New People's Army (NPA). 
In a resolution passed by the city council on Monday, the presence of the NPA is not welcome in the city of Baguio. 

However, the resolution did not include civic groups and personalities who support the NPA. 

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan removed the provision and said no mechanism to justify a persona non grata declaration against any person and group or organization accused of supporting the NPA. 

Baguio City is the 44th Cordillera council government that declared the New People's Army persona non-grata according to the Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict. 
The NPA is listed among the terrorist organization by the United States of America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Cherry Blossoms in Atok, Benguet expected to start blooming in March and April this year

Sakura tree sample from
Cordillera - After four years of waiting, the Sakura trees or Cherry Blossoms in Atok, Benguet may soon begin to bloom in March and April this year. 

Philip John Haight, caretaker of the Sakura park located in Paoay, Atok, Benguet said in a local TV station that the Sakura trees will start to bloom after the first rain of this year. 

Sakura trees tend to bloom in March or April but it could depend on the rain. 

According to Haight, if the rains come early, it is expected that Sakura should start blooming flowers already.
34 Sakura trees were planted in Atok, Benguet in 2016 which were given to the province of Benguet by the Japanese government of Kochi prefecture as a sign of friendship.

Haight clarifies that the news published on some social media websites that the Sakura trees are in full bloom were incorrect. 

Visitors should not expect to see Sakura trees in full bloom as of this moment however, the Cosmos Flower Farms and the vegetable gardens are something they should not miss.

Photo Courtesy || Don Frank Hernandez


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Two more centenarians in Mt. Province to receive P100,000 cash gift from national government

Photo Courtesy || Mt. Province PIO
Cordillera - To ensure that they will be provided with enough cash to spend for their basic needs and medical assistance, the local government of Mt. Province is set to provide two centenarians with cash incentives. 
Mt. Province PIO said two more residents in the province were included in the list of provincial awardees who are set to be awarded with P100,000 cash incentives coming from the national government. 

Avelina Placido, 100 and a resident of Gayang, Sabangan and 100-year old Petra Segat of Lubo, Tadian were both the sixth centenarian to receive the award in their respective municipality, the report said.

It added that Mt.Province governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr. personally turned over congratulatory resolution, a plaque of recognition and a check amounting to P30,000 each on January 21.
Under RA 10868, all Filipinos who reach the age of 100 will receive a letter of felicitation from the President of the Philippines and a P100,000 cash gift, whether they are residing in the Philippines or abroad.

Centenarians are also entitled to awards and incentives from their respective city or municipality after being determined by the local government unit. 

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