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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

University of Baguio Voices wins MBC National Choral Competitions, beats world champions

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Cordillera - In a remarkable display of musical genius, the University of Baguio (UB) snatched the championship title at the MBC National Choral Competition held at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City last Dec. 13.
The UB Voices Chorale landed on the top spot in the open category, beating the biggest names in choral singing. The all-male Koro Ilustrado – dubbed as the Philippines’ best male choir – came in second. 

Another force to reckon with, the Los Cantantes de Manila (former members of the University of the East  Chorale, one of the country’s most accomplished university choirs), a world champion in Europe (considered the seat of choir music), settled third. 

Meanwhile, the Technological Institute of the Philippines Choral Society, a gold medalist in the choral contest Sing’n’Joy Manila in 2013, finished as fourth.

The UB Voices was also named the Best Show Choir during the event.

Dr. Bienvenido Constantino Jr., the group’s conductor and adviser, mentioned how fierce the competition was, noting, “We went through tough times and difficulties.”

A qualifying sing-off among over a hundred choirs was held last Sept. 28 in Cauayan, Isabela, wherein UB took the first place. 

At the semi-finals, which followed last Dec. 12, UB still ranked first among the top 28 that competed. 

Finally, during the grand finals, UB picked up the title.

The participants performed three pieces: the contest piece, a novelty piece, and an elective.

Singer and actress Nanette Inventor graced the awarding ceremonies.

In 2012, UB won second place in the same competition, organized by the media company Manila Broadcasting Company.

source || Ronalyn Banaken via UB website

Monday, January 25, 2021

This breathtaking garden in Tuba, Benguet is absolutely for 'plantitos' and 'plantitas'

Photo Courtesy || Kiko Villalba

Cordillera - Could this be the most amazing garden for plantitos and plantitas in the Philippines? If you are one of those aspiring to be a certified plantito or plantita and looking for the best inspiration to start your own , then this garden in Tuba, Benguet is a must see for you. 

Netizen Kiko Villalba shares on social media stunning photos of this 'secret' garden located in Benguet. 

Photo Courtesy || Kiko Villalba

Different kinds of the most desired plants for plantitos/plantitas can be seen in the garden. You can find monsteras, different varieties of philondrons, alocasias, pothos, begonias, anthuriums, cactus and many more.

Photo Courtesy || Kiko Villalba

The perfect time to visit the place is during the afternoon to get the perfect shot of the garden's magical moment when sunset colors the place yellow and orange.

You will surely get inspired and appreciate the true and hidden beauty of nature not to mention being able to capture an Instagram-worthy photos with the astounding color blends paired with the perfect lightings. 


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Benguet researchers earn international award in Thailand

Photo Courtesy || Tin Dao-anis

Cordillera - A group of Benguet Division research educators won the International Outstanding Award during the 8th CAS National and International Conference (CASNIC) 2020 in Thailand on Nov. 7, 2020.

The research paper of Rachel B. Basalong, Benilda M. Daytaca and Mark Aljon E. Valenciano entitled “Alternative Teaching and Learning Delivery Modes in the Schools Division of Benguet, Philippines: A Descriptive Study” earned prestige during the said conference due to its relevance to the theme “Higher Education’s Moves and Trends to Combat COVID-19.”

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Said study found out that the concerns of the school stakeholders with reference to alternative teaching and learning delivery modes during Covid-19 pandemic in the Schools Division of Benguet are encapsulated in four themes tagged as 4Cs namely: Connectivity, Capability, Condition and Constitution.

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This led the researchers to recommend to the Benguet Schools Division Office to consider the research results as bases for the division’s policy framing and Learning Continuity Plan Development in this time of pandemic.

Basalong, the corresponding author, has received the digital image of their plaque of award from the CASNIC committee. 

By Agustin A. Dao-anis


Friday, January 22, 2021

Lito Adiwang defeats Japanese Kawahara via 2nd round TKO

Photo Courtesy || One Championship
Cordillera - Lito "The Thunder Kid" Adiwang of Team Lakay did not wait for the scheduled five rounds as he took down his Japanese foe in the 2nd round and claim victory.

Armed with an impressive game plan of taking the Japanese guard in the leg with powerful low kicks since round one followed by an explosive punch that toppled the Japanese in the 2nd round, Adiwang has gotten back to the winning side of ONE Championship. 

True to his word, Adiwang has delivered an exciting fight for MMA fans. 

His winning over Kawahara could be a one step closer to his wish of having a rematch with Hiroba Minowa. 

Adiwang has improve his record to 12 wins and 3 losses.

Congratulations Lito Adiwang the whole team Lakay.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Actress Rhian Ramos gets personalized tattoo from Kalinga legend Apo Whang-od

Photo Courtesy || Rhian Ramos
Cordillera - When it comes to having someone respected give you a personalized tattoo, actress Rhian Ramos of GMA trusted the oldest mambabatok Apo Whang-od of Kalinga to give her one, actually two. 

Ramos braved the  17-hour road trip and 2-hour trek to Kalinga twice in her life just to get inked by tattoo legend Apo Whang-od. 

The actress shared on her Instagram photos and videos of her experience getting tattooed by Whang-od. 

Photo Courtesy || Rhian Ramos

Ramos personally designed her tattoo. 

"Round 2: the beginnings of my new (and hopefully, last) tattoo, designed by me, drawn by Grace and tapped in by Apo Whang Od, right above my last two tatts from them, the scorpion and hawk. Their energies are so open and giving. I'm just so grateful they agreed to this request. A little old, a little new," she wrote.

Photo Courtesy || Rhian Ramos

The 104-year old Apo Whang-od is a living treasure of Kalinga. She is well known for her charcoal-ink tattoos which is her technique in tattooing. 

In 2019, She was listed by a US travel magazine as among 10 Filipinos who are transforming the nation through sustainable tourism.

She became popular in 2009 after an anthropologist from the Discovery Channel did a documentary of her. 


Benguet doctors successfully conduct first kidney transplant in Cordillera

First ever Kidney Transplant in Cordillera Success

Cordillera - Team of doctors at a hospital in Benguet has successfully conducted two kidney transplants in one day. 

This is the first kidney transplant procedure that ever took place in Cordillera region. 

Here is a message of Dr. Darwin Henry Galuba (Urulogist), who is the lead surgeon on the donor side. 

Yesterday another milestone.. 2 kidney transplants in one day!! Another first for the cordillera region! It is an honor to be the lead surgeon on the donor side. 

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After the second case I was really exhausted, after the adrenaline drops from such high level operations you will feel exhausted, but there was an overwhelming sense of gratitude that covered the exhaustion. Gratitude for so many things, at that time thanked God for the safe surgery, for gifts of hand precision and the mind to decide best for patients. It’s just a long time coming for me,years of waiting that transplant be a reality in the cordillera region. Would like to thank the people who are instrumental for this to be a reality, Dr Ed Biteng and Dr Virgie Biteng for showing true leadership thru action, your support is so palpable it’s simply inspiring. May God bless you more. Mam Shanna one of the best nurses I’ve worked with, she is our transplant coordinator and secret weapon.The efficient and enthusiastic OR Staff of CHDG thank you and of course the KT TEAM.

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the KT TEAM is composed of 2 urologists 3transplant surgeons 2 anesthesiologist & 1 nephrologist .ALL graduates of the NATIONAL KIDNEY AND TRANSPLANT INSTITUTE. It’s like a mini reunion of a cohesive team from different batches it’s fun, but in another perspective a KT team is actually a team of elite highly trained doctors trained and certified by the only institution in the Philippines (NKTI) assembled together for a common goal, the real gift of life, kidney transplant.. 

Thank you to the KT TEAM doctors Feb,Carlos, Jucel, Noli,Jon and of course dr Simangan & Dra Marrero.. 

Pls pray for the speedy recovery of our dear patients.

To God all be the Glory.

source || Baguio Urologist Dr. Darwin Henry Galuba


Monday, January 18, 2021

Sadanga cop hikes more than 1 hour to deliver modules to remote village

Photo Courtesy || Sadanga MPS

Cordillera - Sadanga Cop hikes for more than one hour carrying the learning modules of 15 learners in Belwang, Sadanga, Mountain Province.

Police Staff Sergeant Vincent Aaron Ekid Gomayat was seen carrying a load of modules that the local Police Station has picked up from Bontoc, Mountain Province to be delivered to the learners of Belwang, Sadanga.

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Due to the recently recorded cases of COVID-19 in the Municipality and with the implementation of movement restrictions, PSSg Gomayat took the initiative to hike the six-kilometer trail from the town proper of Sadanga going to the remote barangay of Belwang. 

This big-hearted gesture was also to ensure timely delivery of the said learning modules to the 15 students thereat, saving further inconvenience for the local teachers in the area, thus allowing them more time to focus on the educational needs of their students.

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source || Sadang MPS


Saturday, January 16, 2021

PART TWO: 5 Amazing Igorot Vloggers/YouTubers you should subscribe to

Photo Courtesy || Donya Pidang, Igorot TV, Ibaloi Be Like, Dr. Kilimanguru, Kadwa Michael TV

Cordillera - Last couple of weeks ago, we featured 5 amazing Igorot content creators from Facebook and YouTube. We received messages and comments from netizens suggesting  other Igorot vloggers that should be in the list too.

So, here are other amazing Igorot vloggers that you should be subscribing to as well. 

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Why is it very important to support them? Creating videos, may it be for entertainment, tutorial, and information is not an easy task. Watching, commenting and subscribing to their channel is a way of showing support and also motivating them to create more videos for us to watch and learn. 

They may not be as popular as those vloggers from Manila or those 'artistas' who venture into vlogging but they too deserve our support. Vlogging or creating content could also a source of income for our kailyans here in Cordillera. Some of them are even donating their income from YouTube to a good cause like buying school needs for underprivileged children in remote villages.

1. Donya Pidang Sayote  

An Ibaloi vlogger based in London, England, Charles Bencio  or popularly known as Donya Pidang Sayote is one of the originator of Igorot comedy videos on Facebook and YouTube. His YouTube channel has over 10K subscribers and has over 131K followers on Facebook. Donya Pidang is known for his charity program such as donating school supplies to poor students in Benguet.

2. Kadwa Michael TV

New to the world of vlogging and inspired by Vagabond Igorot, Kadwa Michael TV features an Igorot farmer vloggers who creates farm related videos that provides 'how-tos' to farming. Behind the vlog is Mr. Michael Loguitan, a 27-year old farmer and student of Benguet State University. Support his channel as he brings you the life of a farmer in the 'Bukid'.

3. Igorot TV

Get teased but don't take it seriously from Mr. Igorot TV - another Ibaloi comedy vlogger on Facebook and YT. If you're a 'ba-ak', his channel isn't for you. He hits you to the bone with his magic card until you realize that it might be time for you to really get a girl friend or hurry - get married. He's just kidding, anyway, remember?

4. Ibaloi Be Like

Proud of his Ibaloi heritage, this Ibaloi vlogger take it to the next level, dancing the Ibaloi cultural dance  (Tayaw) in the thick snow of Canada with his bahag as if he's not feeling the cold at all. Amazing guy with an amazing skin.  He too is a good comedian and a tech reviewer. 

5. Dr. Kilimanguru

This Cordilleran doctor in the name of Dr. Winston Creones Tiwaquen also known as Dr. Kilimanguru shares informative health guides in his social media channels. If America has Dr. Oz, Manila has Dr. Willie Ong. Cordillera has Dr. Kilimanguru. Subscribe to his channels as he gives you medical advice for free.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Roque Belino, Ingrid Payaket's first song 'collab' receives thousands of views on Facebook

Photo Courtesy || Roque Belino

Cordillera - The song collaboration between two young Cordilleran singers Mr. Roque Belino and Miss Ingrid Payaket has come to fruition and has been successful. 

At its first release on Facebook, their cover song of 'Shallow' by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has hit more than100,000 views and more than 1,000 shares. 

The song collab has also drawn positive comments from viewers and been asking the two for another song collaboration in the near future. 

As promised by Belino, if their video will hit 50K views, they will release 'side B' in the near future. 

Miss Payaket admits singing the 'Shallow' song has been a challenge for her. 

"Nakakachallenge ang kantang eto pero gustung gusto din ng nanay ko. Eto na guys, ang most requested na kanta ninyo." Payaket said.

Belino, who had worked as a miner received unexpected popularity when he joined Idol Philippines singing competition couple of years ago. 

Although he didn't make it as a winner, Belino's natural husky and country-inspired voice has been loved by fellow Cordillerans and Filipino country song lovers. 

Ingrid Payaket is a Baguio-born talent who placed 4th in the nationwide reality show "Got Talent Pilipinas" Season 1 of ABS CBN. She bested 4,000 other aspirant from different singers in the country. 

Her song 'Angat Cordillera' has won 2nd place in the DILG Songwriting Competition 2020.

Watch their cover song of Shallow below. Make sure to follow them in their Facebook account as well as support their YT channel.


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Living museum in Cavite lets you experience Cordilleran culture

Photo Courtesy || Anthony Tiu via Shambala website

Cordillera - A living museum in Silang Cavite called Shambala features a place where you can experience a bit of Cordilleran culture. 

Shambala is Sanskrit word  named after mythical Himalayan kingdom which means a "place of peace and happiness".

The Shambala in Cavite mimics the Cordilleran scenery as it features a serene surrounding of authentic and indigenous Cordilleran artifacts like the carve stones, bul-ul and the Ifugao huts.

Riza Matibag-Muyot, the owner of Shambala said the place is like a living museum that shows the rich culture of Cordillera especially the Ifugao and Sagada. 

The huts are authentic as it was originally brought from Banga-an, Mayoyao, Sagada and Bontoc.

The huts are equipped with fixtures made from indigenous materials but with modern and comfortable amenities that will soothe aching nerves and backs. 

There is a green house for business functions and large gatherings and there is tribal DAP-AY where a small group can light a bon-fire at night and roast sticks of barbeque or hotdogs under a cloak of stars and moonlight.

source || Shambala

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