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Monday, November 23, 2020

Igorot Judoka wins Bronze in Pan American Judo Senior Championship Tournament in Mexico

Photo Courtesy || Giovani Reyes

Cordillera - A Cordilleran son from Sagada who represent Canada won bronze in the recently concluded Pan American Judo Championship on Sunday, November 22, 2020. 

Kyle Surik Reyes, a son of Sagada ousted American L.A Smith III in an earlier match. He later beat another American Nathaniel Keeve to earn the bronze medal in 100Kg. 

Reyes is among the Canadian Judo team who earn medals in the competition. 

The Canadian team will return to Canada with a total of seven medals, finishing second overall behind Brazil. 


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Thursday, April 9, 2020

iSagada Covid-19 Survivor turned to faith and prayer, says COVID-19 is not a joke

Photo Courtesy || Sagada Rural Health Unit
Cordillera - A brave COVID-19 survivor from Sagada turned to faith and prayer as his motivation to fight the deadly virus. 

"Let's always keep our faith in the Lord burning. He answers all prayers. We stay safe and healthy". says Law Aben Timpac who was discharge from the hospital after recovering from the virus.
The coronavirus is an infection in the lungs that includes some cases of what people would call the common cold. When it worsens, it can causes havoc with the immune system that can lead to long-term lung damage or death. 

There are no specific treatments or cure for covid-19 as yet, though some scientists are working to create a vaccine for it. 

For these reasons, Law has a message to everyone. 

"May I set as a proof that this COVID-19 is not a joke. May we have the discipline. It would also be critical to unite with our government in order to cease this pandemic," Timpac wrote in a FB post.

He also thank his supportive family including the Baguio General Hospital frontliners who took good care of him during his quarantine. 
"I'd like to thank my ever supportive family and friends and a lot of people including the frontliners of Baguio General Hospital who fought with me throughout my struggle with the COVID-19. It was rough but with your message and prayers, we won the battle," he said.

On Thursday, The Benguet General Hospital decided to have a heartwarming send-off ceremony for Timpac, who were met with with applause from the frontliners and hospital staff.

"Thank you Baguio General Hospital staff for making my send-off a super duper special one. I can't express how delighted I was with your effort. Thank you," Timpac said.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Igorota recognized as Most Influential Filipina woman in the World

Cordillera - Partnership coordinator of Plan International Switzerland Lorena Domanog-Clerc was honored with the prestigious Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World by the San Francisco-based organization Filipina Women's Network (FWN).

The Filipina Women's Network recognizes women from the Philippines who are changing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached the status for outstanding work in their respective fields and are recognized for their contributions to society, "femtorship" (female mentorship) and legacy. 
Photo Courtesy || Lorena Domanog-Clerc

Domanog-Clerc was recognized by the organization as a "Behind the Scenes Leader" during the 16th Filipina Leadership Summit held last year. 

The Sagada, Mountain Province native was honored for her "contributions towards women empowerment and the promotion and appreciation of indigenous cultures."

"The Global FWN100 awardees are innovators and thought leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs, rising stars under age 35, practitioners, behind-the-scenes leaders and public service advocates, who have move through the ranks in the public and private sectors. They are magnificent women doing extraordinary work motivating next generation leaders," said Marily Mondejar, CEO of the FWN. 

"Lorena Domanog-Clerc is now a valued partner in helping FWN develop the Filipina community's pipeline of qualified leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the "president" position in all sectors of the global economy," said Dr. Carol Enriquez, FWN board member and president and CEO of Our Lady of Fatima University.

source ||


Sunday, December 22, 2019

Ayala, no plans for acquisition and development in the town of Sagada.

Cordillera - Ayala Land Inc. has tweeted on December 23, 2019 clarifying the reports circulating online that the company is planning to acquire and develop private property in the town of Sagada. 
"In line with the news currently circulating online, we would like to keep the public well informed", the tweet said. 

An accompanying photo post reads, "We would like to inform the public that Ayala Land Inc. has no plan of acquisitions and development in the town of Sagada."

The tweet comes after a news circulated that Ayala group of companies is planning to develop a 20-hectare private property owned by a local family into a massive recreation sites.

A petition has also been created by Sagada residents opposing the plan. 
"We firmly oppose the entry of Ayala or anybody who would dispossess us of our ancestral heritage. This is our patrimony and must remain so for generations, this is a statement upholding Sagada customary laws that our land is not for sale, lease, and mortgage, patenting to outside private and corporate entities," the petition read.

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Netizens united to protect Sagada from Ayala planning to build recreation sites

Photo Courtesy || Naks PH
Cordillera - Social media netizens have voiced out their opposition of a Manila-based corporation to develop a 20-hectare private property in Sagada into a massive tourism sites. 

In a Facebook post campaign #NoToAyalaInSagada by a Facebook page Naks PH which reached almost 1 million shares with 600 comments, many netizens have commented they are with the people of Sagada in opposing this big corporation setting foot in their town. 

This comes after Sagada Mayor James Pooten confirmed a report that Ayala group of companies is planning to develop a 20-hectare private property owned by a local family into a massive recreation site. 

In a comment, concerned netizens reminded iSagada of the possible bad effect of the plan with regards to the environment because big establishment will just destroy the natural beauty of Sagada.

One netizen wrote, "Keep Sagada from becoming another Baguio. Sagada now is described as having the atmosphere of Baguio back in the 1960s. Baguio was more attractive in the 1960s. Too much commercial tourism will kill Sagada's mystique".

Another one commented, "A big NO! I hope that Sagada, regardless of their booming tourism would greatly consider preserving whatever is left of the natural resources. Honestly, considering Sagada's condition right now, it's already becoming "suffocating". It's actually one of my favorite run to places and that the people of Sagada will resist whatever big companies has to offer." 

The campaign which is now trending online had strong message to iSagada not to allow any outsiders from taking their lands in exchange for a small return, but have a big detrimental effect to the environment.

"Enough of the cutting of trees and destroying our precious land in the Cordilleras by this capitalist who only care about profits. Sagada can survive without this big corporations. Sagada has thriving and sustainable tourism. Tourists and visitors come to Sagada because of the beautiful people and amazing places." the campaign post read. 

Many netizens stated that they are not in favor of any kind of big establishments to be built in the town because this will just destroy the natural beauty of their town. 

In order to protect Sagada from these rich businessmen and oligarchs, a petition has been made by residents. 

"We firmly oppose the entry of Ayala or anybody who would dispossess us of our ancestral heritage. This is our patrimony and must remain so for generations, this is a statement upholding Sagada customary laws that our land is not for sale, lease, and mortgage, patenting to outside private and corporate entities." the petition read.

Petitioners claimed that Sagada has been blessed with a spectacular landscape and source of life, pride for the people, and the envy of visitors who come form adventure, employment and relaxation, Sunstar reported.

"Rich businessmen and oligarchs, showbiz personalities, have expressed interest to buy, lease or control our land. We have a long historical tradition of fighting for our communal and ancestral lands. We have denied entry of Cellophil, Philcarbon, big mining corporate interests. Now once more dark clouds hover above community, posting danger not only to local businesses but to Sagada's overall social governance by giving way to outside moneyed interests while to eventually pushing local political leaders to margins," the petition added.

source || Naks PH, Sunstar.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sagada mobilizes "Oplan SAYOTE" to help North Cotabato earthquake victims

Photo Courtesy || Mt.Province DRRM Office
Cordillera - As part of the efforts to extend assistance to the earthquake victims in Mindanao, the local government unit of Sagada mobilizes "Oplan Sayote" to collect sayote vegetables from farmers and donors.

A truck traveled around the town of Sagada to pick up Sayote from farmers and donors. They have collected about 25 large sacks of Sayote to be transported to the Department of Agriculture Cordillera office and will be delivered later on to Cotabato.

Photo Courtesy || Mt.Province DRRM Office

Photo Courtesy || Mt.Province DRRM Office

In a post from Sagada muncipality Facebook page, it says "Sagada is blessed with the abundance of Sayote. For the victims of Earthquakes in Cotabato, Sagada sends its abundance to the victims of this calamity. We pray for your safety. 

On October 29, North Cotabato was rocked by a 6.5 magnitude earthquakes that killed more than a dozen people and severely damaged buildings and houses and left people abandoned their homes for safety.

According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, an estimated 12,000 people were evacuated to government shelters because their homes have been destroyed and some of them are afraid to return. 

The initial estimated damage has amounted to P4.55 million, particularly in North Cotabato.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sagada Coffee wins international award for the second time in Milan, Italy

Photo Courtesy || SGD Coffee FB
Cordillera - The SGD Coffee grown in Northern Sagada and the Mirabueno Coffee of Bukidnon won top awards at the 5th International Contest of Coffees Roasted in Milan on October 21, 2019. 

The two Philippine coffee firms bested 700 other coffee producers from 25 countries for the Gourmet and Bronze prizes in different categories. 

The award has proved that coffee from the Philippines are top-notched in terms of quality and are one of the finest in the world.

"We hope that with this recognition, we are able to highlight Philippines' coffee and the great work of Filipino coffee farmers like those behind Mirabueno Coffee and SGD Coffee, growing one of the finest coffees in the world to be true artisans of the Philippines' coffee industry," CHP official Richard Watanabe said.

The award was given by the Agency pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) to ChargĂ© d'Affaires Mersole J. Mellejor of the Philippine Consul General's Office in Milan. 

AVPA is a Paris-based "non-governmental, non-profit organization, mainly composed of producers and taste enthusiasts. The association's goal is to enhance the value of agricultural products and to recognize the excellence of some producers, to often forgotten in the midst of mass marketing."

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This marks the second time for the Philippine coffee to bagged top awards in the coffee contest since Bana's Coffee from Sagada won the Gourmet prize in 2017. 

Coffee Heritage Project officer Butch Acop said the coffee competition is a way for them to showcase their work in the development of land through sustainable and ecological integration of coffee. 

"The coffee competition helps us showcase the broader work we do to reforest land with sustainable and ecological integration of coffee, the high returns and quality of life offered to coffee growers, and our endless pursuit of the next frontiers in coffee roasting and taste," Acop said.

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The Department of Trade and Industry said Sagada Coffee and Mirabueno Coffee are part of The Coffee Heritage Project (TCHP) in the Philippines which takes 'quality-focused approaches in coffee production."


Monday, June 3, 2019

Honest taxi driver from Sagada returns lost mobile phone to owner

As posted by Marlon Bernard Baso on Facebook
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso
Cordillera - An honest taxi driver Mr. Joseph Inso from Sagada, Mt. Province returned the cellphone which was accidentally dropped from the pocket of my niece at the front seat of the taxi Ganduyan. 

We boarded the taxi at Lubas going to Km 4, La Trinidad, Benguet at about past 9am last Sunday - May 26, 2019 when the cellphone dropped unknowingly from the pocket of my niece. 

It was only when we arrived at the house when she noticed that her cellphone is missing. Frantically, she searched her pockets and her bags but shed didn't find it in either of them. 

So she suspected she might have dropped in the taxi we boarded.

Right away we contacted the missing cellphone and it was ringing but no reply. We also sent text messages but no reply. 

It's only this day June 2, 2019 about a week ago that the taxi driver found the cellphone when a passenger adjusted the seat and the cell phone dropped. 

Then the taxi driver was reminded of the calls and text that we had sent him. So he contacted me this afternoon and I met him at Slaughter Compound, Baguio City. 

He handed me the cell phone of which I am very grateful. 

With permission I asked for his name and took pictures of the taxi. To the taxi driver, thank you very much for your honesty. May God bless you and protect you through out your life. 
Photo Courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso

Photo courtesy || Marlon Bernard Baso


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Important guidelines for tourists visiting beautiful town of SAGADA

Photo Courtesy || Bftamp Guides
Cordillera - The beautiful town of Sagada and its humble people are welcoming tourists around the world to come and visit their place and experience the unique culture of their people.

But before you pack your things and go to their place, the local government wanted to remind you of these simple guidelines that you should keep in mind when in Sagada.

Sagada's town mayor Mr. James Pooten issued these guidelines for tourists via the Philippine News Agency website.

All visitors are required to register at the tourism office where they pay certain fees like the environmental fee and guide fee among other fees.

"Travel agencies, groups, and individuals must register for the tours at the Tourist Information Office (TIO)," Pooten said.

He reminded the tourists to bring their official receipt with them which will serve as their entrance pass to the tourism sites.

Visitors who would like to visit the Echo Valley, Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave don't need to bring their car with them because the place is near and only require short walks. They can leave their cars at the designated parking area.

"Fetching of tourist is only allowed from Sumaguing cave back to the town center. There will be no designated parking space near the cave," Pooten added.

He said all tourist vehicles, whether private or government-owned, are required to park their vehicles during their stay in Sagada at their hotel parking or in pay parking areas.

"Only local transport shall be allowed to ferry tourist to identified sites. Registered municipal tourist shuttle will have one general line up stationed at the Tourist Information Center," he said, noting that this would assure that all tourists are accounted for and are safely back at their lodgings at night.

For accommodations, Pooten said that only LGU and Department of Tourism (DOT) accredited inns, hotels or home stays under the Sagada Inns and Hotels Association (SIHA) will be allowed to operate as accommodations.

These establishments must follow the standard pricing, he added.

Regarding waste management, Pooten said tourist are encouraged to bring their own refillable water tumblers and discourage from using plastic bottles.

Pooten also remind tourist to respect Sagada's culture especially when visiting sacred sites and participating in the local rituals.

"Please respect the culture. Keep a distance from rituals or any sacred sites. Do not touch or disturb coffins or burial sites. Do not attempt to join or film any rituals without direct permission from the presiding elders," he said.

"Do not disturb mass in the church or shoot videos/photos in or around the church during mass," Pooten added.

Sagada has so many places to spend time during the holidays and it's one of the most visited places in the Cordillera especially this coming months where a lot of festivals will be celebrated.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Foreign vlogger experiences the best Cordilleran hospitality from a family in Sagada

Photo Courtesy || Fearless and Far
Cordillera - When it comes to pure and warm treatment of visitors either a local or foreigner, Filipino hospitality is something we like to take pride in. From the moment you step off the plane Filipinos will give you a warm welcome and a beautiful smile. Which already gives you a feeling of being at home even though you are in another country. This trait has become a culture in the Philippines and has been praised all around the world.

Although the Philippines is composed of many islands with people of different tribes and tongues and cultures, Filipino hospitality can be experienced anywhere and everywhere. Even from the highest peak of the mountain and in the deepest sea. They all know how to treat their guest properly. They will offer to show you around, invite you to their house and eat with them.

And by saying this I want to give out a perfect example, in the municipality of Sagada a tribe that is also well known for their unique hospitality, the Igorots. They are warm-hearted people and very hospitable. 

Actually, there was one foreign vlogger who  wanted to try the authentic delicacy around the town of Sagada and one of the locals he met became his guide. Since he likes to try the local food, he was invited by his guide to attend his 4 year-old son's birthday party.

The family welcomed him. He was shown various kinds of authentic Igorot food such as dinardaraan, etag and pinikpikan. The vlogger enjoyed the warm welcome and the hospitality of the entire family. For him there was no time of dull moment because everyone in the family wanted to talk to him. 

He said that “Looking at this plate I could tell I was far, far from home and it made me happy.”
As he spent a lot of his time waiting and hanging out around the place, and showing their culture he experienced a real travel experience.

“I’m happy. I’m here I’m happy I got the invitation and I’m happy I’m having a real travel experience.” With a simple invitation shows true meaning of hospitality. Making someone feel that once they are part of our culture and community regardless whoever it is.

“I love the most about the travel hanging out with someone who is from here with their family with their friends drinking local drinks maybe a little too much but having a good time eating food and feeling like I’m a part of the community.”


Friday, October 26, 2018

"Panag-aapoy" - Sagada's unique way of remembering their departed love ones.

Photo Screengrab || Being Igorot FB
Cordillera - A fire  brightly burns at the cemetery of Sagada every November. Those who see this for the first time might think that people of Sagada are burning the whole mountain where they buried their  loved ones  by the looks of a large blaze of fire when  viewed from afar.  

The people of Sagada have been practicing their unique way of remembering their departed love ones called "Panag-aapoy" which means "to light a fire" in English. 

Every eve on  the first day of November , many iSagadas (people of Sagada)  gather at the cemetery to light pieces of a pine wood's flammable part called "saleng". If others light up candles, the iSagadas light up saleng to create a bonfire near the grave of their loved ones. 

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This lighting up of saleng must be done before sundown and the entire cemetery is covered with a yellowish glowing fire from the saleng. Thus, one might think that the whole mountain is burning. 

Many iSagadas consider this event a very serious moment for every family member to  commemorate the passing of their loved ones.  They don't consider this event as a festival to merry but they view this as a solemn moment for them to respect their dead. 

Tourists visiting the place on this day must know that this occasion should not be viewed as a festival. That's why you won't find people dancing and playing the gongs.

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The Dap-ay and the Episcopal Church  hosting the event said that promoting "Panag-aapoy as a tourist attraction without consulting them and the local government is not acceptable. 

It should be noted that "Panag-aapoy" is meant for the people of Sagada to honor their departed loved ones and not for tourist to take photographs and selfies for themselves. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Canadian vlogger says Sagada and Kalinga are the most beautiful places he had visited in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino FB

Cordillera - A triumphant and memorable journey from the south all the way to the north passing through seas and mountains, Kyle Jennerman or popularly known as 'Kulas' had successfully concluded his road adventure in Batanes using his motorcycle he named 'Cindy'. 

When he arrived in Batanes, he was met by Rated K TV crew and conduct a short interview about his journey. 

When asked about his top 5 most memorable places in the Philippines, Sagada and Kalinga are his top one choice. The reason - the views of Sagada and Kalinga are incredible. 

"We literally drove from Manila up to Sagada and then Sagada to Kalinga. Sobrang malaki ang mountains, crazy roads but the views are incredible", Kulas said. 

In his travel diary in his BecomingFilipino Facebook Page, he shared what he learned about the Apayao Province. 

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"Driving trough Cagayan Valley, I realized I was near the Provincial Capital of Apayao. So, I decided to take a little detour. Even though I haven't explore the Province, it was great to learn a little and better understand just how big and diverse Luzon is! Did you know that Apayao is only 23 years old, and split from "Kaling-Apayao".

Yup, nestled away amongst  farmland on the foothills of massive mountains...Apayao's Provincial Capital kind of looks like a heart. Make sense! Because for the brief moments I spent there a lot of love was thrown at me...

It was such as beautiful simple experience outside the Capital, and without a doubt it made me the future I MUST explore this Province in the mountains."

Staying in Sagada is an incredible experience for Kulas. The cool temperatures and natural climate, the delicious local brewed coffee and Blueberries and the hospitality of the people, these are all the things Kulas will never forget about the town of Sagada. 

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"Sagada, your environment is incredible, and you offer so many simple things that truly add comfort and happiness to days spent in your charming town", Kulas wrote in his FB page. 


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