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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Baguio, Cordillera students are top English speakers in the country

Photo Courtesy || Ar jay

Cordillera - The city of Baguio emerged as the top English-speaking and -listening city in the Philippines, according the 2023 English Proficiency Index released by the international education company EF Education First.

Baguio garnered a score of 619 which surpasses the high-scoring cities like Dumaguete and Davao.

Meanwhile the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) topped the English-speaking and -listening regions in the Philippines, surpassing the previous high-performing regions like Eastern Visayas and Davao.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, chairman of the Senate Commitee on Basic Education commended Baguio and Cordillera region and the country should learn their best practices to boost learner's English proficiency.

"Congratulations to the learners and teachers in Baguio and CAR for their outstanding performance in the recent international assessments. There's a lot to learn from them to improve the performance of students in all parts of the country when it comes to English proficiency...," Senator Gatchalian said.

CAR stands out as one of the top-performing regions in the 2022 edition of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). 

Alongside the National Capital Region (NCR) and Region 4A, CAR boasts one of the highest proportions of students meeting the minimum proficiency in reading. 

The 2022 PISA outcomes indicate that two out of five students in CAR have attained at least the minimum proficiency level in reading.


Thursday, December 14, 2023

Baguio City is Fastest Growing Economy in Cordillera, Followed by Kalinga

Photo Courtesy || Csharp Production

Cordillera - In a remarkable economic surge, Baguio City has emerged as the frontrunner in the Cordillera Administrative Region's (CAR) thriving economy. 

The latest data reveals that in 2022, all provinces and Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs) in CAR experienced growth, with Baguio City leading the pack with an impressive 11.3 percent growth rate. 

Following closely were Kalinga and Abra, boasting growth rates of 9.3 percent and 9.2 percent, respectively.

The economic landscape of CAR, with a total value of PHP 337.66 billion, witnessed Baguio City dominating with a substantial 45.9 percent share. 

Benguet and Kalinga secured the second and third spots with 23.3 percent and 8.0 percent shares, respectively.

Breaking down the economic sectors, the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector in CAR reached PHP 28.12 billion, with Benguet leading with a substantial 44.5 percent share. 

In terms of industry, the region reported PHP 83.90 billion, and Baguio City emerged as a juggernaut, contributing 49.1 percent to the region's industrial output. 

The service sector, totaling PHP 225.64 billion, also saw Baguio City taking the lead with a commanding 50.0 percent share.

Looking ahead to 2023, the Provincial Product Accounts (PPA) compilation is set to encompass 82 provinces and 17 HUCs across 16 regions in the Philippines. 

These promising economic indicators highlight Baguio City's pivotal role in steering CAR's economic growth and position it as a key player in the national economic landscape.


Wednesday, April 5, 2023

LOOK: 500KM Expressway Network That Connects Ilocos, Cordillera, Cagayan Valley

Cordillera - A new expressway network spanning over 500 kilometers will soon connect the Ilocos, Cordillera, and Cagayan Valley regions of the Philippines. The ISINCCIEXN, or Ilocos Sur-Ilocos Norte-Cordillera-Cagayan-Isabela Expressway Network, is a visionary project led by Prime Ilocos Norte Holdings Inc. through the Ilocos Urban Development Corporation.

The project aims to promote economic growth and connectivity in these regions by providing a faster and more convenient way of traveling between major cities and provinces. The expressway network will connect major economic hubs, tourist destinations, and agricultural areas in the regions, making it easier for people and goods to move around.

Photo Courtesy || Prime Ilocos Norte Holdings Inc.
Aside from improving connectivity and promoting economic growth, the project is also expected to create thousands of jobs during its construction and operation. Local residents will also benefit from improved road safety, reduced travel time, and increased accessibility to essential services and opportunities.

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In conclusion, the ISINCCIEXN project is an ambitious undertaking that promises to bring positive changes to the Ilocos, Cordillera, and Cagayan Valley regions. It is a testament to the commitment of Prime Ilocos Norte Holdings Inc. and the Ilocos Urban Development Corporation to drive progress and development in the Philippines.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cordillera remains among safest regions in the Philippines

Cordillera - The Cordillera Administrative Region has maintained it's status as among the safest regions in the country.

In the Kasama sa Pamana Regional Pre-SONA Series held in Baguio City on June 1, 2021, Department of Agriculture Secretary, Regional Development and Security of the Cordillera Cabinet Officer William Dar said in his report that Cordillera is among the safest regions in the country as a result of the drop of crime incidence due to  effective implementation of law enforcement and anti-illegal drug campaign of the government.

"Crime incidents in the region dropped year on year since 2016 with the effective implementation of law enforcement and the anti-illegal drug campaign," Dar said.

"Intensified police operation to the arrest of the top three most wanted person and 1,717 wanted person in 2020 alone," he added.

The continuing fight against illegal drugs also led to the arrest  of 444 drug personalities and around P588.32 million worth of illegal drugs were  confiscated, Dar added.

On improved security, Dar also congratulated the communities and the people of the region for their effort and participation in the localization of Executive Order  No.  70  institutionalizing  the whole - of – nation approach in attaining inclusive and lasting peace and  creating   the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF – ELCAC).

Through the regional and local ELCAC task forces, there are  harmonized  efforts in addressing insurgency and other peace and order concerns  including their root causes such as inaccessibility to basic services, poverty, social inequity and lack of knowledge on government programs and services, he added.

Through the joint efforts of national government agencies, local government units, civil society organization and the private sector, implementation of Support to the Barangay Development Program are set for eight pilot insurgency free -barangays in the region (6 in Abra, 1 in Mountain Province and 1 in Kalinga).

For this year, a total of P160 million or P20 million worth of development projects is allocated  for each of the eight barangays.   71 more identified ELCAC barangays are also set to get government support with the collaboration of all key stakeholders.

source || PIA-CAR


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Kalinga migrant honored in Australia for his heroic act in saving his community from bushfire

Photo Courtesy || SBS

Cordillera - A Kalinga migrant in Australia has been honored for his bravery in saving his community hospital from massive bushfire.

According to SBS, when the fire front came within 300 meters of the hospital in Corryong on New Years Eve, 43-year old Sherwin Malenab jumped into action with a hospital staff member to hold back the flames until the CFA firefighters came.

His friends from the community were advising him not to go because it's too dangerous, but Malenab decided to help.

"I need to do something, because if no one does anything what will happen to this hospital and this community," Malenab said.

Joining Brian Smith, an experienced CFA firefighter and groundkeeper at the hospital, they drove along the firefront from 4 AM to 7 AM, extinguishing the blaze so that it won't go towards the hospital.

The CEO of Corryong Health Dominic Sandilands has praised the heroic actions of Mr. Malenab and Smith.

"Sherwin put his hand up right when Brian was looking around for a helper, ant it was really wonderful," he said.

"He is a tremendous asset and now he's taking a real load role in the Filipino community," the CEO added.

The mayor of the town Mr. Wortmann has also recognized Sherwin's action. 

He said, "There were many heroes on that night, but to help save such a key piece of infrastructure in the town I can't thank Sherwin enough," Wortmann said.

Malenab, who traces his roots to Tabuk City, Kalinga has been one of Australia's story of bravery during the deadly summer bushfire. 

"I love to deal with the community. I want to help people everywhere." Malebnab said.

source || SBS.COM


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

8-year old Ifugao girl operates backhoe like a pro

Photo Courtesy || Aubrey Ayan, Little Big Shots Philippines

Cordillera - If you think only professional backhoe operators with many years of training and experience can operate heavy equipment, you are wrong, until you watch this little girl maneuvering a backhoe like a pro. 

8-year old Aubrey Ayan from Hungduan, Ifugao is a fan of backhoe. 

Instead of playing with dolls like any other kids would do, Aubrey would prefer playing boy's toys that includes real heavy equipment.

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Inspired in full by his father, who was a construction worker, Aubrey really likes playing with heavy equipment. 

Her father said, after school Aubrey rides her bike and heads straight to the construction site where he work and asks him to play with the backhoe.

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Aubrey's dream is to become an engineer in the future. 

Littles Big Shots Philippines featured Aubrey's expertise in operating a backhoe. 

Watch her below:


Friday, February 5, 2021

Hashtag #i_am_a_proud_igorot: The Igorots have once again shown their unity amidst adversities.

Background Images Courtesy to proud Igorots 

Cordillera - With FB being flooded by posts of Igorots who are living in various corners of the world and who are proudly waving their ethnicities,  one could not be prouder of his/ her own lineage. In the posts are a kaleidoscope of colors from various woven apparel, worn not only by men and women of Igorot descent, but also by  brethren who have embraced our rich cultural heritage or those who have come to appreciate the uniqueness and intricate designs of our products. 

With our actions, together, we are now educating our countrymen who for some reasons have failed to know that Igorots are very much like their counterparts in other regions when it comes to physical attributes. 

Indeed, it is quite pitiful that at this age, many are still wallowing in their ignorance of the bodily make up of their Filipino brothers. But sadder still is that learning materials were entrusted to people within the educational system and whose orientation is obviously founded on myths. Education, indeed, is a lifelong journey - we need to step up in the crafting of learning materials. (Whatever happened to consultants?)

In his letter to DepEd Secretary Leonor M. Briones dated February 4, 2021, Congressman Maximo Y. Dalog,  Jr. strongly expressed the people of Mountain Province's adverse reactions caused by derogatory terms or demeaning allusions about Igorots. Subsequently,  he requested for the immediate investigation of said learning materials and for DepEd to employ corrective measures. 

"Igorots had long been discriminated because of erroneous information about our people, identity and culture. We want to put an end to this. We wish you could help us," Cong. Dalog stated in his letter. 

"Our group, Autonomy Advocates, is working with the RDC and DepEd for the correction of erroneous teaching materials and modules.   CAR has produced outstanding Igorots in sports, beauty pageants, arts, and in other fields," Atty. Amador P. Batay-an, former NCIP Regional Director, said.

And the concerted efforts bore fruit.

But despite the indignation and the frustrations felt as a consequence of such display of ignorance and misinformation, the ever-resourceful Igorots unknowingly turned this sad experience into an advantage. With the beautiful variegated woven apparel and other Indigenous products we have shown, we are promoting our local industries/ indigenous products. This undeliberate promotion will be most helpful to our local weaving and sewing industry and to our OTOP hubs. At this time when income is at its lowest, we are more inspired to promote our products via social media. The latest DepEd experience is telling us to do more...we need to tell the world that Igorots are also producers and entrepreneurs as well. We need to tell that we have quality coffee bean products, peanut butter, muscovado sugar, fruit wines, vinegar and even food items that are readily accessible online - donuts, fried chicken, cakes, Hainanese steamed chicken, pasta delicacies, it, we have them in town, ready to be delivered at one's convenience. The Igorot has come a long way.

But more than just the economic contribution, we are teaching the world a lesson on the truth about the proud Igorot existence and ancestry...not just in looks but also in all other aspects. Let the Igorot be a teacher of history on indigeneity or of the indigenous people of the Cordillera. We have to admit that even at this time, people still stick to that old adage, "To see is to believe." So,  now, we are showing them. The Igorot is by nature humble with her/ his achievements and physical attributes but give her/him a reason to stand up and she/ he will in all her/his glory.

Furthermore,  we  use this present situation as an avenue to educate others on how the Igorots have made their marks in various fields not only in the Philippines but in many parts of the world.  The Igorots are at par with their counterparts, at any given time and place. The Igorot is one of the most versatile creation. She/ he, too, is multi-lingual and adapts well to any environment.

And more importantly, still, we have  come to really appreciate and love our own culture. While we have embraced other cultures,  we never forgot our own rich heritage and are now more than ever prouder to shout to the world that we are Igorots, who just like any other person on earth, were made in God's image and not the wrongly perceived people that some poor souls repeatedly bash on social media and write about in books. Obviously, they have not crossed paths with Igorots.

source || Novy Del Rosario Afidchao


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Living museum in Cavite lets you experience Cordilleran culture

Photo Courtesy || Anthony Tiu via Shambala website

Cordillera - A living museum in Silang Cavite called Shambala features a place where you can experience a bit of Cordilleran culture. 

Shambala is Sanskrit word  named after mythical Himalayan kingdom which means a "place of peace and happiness".

The Shambala in Cavite mimics the Cordilleran scenery as it features a serene surrounding of authentic and indigenous Cordilleran artifacts like the carve stones, bul-ul and the Ifugao huts.

Riza Matibag-Muyot, the owner of Shambala said the place is like a living museum that shows the rich culture of Cordillera especially the Ifugao and Sagada. 

The huts are authentic as it was originally brought from Banga-an, Mayoyao, Sagada and Bontoc.

The huts are equipped with fixtures made from indigenous materials but with modern and comfortable amenities that will soothe aching nerves and backs. 

There is a green house for business functions and large gatherings and there is tribal DAP-AY where a small group can light a bon-fire at night and roast sticks of barbeque or hotdogs under a cloak of stars and moonlight.

source || Shambala

Thursday, December 10, 2020

WATCH: Korean TV features Cordillera's Unique Way of Farming

Photo Courtesy || EBS Docs

Cordillera - Watching this film documented by a Korean Television network  EBS makes us respect every bit of rice grain that we eat. 

From the laborious preparation of the rice field to the planting of rice seedling and up to harvesting should help us respect those rice farmers who keep the steady supply of rice in the market. 

Filmed 2 years ago, the documentary featured the traditional way, untouched by modern technology of rice farming of the Ifugaos in the northern part of Luzon.

Korean EBS is a South Korean educational television and radio network that features practical documentaries related to humanities, science and culture.

Watch it here: 


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Miss Philippines Earth Representative Roxie Baeyens wins Best in Talent(Dance Category) and Best in Long Gown

Photo Courtesy || Roxanne Baeyens

Cordillera - Igorota beauty queen and Philippines' representative to Miss Earth 2020 Roxanne Baeyens  won Best in Talent (Dance Category) and Best in Long Gown

The 23-year old Igorota beauty queen is a native of Besao, Mt.Province. She will vie for the title of Miss Earth 2020 which will be held on 29th, November this year. 

Roxanne was born and raised in Baguio City. At a very young age, she learned to love nature and care for the environment. 

Her family of environmentalist and agriculturist has drove her to advocate urban gardening and agriculture. 

Roxanne graduated from Saint Louis University in Baguio with a degree in Tourism Management. 

In 2019, she won the Miss Face of Tourism and placed runner up in Miss Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 which was held in Yangon, Myanmar. 


Cordilleran culture of "Binnadang" manifested in search & retrieval operation of drowned 11-year old boy in Bontoc

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay

Cordillera - The Cordillerans in Bontoc, Mt. Province have once again proved the culture of the Kaigorotan called "Binnadang", "Og-ogfu" or Bayanihan is still alive. 

Such rich culture has led to the successful recovery of the body of an 11-year old boy who was drowned along the Chico River in Kadchog in the municipality of Bontoc on November 22, 2020. 

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay

After news of drowning incident, residents in central Bontoc and nearby barangays along the Chico river stopped their tasks and voluntarily gave in their valuable time to help in the search and retrieval operation.

According to a post from Francis Degay of Bontoc Tourism, other government agencies, barangay officials, village responders, private contractors lend their hands too. 

"Also, the  MPLGU thru the PDRRMO, MPPPO and Bontoc MPS , Bontoc LGU thru the Bontoc MHO,  DRRMO and Bontoc Emergency Response Team, BFP  and other agencies that were not mentioned in the fb sharing mobilized their response teams to assist in the crucial activity. The barangay officials and village responders and private contractors lend their hands, too. 

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay
 In the evening of the first day, vehicle tires were burned, and some vehicles put on their lights  along the river bank to guide the responders. At the tragic site a generator owner lent his unit to supply current to the spot lamp. 

Two backhoes of a private contractor(s)  diverted the flow of water. The purpose was to control the strong current and decrease  the level of water in and below the tragic site.

Donations of in kind and cash started to pour. Some cooking and feeding stations were set up by  women and ladies at the river bank and sitio Chakchakan. Boys were mobilized to fetch water and carry heavy loads.

Second day. Volunteers increased tremendously in the morning. The responders combed the river from the incident site until sitio Latang and part of Tocucan, the last barangay of Bontoc toward the north. 

They concentrated most in two areas: a rock just below the accident site and the giant rock at Paling where spiraling current are noticed," Degay wrote.

After three days of non-stop search and retrieval operation, the body of Kyneihner Waggay Sawi was found floating on the Chico River in Sitio Alawey, Barangay Tococan, Bontoc.

We are saddened with your early departing Kyneihner however, we felt so much lifted in spirit seeing the cooperation of your kailyans who worked non-stop to find you. Your kailyans never leave you until you were finally found.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

First Cordilleran Cowboy Teacher Broadcaster is now on DepEd TV Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

Cordillera- An Igorot cowboy teacher broadcaster is now on DepEd TV Benguet.

Jason Manuel Osong is doing an epic innovation in his teaching style to inspire, motivate and connect with his students in a virtual classroom, the DepEd TV, with a much bigger audience.

For  teacher Jayson, being a teacher-broadcaster is an honor. Though  challenging as it may on his part, it's an amazing experience for him.

Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

"Music literature ng Medieval, Renaissance at Baroque times ang aking itinuturo sa mga eksenang ito. Minabuti kong magsuot ng adventurer's attire, o para sa iba, mukha akong cowboy! Unang episode ito kaya't anuman ang makakatulong makapagbigay sa akin ng mas lalong lakas at inspirasyon ay ginawa ko," he said via DepEd Tayo.

The grade 9 music teacher Jayson, together with his production team, make scenes about his subject matter as a way of teaching his lessons.
Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

They were able to capture the glorious sunrise and other spectacular scenes from the famous Kalugong Ecopark and Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad.

Behind these amazing scenes, this awesome teacher together with his dedicated production team, have to hike up the mountain at dawn, wait for the right timing to capture the sunrise with the sea of clouds around them and make sure to stay dry from sudden drizzles or rainfall as they only work outdoors.
Teacher Jayson is currently employed at Cordillera Regional Science High School in Benguet. Being a music lover, he became a Music teacher while being an artist, he's being creative and innovative in teaching.

We would like to have more teachers like him, that when given an opportunity, they willingly bring and give out the best in them.

Kudos to you master Jayson!

Watch out for the first episode on DepEd TV and learn from his interview about music.

source || DepEd Tayo

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