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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Kalinga migrant honored in Australia for his heroic act in saving his community from bushfire

Photo Courtesy || SBS

Cordillera - A Kalinga migrant in Australia has been honored for his bravery in saving his community hospital from massive bushfire.

According to SBS, when the fire front came within 300 meters of the hospital in Corryong on New Years Eve, 43-year old Sherwin Malenab jumped into action with a hospital staff member to hold back the flames until the CFA firefighters came.

His friends from the community were advising him not to go because it's too dangerous, but Malenab decided to help.

"I need to do something, because if no one does anything what will happen to this hospital and this community," Malenab said.

Joining Brian Smith, an experienced CFA firefighter and groundkeeper at the hospital, they drove along the firefront from 4 AM to 7 AM, extinguishing the blaze so that it won't go towards the hospital.

The CEO of Corryong Health Dominic Sandilands has praised the heroic actions of Mr. Malenab and Smith.

"Sherwin put his hand up right when Brian was looking around for a helper, ant it was really wonderful," he said.

"He is a tremendous asset and now he's taking a real load role in the Filipino community," the CEO added.

The mayor of the town Mr. Wortmann has also recognized Sherwin's action. 

He said, "There were many heroes on that night, but to help save such a key piece of infrastructure in the town I can't thank Sherwin enough," Wortmann said.

Malenab, who traces his roots to Tabuk City, Kalinga has been one of Australia's story of bravery during the deadly summer bushfire. 

"I love to deal with the community. I want to help people everywhere." Malebnab said.

source || SBS.COM



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