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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dedicated teacher from Cordillera wins brand new Toyota Innova on World Teacher's Day

Photo Courtesy || CBS China Bank

Cordillera - A dedicated teacher from Abra province is going home with a brand new car after winning grand prize from the Department of Education (DepEd) and CBS China Bank during the celebration of the National and World Teacher's Day 2022 in Abra.

Teacher Simona Parañal, a first grade teacher for 13 years at the Supo Elementary School was the lucky winner of the brand new Toyota Innova which was given as a token of appreciation for her dedicated service as a teacher. 

This year's celebration of the World Teacher's Day was hosted by DepEd-Cordillera at the Abra Sports Complex in Bangued. 

Photo Courtesy || CBS China Bank

Thousand of teachers gathered during the occasion to have a chance to win a brand new car, motorcycle and laptops. 

Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte led this year's celebration of Nat'l and World Teachers.

First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos was also in the event as Guest of Honor. She delivered a motivational and inspirational speech to all dedicated Filipino teachers nationwide.

“You have remained steadfast in mentoring the learners, you have built their foundation, and honed their skills. We are all grateful to you,” Araneta-Marcos said.

“To all the teachers out there, please know that we all recognize your hard work and all the sacrifices that you have made to make the art of learning possible,” she added.


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Igorot teacher, among the best educator in Southeast Asia

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Philippines

Cordillera - The Department of Education - Cordillera Administrative Regions congratulates Mr. Marcelo Otinguey for being the Philippines Pride. 

Mr. Otinguey who hails from Besao, Mountain Province was recently awarded the Princess Maha Chakri Award (PMCA) 2021.

The PMCA is given once in two years to one teacher from each of the 11 SEAMO member countries (10 ASEAN countries and Timor Leste) to celebrate excellence in the teaching profession and recognize teachers for their contribution to the future generation.

READ ALSOCordilleran educator Mr. Joemar Soriano is SEAMO's Top 3 Academic Performer

Mr. Otinguey, age 50 years old is currently working as the Head Teacher V of the Governor Bado Dangwa Agro-Industrial School.

He graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education from Benguet State University and Master of Arts in Education-General from Baguio Central University.

READ ALSOCordilleran is Double Winner in the Global Leaders & Educators Award 2021

He had received many certifications of recognition/appreciation from various organization. 

Recently, he obtained the Certification of Recognition as School Brigada Skwela Coordinator by the DedEd-Cordillera, the  Certification of Appreciation by Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMO) on the video produced for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Teach On: Keeping the Passion Alive.


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Creative teachers in Abra use Comfort Rooms to record video modules for kids

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Tayo Bucay North Elemtary School

Cordillera - To produce quality and noise free instructional videos for the pupils, these creative teachers in Bucay North Elementary School in Abra used the comfort room as a recording studio. 

According to Mary Hazel Ballena, Principal II of the said school, the comfort room is a perfect venue to record videos because it is free from noise coming the outside and the voice is clearer.

"Gapu ta adda kami iti igid kalsada, naariwawa ti aglawlaw isu nga inpanmi ti recording studiomi iti banyo tapno nalawlawag ken maymayat ti timek ken uni dagiti video a maaramid (Because we are located beside a road and the surrounding is noisy we moved our recording studio in the bathroom so that we can produce videos that are clearer and have quality sounds.)," Ballena wrote on Facebook.

She added that instructional videos they made is one way the teachers used to show and explain to the kids about their modules.

The teachers were able to record six instructional videos using the comfort room and students can view them in their Facebook Page DepEd Tayo Bucay North Elementary School.


Friday, February 5, 2021

Writer of erroneous learning material apologizes over discriminating portrayal of Igorots

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Logo - Wikipedia

Cordillera - The writer of the erroneous learning materials portraying Igorots having curly hair and look different from ordinary Filipino in terms of appearance has sent an apology letter to the Department of Education (DepEd).

The teacher-writer who sent an apology letter to DepEd said she had no intention to degrade the Igorots in the learning materials. 

She further added she was unaware of the impacts it caused to the Igorot people and assures that it will not happen again. 

The region where the learning materials were distributed admitted they were not able to check into the examples used in the materials during the quality assurance process.

Recently Congressman Dalog, Jr. of Mt. Province has sent a letter to DepEd secretary Briones to look into some learning modules which apparently contain discriminating portrayal of the Igorots. 

The Department of Education has come into mass barrage of criticism on social media for not fact checking of the learning materials and its apparent lack of knowledge about the Igorots. 

A trending proud Igorot challenge with a hashtag #i_am_proud_igorot_challenge has been posted and shared by proud Igorots to show the real real appearance of Igorots as opposed to what it described in the erroneous learning modules. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Cong. Eric Yap to summon DepEd officials over inaccuracy in learning materials

Photo Courtesy || Cong. Eric Yap

Cordillera - Benguet Legislative Representative Congressman Eric Yap has called on the Department of Education to conduct massive review of some of the modules containing discriminatory remarks about the Igorots. 

Yap said he will file a House Resolution in Congress and summons DepEd officials to explain the inaccuracy and sign of incompetency in the learning modules of students.

Here is the full message of Congressman Eric Yap:

I strongly condemn these photos circulating online. It is unbelievable that these made its way to the learning modules of our students. Nakakagalit. Nakakadismaya. It is not clear whether it forms part of a textbook, a module or a test sheet, but regardless of its form and context, this is an insult, an obvious form of discrimination and a mockery of our rich culture in the Cordillera. 

What message are we sending our students reading these? Okay lang na ma-bully ang bata dahil sa kanyang anyo? Okay lang ma-discriminate dahil sa kasuotan? Sa murang edad ng mga estudyante, ito ang ituturo natin? If we do not act on this, the day will come that our heritage and culture in Cordillera will die a natural death because it will be perceived as something that should be ashamed of. We will not allow that to happen. 

I call on the Department of Education to undertake a massive review of its textbooks and other materials used in schools. I urge Secretary Briones to issue a Department Order instructing teachers nationwide to forbid them from using discriminatory statements such as those shown in photos in preparing their modules. This is not the first time that this happened and at this point, the Department should take responsibility. The buck stops with you. 

This is an issue that we will definitely raise in Congress through a House Resolution that I will file and we will summon DEPED officials to shed light on this matter. Not only for this incident, but for every inaccuracy and sign of incompetence in our learning materials.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

DepEd Cordillera top official urges immediate correction of wrong depiction of Igorots

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Tayo Cordillera

Cordillera - “When a wrong concept keeps repeated, this might be accepted as the truth that is why we need to respond to it right away and for those responsible to correct it immediately.”

This was stressed during DepEd CAR’s Convocation yesterday by DepEd CAR Regional Director Estela L. Cariňo relative to the issue on some modules circulating on social media over the past few days maligning, discriminating, and wrongly depicting Igorots.

As an Igorot herself, Director Cariňo urgently called on the attention of the regions and schools division offices using such modules to make the necessary and urgent changes.  

The DepEd official added that Cordillerans may contribute to the wrong concept and incorrect depiction of Igorots if they keep silent. 

“I am an Igorot and proud of it and we need to respond to such issues and not keep mum about it,” Cariňo said.

 She further called on all education stakeholders to help in creating awareness on indigenous people and to be part of the system that correct these learning materials not by bashing or ignoring it but by calling the attention of the basic education department through its proper channels like the DepEd Error Watch, the official Facebook Pages of DepEd, and even her Office directly.

“Not all can be seen or monitored by the Learning Resource personnel or the Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) especially for self-learning modules developed locally in other places,” said the Director.

Anyone can send errors on modules to DepEd through or by email through, text and messaging through Viber at 0961-6805334; Facebook messaging through DepEd Error Watch account and the DepEd Tayo Cordillera page.

Netizens are also encouraged to use hashtag #depederrorwatch when posting complaints on social media sites. The hashtag will help monitor the complaints.

“We are disheartened that these errors circulate nationwide but we hope our collective efforts will change wrong concepts of indigenous people like us especially in areas that Igorots are not the majority,” she added.

As of press time, through the swift action of DepEd CAR officials, the regions and school division offices that have wrong and bias depictions of Igorots are complying with the urgent requests to rectify their modules.


Friday, December 18, 2020

INSPIRING: How a Cordilleran Math Teacher Became a Military Pilot

Photo Courtesy || Lt. Visaya. Jr. & Glen Aguilar

Cordilllera - Lt. Leonardo G. Visaya Jr. was among the 8 Cordillerans who graduated the Military Pilot Training of the Philippine Armed Forces Most Elite Flying School. 

A proud Cordilleran who traces his roots from Pinukpuk, Kalinga, Visaya told how he transitioned from being a Math teacher of the Department of Education to a military pilot of the AFP.

"Everytime I look back to where I was before, I’m still in awe to what had become of me now. Imagine, a person who never dreamed to become a soldier had just graduated from the most elite schooling in the Philippine Air Force – the Military Pilot Training. Perhaps, what Jeremiah said in his book truly is a manifestation of the great power of the Lord for those who believe in Him – that God has plans for us, plans of prosperity and of a great future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

I was a high school Math teacher before my unplanned entry to the military service. A good math teacher loved by his students. Hehe. And in all honesty it never came to me the idea of leaving my beloved profession for the life of soldiery. Never. Not once. 

But change is inevitable and it has come. It was 2016. We attended the graduation of our high school batch mate in the Philippine National Police Academy – our batchmate was Top 3 of his class. When we had the time to exchange conversation, he encouraged me to enter the uniformed service through the Officer Candidate Course in the Philippine Air Force. First, I did not consider it because I was already in a stable job as a public school teacher in Tabuk City National High Shool. Yet when we went back to Kalinga I made a turnaround decision, accepted the challenge and took the qualifying test as a walk-in examinee at TOG 2, Cauayan City. Well, I am thrilled in the idea of taking examinations. Hehe. 

Later on May of 2016, the result was published and out the examinees in TOG 2, I was one of the 2 who passed the examinations. The next challenge was to hurdle the Physical Fitness Test – push ups, sit ups and a 3.2 Km run. Honestly, I cannot even do twenty repetitions of sit ups during those times but again I challenged myself. It was the 1st of June. While the school was having its Brigada Eskwela Program in preparation for the Class opening, I went to Clark Air Base to have my PFT. During D-day, I was already exhausted after tangent score in the push ups and sit ups and when we had the run, I almost surrendered seeing female runners ahead of me. Nonetheless, I finished the 3.2 Km run almost out of breath but within the passing time. Later that day, they announced the name of those who will continue to the next phase of selection. 

June 2016. A big crossroad. Huge dilemmas. The processing for the medical examination was scheduled at the beginning of classes in the school. It was the time I was really in deep thoughts whether to pursue what I started or stop it right there. Added to the challenge was that I had to report to Villamor Air Base in Pasay City for the medical in undetermined dates. I remember having my class in a Monday, board the bus in the evening and the next day in Air Force General Hospital for a laboratory test. Afterwards if there were no scheduled medical tests, I had to go back to Kalinga immediately so as not to neglect my classes in the school. I was very lucky and blessed I had a very understanding principal that time and will always remember what she told me that I’m still young and she will support my decision to enter the military adding that I can always go back to teaching anytime I want as being a teacher does not require age limit compared to the uniformed service. That’s how I processed my medical, “lagari” between Kalinga and Manila. I passed the medical with negative findings. Later in the middle of July 2016 I faced the board interview for the final phase of the selection and after interview had sealed the processing stage. Last week of July 2016, I received a text message that I made it to PAFOCS and immediately I filed my resignation letter. 

01 August 2016. I turned back from my civilian life and took oath as a military man in a reception ceremony I will never forget. I almost run to the gates of Fernando Air Base to escape from that unprecedented indescribable moment yet I was too exhausted to do it. Beast barracks was hell that I opted to resign from the training but the insistence of my upperclass was a key factor I was not able to leave. Civilian life was very different from the arduousness of training – uncomfortable, far from family and almost no freedom. Yet in the turn of events I managed to adopt to the difficult environment, survived the rigors of training and slowly adjusted to the military routine. On the 10th of November 2017 and after 15 months of training, I graduated from the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS) as the Class Number 1. 

While inside PAFOCS, I already knew that I can no longer qualify to become a military pilot because of age limit. And honestly, I never knew beforehand that there’s a pilot career after PAFOCS. I just knew that I’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant after the training. That’s why I aligned myself to other specialization in the Air Force and subsequently after a certain schooling was assigned as an intel officer in Cebu. 

Mid of year 2018 was turning point. My name was in a list of qualified officers to take the Military Pilot Aptitude Test. Later I found out that the age limit was adjusted and putting me into the roster of probable officers for pilot training. I passed the written exams, cleared in the medical and hurdled the board interview. In March 2019, the order for the composition of Military Pilot Training Class 2020 came out and in God’s another miracle, my name was on the list. We reported to the Philippine Air Force Flying School on the same month and started the most difficult training in the Philippine Air Force both physically and mentally. There were gargantuan challenges in this new journey especially on the soloing phase yet what God had planned and prepared will always be the best route to follow. Our class also had faced many ups and downs from Taal eruption, COVID pandemic to numerous typhoons yet we finished the race safe and victorious. And on this day, the 9th of November 2020, just a day before celebrating my third year as an officer in the Philippine Air Force, I am adding another achievement which is not my own but among the many plans God had prepared for me. Graduating as military pilot was already enough yet God put a twist and He made me the Class Number 1. Truly, God’s mysteries in my life are testimonies of how He turns impossibilities into great realities. His words in Jeremiah 29:11 for his ultimate plans in our lives, to give us hope and a future, are words that are proofs of His unquestionable promises for us. 

My military journey is an unexpected turn of events, unplanned and not in the schedule. I never dreamed to be a soldier, moreso to become a military pilot. However, God really works in mysterious ways and it was His ultimate plan to transform the simple Math Teacher into a Military Aviator. 

I dedicate this achievement to my family, the source of all inspiration in hurdling one of the most difficult trainings in the Air Force and perhaps the most fulfilling one. There is nothing more I could ask for but to be forever grateful to God Almighty for bringing me in this journey, a journey that I will fulfil for the country and for God’s greatest honor. THANKS G." - Lt. Leonardo G. Visaya Jr. - PAF PAFOCS CL 2017


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Kalinga teachers use 2-way radios to teach kids in remote village

Photo Courtesy || Alain Pascua

Cordillera - Access to the internet and phone signal was not a hindrance for teachers in Kalinga to continue educating their students.

They came up with a solution of using walkie-talkies to provide instructions to almost 154 students from Magnao Elementary School. 

Alain Pascua, one of the teachers in Magnao ES posted a message on his Facebook account. He said:

"Walang internet? Walang problema!

Narito kami sa Brgy. Magnao sa Kalinga at bagamat walang signal dito, naisip ni Teacher-In-Charge Rafael Gonayan ng Magnao Elementary School na hanapan ng solusyon.

Ang 2-way radio system ang ginagamit ngayon ng may 154 na mag-aaral, samantalang 7 guro ang pumupunta sa Magnao ES upang "magturo" gamit ang walkie-talkies. 

Photo Courtesy || Alain Pascua
Nakilala namin ang ilang mga mag-aaral hawak ang kanilang mga 2-way radio, maputik man dahil sa dumaang mga bagyo.

Wala pang maayos na daan papunta sa Magnao ngunit hindi ito balakid upang makapag-aral nang mabuti ang ating learners.

Using 2-way radios as an alternative method of teaching to underprivileged students without access to the internet and television is encouraged by the government so that kids would no longer present to school to avoid being expose with the virus. 

Similarly, some teachers in Abra had been been using walkie-talkies to their pupils to relay instruction on how to go with their module. 


Thursday, November 19, 2020

First Cordilleran Cowboy Teacher Broadcaster is now on DepEd TV Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

Cordillera- An Igorot cowboy teacher broadcaster is now on DepEd TV Benguet.

Jason Manuel Osong is doing an epic innovation in his teaching style to inspire, motivate and connect with his students in a virtual classroom, the DepEd TV, with a much bigger audience.

For  teacher Jayson, being a teacher-broadcaster is an honor. Though  challenging as it may on his part, it's an amazing experience for him.

Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

"Music literature ng Medieval, Renaissance at Baroque times ang aking itinuturo sa mga eksenang ito. Minabuti kong magsuot ng adventurer's attire, o para sa iba, mukha akong cowboy! Unang episode ito kaya't anuman ang makakatulong makapagbigay sa akin ng mas lalong lakas at inspirasyon ay ginawa ko," he said via DepEd Tayo.

The grade 9 music teacher Jayson, together with his production team, make scenes about his subject matter as a way of teaching his lessons.
Photo Courtesy || Jayson Osong

They were able to capture the glorious sunrise and other spectacular scenes from the famous Kalugong Ecopark and Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad.

Behind these amazing scenes, this awesome teacher together with his dedicated production team, have to hike up the mountain at dawn, wait for the right timing to capture the sunrise with the sea of clouds around them and make sure to stay dry from sudden drizzles or rainfall as they only work outdoors.
Teacher Jayson is currently employed at Cordillera Regional Science High School in Benguet. Being a music lover, he became a Music teacher while being an artist, he's being creative and innovative in teaching.

We would like to have more teachers like him, that when given an opportunity, they willingly bring and give out the best in them.

Kudos to you master Jayson!

Watch out for the first episode on DepEd TV and learn from his interview about music.

source || DepEd Tayo

Monday, November 9, 2020

Senate passes on third and final reading P10K teaching allowance bill for Teachers

Cordillera - With 22 affirmative votes, no negative votes and no abstention, the Senate on Monday, November 9, 2020, passed on the third and final reading of a bill institutionalizing and increasing the teaching supplies allowance for public school teachers starting next year.

Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., chairman of the Senate Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation, said Senate Bill No. 1092, or the Teaching Supplies Allowance Act of 2020, once signed into law, will benefit more than 800,000 public school teachers.

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SBN 1092, under Committee Report No. 14, is a substitute bill for SBN 42 introduced by Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto; SBN 75 introduced by Revilla; and, SBN 957 filed by Sen. Sonny Angara.

Under the measure, each classroom teacher will receive P5,000 for the school years 2021 - 2022 and 2022 - 2023. The allowance will further increase to P7,500 for the school year 2023 - 2024; and P10,000 for the school year 2024 -2025 onwards.

Revilla said the government could not afford a drastic increase given the present situation.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, who was co-author of the measure, introduced the amendment spreading out the proposed increase of teaching supplies allowance to enable the government to shoulder the additional cost.

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To make the measure responsive to the needs of the teachers, the bill mandates the Department of Education (DepEd) to conduct a periodic review and recommend the necessary increase based on the current prices of the materials.

The bill also provides that "the amount necessary for the grant of teaching supplies allowance per teacher shall be charged against the appropriations of the DepEd under the General Appropriations Act (GAA)," Revilla explained.

Revilla expressed hopes that the lower house adopts the Senate version and that the President immediately sign the same despite uncertainties of its funding because of the pandemic.

Currently each public school teacher receives P3,500 a year or P16 a day. (Senate PRIB)

Source || PIA Press Release [Nov. 9, 2020]


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Kids in Abra learn from their teachers via Walkie Talkie two way Radio

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Tayo Abra

Cordillera - To continue teaching their pupils in the new normal, teachers from this little town of Abra had came up with this innovative idea of using walkie talkie two-way radio as a means to teach their students since internet is not accessible in the area. 

Teachers from Danac Elementary School opted to use walkie talkie to be able to assist pupils and parents in learning and answering their Self Learning Modules, according to DepEd Tayo Abra. 

Each grade level is allotted an hour of On Air Class Discussion from Monday to Friday. 

In  a video posted by DepEd Tayo Abra, a teacher is using hand-held two-way radio to relay instructions to the parents and kids on how to answer their modules. 

Parents and kids on the other end carefully listen to the teacher's instruction via walkie-talkie. 

Meanwhile, a grade 6 teacher from Ifugao went extra mile just to help one of her student whose living in the mountain learn from his module. 

Teacher Helen Omela of Ayangan Elementary School in Mayoyao, Ifugao even followed her student when he went to their 'kaingin' to guard their rice plant against Maya birds. 

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Tayo Ifugao
The kids together with their parents were pleased with the concerns and love shown by the teacher Omela.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

La Trinidad teachers cited as 'Spot,' 'Heroic Deed' awardees

Photo Courtesy || Augustin A. Dao-anis

Cordillera - At least six La Trinidad National High School (LTNHS) teachers were honored by the DepEd Benguet as 'Spot' and ‘Heroic Deed’ awardees during the Management Committee (Mancom) meeting via webinar on April 30.

No other than Schools Division Superintendent Benilda M. Daytaca and Assistant Schools Division Superintended Nestor L. Bolayo awarded the virtual certificates of recognition to Glenda T. Eckman as 'Spot' awardee while Tilma L. Delio, Glaiza Rose T. Agwilang, Marices S. Pacya, Victoria N. Palsiyeng, and Merve P. Kudan as 'Heroic Deed' awardees together with other recipients from the different schools in Benguet.

“Let us honour them because they did something worthy to the community.” Bolayo said.

The certificate bares, “For embodying the Deped Core Values through the her (recipient) commendable and selfless acts of kindness by donating goods to less fortunate families during the Enhanced Community Quarantine; demonstrating further that in this time of crisis, ‘no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’”

Eckman utilized her skill in tailoring that she had sewn 275 face masks which she donated to La Trinidad town frontliners during the height of ECQ due to Covid-19. 

Just after delivering her hand-made face masks, Eckman learned the scarcity of face masks among frontliners in hospitals and at the checkpoints so she bought more materials for more face masks that she could sew.

Pacya, Kudan, and Basalong accepted the challenge of giving back to the community during crisis like Covid-19. Pacya and her friend, Angelica Pad-ay—Vidor, took the courage of knocking at the hearts of good Samaritans from the Philippines and abroad via online communications. Kudan and Basalong joined in the challenge that reinforced the mission. 

As a result, they were able to provide food packs to 25 students of LTNHS and 50 residents of barangay Lubas in La Trinidad. Since donations keep pouring in, the group chose to continue the operation.

On the other hand, Delio, Palsiyeng, and Agwilang decided to contribute cash amount from their salaries just to buy food packs of 10 students and a school utility worker, who were badly affected by the ECQ.

Mana C. Estakio, LTNHS school principal, said that the said teachers deserve their award because they were able to contribute to the community in times of crisis.

source || Augustin A. Dao-anis


Thursday, July 20, 2017

JOB VACANCY: DepEd Cordillera is hiring 37 admin staff for elementary and secondary position

Cordillera - The Department of Education Cordillera (DepEd - CAR), School Division of Benguet has announced its job vacancy for elementary and secondary administrative staff position.

In a note published on DepEd Benguet website ( vacancy positions to be filled are for Administrative II and Administrative Assistance III. 

The note also said that "application letter shall be filled at the DepEd CAR, SDO Benguet located in Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet (see map below) through the Records Section before the [specified] deadline". 

Applicants should bring with them the following documents:

– Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
– Service Records
– Transcript of Records
– Performance Ratings for the last three(3) rating periods 
– Certificates of Trainings/Seminars attended
– Certificate of Eligibility
– Other Pertinent Documents

MAP of DepEd-Car School Division Office Benguet

Click HERE to go direct to Google Map


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