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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Foreigner touched by humility, hospitality of the Kalinga people

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino

Cordillera - "I was really starting to get overwhelmed.  Giving, Caring, Open, Friendly, Trusting, Positive... Manong Teddy is exactly what we should all strive to be. It really touched my heart interacting with him in this small mountain village of Kalinga."

These are the words of appreciation by Kyle Jennerman to a kindhearted Kalinga man who offered coffee and invited him to his house in Lubuagan, Kalinga.

When Jennerman, popularly known as Kulas visited Kalinga for the very first time a few years back, he met Manong Teddy, a 57-year old farmer who happens to be the most hospitable and open person in the village.

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In his Facebook post, Kulas narrated how he was inspired to the act of kindness and genuine hospitality shown by Manong Teddy.

Watch the video below of how Kulas meet Manung Teddy in Lubuagan, Kalinga.

Read Kulas' post below:

"Meet Manong Teddy.  I didn't know him, he didn't know me, but we crossed paths and shared moments together I will never forget. 

Here I was in Barangay Upper Uma, Lubuagan Kalinga.  Out of curiosity, I trekked down to this little village nestled under mountains and surrounded by rice terraces... it was just so beautiful.  Alone and unaware of my surroundings, I still felt comfortable.  Heading towards this village I just felt like I was in the right place, and surrounded by good. 

Walking up through rice fields and getting closer to houses, I saw a man sitting on the ground...

"Brother! How are you!"

This 57 year old man who introduced himself as Teddy smiled and spoke beaming with happiness.  He didn't speak much english, and my Tagalog wasn't perfect in the least... but we worked it out.  A simple conversation was had.  As I stood up and walked away I heard Teddy once again:

"Coffee?  At my place?"

I decided to turn back and accept it.  And so I found myself in Manong Teddy's house.  It was a simple house with very few appliances, but filled with love... you could just feel it.  And when he handed me fresh coffee, and apologized:

"Sorry, I have no bread."

That was when it all started to hit me.  

I quickly interrupted him... "Manong... no, no... let me get the bread!"  There was no bread in the village sari-sari store.  But i managed to get some crackers.    

Back in Manong Teddy's house I noticed a picture on the wall.  Turns out his son was away in Sulu.  He joined the military and was away from home, serving the Philippines.  The minutes ticked away... we sat down, talked about life, educated each other about our languages, and I even used my Philippines map tattoo to explain where I was from in Mindanao.  I was a complete stranger... but Manong never hesitated to open up his life, and his home to me.  He even apologized for "not having enough to offer me".  

Excuse my language here. Really I don't swear and I apologize for this, but I want you to feel my emotion here...  I don't F***ing deserve that!  How dare he apologize for giving.  GIVING.  That is all he had been doing the past 45 minutes! But you see, that is the Philippines... a place where giving is a part of life.  Where people pride themselves on JUST GIVING.  

How that needs to spread... Just give.  How I believe it will.  One day at a time if we strive to emulate it. 

As the afternoon ticked away, I realized I wanted to see the rice terraces before it got too late.  I thanked Manong Teddy and left his house... but even then he looked out for me.  Manong sent a group of kids from the village to guide me.  And as I explored and started to head up the far side of the terraces towards my motorbike... Manong was already waiting near the top.  He must have been watching out for me, and making sure I wasn't having any difficulties.  

We met again near the base of the trail up to my motor I noticed he was standing over some watercress:

"Kulas, would you like to take some watercress?"

Grabe!  He wasn't just watching out for me... Manong Teddy now even wanted to give me his vegetables!  I politely declined, and we proceeded to walk up the last bit of trail.  

"Kulas, you are always welcome here.  Your friends can sleep in my house anytime."

I was really starting to get overwhelmed.  Giving, Caring, Open, Friendly, Trusting, Positive... Manong Teddy is exactly what we should all strive to be. It really touched my heart interacting with him in this small mountain village of Kalinga.

I was so touched by all his acts of kindness and giving... I wish I had something I could offer him.

And right before I left I asked:

"Manong, have you ever seen Canadians here?  Ever met one?"

He responded:

"You are the first.  First one I have ever heard of in our place."

I didn't have much on me... but I did have my favourite Canadian jersey. I took it off and offered it to him.  Manongs first reaction:

"No! No!  It is cold..."

Yes it was getting towards night time, and it was cold.  Manong didn't want to accept my gift, because he recognized it would make me feel uncomfortable!  


He took it in the end with a big smile.  

And what I took with me for the rest of my life is a heart full of lessons from this Filipino Manong... on how WE AS HUMANS SHOULD BE.

The Philippines is full of people like Manong Teddy, and I am so blessed to be here learning from them... 

One day at a time.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cordilleran General is the new Regional Director of PRO 2

Photo Courtesy || PBGEN Ludan PRO 2

Cordilleran - A full-blooded Cordilleran General from Kalinga is now the Regional Director of the Police Regional Office Region 2 (PRO 2). 

Police Brigadier General Steve Ludan who hails from Lubo, Tanudan, Kalinga replaced Brigadier General Crizaldo Nieves as the PRO 2 Director.

PBGEN Ludan formally assumed post during a turn-over of command ceremony and retirement honors at Camp Marcelo A. Adduru on July 19, 2021.

Prior to his new post, PBGEN Ludan worked as the director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Lab. 

He is a member of the Philippine Military Academy "Tanglaw-Diwa" Class of 1992.

In his acceptance message, PBGEN Ludan vowed to intensify the campaign against insurgency, strengthen communication with local government units in the fight against criminality, and enhance their campaign on the Philippine National Police (PNP) cleansing policy.

As the new director of PRO 2, Ludan said he will work to craft better programs to improve the PNP's services to the people and to provide needed assistance of the public.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Proud iKalinga is Top 2 in Philippine Coast Guard Officer Course

Photo Courtesy || Glen Lumanglang and EG Pangsiw

Cordillera - A proud son of Kalinga landed in top 2 in the Philippine Coast Guard Officer Course Class 27 - 2020 "Alpha". 

CG P/ENS Glenn Paul Agagon Lupnacan who hails from Tanudan and Balbalan, Kalinga was among the 52 officer trainees that successfully finished the course that convened on 21, December 2020. 

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Lupnacan got the 2nd highest overall grade of 90.57% and got the highest overall average grade of 95.08% in Physical Development Training Program.

There are also two iKalingas who graduated in the said PCG officer training course. They are CG P/ENS Levyn Jere P. Alngag, PCG and CG P/ENS Dexter M. Bucao, PCG both from Tinglayan Kalinga. 

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) conducted the recognition ceremony of the Coast Guard Officer's Course (CGOC) Class 27 - 2020 "Alpha", composed of 45 males and six females, at the PCG regional training center in Bagac, Bataan on February 2021.

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Commander of the Coast Guard Education, Training, and Doctrine Command, Read Admiral Artemio Abu graced the ceremony.

The PCG said the class “Alpha” convened their training last Dec. 21, 2020 as they underwent military exercises, drills, and lectures on the Coast Guard’s customs and traditions, among other preparatory courses.


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Carrie Faith B. Magannon: First Cordilleran woman to graduate at the Royal Military College of Canada

Photo Courtesy || Ensign Carrie Faith Banglag Magannon

Cordillera - A proud Cordilleran woman from Kalinga graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC).

Ensign Carrie Faith Banglag Magannon who hails from Sumadel, Tinglayan, Kalinga is the first Cordilleran and first PMA female cadet to have graduated from RMCC.

The Royal Military College of Canada is the military college of the Canadian Armed Forces which prepares officer cadets for a career in the profession of arms and continues the development of other Canadian Armed Forces members and civilians with an interest on defense issues.

ENS Magannon was among the chosen cadets by the Philippine Military Academy to study in RMCC.

In an interview by Mr. Eisenhower Bucalen of the Kalinga Journal, she said that nothing really prompted her to pursue foreign schooling. She just go with the flow. 

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However, she believed that this opportunity was God’s plan for her. Foreign schooling was mentioned to her when she reported back to PMA in March 2016 to join the class 2020. 

Photo Courtesy || Ensign Carrie Faith Banglag Magannon

She further said that the registrar in PMA told her and her mother at that time that foreign schooling is possible because she was still young. “I just took it as a joke “ang-angaw” and smiled. I never expected that someday it would be true, she added.

“I doubted myself several times if I am good enough to be sent to study abroad, but the thought that PMA will not send me if they don’t have confidence in me strengthen my spirit. To motivate myself more, I always tell myself, “If others can, why can’t I” and with God’s grace, I graduated”, she added. 

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She finished her studies and training in Canada last December 2020. There was no graduation ceremony during that time so she was included in the RMCC’s May Convocation held last May 20, 2021. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this convocation was held virtually. 


Saturday, May 29, 2021

4 Cordillerans among topnotchers in Radiologic, X-Ray Tech Board Exams

Photo Courtesy || Abra and Kalinga Provincial Government

Cordillera - Four students who traces their roots to Cordillera were among the topnotchers in the recently concluded Radiologic Technologist and X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examinations in May 2021.

One is Gail Tullo Quinto who hails from Tangadan, San Quintin, Abra. She ranked in Top 2 in the May 2021 Radiologic Technology board exam with 90.20 percent passing rate. 

Another Cordillerans in the Top 10 are two proud iKalingas. They are Russel Eliza Amangan Cuaresma from Pasil and Charimar Nadine Cayoma Ordonio from Pinukpuk.

Cuaresma landed in the Top 3 with a passing rate of 90 percent while Ordonio landed on the sixth spot with 88.60 percent passing rate.

Meanwhile, Mayshell Baliling Basiag, also a proud iKalinga topped the May 2021 X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examination. 

Basiag is an alumnus of the International School of Asia and the Pacific located in Tabuk City. 

The provincial government of Abra took pride of the achievement as this is the first time a school established in the province produced a topnotcher.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced that 776 out of 1,917 passed the Radiologic Technologist Licensure Examination while a total of 21 out of 77 examinees passed the X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examination.

The PRC and the Board of Radiologic Technology conducted the licensure exam in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi, Lucena, Rosales, Tacloban and Tuguegarao on May 16 and 17, 2021. 


Monday, May 24, 2021

iKalinga tops X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examination

Cordillera - Congratulations to Mayshell Baliling Basiag of Kalinga who topped the recent X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examination.

Basiag of the International School of Asia and the Pacific in Tabuk City, Kalinga topped the exam with rating of the 84.75 percent. 

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced that a total of 21 out of 77 examinees passed the X-Ray Technologist Licensure Examination.

The PRC and the Board of Radiologic Technology conducted the licensure exam in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi, Lucena, Rosales, Tacloban and Tuguegarao on May 16 and 17, 2021. 

Meanwhile a student of Saint Louis University in Baguio City has topped the examinees of the Radiologic Technology Examination. 

The result from PRC showed Noli Almazar Samonte of SLU top the exam with a passing rate of 90.80 percent followed by Kenneth Manabat Luciano of Saint Jude College-Manila. 

Two more students from Saint Louis University were in top 10, Ruselle Elixa Amangan Cuaresma and Russel John Garcia Paulo making the university this year's top performing school


Thursday, May 20, 2021

WATCH: Tanudan cops transport sick patient using bamboo and blanket

Photo Courtesy || Tanudan MPS

Cordillera - When there is no service of ambulance to transport sick patient to the hospital, villagers and cops in this small town of Tanudan, Kalinga uses bamboo and blanket instead called "Bulig".

"BULIG" it is the indigenous practice of iTanudan in transporting a sick or injured person from remote villages by means of carrying using improvised tools usually bamboo or wood with a blanket to carry the person to be transported to the nearest health facility for treatment. 

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This is practiced in remote parts of Kalinga where it is inaccessible or when no transportation is available. Several able bodied men usually participate in the bulig to ensure that transport is unhampered. 

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PNP personnel usually participate by augmenting the men who alternately carry the sick person.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Ikalinga robotic engineer graduates with outstanding award from UC Berkeley, CA, California

Photo Courtesy || Paul Ivan Ceralde

Cordillera - A proud son of Kalinga graduated with outstanding award from the UC Berkeley, CA, California in 2019. 

Paul Ivan Bravo Ceralde who traces his roots to Tanudan, Kalinga finished Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from the said institution. 

Ceralde is now working on his own startup company called Morph Microfactories. He also started his own YouTube channel where he discussed about his startup journey. 

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"At Morph Microfactories, we are using the Mostly Printed Computerized Numerical Control (MPCNC) robotic platform to automate the fiber placement step of our composite manufacturing process. V1Engineering, the developer and designer of the MPCNC, made the design available to anyone under Creative Commons License with the vision of allowing makers wherever in the world to build their own CNCs," Ceralde explained about his project.

"The reason why Morph exists is to push the envelope in advancing the industrial adoption of carbon fiber composites by delivering at scale cost-effective parts with extensive design latitudes without compromising performance. Instrumental in achieving this goal are low-cost and open-source robots like the MPCNC," he added.

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If you are interested more on his CNC robot, you can visit his website at


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

READ: Message from CDT 1CL. Paltongan - PMA Chief of Staff Saber Awardee

Photo Courtesy || PMA

Cordillera - CDT 1CL Tristan Pocais Paltongan was one of the awardees of the PMA "Masaligan" Class 2021 graduates. He received the Chief of Staff Saber Award in recognition of his remarkable efforts made as Brigade Commander of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Paltongan traces his roots to Baguio and Tabuk City joined the one hundred sixty-four (164) graduating cadets of Masaligan “Mandirigmang Samahan ng Lakas at Sandigan ng Bayan" Class 2021. 

Read his inspiring message below:

“Di ko inexpect magkaaward since sa knowledge namin na yung award will be given to the graduating Class Baron or Brigade Commander.

However, our Superintendent, pinush niya na dalawa kami ng mistah ko na baron ngayon. Both of us will be awarded with the saber dahil sa efforts namin para mabago ung Cadet Corps and likewise mahandle yung corps ng maayos despite na may pandemic.

“For the youth especially to our kailyan's ay I-Cordilleran, we should dream big and aim high. 

Likewise, we should not forget to pray, regardless of what church or religion you belong. Dreaming Big and having faith, nothing is impossible with God. 

Hindi bawal mangarap at ito'y walang hangganan. Tulad noon na sabi ko gusto kong maging ayer at sundalo someday, ngayon, sa lahat ng kahirapan at challenges na nameet ko sa buhay, ganap na akong graduate ng PMA at sundalo na ngayon. 

Let's just do our best. Para sa Diyos. Para sa Bayan."


Sunday, May 9, 2021

The 5 cadets from Kalinga in PMA “Masaligan” Class of 2021

Photo Courtesy || PMA

Cordillera - Meet the five (5) cadets coming from the province of Kalinga in Cordillera who will be part of the Philippine Military Academy "Masaligan" Class of 2021 with commencement exercises scheduled today, May 10, 2021.

The graduation ceremony will be held virtually and the public can view via the Philippine Military Academy Facebook.

Here are the 5 iKalingas who will be joining the 164 graduation cadets to be assigned in the Philippine Army and Navy.

Stephen Keener Cayag Biado (Rank 28) - Pasil, Kalinga and Tabuk City, Kalinga

Jaevin Awingan Latugan (Rank 52, Athletic Saber Awardee) - Tanudan, Kalinga

Michael Angelo Ariola Madriaga (Top 9) - Dagupan, Tabuk City, Kalinga

Tristan Pocais Paltongan (Rank 35) - Chief of Staff Saber Awardee

John John Pangosban Sanchez (Rank 62) - Tinglayan, Kalinga and Tabuk City, Kalinga


Monday, May 3, 2021

iKalinga lad makes it to top 9 of PMA "MASALIGAN" Class 2021

Photo Courtesy || PMA

Cordillera - A 23-year-old iKalinga who studied Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Cagayan State University made it to the top 9 of the Philippine Military (PMA) "Masaligan" Class of 2021.

Cadet 1CL Michael Angelo Areola Madriaga, who hails from Tabuk City, Kalinga will be joining the Philippine Navy.

He became the Company Executive Officer and currently the Company Athletic Officer. He is a Dean’s Lister and also a Commandant’s Lister.

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He is a member of the First Class Policy Board, Silent Drill Company, Chess Corps Squad and Marathon Corps Squad.

PMA “MASALIGAN” (MAndirigmang SAmahan na Lakas at SandIGAN ng Bayan) Class of 2021 is comprised of 138 males and 26 females. 

Among them, 82 are Army Cadets, 46 are Midshipmen and 36 Aero Cadets who will be joining their respective branches of service as Lieutenants/Ensigns after their Commencement Exercises scheduled on 10 May 2021.

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On 03 May 2021, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) named the Top Performing Cadets of PMA “MASALIGAN” Class of 2021 through the conduct of "Kapihan sa PMA" at Longayban Hall, PMA, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City. 

The activity was streamed live in PMA Official Facebook Page which was graced by LTGEN FERDINAND M CARTUJANO PAF, Superintendent, PMA. It was also attended by other PMA Key Officials.

source || PMA


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Nine cadets from Kalinga graduate from PNPA Hinirang Class 2021

Cordillera - A total of 225 cadets comprising the Hinirang Class of 2021 have graduated from the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) on Wednesday (April 21, 2021) via virtual ceremony.

Among the successful graduates were nine (9) cadets who traces their roots to Kalinga province. 

P/CDT John Kevin Mangwag - Pinukpuk, Kalinga 

P/CDT Sydmar Baawa Ableg Augas - Pasil, Kalinga 

P/CDT Jeremy Baligod Bongabong -Lubuagan, Kalinga

P/CDT Koullin Asiaben Canabang -Pangol, Tanudan, Kalinga 

P/CDT Patrick Reyes Dasayon - Pinukpuk, Kalinga 

P/CDT June Canao Gayawet - Pasil, Kalinga 

P/CDT King Bagtang Giwed - Tinglayan, Kalinga 

P/CDT Brent Guilao Guimba -Tinglayan, Kalinga 

P/CDT John Jr. Agnaya Tacloy -Tabuk City, Kalinga

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año officially announced the appointment of the members of the graduating class as new police lieutenants, jail inspectors, or fire inspectors in their chosen services.

source || PNPA FB page


Monday, April 26, 2021

iKalinga wins Gold Medal in 13th World Taekwondo Culture Expo in South Korea

Photo Courtesy || KTA Tabuk City

Cordillera - A proud iKalinga has won gold medal in Taekwondo during the recently concluded 13th World Taekwondo Culture Expo in South Korea. 

Engr. Jeffrey Ysmael, an employee of the city local government and working at the City Building and Architecture Office took home the award in the Under-40 Men Poomsae category.

The competition was held online due to the pandemic so Ysmael decided to make his own video and sent it to the organizers. 

He was surprised to win the 40-under category besting other taekwondo practitioners from countries like Croatia, Greece, Iraq, Ghana, Finland, the United State of America, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan and Zambia.

He won an award package that includes a gold medal, a certificate and a whole set of uniform and a shirt.

Ysmael is a member of the Philippine Taekwondo Association team which competed in various Taekwondo competitions in the world. 

He also organized local taekwondo associations as part of his contribution of keeping the youth away from bad influences.

source || PIA


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Kalinga migrant honored in Australia for his heroic act in saving his community from bushfire

Photo Courtesy || SBS

Cordillera - A Kalinga migrant in Australia has been honored for his bravery in saving his community hospital from massive bushfire.

According to SBS, when the fire front came within 300 meters of the hospital in Corryong on New Years Eve, 43-year old Sherwin Malenab jumped into action with a hospital staff member to hold back the flames until the CFA firefighters came.

His friends from the community were advising him not to go because it's too dangerous, but Malenab decided to help.

"I need to do something, because if no one does anything what will happen to this hospital and this community," Malenab said.

Joining Brian Smith, an experienced CFA firefighter and groundkeeper at the hospital, they drove along the firefront from 4 AM to 7 AM, extinguishing the blaze so that it won't go towards the hospital.

The CEO of Corryong Health Dominic Sandilands has praised the heroic actions of Mr. Malenab and Smith.

"Sherwin put his hand up right when Brian was looking around for a helper, ant it was really wonderful," he said.

"He is a tremendous asset and now he's taking a real load role in the Filipino community," the CEO added.

The mayor of the town Mr. Wortmann has also recognized Sherwin's action. 

He said, "There were many heroes on that night, but to help save such a key piece of infrastructure in the town I can't thank Sherwin enough," Wortmann said.

Malenab, who traces his roots to Tabuk City, Kalinga has been one of Australia's story of bravery during the deadly summer bushfire. 

"I love to deal with the community. I want to help people everywhere." Malebnab said.

source || SBS.COM


Monday, March 29, 2021

Igorot is Top 1 in Philippine Navyseal Course

Photo Courtesy || Zangie Chulsi
Cordillera - A proud iKalinga from Sumadel, Tinglayan is Class Top 1 of the Philippine  NAVSOCOM Seal Qualification Training Course 09.

Ensign Gregory A. Chulsi was awarded a Medal of Merit for being the class "Honorman" having garnered the highest grade point of 90.75 in all academics and non-academic courses of instruction.

Ensign Chulsi belongs to the Top 15 of the Philippine Military Academy "Alab Tala" Class of 2018, according to Kalinga Province FB page.

Congratulations Ensign Gregory A. Chulsi!.You may become an inspiration to us Cordillerans.

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The Naval Special Operations Command (NAVSOCOM) formerly known as Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) is a separate command of the Philippine Navy trained in special operations, sabotage, psychological and unconventional warfare and is heavily influenced by the United States Navy SEALs.

The NAVSOCOM training program is physically and mentally demanding and is regarded as one of the toughest military selection programs around the world.

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The headquarter of NAVSOCOM is located at Sangley Point, Cavite City. 

It has eleven units located across the Philippines, from Naval Operating Base San Vicente at Santa Ana, Cagayan in the north to Naval Station Zamboanga in the south.


Kalinga engineer awarded "Outstanding Young Professional Leader and Inspiring Advocate for the Poor"

Photo Courtesy || Asia Pacific Luminare Award

Cordillera - A Civil Engineer from Tabuk City, Kalinga is named the "Outstanding Young Professional Leader, Civil Engineer of Kalinga and Inspiring Advocate for the Poor" during the recent 4th Asia Pacific Luminare Award.

26-year old Engr. Mandel Battikin Gup-ay had accomplished numerous campaigns to help the poor during the first lockdown of Kalinga. 

Using social media, Engr. Gup-ay initiated a "Call for Donation" drive to collect cash donations to support the frontliners, PWDs and senior citizens. 

He also initiated another donation drive for the establishment of a Covid-19 Emergency Quarantine Facility in Bulanao, Tabuk City.

As Officer of Knights of Rizal Kalinga Chapter, they also initiated charities for the Kalinga People who are in need. They helped a six-year-old boy, Arnold Hora Navares  who had been suffering from a skin condition for almost a year and needs to undergo a biopsy but due to financial constraints, the need to go through medical treatment.

Engr. Gup-ay is a graduate of Saint Louis University Baguio City and currently taking a Masters of Engineering Major in Civil Engineering at the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao City, a currently employed as Engineer II at Planning and Design Section DPWH Upper Kalinga District Engineering Office. 

He is an active member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. (PICE) Kalinga-Apayao Chapter, a Pursuivant Officer of Knights of Rizal Tabuk City Chapter and an administrator of Lakbay Kalinga Facebook Page which promotes the beauty of Kalinga Province, giving Charities and promotes Bayanihan Acts. 

When he was a college he joined different organizations in and out of the school, which helped to develop his leadership skills and self-confidence. He is also proactive at different trainings, seminars, workshops and other activities represent his school, the Saint Louis University at the different national and regional student’s technical conferences of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. (PICE) and he joined national competitions the Bridge Building and Rube Goldberg design competitions. He is also an active young professional leader, civil engineer of Kalinga Province and inspiring advocate for the poor.

source || Asia Pacific Luminare Award


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Cordilleran from Kalinga among members of new P-pop group 'ALAMAT'

Photo Courtesy || Alamat

Cordillera - A Cordilleran lad from Tabuk, Kalinga is among the members of the new P-pop group named "Alamat" (legend).

20-year-old Brylle Jordan Sebastian Uyam with a stage name 'Taneo' and Code name 'Gattok' is the Leader, Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist and Visual of the group which composed of 9 members who hail from different parts of the country. 

The group is set to release their debut song on February 14, 2021 titled "kbye" under Viva Entertainment. 

ALAMAT is an upcoming 9-member male idol group from Philippines that sings in several local languages under Viva Artists Agency. 

The group consists of Taneo, Mo, Tomas, R-ji, Kin, Valfer, Alas, Gami and Jao.

Alamat released the members’ concept photo outfits referencing locally made materials, traditional and cultural designs, and Filipino textiles. 

Uyam outfit shows the cultural reference of a Kalinga warrior tattoo and the Kalinga traditional weave design. 


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Retired policeman in Kalinga appeals to residents to keep their trust to the PNP

Photo Courtesy || Esteban Wacdangan

Cordillera - A retired policeman in Kalinga had an appeal to the residents to maintain their trust and confidence to the police. 

This is after the tragic incident that happened in Tarlac where a police sergeant killed mother and son in point blank range. 

Many expressed their anger towards the Philippine National Police (PNP) over the killing committed by one of its personnel. 

However, the outcry did not sit well on many honest and well-mannered policemen including this retired cop from Kalinga. 

Retired policeman Esteban Wacdangan wrote a message on his Facebook account. 

He said: "Here are your police in the remotest areas of the country, I just recently retired from the PNP service, my humble & kind appeal to all community residents just to give a moment of attention to know the sacrifices & devotion to service of your policemen;  leaving their families even in times of disaster operations, in times of non-working days & Holydays. Their children even lack the daily guidance & supervision due to their quite long been absence at home. Again I am appealing to the public to please maintain your TRUST & CONFIDENCE to the POLICE, let the law punish those only a very few erring policemen but not to include the whole PNP organization. Forgiveness, giving & loving to our fellowmen be the noble message to everyone this Holyday Season, GOD BLESS US ALL."


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Former Miss Kalinga-Tourism Pia Monina Now a Licensed Doctor

Photo Courtesy || Pian Monina via Kalinga Tourism

Cordillera - Former Miss Kalinga-Tourism 2014 Dr. Pia Monina R. Magtanao is now a fully licensed doctor after passing the November 2020 Physician Licensure Exam. 

Magtanao was among the 3,538 passers out of the 5,704 examinees conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission from different parts of the country. 

Also, the province of Kalinga has produced more licensed physicians. They are:

1.Felyne Angelique C. Ganotice

2.Mia Faye S. Calsiyao

3.Aven-kerr G. Sebastian

4.Hannah Shane A. Wagason

5.Earvin James G. Ortiguero

6.Ria Lesly P. Lao-ang

7.Kim T. Luminang

8 .Hardy P. Dumawing

Meanwhile, Jomel G

 Jomel Garcia Lapides from the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) who got an 88.67% rating.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

READ: Message from Cordilleran Pilot Lt. Pauline Marie S. Waytan

Photo Courtesy || PAF & Lubuagan, Kalinga

Cordillera - Lt. Pauline Marie S. Waytan is one of the 8 Cordillerans who graduated from the Philippine Air Force's most elite flying school held at AETDC, Fernando Air Base, Lipa City on November 9.

Lt. Waytan is a native of Lubuagan, Kalinga who joined the 53 new breed of pilots of the "Wings of Resilience" Class of 2020. 

Read her full message below:

"I would not have grown these wings alone and as I embark on a new journey I am forever thankful to our Almighty God for making all these possible.

Madayaw si Kabunyan, dake-dake ay iyaman ken sisya ay nangidawat si ngam-in ay wada ya nangiwanwanwaned si ngam-in ay inmat ay anagyod.

Kancha Amak kan Ilak ya sulud ko chaken iyaman ko si patunged un supporta yu kan akon every step of the way. Istay chiyoy kanja kapamilyak for always having my back, uray chipun ak un expressive ngem am always grateful.

Agyamanak met unay ti inspirasyon nga in paay da Lolok Andres ken Jose kasta met ken Lola Pacing ammok nga isuda ti maysa nga mang salaknib kaniak iti tunggal to nga biahek and ken Grandma Pat love you too.

To those who helped and encouraged me even in the toughest of times, I can’t thank you enough. It may not have been an easy one but I have learned so much. Let us not be disheartened when life throws us off guard, God always catches our fall.

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