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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Retired policeman in Kalinga appeals to residents to keep their trust to the PNP

Photo Courtesy || Esteban Wacdangan

Cordillera - A retired policeman in Kalinga had an appeal to the residents to maintain their trust and confidence to the police. 

This is after the tragic incident that happened in Tarlac where a police sergeant killed mother and son in point blank range. 

Many expressed their anger towards the Philippine National Police (PNP) over the killing committed by one of its personnel. 

However, the outcry did not sit well on many honest and well-mannered policemen including this retired cop from Kalinga. 

Retired policeman Esteban Wacdangan wrote a message on his Facebook account. 

He said: "Here are your police in the remotest areas of the country, I just recently retired from the PNP service, my humble & kind appeal to all community residents just to give a moment of attention to know the sacrifices & devotion to service of your policemen;  leaving their families even in times of disaster operations, in times of non-working days & Holydays. Their children even lack the daily guidance & supervision due to their quite long been absence at home. Again I am appealing to the public to please maintain your TRUST & CONFIDENCE to the POLICE, let the law punish those only a very few erring policemen but not to include the whole PNP organization. Forgiveness, giving & loving to our fellowmen be the noble message to everyone this Holyday Season, GOD BLESS US ALL."


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Former Miss Kalinga-Tourism Pia Monina Now a Licensed Doctor

Photo Courtesy || Pian Monina via Kalinga Tourism

Cordillera - Former Miss Kalinga-Tourism 2014 Dr. Pia Monina R. Magtanao is now a fully licensed doctor after passing the November 2020 Physician Licensure Exam. 

Magtanao was among the 3,538 passers out of the 5,704 examinees conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission from different parts of the country. 

Also, the province of Kalinga has produced more licensed physicians. They are:

1.Felyne Angelique C. Ganotice

2.Mia Faye S. Calsiyao

3.Aven-kerr G. Sebastian

4.Hannah Shane A. Wagason

5.Earvin James G. Ortiguero

6.Ria Lesly P. Lao-ang

7.Kim T. Luminang

8 .Hardy P. Dumawing

Meanwhile, Jomel G

 Jomel Garcia Lapides from the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) who got an 88.67% rating.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

READ: Message from Cordilleran Pilot Lt. Pauline Marie S. Waytan

Photo Courtesy || PAF & Lubuagan, Kalinga

Cordillera - Lt. Pauline Marie S. Waytan is one of the 8 Cordillerans who graduated from the Philippine Air Force's most elite flying school held at AETDC, Fernando Air Base, Lipa City on November 9.

Lt. Waytan is a native of Lubuagan, Kalinga who joined the 53 new breed of pilots of the "Wings of Resilience" Class of 2020. 

Read her full message below:

"I would not have grown these wings alone and as I embark on a new journey I am forever thankful to our Almighty God for making all these possible.

Madayaw si Kabunyan, dake-dake ay iyaman ken sisya ay nangidawat si ngam-in ay wada ya nangiwanwanwaned si ngam-in ay inmat ay anagyod.

Kancha Amak kan Ilak ya sulud ko chaken iyaman ko si patunged un supporta yu kan akon every step of the way. Istay chiyoy kanja kapamilyak for always having my back, uray chipun ak un expressive ngem am always grateful.

Agyamanak met unay ti inspirasyon nga in paay da Lolok Andres ken Jose kasta met ken Lola Pacing ammok nga isuda ti maysa nga mang salaknib kaniak iti tunggal to nga biahek and ken Grandma Pat love you too.

To those who helped and encouraged me even in the toughest of times, I can’t thank you enough. It may not have been an easy one but I have learned so much. Let us not be disheartened when life throws us off guard, God always catches our fall.

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

8 proud Cordilleran pilots graduated from Philippine Air Force (PAF's) Most Elite Flying school

Cordillera - The country's most elite flying school will be conducting a graduation ceremony this week. 

Eight sons and daughters of Cordillera from "WINGS OF RESILIENCE" CLASS 2020 Military Pilot Training of the Philippine Air Force Flying School will be participating in the said graduation. 

These are the new Military Pilots from Cordillera:

1LT Pauline Marie S Waytan FAF PMA CL 2015 - Lubuagan, Kalinga

2LT Leonardo G Visaya Jr. PAF PAFOCS CL 2017 - Pinukpuk, Kalinga

2LT Rushid M Banganan PAF PAFOCS CL 2017 - Tanudan, Kalinga

2LT Reynold D Pasiwat PAF PMA CL 2018 - Rizal, Kalinga

2LT Blessie Lorranine P Amaro PAF PMA CL 2018 - Baguio City

2LT Marion Deanne B Bambalan PAF - PMA CL 2018 - Baguio City

2LT Paolo B Briones PAF - PMA CL 2018 - Baguio City

2LT Elijah C Castro PAF PMA CL 2018 - Baguio City

"Your Wings Already Exist. All You Have to do is Fly." Congratulations Cordilleran Pilots!

Source || Infos and Photos are sent to us by one of the graduates

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

LOOK: The National Costume of Miss Noreem Mangawit - MUP Kalinga

Photo Courtesy || John Albert Furing
Cordillera - A display of creativity, craftmanship, the opulent culture and colorful arts of Kalinga, Miss Universe Philippine candidate Noreen Mangawit shows off the intricate design of her national costume.

Designed by Lui Gascon under the styling of Giovani Solomon, the costume is a union of strength and beauty, a manifest of every Filipina's courage to transcend borders and traditions, malleability and readiness to embrace inclusivity. 


21-year old Mangawit who traces her roots in Pinukpuk, Kalinga  but now lives in Tabuk City is among the Filipina candidates vying for the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 crown.

Miss Mangawit has begun her in-house training as part of her preparation for the event. 

Her team has also started coaching her to improve her performance as she is new to the pageant.

Photo Courtesy || Province of Kalinga 

The iKalinga beauty was among the fifty-two women who are set to compete for the opportunity to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant this year. 

She was lucky to be chosen to represent Cordillera region together with Baguio City's beauty Miss Bea Theresa Maynigo.

In a local radio interview, Miss Mangawit said that she was very pleased to be among the candidates because this is an opportunity for her to show the culture of Kalinga.
As a canditate from the province of Kalinga, she can showcase the beauty of iKalinga, not only in appearance but also the inner beauty of the Kalinga people.

Photo Courtesy || Miss Universe Philippines

Miss Mangawit finished her Bachelor's degree in Arts and Social Science Major in Economics at the University of the Philippines - Baguio. 

She is currently working as a Presidential Staff Officer under the office of the President. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

BGEN GONZALO "Salong" L. BATAC - The first YKalinga General in the Philippine army

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism

Cordillera - The very first YKALINGA GENERAL and the very first Ykalinga Philippine Military Academy Graduate was World War II Veteran BGEN GONZALO "Salong" L. BATAC (USAFFE), from Poblacion, Lubuagan, Kalinga. 

A member of PMA CLASS of 1943, he served in the Second Field Artillery Regiment.  

After the surrender of his unit in Bataan, he was also forced to trek the Death March all the way to Camp O'Donnell in Capas, Tarlac where he became a prisoner of war.  

Upon release from the camp, the brave soldier joined the United States Army Forces in the Philippines - Northern Luzon as a Second Lieutenant.  

He continued serving in the regular force during which he fought in the Luzon Anti-Dissidence Campaigns. 

His son, Hon. Eduardo G. Batac, a member of PMA Class of 1968, is a former Department of Defense Undersecretary for Civil Veterans and Retiree Affairs, another son, Retired Police Director, Victor G. Batac, a member of PMA Class of 1971, is one of the founders of the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (known as RAM Boys), a reformist group that led the historic 1986 People Power Revolution, together with Senator Gringo Honasan and Red Kapunan. 

Another is LTC Vicente G. Batac, a member of PMA Class of 1986, also a member of RAM who served under the Intelligence Group during his tenure in the army.

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism


Monday, October 5, 2020

Congratulations: Five yKalingas are now newly licensed doctors

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism
Cordillera - Five yKalingas had successfully passed the March and September 2020 Physician Licensure Examinations. 

According to Kalinga Tourism, these are the five examinees from Kalinga who passed the the PRC licensure exams.

1. Dr. Daffodil Belgica Odan, Tabuk City
2. Dr. Anne Nicole Damian Andaya, Lubuagan
3. Dr. Dana Kaye Gayawet Batalao, Pasil
4. Dr. April Joy Ignacio Pimentel, Tabuk City

Meanwhile, Maria Carla Edejer Buenaflor from the University of the Philippines-Manila ranked first among the list of passers with a rating of 89.17 percent. 

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Friday, October 2, 2020 has released the official results of the examinations. 

In a statement, the PRC said that about 800 out of 1, 424 examinees passed this year's Physician Licensure Examinations, which were conducted in the different parts of the country which includes oManila, Baguio City, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu City, Iloilo, Legazpi, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, and Zamboanga.  


Thursday, October 1, 2020

President Duterte appointed Kalinga cop Col. Chaclag as DG for Reformation

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism FB
Cordillera - A Kalinga police officer has been appointed a new post in the Bureau of Correction () BuCor office. 
Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) spokesman Gabriel Chaclag has been named the agency's deputy director for reformation by President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevara disclosed the information on Tuesday.

"BuCor spokesmman Gabriel Chaclag was recently appointed by the President as deputy DG for reformation," said  Guevara.
Col. Chaclag is a member of the Philippine National Police Academy "Kapanalig" Class of 1997. 

He traces his roots from Mallango, Tinglayan, Kalinga, according to Kalinga Tourism. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Agriculture Secretary William Dar is now an “adopted son of the province of Kalinga"

Photo Courtesy || Da Car-Rafis
Cordillera - Department of Agriculture Secretary William Dar is now an "adopted son of the province of Kalinga," through Resolution 2020-180, signed of September 22, 2020. 

The provincial council of Kalinga has recognized the commendable service and achievements of Secretary Dar in leading the country towards sustainable food security and prosperous rural community. 

Dar was given a Kalinga name "Dulliyaw" which means brave, strong, and altruistic. 

Dulliyaw is a known to be the foremost hero of Kalinga mythology as expressed and sang in the Kalinga Ulalim. 

Dulliyaw is also a great leader of his people in time of peace and in time of war. 

He is also a great warrior, a thinking farmer and provider, a responsible steward of mother nature, a deeply religious man so close to the Kalinga god, Kabunian.

In the resolution, it says that the time-honored tradition in the province of Kalinga and in consonance with customary indigenous ethnic practices, personages who have singularly endeared themselves and contributed outstanding services to the people are accorded appropriate and fitting recognition. 

Sec. Dar is granted all the privileges of a son of the Province of Kalinga, including his protection under the umbrella of the Bodong (Peace Pact) Justice System/Institution.

source || DA Car-Rafis & William Dar FB

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Police Trainee from Kalinga tops PSBRC RTC3 Class 2020-02 MAG-ALAB Special Action Force.

Photo Courtesy || Regional Training Center 3, Magalang, Pampanga FB
Cordillera - A proud yKalinga Police trainee is number one in the list of the top 3 female trainees of PSBRC RTC Class 2020-10 MAG-ALAB Special Action Force.

Here is an inspiring message from PAT Wenzy Hope Q Accad.
I came from a simple family from the mountainous province of Kalinga. The province known by most people as Head Hunters. Wherever I go, there are always people who would say “Ah taga-Kalinga ka pala, mga Head Hunters.” However, this notion didn’t stop me in achieving my goals and to aim tall and high just like those tall mountains of Kalinga. 

I finished my BS Accountancy at the University of the Cordilleras in May 2013 and passed the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination in October of the same year. I practiced my profession at a private institution as an external auditor for almost 5 years. 

As I stayed longer in that institution I realized that I wanted to do more and do things that matters most specially for our country. I believed that I would be able to achieve that goal and satisfaction if I join the law enforcement. With that goal in mind I decided to apply at the most elite unit of the PNP, the Special Action Force. After 5 months of waiting and endured application, I was one of the 379 SAF recruits attrition quota 1st cycle 2020 who took oath on February 28, 2020.
I admit that at first it wasn’t easy for me as I wasn’t used to the regimented way of life and the level of discipline expected from a man in uniform is far greater than that of the civilian’s. There were also times when I thought of quitting, but then I thought of my goals and the people who are continuously supporting and motivating me, then I pick-up myself again and continue to go on.

As the days go by, training didn’t become easier, but it wasn’t also difficult. If you only learn to follow, you would survive the training and you wouldn’t mind the days that tomorrow is your graduation day. Just like our Officer-in-charge RTC 3 PLTCOL MARLON VENTURA RUFO, “ Wala tayong gagawing kakaiba, sumunod lang ng sumunod.”

To my family, Ma, Pa, Ate, Kuya, thank you for continuously supporting me, you have been my inspiration. Even though you are not present in my graduation day, I know that you are very proud of me.

To RTC 3 training staff led by our Officer-in-charge RTC 3 PLTCOL MARLON VENTURA RUFO, thank you for molding us to become better and disciplined policeman and for all the knowledge and guidance you have given to us. All of the memories of our training are carved in our hearts and will surely treasure forever.

To my fellow Top 3, I am exceptionally proud of us, as we are part of the PNP unit who are mostly dominated by men, but clearly we have proven once again that even though we are women, we can also excel and more.

To my classmate, thank you, as we have trained together, cried together, laughed together, pushed the ground together, and rolled like a barrel together, I hope that the discipline, teamwork and camaraderie we have built during our 6 months training would always be with us.
To our classmate, late PAT Callanao, to you we offer our success in this Graduation Day; wherever you are now, rest assured that your sacrifice will never be forgotten. You will always be a part of our class “MAG-ALAB”. You will always be remembered.
To our Almighty Father, thank you for giving us the strength and courage to face all the challenges of our training.
Success is not final; failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
Class MAG-ALAB let us keep the fire going. May the Force be with us always. Ahoowa….

source || PAT Wenzy Hope Q Accad via Regional Training Center 3, Magalang, Pampanga

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rebel returnee rescued by a Kalinga Army Officer at Airport

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life

Cordillera - Early afternoon of September 21, 2020 at the Puerto Princesa City International Airport, a female army officer, LtCol. Jessie Rose Bucalen-Austria who happens to be an yKalinga, had an unforgettable encounter with a mother who was with a 1 year 6-month old child and a 2-month old baby.

Truly, it was a desperate situation causing the mother to be in distress but she never lose hope that after more than six hours of waiting for someone to assist her with her kids, somebody lend a hand while ensuring their safety throughout the duration of their flight bound to Manila.

Here is the true travel story based from the transcript of Lt.Col Austria:

It was 2 PM when I entered the Puerto Princesa City International Airport to catch my flight but I went there early because of the new normal guideliness and health protocols. I was about to enter the line going to the check in counter when I noticed at my peripherial vision a young girl running towards the x-ray machine without any one going after her. What I did was to drop my luggage and went after the kid.

Suddenly, a very grateful mother carrying a 2 month old baby approached me with the young girl. She is the mother of the young girl and she humbly said teary-eyed, "Mam, maraming salamat po.Papunta po ba kayo Manila?" I answered: Yes po. Wala po ba kayong kasama? And she replied: " Ako lang po mam at ayaw kaming pacheck-inin kasi mag-isa lang ako. Kaninang 7:00AM pa po kami dito pero di kami pinapasok kasi di pa pwede. Sa check-in counter naman dapat daw may mag assist sa akin. I smiled at her then volunteered and asked her to come with me at the counter. 

I requested her to take care of the young girl and I will be in charge of the 2-month baby. She was crying when she handed me her baby with so much gratefulness. She never lose hope that somebody will offer her a hand in that very desperate situation. She tried to ask other passengers but they ignored her.

While waiting for our turn to check in, I gave her an assurance. “Wag po kayong mag-alala, Army po ako. I am LTC Austria safe po kayo sa akin".

At the check in counter, I gave the lady in-charge my documents and told her that I will be assisting the mother and her two children. Everything went smoothly at the next screening until we reached the waiting area of the boarding gate.

While waiting, she called her mother over the phone informing her that somebody assisted them. I can hear her saying my name. At that time, the baby was in her deep sleep in my arms, She is an angel...She is a sleeping beauty.. Then I asked the mother, what is your name and why are you not travelling with anyone? Napakahirap po ang naging sitwasyon n’yo kanina. Then I noticed her tears rolling down her cheeks. She answered me that her name is Naomi. Naabutan po kasi kami ng lockdown nung umuwi kami sa amin after ng maraming taon. Dito ko na rin ipinanganak si baby.

In a few moments, she opened up, " Alam nyo mam, dati po akong kasama sa kilusan ang tawag nila sa akin ay Ka Maya." I was really shocked, at the back of my mind “Hala!!! dati ko palang kalaban ito," then I glanced at the angelic face of the baby that I was holding…but my willingness to help them prevailed with no mental reservation.

She told me everything how hard her life while going against the government. They have to collect revolutionary taxes from businessmen. “Nagsunog na kmi ng mga buses at cell sites. Ako mismo nagrerecruit sa mga kabataan na sumapi sa kilusan.She was even wounded in one of the encounters. And that was her miserable seven years inside the New Peoples Army. Then I asked her " Bakit mo naisipang bumalik sa gobyerno?" She answered that "Wala naman kasing ibang gobyerno ang tutulong sa iyo kundi ang gobyerno natin". With that coming directly from one of them. To the young generations "Wag kayong magpalinlang, NPA Salot yan ng lipunan"

I took care of the baby in the entire duration of the flight because Ka Maya took care of her other daughter.. I usually sleep in most of my flights but not this time...Hindi naman umiyak si baby, siguro dahil feeling niya kutson ang tyan ko.

Then we arrived in Manila, I asked her if somebody will fetch them and she told me that her husband will be there. I accompanied them outside after she retrieved their check in baggages.

At the Bay 3 of Terminal 3 I have witnessed a family reunion. The father got to see his family and first meeting with his 2month old baby. It was a sweet goodbye. Akalain mo nga naman, ang dating magkalaban ay pinagtagpo sa isang sitwasyon na kelangan nilang magtulungan. She was cleared by the government in 2014.

In an interview with Lt.Col Austria, she said that she always believes in the kindness of humanity. We all have that within us. Let us be a blessing to everyone in our little way. Let us spread love not hate among us. Let us not withhold goodness to others if we have the power or the capability to give. It maybe effortless on our part but means a lot to others.

Source || Eisenhower Bucalen via Tabuk Life Facebook


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

First dialysis center in Kalinga sets to open in October 2020

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Like/Darwin S. Serion
Cordillera - The Kalinga Provincial Hospital (KPH) will soon accepting patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease and needing dialysis treatment next month. 
Dr. Marilyn Duyan, Chief doctor of KPH, has said in a report that the hospital has tested the dialysis machines and equipment thus ready to accommodate dialysis patients  by the first week of October.

She added that the hospital also provides regular laboratory needs and tests of kidney patients like serum creatinine potasium, phosphorous and complete blood count with its upgraded laboratory facility. 

Dr. Duyan also said that dialysis staff workers like nephrologist, nurses, medical internist and administrative staff are now ready to engage in the operation of the dialysis center.
She clarified that the staffing requirement is provided by St.Mary Dialysis Care, except for the services of the medical internist which shall be the counterpart of the KPH, according to a report from Tabuk Like. 

With the opening of the dialysis center, kidney patients in Kalinga will not have to travel to Baguio City or Tuguegarao to undergo treatment but will do now at the KPH without incurring much traveling expenses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kalinga pilot, the first Filipina to be in-command of a Philippine Air Force C130

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism FB
Cordillera - A Kalinga female pilot from the Philippine Air Force (PAF) was the first Filipina pilot- in-command of a Philippine C130. 

Lt. Col. Marjorie Donggayao Mukay from PAF who hailed from Sumadel, Tinglayan, Kalinga flew the C-130 acquired  by the government from the United States of America in 2016. 

Photo Courtesy || Kalinga Tourism
Lt. Col. Mukay in command of the C-130 crossed the world's largest ocean starting from Tucson, Arizona to Manila.

"It is flattering that the command allowed me. There are no restrictions for females. As long as you are qualified, you can become a pilot-in-command of any aircraft," Mukay said during an interview. 

Marjorie Mukay is a member of the Philippine Military Academy "Sanlingan" Class of 2005. 

Also, Lt. Col. Mukay was the first Filipina to be certified as pilot-in-command for the Philippine Air force. 

source: Kalinga Tourism & Rappler

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cordilleran soldier named Best Battalion Commander 2018 for NOLCOM

Photo Courtesy || Sheena Mae Rafael
Cordillera - LTC Remigo A Dulatre GSC (INF) PA, the former Battalion Commander of 86th Infantry (Higlander) Battalion, 5lD, PA based in Jones, Isabela covering the provinces of Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya and Southern Isabela, was adjudged as the Best Battalion 2018. 

He received the award  of DSSP KAPAYAPAAN given by Gen. Benjamin Madrigal, Jr. AFP, the former Chief of Staff, AFP at GHO, CGEA.

He is also an awardee of the Meritorious Achievement Medal award and was awarded to him by Gen. Madrigal at Headquarters Northern Luzon Command last 2019 for the successful dismantling of Southern Front Committee ng Komiting Rehiyon-Cagayan Valley (SFC, KR-CV).

The successful dismantling of the Guerrilla front was the first in 5lD which caused the insignificance of the CPP-NPA-NDF and forced their remnants to abandon their former lairs in the municipality of Jones, Echague, San Guillermo, San Agustin and Angadanan or the JESSA Complex.

As a result, the said municipalities are benefiting from the successful campaign against the insurgents. This can be attested by the entry of development and progress in the area.

With this achievement, Isabela is now on its normalcy compared to the previous security situations.

The emphasis on EO 70 or the Whole of Nation approach is on the right track of its implementations through the common goal of Ending the Local Armed Conflict (ELCAC) and the stakeholders' engagements.

LTC Dulatre is a native of Rizal, Kalinga and presently the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, G7 of the 5th Infantry Division, PA based at Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz, Upi, Gamu, Isabela.

Consequently, the award by the Battalion also made him the Best Battalion Commander 2018 for NOLCOM.

source || Sheena Mae Rafael

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tabuk City, Kalinga has now Zero positive Covid-19 case after patient recovered

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - The city of Tabuk in Kalinga is now Covid-19 free after a patient who was initially tested positive has recovered, according to Tabuk City post. 

The 30-year-old male who was confirmed positive on June 10 has reportedly tested negative after his repeat test. 
Tabuk Mayor Darwin Estrañero welcomed this positive news and hope the city will maintain a zero Covid-19 case status. 

"This is a most welcome news! We thank everyone for their fervent prayers. Let's stay vigilant and compliant with health protocols so that hopefully we will be able to maintain our zero COVID-19 case status. God bless us all!," Estrañero said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, many netizens were elated hearing the news. 

One netizen wrote, "Wow, It's a great news.. Thank you Lord for the answered prayers... Stay home, keep safe and be blessed frontliners and health liners... Hope that all infected will turn negative."

"Thank you Lord for keeping Kalinga safe... Stay free from Covid Kakailian... to God be all the glory honor and praise." one netizens said. 
"Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers, continue to protect and keep us away from any danger. also to all the medical experts and frontliners for their kindness and compassion... Amen," another netizen commented. 

A localized Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) will be imposed on seven barangays of Tabuk while the rest of the city will remain under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) according to Mayor Estrañero.

source || Tabuk Life

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Four Kalinga cadets among top 10 of PMMA’s ‘’Masakbayan’’ Class of 2020

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - Four cadets who trace their roots from the province of Kalinga landed top 10 on the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy's (PMMA) "Masakbayan" Class of 2020. 

The four cadets are Javan Ludan of Bawac Dupligan, Tanudan in top 3, Glenn Paul Lupnacan in top 5, Xadelene Guisob in Top 8 and V Sano in top 9. 

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There are 15 cadets from Kalinga including the four who landed on top 10 and will be graduating on June 12, 2020. 

PMMA is a premier state-run maritime institution which provides academic and professional training for merchant marine officers. 

It is directly under the supervision of the Commission on Higher Education (CHed) and the Philippine Navy. 

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All the graduates of the academy will take the licensure examination at the Maritime Industry Authority and will undergo Coast Guard Officers Course in Coast Guard Officers Basic Education and Training Center in Bagac, Bataan. 

This will help them to become competent, reliable and effective leaders prior to their commisionship as Ensigns for active duty in the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

INSPIRING: Kalinga farmer's son is top 6 of PMA Masidlawin Class

Photo Courtesy || Tabuk Life
Cordillera - A son of a farmer from Lubugan, Kalinga was top 6 of the 196 graduates of the 2020 Philippine Military Academy's (PMA's) "Masidlawin" Class.
In a post from Tabuk Life Facebook page, Cadet First Class Catabay Ladyong entry to the PMA was his personal choice, according to his father Chito.

Chito said, Catabay "did not think of quitting from the Academy despite all the difficulties and struggles that came along while studying, instead he turned these to good account to make dream of becoming a soldier happen".

Chito said he was very proud of his son graduating from the academy as Catabay was always been telling that "entry to the PMA entails all the hardship a student would think of-training, lifestyle, academic hurdles and homesickness".
Meanwhile, Catabay's mother advises him to "put to good use what he learned in the Academy and to serve for the best interest of the public, and to also listen to advice of his older brother Barabas, a police offices based in Quezon City".

source || Darwin Serion via Tabuk Life

Thursday, May 21, 2020

12 Kalinga brave young cadets graduated from PMA "Masidlawin" Class of 2020

Photo Courtesy || Midtown Photography
Cordillera - The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) "Masidlawin" Class of 2020 will hold its commencement exercise today, May 22, 2020 closed to the public without the usual pomp and pageantry. 

However, parents and relatives can watch the graduation rites through live stream at the PMA's official Facebook page, according to PMA spokesperson. 

12 Kalinga cadets will be joining the graduates in a live stream ceremony. They are:

1. Bagguiyac, Emerson Dorpis (Airforce) - Lubo, Tanudan, Kalinga
2. Dappay, Jepeson Addamo (Airforce) - Lacnong, Tabuk city, Kalinga
3. Dieza, Rennz Conrado A. IV (Navy) - Pinukpuk, Kalinga
4. Ewos, Rheden Laguico (Army) - Mangali, Tanudan, Kalinga
5. Fernandez, Chesterly Basilio (Army) - Poblacion, Tinglayan, Kalinga
6. Gammod, Martin Amagod,  JR (Army) - Gaang, Tanudan, Kalinga
7. Golwingon, Gemalyn Wanigon (Army) - Lubo, Tanudan, Kalinga
8. Gumilab, Reynante Tuguic (Airforce) - Ambato, Tinglayan, Kalinga
9. Ladyong, Catabay Dao-ang (Army) - Mabilong, Lubuagan, Kalinga

10. Limagen, Jessie Will Osdeg (Army) - Lubugan, Kalinga
11. Lugao, Alvin Kinao (Army) - Cabaruan, Tabuk City, Kalinga
12. Sayod, Irwin Bitao (Airforce) - Poblacion, Tinglayan, Kalinga

Congratulations to all "Masidlawin" Class 2020 graduate with your remarkable achievement. 

"Masidlawin" stands for Mandirigmang Isinilang na may Dangal at Lakas Upang Maging Tanglaw ng Inang Bayan.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kalinga cop donates P50,000 intended for his wedding to PNP's 'Adopt a Family Program'

Photo Courtesy || PNP Cordillera
Cordillera - A young policeman in Kalinga had decided to donate his hard-earned money that he kept for his wedding day to the Philippine National Police's (PNP) Adopt a Family or Rectang Bayanihan' fund for the people of Kalinga. 

Patrolman John Cleveland A. Pannogan and Ms. Nannete C. Velasco schedule their wedding ceremony this coming June but due to this Covid-19 pandemic, the would be couple canceled the said wedding and the money (P50,000) allotted  was voluntarily and full-heartedly donated to the "Adopt a family" fund.

The "Adopt a Family" program aims to encourage PNP personnel to help families who are in need of basic food commodities and necessary supplies during the Enhanced Community Quarantine period.

The would be couple will be looking forward for a memorable and successful celebration of their love once this crisis will be over. 

The 2nd Kalinga Provincial Mobile Force Company under the leadership of PLTCOL Igan P. Ballangan salute and hailed this young police officer for his generosity.

The Mobile Force Company is encouraging other constituents who have more in life to share God's blessings to help those in need during crisis.

Kudos to sir Pannogan and may the Lord bless you abundantly and guide you through a successful wedding plan in the future.

The people of Kalinga will surely remember your generosity. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kalinga teacher braves dangerous hanging bridge and mountains daily to reach her students

Photo Courtesy || Front Row
A teacher from Kalinga has to hike muddy mountain trails and cross a perilous hanging bridge to reach her school everyday.  
The hanging bridge that teacher Maribel, students and residents of Pinukpuk, Kalinga was destroyed during typhoon Lawin back in 2016 but  was never repaired until today.

Everyone who wants to get to the other side of the mountain has no other choice than to cross this impassable bridge because their is no other way. The risk it takes in every step on the slippery bamboo and every grip on the rusty cable wire is like betting on your life.

It has been three years since she had her first assignment at an elementary school in a far flung village in Pinukpuk. What made her stay despite the struggles she has to endure in fulfilling her teaching career?

She could have taught within her comfort zone  or work near her house so she can spend more time with her family or even eat with them at home during lunch break. She could have worked in the city with less hassle on  transportation or applied for a teaching position abroad.

In her interview with Front Row, teacher Maribel shared what inspired her to keep her teaching job despite the sacrifices she has to make everyday to teach her classes. It is her passion to teach and her previous teachers were her great inspiration in following their footsteps.

Indeed, teaching and mentoring the next generation is teacher Maribel's way of life. May her story inspire the youth, spark some hope and encouragement to future teachers and give pride and honor to all those in the teaching field.

May the local government or other NGO's take notice and do something to help alleviate the struggles of the local residents of Pinukpuk, Kalingga. Three years has been long over due to fund for a repair or even a new hanging bridge.

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