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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Igorota elite PAF pilot operates the A-29B "Super Tucano" attack aircraft

Photo Courtesy || Bert Alangui

Cordillera - 2nd Lieutenant Lei Vannete Alangui, a proud Igorota from the Applai tribe of Sagada, Mt. Province is among the elite Philippine Air Force pilot that operates the A-29B "Super Tucano" attack aircraft. 

2Lt. Alangui, a registered nurse was a certified military pilot of the elite branch of the Philippine army after finishing rigorous 15-months of training in 2019.

The A-29B “Super Tucano” turboprop attack aircraft is built for the 15th Strike Wing mission “To conduct counterinsurgency and special warfare operations.”The A-29B Super Tucano’s global track record is clear; and equally clear was the fact that it was the right tool for the 15th Strike Wing of the Philippine Air Force and get into the hands to empower their ground operations against the New People’s Army (NPA) and the Abu Sayyaf Group.

This practical and affordable young attack aircraft is perfect for fighting enemy ground forces, with its durability, lightness, and long loiter time allowing it to remain close to the fight. With a "Too little for too much" reputation and a Cost Per Flight Hour (CPFH) of $1000, it is a cost-effective solution for the 15th Strike Wing.

The Super Tucano is highly interoperable with ground operations, maneuvering deftly in high temperatures and rugged terrain. Its ability to operate in close collaboration with ground forces makes it an ideal choice for the 15th Strike Wing's mission.

With a combat radius of 300 nautical miles, a top speed of 367 mph, and a range of up to 720 nautical miles, the A-29 turboprop attack aircraft is ideal for effective attacks in urban environments and other condensed combat situations.

In counterinsurgency operations, the A-29 can make a significant difference in a number of ways. By providing overhead fire support, the aircraft can identify and engage pockets of enemy fighters, reducing the need for ground troops to enter into direct combat. Additionally, the A-29 can serve as an intelligent node, providing targeted information and data regarding troop movements.

The A-29 has also been recommended by the USAF for use in the Afghan war due to the high cost of operating the A-10. Why spend resources on a costly aircraft when the A-29 can perform the same mission at a fraction of the cost?

With 12 years of service and thousands of combat flight hours, the A-29 has a proven record of success with 15 air forces around the world and counting. It is the go-to choice for close air support operations worldwide.



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