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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cordilleran culture of "Binnadang" manifested in search & retrieval operation of drowned 11-year old boy in Bontoc

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay

Cordillera - The Cordillerans in Bontoc, Mt. Province have once again proved the culture of the Kaigorotan called "Binnadang", "Og-ogfu" or Bayanihan is still alive. 

Such rich culture has led to the successful recovery of the body of an 11-year old boy who was drowned along the Chico River in Kadchog in the municipality of Bontoc on November 22, 2020. 

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay

After news of drowning incident, residents in central Bontoc and nearby barangays along the Chico river stopped their tasks and voluntarily gave in their valuable time to help in the search and retrieval operation.

According to a post from Francis Degay of Bontoc Tourism, other government agencies, barangay officials, village responders, private contractors lend their hands too. 

"Also, the  MPLGU thru the PDRRMO, MPPPO and Bontoc MPS , Bontoc LGU thru the Bontoc MHO,  DRRMO and Bontoc Emergency Response Team, BFP  and other agencies that were not mentioned in the fb sharing mobilized their response teams to assist in the crucial activity. The barangay officials and village responders and private contractors lend their hands, too. 

Photo Courtesy || Francis Degay
 In the evening of the first day, vehicle tires were burned, and some vehicles put on their lights  along the river bank to guide the responders. At the tragic site a generator owner lent his unit to supply current to the spot lamp. 

Two backhoes of a private contractor(s)  diverted the flow of water. The purpose was to control the strong current and decrease  the level of water in and below the tragic site.

Donations of in kind and cash started to pour. Some cooking and feeding stations were set up by  women and ladies at the river bank and sitio Chakchakan. Boys were mobilized to fetch water and carry heavy loads.

Second day. Volunteers increased tremendously in the morning. The responders combed the river from the incident site until sitio Latang and part of Tocucan, the last barangay of Bontoc toward the north. 

They concentrated most in two areas: a rock just below the accident site and the giant rock at Paling where spiraling current are noticed," Degay wrote.

After three days of non-stop search and retrieval operation, the body of Kyneihner Waggay Sawi was found floating on the Chico River in Sitio Alawey, Barangay Tococan, Bontoc.

We are saddened with your early departing Kyneihner however, we felt so much lifted in spirit seeing the cooperation of your kailyans who worked non-stop to find you. Your kailyans never leave you until you were finally found.



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