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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bontoc General hospital receives first-class, state-of-the-art CT SCAN from St. Luke's Medical Center

Photo Courtesy || Mountain Province PIO
Cordillera - Medical services to the people of Mountain Province is expected to be enhanced with the turnover of a CT (computed tomography) Scan machine to Bontoc General Hospital (BoGH) from St. Luke's Medical Center last February 28, 2019 according to Mountain Province PIO

Rt. Rev. Brent Harry W. Alawas said that Bontoc General Hospital is a lucky recipient of this first-class, state-of-the-art CT scan given by St Luke's Medical Center.

"There was quite a number of big hospitals that were competing for the CT Scan machine, which is not only an ordinary CT Scan but is considered first-class, state-or-the-art and which worth is close to a hundred million pesos," Bishop Alawas said. 

Ms. Emarfil Marie Q. Whale, the outreach program manager of St. Luke's Medical Center said that Bontoc General Hospital met all the criteria; thus, being the ultimate recipient of the CT Scan machine. She also thanked the office of the province's representative for readily providing transport for the machine. 

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"The process in bringing the machine to Bontoc seemed like a daunting task, but it had to be done because this will be of great assistance to the people of Mountain Province. It shall save time of travel, money and it will ensure that clients will be receiving better health services that Bontoc General Hospital can and will provide. Thank you Atty. Cyphine Maxcel Dalog for your assistance," she said during the turnover ceremony. 

"Through everyone's selflessness, a task which I thought was impossible due to the winding mountain paths was done and is now here for everyone to use. Today we are all witnesses to the improvements of the hospital and its increase in better health facilities not only for the people of Mountain Province but also for various provinces who may seek the services of the BoGH," she added.

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source || Mountain Province PIO FB page.


Lito Adiwang - a rising Cordilleran MMA champion

Photo Courtesy || Lito Adiwang FB
Cordillera - Considered as one of Team Lakay's rising MMA star in the pipeline, Lito Adiwang proved once again that he is going straight to becoming a world champion someday. 

The Baguio-based young fighter got his chance to join Rich Franklin's ONE Warrior Series and had his second big break when he floored down Alber Corrreia da Silva earlier in the first round during their encounter in Singapore yesterday. 
The 25-year old Adiwang used his unconventional way of attacking his opponent. His unanticipated assault followed by his blinding speed in punching made a big difference in the fight. 

He caught Silva with a big left straight causing Silva to recline to the canvas. Adiwang didn't miss his chance, he followed Silva to the ground and unloaded series of big punches forcing the referee to halt the fight in under 45-seconds. 

Adiwang's excellent performance gave yet another victory for La Trinidad-based MMA Gym Team Lakay. Adiwang now improved his record to 7-2. 

Will Adiwang be the next exciting fighter for Team Lakay and can follow the footstep of top-tier Team Lakay champions like ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard Folayang and ONE Interim Bantamweight World Champion Kevin Belingon? The big chance is there especially that he is under the careful watch and mentoring of one of the best coach Mark Sangiao. 

Watch Lito Adiwang's impressive performance below:

Monday, February 25, 2019

Baguio City as wedding capital of the Philippines
Cordillera - Couples planning to get married would want to choose Baguio City as the perfect venue for the most important day of their lives. Aside from being the Summer Capital and a premier tourists destination in the country, Baguio city is now becoming a wedding capital especially that the city council of Baguio has proposed an ordinance making it as honeymooner's haven of the north.

In fact the ordinance has already been approved on the first reading.

Baguio city has so many reasons to be declared as the wedding capital of the Philippines. The romantic scenery and the cool weather are almost perfect for couples to hold their wedding and spend their honeymoon. 

The city has so many establishments like beautiful hotels, food and wedding businesses that can cater to wedding needs. 

Also, as stipulated in the ordinance, many couples from different parts of the world often choose Baguio City to hold their important events because of the cool climate.

These are the reasons, Councilor Leandro B. Yangot, Jr, the author of the ordinance wanted Baguio to be declared as Honeymooner's Haven and wedding destination of the north. 

According to Yangot, the adoption of the measure is seen as one of the major drivers of the local economy as many of the hotels and business establishments would double their profits because of this ordinance.

Tax incentives would also be given to hotel owners and operators who are supportive to this program. A 10 percent exemption from payment of business taxes of their gross sales will be given to them if they hosted wedding and honeymoon events. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

La Trinidad to bake world-record giant strawberry cake to highlight Strawberry Festival 2019

Photo Courtesy || Shanon.ethan FB
Cordillera - Benguet's capital town La Trinidad is gearing up to rebuild a replica of the Guinness World  Record biggest strawberry short cake to highlight the upcoming Strawberry Festival set on March 4 to March 29, 2019

According to La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda, the giant strawberry cake will be a replica of the 2004 cake that gave the town the Guinness World Record for the biggest strawberry shortcake. 

The cake weighed 9,622.24 kilograms and was served to more than 10,000 persons.

The celebration of the upcoming Strawberry Festival aims to promote the town as the strawberry capital of the Philippines and hopes to encourage local and foreign tourists to visit the town. 

"This is also an avenue to promote, not only La Trinidad Strawberries but also the town's many other products which are derivatives of the berry while celebrating the town's cultural diversity and richness," Salda said during a press conference. 

Last two years ago, the town has baked the first replica of the giant cake with the measurement of 1.5 meters high by 1.8 meters wide by 2.5 meters long and weighs at 2.5 tons. 

This year, the town will showcase the award-winning cake with the same design and the same measurement. 

 The ingredients to be used in the making of the cake are:

225 kilos of butter,
275 kilos of fresh strawberries,
325 kilos of sugar, 
225 kilos of fresh eggs, 
175 kilos of milk,
425 kilos of all-purpose flour, 
2.5 kilos of baking powder,
5 kilos of baking soda,
7.5 kilos of vinegar, 
15 kilos of strawberry flavor, 
500 kilos of whip cream,
and 10 kilos of food coloring.

The total cost of the cake is Php500,000 and it can make 500 pans which when sliced will make 16,000 slices. 

Cake lovers can have a taste of the cake on March 23, starting at 11 a.m at the Lednicky hall in the municipal building. 

There will be a free 50 slices to be served and the succeeding slices will be sold at Php20.00 per slice.

Funds from the cake is going to pay for the expenses of the organizers. 

source || pna

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Amazing Abra: Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Abra 2019

Contributed By: Daniel's Eco-Travels

Abra, just like Kalinga, stands witness to the historic struggle of the people against corporate aggression. During the Marcos regime, they valiantly resisted the Cellophil Resource Corporation from logging their mountains. Despite years of civil unrest and insurgencies, Abra is now rising to the scene as a premier ecotourism destination.

Yes, Abra offers more than its historic churches or cultural sites. Its vast landscape also hosts countless natural wonders waiting to be discovered. If sustainably managed, these could help boost the local economy while preserving the natural environment.
Without further ado, here are the top 20 must-see tourist spots of Abra.

1. Sapilang Falls (Bangued), Abra

Sapilang falls now greets and welcomes every nature lover to its rustic realm. From barangay Sagap, it takes around 30 minutes of quite easy trek to get here, passing across forested trails. Oh, you will also be crossing a river so expect your feet to get wet. The falls are called because they cascade on one place. However, they are not identical. The first falls to see is tall, thin, and has multi-layers. The second falls, on the other hand, descends on a broad and bare rockface. This can be climbed. This waterfall has an extension which cannot be seen from below. By the way, one must register at the barangay captain’s house upon arriving in Sagap. As of press time, the guide fee is 200 pesos.

2. Kaparnakan Fall (Tineg), Abra
This is perhaps one of the most famous tourist spots of Abra. Unlike most popular falls in the country, Tineg is bizarrely unique. It cascades on a terraced-like manner on bare limestone rocks. It has numerous pools along its broad stretch with crystal-clear water. According to the locals, the waters do not turn murky even during the rainy months. That is, because they emanate from an underground spring. Collectively, the falls measures around 500 meters high and 60 meters wide. The surrounding forests also add beauty to the sight. No wonders, some locals tag the place as “Mulawin.” By the way, Kaparnakan falls feeds the Tineg River.

3. Piwek Formation (Tineg), Abra

It is quite a challenge to get here. But the view and pleasure it gives is simply beyond words’ description. Biyahe ni Andrew once featured this among the tourist spots of Abra. Similar to Tinipak River in Rizal, Piwek Rock Formations are a cluster of white rocks and boulders along the river. The turquoise and clear waters of the river makes this even more alluring to visit.  The rock formations are becoming a popular jumping spots. The highest of which is around 11 meters. Well, the locals love jumping from this point. And many tourists tried it already.

4. Tagpew / Tagpao Falls (Tubo), Abra
Tagpew falls majestically on the face of a massive cliff. It measures around 120 meters high, making it one of the highest falls in Abra. To get here, one has to hike for three to five hours from from sitio Batayan of barangay Alangtin. Thick pine forests cover much of the trail. To date, only a few locals and hunters glimpsed of the falls’ pristine beauty. By the way, Tagpao, in the local dialect, refers to a woman’s organ of copulation. According to the locals, the rock formation at the base of the waterfall resembles the shape of the said woman’s organ.

5. Kili Falls (Tubo), Abra 
One of the rising tourist spots in Abra, Kili falls projects a rejuvenating view. It is a small fall, measuring around 15 feet high. But don’t be deceived. The falls has a huge water volume and a powerful force that it formed a wide and very deep pool. Oh, this pool is inviting especially in the middle of the day. Its sparkling and crystal-clear waters offer a soothing bath or swim. The rocks surrounding the pool provide good jumping or diving platforms. There is also a nearby hot spring. Oh, the awesome sight of the falls and the rustic environment simply makes this spot a must-see for every nature lovers out there.
Continue to number Top 6 - 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Abra Here
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o Sources: Daniel's Eco-Travel Blog

Friday, February 22, 2019

LOOK: First 7-Eleven convenience store now open in Tabuk, Kalinga

Photo Courtesy || fujiyo sakai via Tabuk Life
Cordillera - Philippine biggest convenience store 7-Eleven has opened its first store in the city of Tabuk in Kalinga. 

The first ever branch of 7-Eleven convenience store is located along Quezon St. in Dagupan, Tabuk City. 

Kalinga Province Jocel Baac, Tabuk City Mayor Ferdinand Tubban, and Vice Mayor Darwin Estranero lead the grand opening on Saturday.

Photo Courtesy || fujiyo sakai via Tabuk Life

Photo Courtesy || fujiyo sakai via Tabuk Life

7-Eleven Inc. is a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores. It sells different kind of foods ranging from snacks, hot and cold beverages, different beauty products, personal care products and so much more. 

7-Eleven is generally open 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

The 7-Eleven brand is known and loved around the world because it focuses in making life easier for customers. Almost anything people needs and wants can be bought in the store without going to big supermarkets and malls. 

In the Philippines, 7-Eleven is run by the Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC). Its first store was opened in 1984 in Quezon City. 

As of 2017, 7-Eleven stores has reached over 2,285 branches all over the Philippines. It has helped hundreds of Filipinos by providing them jobs as clerks, managers and store keepers. 

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It has also helped many Filipino entrepreneurs to own a business by offering them a franchise business where they provide world-class training and support to the franchisee. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Danny Kingad now officially part of ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix - ONE CEO announced

Photo Courtesy || Chatri Sidyothong FB
Cordillera - Cordilleran MMA fighter Danny "The King" Kingad is now officially part of the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix contest as ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodthong announced in his FB account the line-up fight for the said event. 

"BREAKING NEWS: The ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix kicks of at ONE: A New Era on March 31 in Tokyo, featuring all quarterfinal fights with some of the best flyweights on the planet together! BOOM!!!
Stay tuned for more big news"

That was the announcement of ONE CEO Chatri Sidyothong in his Facebook Page on Thursday (Feb. 21, 2019). 

It would be a 'wish came true' for the Cordilleran fighter as he was looking for this opportunity to be part of Grand Prix where he is going to showcase the best of himself to earn a title in the sport. 

In an interview from local media, Kingad said he was very excited to showcase his talent against the best in his division. 

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Now that he is part of the event, he said he will be doubling his efforts and will train harder.

"I am very excited to showcase my talent against the best in my division. Expect me to double my efforts and to train harder now that I'm already part of the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix," Kingad said.

"I am looking forward to fighting the top talent and earning that world title. I think everybody has the right to earn their spot, and I'm here to earn my spot," he added. 

On March 31, Kingad will be facing Hawaii based fighter Andrew Leone. 

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Andrew Leone was a former foe of Kingad's team mate Kevin Belingon. 

Leone suffered a brutal defeat in the hands of Belingon during their encounter last year via 2nd round TKO. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mt. Amuyao: Barlig’s premium eco-hiking destination

Contributed By: Daniel's Eco-Travels
View of sunrise at Mt. Amuyao.// Photo by Wow Barlig via Daniel's Eco-Travel
Mt Amuyao is the premium ecotourism destination of Barlig. Soaring to more than 2, 702 MASL, it is the highest peak in Mountain Province and the fourth highest in Luzon. Some sources, however, suggest that Mt Amuyao is 2, 862 MASL. If verified, this will make it to the top ten highest mountains in the Philippines.

Regardless of conflicting measurements, Mt Amuyao remains among the most popular hiking destinations in the country. It is both a cultural and ecological pride of Barlig. During the annual Fortan Festival, legends and folklore depicting the mountain are portrayed through traditional dances and plays. The locals even boldly proclaim, “When we speak of Mt Amuyao, we also speak about Barlig.”

On the Trail to Mt. Amuyao

Originally, there are two trails leading to Mt. Amuyao. However, the local government of Barlig closed the Batad-Mt. Amuyao trail for regeneration purposes. A new trail Mt. Amuyao to Ogo-og was also constructed. This now offers hikers the opportunity to explore the other barangays of Barlig especially those in Kadaclan cluster, known as the “Shangrila on the Edge.”.
Before hiking to Mt. Amuyao, tourists should register at the Municipal Tourism Office (MTO) of Barlig and pay 25 pesos each. A guide is also required for every five tourists. Fee per guide is 1,500 pesos for a day. If overnight is preferred, the guide fee is 2000 pesos. For every excess in the pack, 100 pesos is required each. Mt Amuyao is part of barangay Macalana. Thus, the it also collects an environmental fee of 50 pesos per person.
From Macalana, the trail will lead one along stone-walled terraces and pine forests. On the higher elevations, mossy forests dominate. The trail may be winding and steep on some parts, but the sights of orchids, mosses, and trees can relieve one’s exhaustion. Small, endemic birds are also usual sights. Moreover, there are two springs where hikers can stop for a drink. On a personal note, a slower pace would be preferable since you get to see and appreciate the natural wonders lining the trail.
All in all, the hike to Mt Amuyao can take three to five hours, depending on one’s pace.

When atop Mt Amuyao

View atop Mt. Amuyao on clear, sunny days.// Photo by Neo Jay Garcia via Daniel's Eco-Travel
The sights to see atop Mt Amuyao are every mountaineers dream. Foremost of which are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Stunning sea of clouds frequently appear. According to the locals, the best time to go to Mt Amuyao is just after the rains. They claim that the sea of cloud formations are at their best during these times.

On clear, sunny days, one can have a panoramic glimpse of the mountain ranges of Ifugao, Kalinga, Benguet and the distant plains of Isabela. Add to these the mountains of Barlig, carpeted in mossy and dipterocarp forests. Barlig, after all, is the last ecological frontier of Mountain Province.
During the summer months of March to April, the bonsai forest of Mt Amuyao comes in full bloom. Flowers of different colors spring in full display. Even white orchids can usually be spotted especially along the trails. Just like in Mt. Pulag, Mt. Amuyao has groves of mini-bamboos.
Because of the strategic location and height of Mt. Amuyao, both ABS-CBN and GMA established relay towers.

Extra-Sights to Visit Near Mt Amuyao

Visiting Mt. Amuyao may already be a fulfilling and rewarding hike. However, for those who want to try out other experiences, there are nearby spots in Barlig. These include the hot springs and waterfalls of sitios Allob and Mornang, Tomallan Falls, Wangcharlin Falls, the multi-layered Monkingub Falls, Rock of Ages, Lake Tufub, Siblaw Taraw Quicksand and others. Some of these, however, are only accessible along hunter’s trails. Thus, a guide is always recommended if one wishes to gaze on these.
For more information on the tourism spots in Barlig, you may read this article, Top Ten Places to Visit in Barlig.

How to Get to Barlig:

Bontoc, capital town of Mountain Province, is the jump-off point to Barlig. There are two regular jeep departures to Barlig central namely, 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. The jeepney station is located along the All Saints Cathedral. I advise tourists, however, to be at the station at least 30 minutes before the departure since the jeeps are usually filled to capacity.

Where to Stay/Eat in Barlig:

Travelers or visitors may stay at Halfway Inn and Restaurant (Rate: 200 per head/ night); Seaworld Inn (Rate: 200 per head/night); Cozy Nook and Cafe (Rate: 300 per head/night, with hot shower). There are several stores which sell basic commodities. Other dining in Barlig central are Hanjo Cafe and Loloped’s Eatery.
By the way, Globe is the only existing network in Barlig central.

Barlig Tourism Office Guidelines:

  1. Register at the Tourism Office and PNP Station.
  2. Pay the registration fee of 25 pesos individually at the Treasury Office on weekdays and at the Tourism Office on weekends.
  3. Tourism office will assign a tour guide for the tourist.
  4. Tour guide will accompany the tourist to the designated barangay (Macalana) to pay the environmental fee of 50 pesos individually.
  5. The group will then proceed to their destination.

For your information needs:

If you need further information that may help in setting up your itinerary, simply ask them on the comment section below. You can also message us on our facebook page namely, Daniel’s Eco-Travels. I will be more than glad and willing to answer them whenever I can:)
You may also message the tourism office on their facebook page called, Barlig Tourism. Or contact Mr. Jess Valdez, Acting Tourism Officer, through his no: 0995 362 6488 or email him at

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Photo Sources: Daniel's Eco-Travel Blog

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Undefeated Ifugao boxer Carl Jammes Martin knocks out Thai foe in 3rd round.

Photo Courtesy || Carljammeswonderboy Martin
Cordillera - Promising young boxer from Ifugao  proved once again that he has the power punch of a champion after defeating his Thai opponent just before the end of the 3rd round. 

The 19-year old Martin didn't give any chances for the veteran Thai champion to dominate the fight as he scored two knockdowns in the first round and in the third round before finally ending the fight with TKO near the end of the third round.

Martin has now improved his undefeated record with 12 wins with all 11 wins coming by way of TKO.

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The young boxer is a native of Lagawe, Ifugao and had been training under his new coach Gerry Penalosa who is giving him a push in his career after his brother Abel asked help from Gerry to allow him to train in his gym after the gym where Martin used to train were destroyed by Typhoon Rosita. 

Peñalosa  donated three pairs of boxing shoes and two heavy bags to Martin  for his training. 

According to Peñalosa, Martin's explosiveness and left-handed punch reminds him of Manny Pacquiao's power. 

"The kid has charisma. He's not hard to talk to. Carl is explosive and left-handed. He reminds me of Manny and has tremendous power. What he lacks is experience. We won't rush him. We'll test him and bring him up slowly. By next year, he could be ready for a world title shot." Peñalosa said. 

At a young age, Martin revealed that Manny, Penalosa, and Z Gorres are his idols. Since he was a kid, he loves boxing and he hopes that one day, he'll make a name for himself in the ring as a champion as well. 

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Like his cousin Stephen Loman, who is now a famous MMA fighter under Brave Combat Federation and his town mate Kevin Belingon under ONE Championship, Martin will soon become a new Cordilleran champion. 


Igorota MMA fighter Gina Iniong wins at ONE: Clash of Legends in Bangkok

Photo Courtesy || ONE Championship

Cordillera - Team Lakay's female MMA fighter Gina "The Conviction" Iniong proved herself to be the better fighter tonight as she defeated her Malaysian foe Jihin "Shadow Cat' Radzuan at the ONE: Clash of Legends held in Bangkok, Thailand. 

29-year old Iniong from Baguio City showed greater experience in the ring as she outpoints her younger opponent from Malaysia.

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After three rounds in the cage, all three judges scored the fight via split decision declaring the Igorota from Cordillera the winner. 

Iniong has now improves her professional MMA record with eight (8) wins and four (4) losses. 

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ONE: Clash of Legends is the first ONE Championship bout to be held in Thailand this year featuring Muay Thai fights and Mixed Martial Bouts including Iniong VS. Radzuan in the women's atomweight division.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Important guidelines for tourists visiting beautiful town of SAGADA

Photo Courtesy || Bftamp Guides
Cordillera - The beautiful town of Sagada and its humble people are welcoming tourists around the world to come and visit their place and experience the unique culture of their people.

But before you pack your things and go to their place, the local government wanted to remind you of these simple guidelines that you should keep in mind when in Sagada.

Sagada's town mayor Mr. James Pooten issued these guidelines for tourists via the Philippine News Agency website.

All visitors are required to register at the tourism office where they pay certain fees like the environmental fee and guide fee among other fees.

"Travel agencies, groups, and individuals must register for the tours at the Tourist Information Office (TIO)," Pooten said.

He reminded the tourists to bring their official receipt with them which will serve as their entrance pass to the tourism sites.

Visitors who would like to visit the Echo Valley, Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave don't need to bring their car with them because the place is near and only require short walks. They can leave their cars at the designated parking area.

"Fetching of tourist is only allowed from Sumaguing cave back to the town center. There will be no designated parking space near the cave," Pooten added.

He said all tourist vehicles, whether private or government-owned, are required to park their vehicles during their stay in Sagada at their hotel parking or in pay parking areas.

"Only local transport shall be allowed to ferry tourist to identified sites. Registered municipal tourist shuttle will have one general line up stationed at the Tourist Information Center," he said, noting that this would assure that all tourists are accounted for and are safely back at their lodgings at night.

For accommodations, Pooten said that only LGU and Department of Tourism (DOT) accredited inns, hotels or home stays under the Sagada Inns and Hotels Association (SIHA) will be allowed to operate as accommodations.

These establishments must follow the standard pricing, he added.

Regarding waste management, Pooten said tourist are encouraged to bring their own refillable water tumblers and discourage from using plastic bottles.

Pooten also remind tourist to respect Sagada's culture especially when visiting sacred sites and participating in the local rituals.

"Please respect the culture. Keep a distance from rituals or any sacred sites. Do not touch or disturb coffins or burial sites. Do not attempt to join or film any rituals without direct permission from the presiding elders," he said.

"Do not disturb mass in the church or shoot videos/photos in or around the church during mass," Pooten added.

Sagada has so many places to spend time during the holidays and it's one of the most visited places in the Cordillera especially this coming months where a lot of festivals will be celebrated.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

9 Cordilleran policemen receive award for their hard work, cooperation and perseverance

Photo Courtesy || PIA - CAR
Cordillera - Nine Cordilleran police from different municipalities were awarded medals for their cooperation, hard work and perseverance.

Two different police medals were awarded to them. These are the Medalya ng Kalingan and Medalya ng Papuri.

The Medalya ng Kagalingan was awarded to Supt. Radino S. Belly, Senior Police Officer 2 Geofrey Langbayan, and SPO1 Benafin Dacuyong Jr. 

The cops received award after a successful anti-illegal drug operation that resulted in the confiscation of illegal drugs worth more than 3 million pesos in Kayapa, Bakun and Tacadang, Kibungan, Benguet last month.

TRENDING: NAPOLCOM says Cordilleran cops among most disciplined law enforcers in the country

Another Cordilleran cops who received the same award are Sr. Insp. Edwin Sergio, SPO1 Melvin Llanes, and SPO1 Arsenio Vidal, for serving a search warrant against Jomar Barbosa Puruggganan and the confiscation of 21 sachets valued at P102,690.20 during a drug bust on Feb. 1 in Sitio Pacpaco.


Cordilleran Police Chief Supt. Empiso is the new head of PNP Special Action Force (SAF)

Ibaloi PNP-SAF presented exemplary award by President Duterte

Meanwhile, the Medalya ng Papuri was given to Insp. Nicasio Sacliwan, SPO3 Washington Kitongan and SPO2 Prudencio Tinong, for the arrest of Real Gold Boclongan Olsim, and Celso Bayongan Capuyan, who were arrested of illegal-drugs worth P17,043.52 in Purok Datu, Bulanao, Tabuk City Kalinga in January.

source ||


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

NAPOLCOM says Cordilleran cops among most disciplined law enforcers in the country

Photo Courtesy || Pnp Cordillera
Cordillera - The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) listed cops from the Cordillera Administrative Region were among the country's most disciplined law enforcers.

The assessment report by NAPOLCOM which was released by the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) of the Police Regional Office-Cordillera (PRO-COR) stated that Cordillera policemen were included in the country's top three most discipline cops.

The reason according to RIAS-CAR director Senior Superintendent Jimmy Catanes is that only 1.6 percent from the 6,224-strong regional police force have been subjected to charges ranging from simple to grave offenses only. 

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According to Catanes, this is so far the lowest ratios of policemen being charged among all the 17 regional police offices. 

"We are proud of our law enforcers from the Cordillera because of their professionalism in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities to serve and protect the people. We observed that law enforcers from the region are faring well compared to their counterparts from other regions, especially when it comes to discipline," Catanes said.

In order for this good reputation to continue, Catanes urged the public to help them in removing those so-called police "scalawags" who are  putting bad image to the police force by reporting them to the concerned authorities. 

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Last year Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde urged the police to never slow down in their works which requires deep commitment, dedication to duties in order to keep the community safe and peaceful.

"As Chief PNP, I want to underscore the fact that under my term, we will not leave no stones unturned in addressing the nation's peace and order problems particularly on illegals drugs and crime, as well as police scalawags," Albayalde said.

LATEST STORY: 9 Cordilleran police receives medals for their hard work, cooperation and perseverance

He repeatedly emphasized the importance of discipline in the ranks of the police as he sent the message to all commanders that they are responsible for disciplining their personnel.

WATCH: Cordillera Singing Cops
source ||


Monday, February 11, 2019

Forbes picks 2 Igorot Martial Artists as Pacquiao's Successor

Cordillera - Two Igorot martial artists are among the list of famous Filipino world champions in the Philippine combat sports that international business magazine Forbes picked as Pacquiao's successor once he hangs up his gloves for good. 

According to Forbes, it listed Eduard "The Landslide" Folayang and Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon among the possible fighters that could be in a position to succeed Pacquiao as the new face of Filipino combat sports. 

Photo Courtesy || One Championship
Folayang has all the reasons to be in the list as Forbes says:

"He's currently in this second run as champion and he has been tabbed to main event his promotion's biggest show of the year on March 31 in Japan. Folayang will face Japanese legend Shinya Aoki in a high-profile rematch..."

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"If he can reaffirm his dominance over Aoki and bring the ONE title back to the Philippines, his already sizable popularity in his country will grow even more. Folayang has long been compared to Pacquiao by many, including ONE CEO Chatri Sityodtong. Folayang has also said Pacquaio's career, success and way of life are part of what motivates him," Forbes added.

Another Igorot in the list is Belingon who currently holds ONE world bantamweight title. Belingon popularity in the world of combat sports is evident in his past fight where he defeated legendary Bibiano Fernandes via split decision during their second fight.
Photo Courtesy || Kevin Belingon
His speed and explosiveness are also comparable to Manny Pacquiao's style which he is known for. 

Belingon will be part of the ONE: NEW ERA card set for March where he is going to face Fernandes for the 3rd time. This fight will be a test for Belingon and a stepping stone for him to be in the Filipino MMA scene. 
"In March, the two men will have their rubber match. At 32, Belingon is younger than Folayang, but he needs a second win over Fernandes to entrench himself in the Filipino MMA scene and to be further established as one of the truly elite in his promotion and across the entire MMA scene." Forbes said.

The other three Filipino fighters included in the Forbes' list are Erwin Ancajas, Jhack Tepora and Michael Dasmarinas. 

source || Forbes

Philippine Airlines (PAL) eyes to serve flights to-and-from Baguio

Cordillera - Visitors who want to visit the summer capital of the Philippines for a vacation may soon have the option to go by plane as soon as the Loakan airport re-opens for airlines. 

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has expressed its willingness to open flight to-and-from Baguio once the Loakan airport is going to be rehabilitated and reopened.
According to a report from Inquirer, Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia relayed what the Civil Aviation of the Philippines (CAAP) said that the Loakan airport "needs improvements for safety purposes" before it can be used for commercial flights. 

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Pernia said that PAL is willing to open it's flights to the country's summer capital once the Loakan airport reopens and when CAAP gives the go signal to operate. 

The opening of the Loakan airport could reduce the travel time going to Baguio from Manila and vice versa. 

Currently, the travel time from Manila to Baguio by land is five to to eight hours considering traffic on the road compared to around 45 minutes if by plane.

The Loakan Airport is classified as class 2 principal airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and has been closed to commercial flights since 2009. The airport only serves chartered and military flights as of this moment.

With the plan of improving the airport to be able to accommodate commercial flights  presents considerable benefits for both businesses in the region as well as increase tourist arrivals in the Cordillera. 

The initial study conducted by RDC in 2013 had shown that the airport would not need  redesigning aside from the widening work to be made on its tarmac from the current 40 meters to 60 meters.

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