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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Kalinga soldier receives second highest combat medal from Pres. Duterte

Photo Courtesy || PCOO
Cordillera - A new recruit in the Philippine military who battled in Marawi back in 2017 were among the three recipients of the second highest military medal for combat. 

Private Jerry N. Wassig from Kalinga was awarded with the The Distinguished Conduct Star (DCS) which is the second highest military award in the Armed Forces. 

No other than President Rodrigo Duterte gave the award to Pvt. Wassig and two other soldiers Sgt. Arnel S. Alberto and Cpl. Roel P. Delos Reyes during the celebration of the Philippine Military 122nd Founding Anniversary on Thursday (March 21, 2019).

Pvt. Wassig was only 9 months in the military service when he was assigned to fight in Marawi in September 2017.

He served as the tail scout of the 1st Platoon of the 11th Scout Ranger Company tasked at confronting the enemies in battle and rescuing comrades who was fatally hit. 

Pvt. Wassig showed ultimate bravery in combat as he fearlessly crawled to the position of his comrades to rescue two casualties despite heavy gunfire exchange between the government forces and the Maute fighters. 
He was able to extricate his team leader first and later on his commanding officer "even as enemies continued to fire at his position". 

Pvt. Wassig risked his life three times to rescue his wounded comrades individually and his team leader.

"Imbued with profound sense of responsibility and dedication to duty, Private Wassig audaciously crawled inside a sewer upon seeing his commanding officer was fatally hit and his team leader's condition was slowly deteriorating," his citation read.

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Unknown said... deserve it sir.

Unknown said... deserve it sir.

Ni said...

Wow, we are very proud of you sir!!!

Unknown said...

Huge congrats sir. Kailyan pride of kalinga, mabuhay. And Godbless you.

Unknown said...

Congrats! yan ang kalinga brave mabuhay kakailian.

Anonymous said...

Salamat sa ating mga bayaning sundalo.

Unknown said...

Proud of you soldier! And congratulations! May the almighty God guide and protect you all soldiers. Mabuhay!

apollodr said...

Pvt Jerry N. Wassig is a story that movies should made out of. it exudes bravery and honor, compassion and respect, loyalty and patriotism all in one.

Manolito P. Orense said...

Salute to that, sir!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Welcome to the club brother.

Unknown said...

Congratz sgt..u deserve it..snappy salute!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats. Dapat may kasama pang spot promotion at 1 million pesos para lahat ng UP at NUP gumawa ng mabuti hindi gaya ng iba jan nakaupo lang at nagsasahod ng malaki lalo na mga buwaya lumalaki ulo at tiyan tapus abusado sa mamamayan.

Unknown said...

Congrats sir and Godbless

Bob said...

extra ordinary bravery, carry on soldier

Unknown said...

Ada kuma kena ni apo dios nga kanayon iyadayu naka ti disgracia.

Unknown said...


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