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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Amazing Abra: Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Abra 2019

Contributed By: Daniel's Eco-Travels

Abra, just like Kalinga, stands witness to the historic struggle of the people against corporate aggression. During the Marcos regime, they valiantly resisted the Cellophil Resource Corporation from logging their mountains. Despite years of civil unrest and insurgencies, Abra is now rising to the scene as a premier ecotourism destination.

Yes, Abra offers more than its historic churches or cultural sites. Its vast landscape also hosts countless natural wonders waiting to be discovered. If sustainably managed, these could help boost the local economy while preserving the natural environment.
Without further ado, here are the top 20 must-see tourist spots of Abra.

1. Sapilang Falls (Bangued), Abra

Sapilang falls now greets and welcomes every nature lover to its rustic realm. From barangay Sagap, it takes around 30 minutes of quite easy trek to get here, passing across forested trails. Oh, you will also be crossing a river so expect your feet to get wet. The falls are called because they cascade on one place. However, they are not identical. The first falls to see is tall, thin, and has multi-layers. The second falls, on the other hand, descends on a broad and bare rockface. This can be climbed. This waterfall has an extension which cannot be seen from below. By the way, one must register at the barangay captain’s house upon arriving in Sagap. As of press time, the guide fee is 200 pesos.

2. Kaparnakan Fall (Tineg), Abra
This is perhaps one of the most famous tourist spots of Abra. Unlike most popular falls in the country, Tineg is bizarrely unique. It cascades on a terraced-like manner on bare limestone rocks. It has numerous pools along its broad stretch with crystal-clear water. According to the locals, the waters do not turn murky even during the rainy months. That is, because they emanate from an underground spring. Collectively, the falls measures around 500 meters high and 60 meters wide. The surrounding forests also add beauty to the sight. No wonders, some locals tag the place as “Mulawin.” By the way, Kaparnakan falls feeds the Tineg River.

3. Piwek Formation (Tineg), Abra

It is quite a challenge to get here. But the view and pleasure it gives is simply beyond words’ description. Biyahe ni Andrew once featured this among the tourist spots of Abra. Similar to Tinipak River in Rizal, Piwek Rock Formations are a cluster of white rocks and boulders along the river. The turquoise and clear waters of the river makes this even more alluring to visit.  The rock formations are becoming a popular jumping spots. The highest of which is around 11 meters. Well, the locals love jumping from this point. And many tourists tried it already.

4. Tagpew / Tagpao Falls (Tubo), Abra
Tagpew falls majestically on the face of a massive cliff. It measures around 120 meters high, making it one of the highest falls in Abra. To get here, one has to hike for three to five hours from from sitio Batayan of barangay Alangtin. Thick pine forests cover much of the trail. To date, only a few locals and hunters glimpsed of the falls’ pristine beauty. By the way, Tagpao, in the local dialect, refers to a woman’s organ of copulation. According to the locals, the rock formation at the base of the waterfall resembles the shape of the said woman’s organ.

5. Kili Falls (Tubo), Abra 
One of the rising tourist spots in Abra, Kili falls projects a rejuvenating view. It is a small fall, measuring around 15 feet high. But don’t be deceived. The falls has a huge water volume and a powerful force that it formed a wide and very deep pool. Oh, this pool is inviting especially in the middle of the day. Its sparkling and crystal-clear waters offer a soothing bath or swim. The rocks surrounding the pool provide good jumping or diving platforms. There is also a nearby hot spring. Oh, the awesome sight of the falls and the rustic environment simply makes this spot a must-see for every nature lovers out there.
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