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Friday, April 24, 2020

Ifugao Scout Ranger Officer Ruben Guinolbay recommended AFP Medal of Valor

Photo Courtesy || Youlike Cordillera & Capt. Guinolbay
Cordillera - Captain Ruben Buyucan Guinolbay, who lead the 70 men Scout Rangers in defending the town of Lamitan from the deadly attack of the Abusayaf group back in 2001, was recommended for a Medal of Valor, the country's highest military award. 

He was also responsible for leading his men in the successful rescue of Father Nacorda who was held hostage by the group in 2001. 

The Cordilleran captain who traces his roots from Boliwong, Lagawae, Ifugao was awarded Medal of Valor for displaying courage and leadership in defending and saving the lives of the people of Lamitan, Basilan.

Capt. Guinolbay bravery in battle was never forgotten. 

During the heavy battle in Lamitan, 4 of his Rangers were killed and several were wounded. 

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Guinolbay personally dragged many of his men to safety and ministered to the wounded. All 4 of his men died in his shoulder and 3 of them asked his permission to die and the last Ranger who was hit in the head was carried by Capt. Guinolbay and while putting back the spilling brains of the dead Ranger in his own pocket while's he's shouting and giving instructions to his men to gain morale in combat.

Capt. Guinolbay did not order his men to hold the line instead he ordered constant attack to the enemies while standing alone in the battle ground to show his men that the snipers and the mortars of the enemy will not hit him, according to Carlito Pablo or Inquirer.

"Hindi na iba sa akin yung mga tao ko, kapamilya na ang turing ko sa kanila, magkasama na kami sa hirap at ginhawa. Ang pinakamasakit sa lahat at yung mamatay na yung tao mo tapos ang unang tatawagin ay ang opisyal nya tapos sasabihin sayo na: Sir kahit anong mangyari, paparatingin niyo ang katawan ko sa pamilya ko!," said Capt. Guinolbay.

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Capt. Guinolbay was a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class 94. 

He completed his Scout Ranger Course and became the Top 1 of his Class. He was later sent to Fort Benning in America to train in one of the best Airborne Rangers School. 

source || Carlito Pablo; Inquirer.


Rene Vitorio said...

Congratulations Capt. Guinolbay. You fully deserve the accolade. Pride of the North. Keep it up sir.

Anonymous said...

To the Gallant Col Ruben B. Guinolbay, we SALUTE you Sir! " Col Pire Duro! "

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