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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Igorot soldier in Marawi puts his life in danger, talks face to face with terrorists to free hostages

Photo Credit: Josephine Jaron Codilla FB page
Cordillera - An ultimate display of heroism by an Igorot soldier fighting in Marawi has gone viral on social media after his story was posted by Josephine Jaron Codilla about his gallantry and heroism during an intense battle in the warn torn Marawi City.

The Igorot soldier is Captain Jeff Buada from Tuba, Benguet, a member of PMA Maragtas Class 2007 and currently assigned in the 15th Scout Ranger Company.

According to the post of Ms. Codilla, Captain Buada did what he think will save the lives of the hostages including the wounded soldiers.

"He literally put his life on the line to rescue hostages by removing his helmet, putting down his firearm and urging hard core terrorist face-to-face to free their hostages and allow the soldiers to bring the wounded to the hospital," Codilla wrote.

Captain Buada also "requested all the units behind him to cease fire, to put off the engines of tanks in order not to agitate the enemies, many of whom were in a state of war shock".
His action has resulted in the successful rescue of many women and children before the fighting resumed.

"To me, the ultimate act of gallantry and heroism was displayed yesterday by someone who deserves maybe even more than the Medal of Valor," Codilla added.

Meanwhile, the wife of Captain Buada cried when she learned the heroism done by his husband in Marawi and she was very proud of him as a soldier serving the country.

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She revealed that Captain Buada has only a month recovering from a knee injury caused by a bullet that hit him during the previous fight in Marawi, but returned to to the battle zone to see his men and continue the fight.

The continued gallantry of Filipino soldiers in Marawi has led to the killing of Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute.

The efforts and the bravery of our soldiers will never be forgotten and also those who died serving the country.



  1. We're proud of you sir! ...God bless all the soldiers risking their lives for peace.

  2. Salute sir,GOD will always protect you matago,mabiag,mampteng jen agew tayon emen

  3. What an honorable act of courage. Thank you Captain Buada

  4. Praises & Thanks God our Heavenly Father Almighty for blessing with Safety,Protection,good Health and guidance all our Phil Govt Soldiers esp those in the battlefield...AMEN..

  5. Let's include these fighting soldiers in our prayers including their families.

  6. Salute u sir.👊👏job well done..

  7. We salute you in the name of our God the most high who protect you all. Thank you for being brave n courageous serving the peoples heartedly as well putting your life at risk for the sakes of many life's to safe..mabuhay po kayo mga Kababayan soldiers are really heroes.

  8. Mabuhay po kayo Kababayan to God be all glory. Godbless you all the more


  10. I am dumbfounded! What a sterling story of heroism and courage!

  11. God bless you Sir and your family icluding all the soldiers fighting for their country!! Proud Igo is here❤️

  12. May God protect and cover you with all your battles.... Salute you sir.... May Philippines have peace more more battles.....

  13. When calking is fome God is there..courage and bravery.. salute Soldier

  14. Salute to u sir and to all soldiers hu have been fighting for the safety of everyone.. W/ all all ur efforts and heroism, lots of us can sleep at nyt soundly and walk during d day w/o d fear of being gun shot nor bombed... Bedisyon t apo knyayu amin...


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