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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Unique wedding in Benguet goes viral for using vegetable as decor

Photo Courtesy || Claver and Fleann Molot

Cordillera - A couple in Benguet had a unique decoration plan on their wedding day. Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, they used readily available vegetable to decorate their wedding venue.

When Claver and Flean Molot finally tied the knot at the San Jose Parish Church in La Trinidad, a photo of their wedding ceremony was captured and became viral online.

Netizens loved the decorations and began sharing the photo online. It also became a news clip on the Philippines' largest television network.

The decoration of the wedding is really unique. Aside from the usual flowers, the couple decided to make the vegetables as their main wedding decor. The vegetables which include huge heads of cabbage and Chinese pechay were laid as decor on their wedding altar. Broccoli and cauliflower were also used as decorations for the aisle.

According to the couple, it was their aunt's idea to incorporate vegetables on their wedding. 

After the wedding, the couple decided to give it to  friends and relatives who attended their wedding ceremony.

Benguet province is known to be the main supplier of vegetables in the country. It supplies 80% of the entire vegetables being consumed by Filipinos. 


Kate said...

This is interesting I am currently researching for bridal fair 2020 Philippines for my sister. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kevin Nelson said...

Always take a look at the providers in your region when finding one that is reputable. Most venues will even be able to recommend a few local firms, so consult with them first and foremost.

Exi said...

maganda sana kung repolyo din ung boquet :)

Exi said...

very creative and it's beautiful.

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