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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Canadian vlogger says Sagada and Kalinga are the most beautiful places he had visited in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino FB

Cordillera - A triumphant and memorable journey from the south all the way to the north passing through seas and mountains, Kyle Jennerman or popularly known as 'Kulas' had successfully concluded his road adventure in Batanes using his motorcycle he named 'Cindy'. 

When he arrived in Batanes, he was met by Rated K TV crew and conduct a short interview about his journey. 

When asked about his top 5 most memorable places in the Philippines, Sagada and Kalinga are his top one choice. The reason - the views of Sagada and Kalinga are incredible. 

"We literally drove from Manila up to Sagada and then Sagada to Kalinga. Sobrang malaki ang mountains, crazy roads but the views are incredible", Kulas said. 

In his travel diary in his BecomingFilipino Facebook Page, he shared what he learned about the Apayao Province. 

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"Driving trough Cagayan Valley, I realized I was near the Provincial Capital of Apayao. So, I decided to take a little detour. Even though I haven't explore the Province, it was great to learn a little and better understand just how big and diverse Luzon is! Did you know that Apayao is only 23 years old, and split from "Kaling-Apayao".

Yup, nestled away amongst  farmland on the foothills of massive mountains...Apayao's Provincial Capital kind of looks like a heart. Make sense! Because for the brief moments I spent there a lot of love was thrown at me...

It was such as beautiful simple experience outside the Capital, and without a doubt it made me the future I MUST explore this Province in the mountains."

Staying in Sagada is an incredible experience for Kulas. The cool temperatures and natural climate, the delicious local brewed coffee and Blueberries and the hospitality of the people, these are all the things Kulas will never forget about the town of Sagada. 

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"Sagada, your environment is incredible, and you offer so many simple things that truly add comfort and happiness to days spent in your charming town", Kulas wrote in his FB page. 



Unknown said...

Hello Kulas (Kyle Jennerman), Being an immigrant Canadian living in Cowichan valley, Vancouver Island and coming from Kalinga, I thank you for Choosing Kalinga and Sagada as one of those beautiful places you have seen. My friend Tessie Fumerton of Nanaimo is an avid fan of yours and keep on saying and recommending me to read your blog. She is so impressed of how you love our home country. I just opened my Kalinga facebook connection and there you are with your motor cycle. What a small world! Now I have read a little bit about you. You are such a unique young man and having a heck of your time living your life fully. You are an inspiration to empowering young people. You would be inspire and build confidence to young people if you could be a resource speaker to any youth conferences/workshops. We have an NGO operating in Kalinga and Apayao whose main purpose is education, empowerment, and many programs. Our old website: You might be interested to visit Kalinga again and join our youth group who are servicing the communities during summer doing literacy program. May you be blessed and be safe during your travel and exploring our country sides. Petra Durrance

Unknown said...

Hi dear Kulas, (Kyle Jennerman). I am currently living in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada. I am glad to see you visiting my homeplace Kalinga. Hoping to meet you soon one day in Canada.😉😊 Enjoy your journey. Take care

Unknown said...

Hi dear Kulas, (Kyle Jennerman). I am currently living in Richmond Hill,Ontario Canada. I am glad to see you visiting my homeplace Kalinga. Hoping to meet you soon one day in Canada. (Elnora Lopez)

Unknown said...

Thank u Kulas for your comment about Sagada (my mom's beautiful hometown)..It's a pleasure to share with u our native culture, beliefs, traditions, food and hospitality..Please do continue to inspire people..

Unknown said...

Hello.Kulas being a native ikalinga i am impressed of your appreciation of the beauty of our place much more if you try to reach the municipalities inside it.where you will experience the genuine practice of hospitality.come again friend.

Unknown said...

Welcome to kalinga sir kulas.. visit also lubo rice terraces as one of the beauty spot of tanudan..

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