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Saturday, March 13, 2021

WATCH: Kulas shows "biggest waterfall in the Philippines" located in Mankayan

Photo Courtesy || Kulas

Cordillera - Watch Becoming Filipino Kyle Jennerman or 'Kulas' as he shows us his first-hand experience travelling to 'Inudey' Falls located in Mankayan, Benguet. 

In his video, Kulas travels one of the most exciting mountain plateau in the Philippines. Using his drones, he captures the massive waterfall right on the boundary of Mt. Province and Benguet called the 'Inudey' Falls. 

According to the elders' story, Inudey falls is believed to be the tears from siblings "Gatan and Binayat" who cried endlessly out of sadness. 


Friday, September 25, 2020

Canadian and his Igorot friend take crazy motor adventure to see the best Philippine sunrise in Atok.

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino
Cordillera - When Kyle Jennerman or popularly called "Kulas" decided to visit Cordillera a few years back, he started his journey in Benguet. 

Joined with his Igorot friend, they took of a motorcycle ride and went straight up to the top of Mt. Timbak in Atok to see the best Philippine sunrise. 

He wrote, "I woke up early and found myself standing in a beautiful sunflower patch looking out towards Mt. Pulag and massive valleys. This was an incredible place to catch a sunrise."

"Then I met my new local Filipino friend Jerol, who joined me on a hilarious  scooter adventure up the side of of Mt. Timbak. Turns out this mountain is actually the 9th highest in the Philippines! It only took a little bit of walking, but we found ourselves totally immersed in beautiful views and lots or terraces of vegetables!, he added. 

"Benguet has so many good vibes, and I am making so many Filipino friends!" Kulas said.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

"People of the Mountains are full of beautiful energy...MUSICAL ENERGY" - Kulas

Photo Courtesy || BecomingFilipino FB
Cordillera - "I used to think that Igorots tended to be a bit more shy... but wow am I ever being proven wrong time and time again on this trip! Filipinos in the mountains are full of beautiful energy... MUSICAL ENERGY!"

These are the words by Canadian vlogger Kulas that he shared on social media when he visited Bedbed, Mankayan, Benguet and had a little time jamming with the Igorots by playing the gongs.

Kulas had an amazing experience learning to play the gongs in the mountains of the Cordilleras with the backdrop of vegetable gardens and rice fields.
Igorots are one of the most civilized people
He also met with a local blacksmith Marlon who showed him his workshop for fabricating hand made gongs.

Gongs had been the town's One Town, One Product and the municipality had manufactured the biggest gong in the Philippines which measures about 7 feet (2.133 meters) in  diameter and weighs 175 kilograms.

The construction of the gong signifies the town as the source of the best gong in the Philippines. 

Locals of Barangay, Bedbed fabricated gong made up of brass and bronze. 

Last year the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) put up a Gong Fabrication Facility and Equipment in the said barangay to make it easier for the locals to make gongs. 

Demand for gongs over the past years had been increasing mainly from token collectors with one gong priced at P8,000 to P27,000. 

Watch this video from 'Kulas' who went to Bedbed and documented what he learnt from one of the local manufacturer of gongs.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Canadian vlogger says Sagada and Kalinga are the most beautiful places he had visited in the Philippines

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino FB

Cordillera - A triumphant and memorable journey from the south all the way to the north passing through seas and mountains, Kyle Jennerman or popularly known as 'Kulas' had successfully concluded his road adventure in Batanes using his motorcycle he named 'Cindy'. 

When he arrived in Batanes, he was met by Rated K TV crew and conduct a short interview about his journey. 

When asked about his top 5 most memorable places in the Philippines, Sagada and Kalinga are his top one choice. The reason - the views of Sagada and Kalinga are incredible. 

"We literally drove from Manila up to Sagada and then Sagada to Kalinga. Sobrang malaki ang mountains, crazy roads but the views are incredible", Kulas said. 

In his travel diary in his BecomingFilipino Facebook Page, he shared what he learned about the Apayao Province. 

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"Driving trough Cagayan Valley, I realized I was near the Provincial Capital of Apayao. So, I decided to take a little detour. Even though I haven't explore the Province, it was great to learn a little and better understand just how big and diverse Luzon is! Did you know that Apayao is only 23 years old, and split from "Kaling-Apayao".

Yup, nestled away amongst  farmland on the foothills of massive mountains...Apayao's Provincial Capital kind of looks like a heart. Make sense! Because for the brief moments I spent there a lot of love was thrown at me...

It was such as beautiful simple experience outside the Capital, and without a doubt it made me the future I MUST explore this Province in the mountains."

Staying in Sagada is an incredible experience for Kulas. The cool temperatures and natural climate, the delicious local brewed coffee and Blueberries and the hospitality of the people, these are all the things Kulas will never forget about the town of Sagada. 

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"Sagada, your environment is incredible, and you offer so many simple things that truly add comfort and happiness to days spent in your charming town", Kulas wrote in his FB page. 


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