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Monday, May 20, 2019

WATCH: Canadian Vlogger "Kulas" travels to the vegetable terraces in Atok, Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino YT
Cordillera - Latest Update: Canadian vlogger begins his solo travel in the northern Philippines. In his latest video blog, he featured the beautiful vegetable terraces in Atok, Benguet.

Watch his video below:

Becoming Flipino travel vlogger Kyle Jennerman, or popularly known on YouTube as "Kulas" visited Baguio City this week and had his first-hand interaction with the Ibalois.

In his Facebook Post today, he wrote about his experience learning the Ibaloi language while he was in the city public market looking for locally cooked food for breakfast.

Kulas is known for his love interacting and talking with Filipino locals wherever he had the chance to. He wanted to learn and experience the culture of the different provinces in the Philippines especially in the southern part of the country.

This time around, he planned to go for a solo adventure in Central and Northern Luzon. His first destination is Baguio.

"Searching for breakfast, and wanting to understand a bit more about my surroundings... This morning I headed to the Baguio Public Market! After asking around, I found out there were some local carinderias squeezed in the middle of the market just nearby the strawberries", Kulas wrote on his Facebook post.

Finding a perfect spot to eat after choosing his 'adobong sitaw' for breakfast, he began his usual "chika-chika" moments with the "Ibaloi Titas" sitting beside him.

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Wanting to learn the language, Kulas started asking how to say phrases and words in the Ibaloi dialect.

"AWESOME! It was an overload of education. You see, all of the Titas around me and the one serving food were not from Baguio itself. They had come from various Municipalities around Benguet..." he wrote.

Although it's his first time to learn the Ibaloi dialect and struggled  pronouncing them, he was able to learn few phrases like "Mapteng ja agsapa" and proudly able to speak "Eses Mo Tita" when he left.

"For the next few minutes I tried, and I tried, and I tried... I was freaking hard trying to pronounce "Mapteng ja agsapa". Seriously, I failed big time!. Can you pronounce that?! But to make up for it... after finishing my meal I stood up and said: "Eses mo Tita"... Everyone smiled!", Kulas said.

"Tita knows best, and they certainly taught me a lot this morning during my local style breakfast in Baguio Public Market." he added.

Kulas is in the Cordillera region this week and probably be uploading some cool videos in his YouTube channel here:

Please follow his journey as he is one of the best vloggers and one of those foreigners who have genuine love for the Filipino people and their culture.



  1. Good job.. thanks for visiting our place. Hope you'll enjoy your tour. God Bless..

  2. Thank you kulas for visiting atok benguet my hometown..unfortunately now it's rainy season there..I was there 3 days ago came back here in clark pampanga coz I couldn't stand the cold..if only I knew you would come to atok, I could've joined you in your adventure...anyways..enjoy..dont forget to try "rice wine" or the "tapey" in kankanaey

  3. you very kind traveler my friend if you see this comment will you also come to our beautiful hometown its very cold they call little alaska from madaymen kibungan benguet proud to be kankana ey

  4. You can explore kapangan,benguet too..

  5. Explore Tacadang Kibungan Benguet



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