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Friday, November 30, 2018

Health Benefits of drinking "Tapuy": Cordillera's traditional rice wine

Photo Courtesy || PhilRice
You might have heard of  Tapuy when you visited Baguio or some places in the Cordilleras. You might have even tasted and got intrigued with this one-of-a-kind local drink. Stalls in major souvenir shops sell bottles of Tapuy in different varieties. The most popular one is the red rice wine. But, do you know the benefits you can get from drinking rice wine or Tapuy?

What is Tapuy/Tapey?

Tapuy is a traditional Cordilleran alcoholic beverage made from fermented steamed glutinous rice (red or white) and yeast (locally known as bubud). 

In Japan they call it sake, makgeolli in Korea and brem in Bali. Rice wine is a popular alcoholic drink in South East Asia. While Tapuy is the local wine in Cordillera.

Rice wine  isn't only used as a beverage but used in different cuisines as well.  Research studies conducted about rice wine suggested that it is beneficial for health in many ways.  But did you know that  Tapuy offers many  health benefits just the same? Tapuy contains essential amino acids, sugars and organic acids, as well as vitamins and minerals.

These are some of the health benefits of Tapuy you probably didn't know.

  • It promotes blood circulation.
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It improves immunity and metabolism.
  • It serves as an anti-bacterial substance.
  • It helps improve the skin's protective function or slows down the signs of aging by protecting the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • It helps with the destruction of free radicals that cause cancer.
  • It boosts stomach health because of  the presence of lactic acid bacteria which are considered probiotic.

Tapuy, specially the kind that was made from red glutinous rice offers anti-oxidant benefits. A study published in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation shows that "red rice wine is a new and healthier version" of Tapuy. The pigmented rice  was used in this particular wine which is an excellent source of anti-oxidant.

Photo Courtesy ||

Another interesting health benefits of rice wine is its anti-cancer potential. A study conducted by scientists from the Korean Food Research Institute discovered that dealcoholized rice wine could eliminate gastric cancer cells in mice. They found out that the size of gastric tumors was reduced after the mice were injected with non-alcoholic makgeoli mixture for 7 weeks. The study suggests that plant extract used in the drink have an anti-cancer effect. ( 

So, the next time you drop at your favourite souvenir shops in Baguio, grab a bottle of Tapuy and enjoy the health benefits that comes with it. Just remember to drink moderately and responsively. 


Benguet State University now ISO 9001:2015 certified

Cordillera - Benguet State University (BSU) had announced that it is now an ISO 9001:2015 certified university. 

The university has gone through numerous documenting and operational procedures to improve its Quality Management System, satisfy requirements of relevant interested parties, and provide quality education and innovative research aligned with sustainable development and client satisfaction.
The ISO (International Standards Organization) is an independent, non-governmental, international organization who promote worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. Specifically, the ISO 9001:2015 standard is an international recognition  given to organizations who implemented a rigorous and effective quality management system.

The ISO 9001 certification means that the university fulfilled the requirements in ISO 9001 and passed the evaluation of the university Quality Management System (QMS) in terms of effectiveness and the right implementation of improvements.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification came after the university followed the 24 Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) and recommendations presented by TUV Rheinland team led by Mary Grace Balobalo on October 22-23, 2018. 

Having this new standardization program, it provides the BSU many benefits  including better process integration, and improved staff and students engagement. It also helps in the better decision making, improvement of customer satisfaction and improvement in the credibility and image of the university.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Benguet province poised to become top producer of high value tomato in 2019

Photo || Pixabay
Cordillera - The province of Benguet will soon become the top producer of high value tomato in 2019 after a project called KSmart Project was launched by the Department of Agriculture to beef up the use of smart greenhouse.

DA Secretary Manny Pinol said a $2.43 million grant from the South Korean government will fund the KSmart greenhouse project. 
He said that 'eighteen units of Smart Greenhouses each capable of producing 18 metric-tons of salad tomatoes will be constructed in different locations in Benguet'. 

The said project will transform Benguet province not only a producer of sweet strawberries but also the country's biggest producer of high value tomato salad. 

The greenhouse project is one of the MOU signed between the Philippine government and the South Korean government in a bilateral meeting after President Duterte visited Korea early June this year. 

The memorandum of agreement was signed by Sec, Manny with the Korean Agency for Education and Public Information Service (EPIS) for the implementation of the Smart Greenhouse Program.

Sec.Manny and members of the Philippine delegation attended a training on Smart Agriculture that showcases Greenhouse farming in Chonju Province, South Korea. 


"The participants were impressed with modern farming technology where tomatoes grow on Coconut Peat imported from the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam," Pinol wrote on his FB page.

The DA secretary is committed to included in the 2020 DA budget an allocation for more greenhouses as soon as the project proves effective.

Biodegradable plastic bags made from potatoes: An innovation challenge for Cordillerans

Photo Courtesy || Bosigan Multipurpose Cooperative
Can we actually make plastic bags out of potatoes? Surprisingly, yes! There’s nothing impossible nowadays. Potatoes can be an answer to plastic pollution.

Did you know that a plastic bag from potato  was accidentally discovered by a twenty four year old Swedish designer Pontus Tornqvist? This kind of plastic is biodegradable and can actually decompose in soil in just two months compared to regular plastic which lasts for 450 years or more.

In fact, a plastic bag or wrapper made from potatoes can be edible. Imagine  buying your favorite treats in a plastic wrap or a soda drink  in a plastic container and straw made from potatoes. After consuming the goodies, you then proceed eating the wrappers or containers that came with it. That will be a huge help in solving plastic pollution because you reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastics.

Cutlery made from potato. Photo Courtesy || the Sun

The good thing is, Cordillera has an abundance of potatoes. One can use it for his pinikpikan dish and french fries 'merienda' and now it can be used to create plastic bags.

Now that a plastic bag and cutlery can be made from potatoes, Cordillerans can put those potatoes including those rejected ones into good use. Since the raw materials are locally available, it is an advantage for interested researchers and inventors to learn from Tornqvist's original idea with his existing invention, enhance his techniques  and come up with the same or other unique biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

Coming up with a valuable invention that can help solve people’s problems doesn’t need to have complicated materials, equipment or process. The Swedish Pontus Tornqvist used mainly potato starch, water and glycerol to make a thick mixture by heating then placed into molds then heated further until solid.
Pontus Tornqvist. Photo Courtesy || the Sun

The human inquisitive nature is just perfect for this kind of  innovation. Brilliant  Cordillerans may be able to make biodegradable plastic bags using different raw materials from their backyard, that  have similar texture and components with potatoes.

This is an environmental campaign to share awareness of what we can do to contribute in solving the problems that we now face regarding plastic pollution not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

The Philippines is one of the five countries that produce half of the world’s plastic waste with almost 7,000 tons of plastic wasted everyday which mostly ends up polluting bodies of water according to the 2015 report of Ocean Conservancy and McKinsey Center for Business and Environment.

It is such an alarming situation that 80 percent of pollution in the sea with eight million tons of plastic waste each year comes from the land as reported by the UN. This water pollution not only endangers but kills millions of marine life and destroys the marine ecosystem overtime. Worst, it affects the populace as well.

Different government Agencies and NGO's are looking into ways to reduce the negative impacts of plastic pollution and find a solution for this problem on the long run. The city of Baguio and other major cities in the country move to impose ban on single-use plastics as a support to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Since we all use plastic products and has become an integral part of our daily activities, we should be aware of the catastrophic threats this plastic pollution can do not only to the environment but to our health as well.

Some informed individuals are already taking part in preventing more plastic pollution by reducing the use of plastic through constant practice of garbage segregation and proper waste disposal by reusing, reducing and recycling while adopting alternatives for plastic products by using personalized tumblers, mugs, cloth bags, and other eco-friendly items.

Some  municipalities in Cordillera are already implementing the "no plastic bags" at the market so everyone is encouraged to use biodegradable wraps and bring their own bags and “bayong” when going shopping.

Now it's high time to help protect the environment. Creating  eco-friendly plastic bags from potatoes could greatly help. The solution to plastic pollution is just around our backyard.



Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Abranean Lucas Bersamin chosen as new Chief Justice by President Duterte

Photo Courtesy || Supreme Court of The Philippines & rappler
Cordillera - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has chosen Lucas Bersamin as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, according to a source from Malacanang on Wednesday. 

The news came after President Duterte said on Tuesday during the inauguration of the Bohol-Panglao International Airport,  that he has already chosen a new chief justice but did not reveal who he had chosen. 

The 69-year-old Bersamin is a native of Bangued, Abra, a brother of former Abra congressman Luis P. Bersamin.

Bersamin will replace Teresita Leonardo-De Castro who retired on October as the Chief Justice. 

Prior to his new appointment, Bersamin served as a trial court judge and appellate court magistrate before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 2009. He also served as a presiding judge of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 96 in 1986.

He was also appointed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the High Court in 2009. 

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Bersamin studied law at the University of the East in 1973 and place top 9th in the Bar Examinations of the same year.

He was a recipient of the Judicial Excellence Award for Best Decision both in Civil Law and Criminal Law.


The gorgeous women and good looking men of Benguet: Mr. Atok and Miss Bokod crowned Mr. and Miss Benguet 2018

Photo Courtesy || Mr and Miss Benguet Pageant Official FB page
Cordillera - Mr. Atok and Miss Bokod won the coveted Mr. and Miss Benguet 2018 at the pageant's coronation night held at the Wangal Sports Complex in La Trinidad Benguet on November 24, 2018.

Glen Laoyan from the Municipality of Atok won Mr. Benguet 2018 while Erika Faith Holman from the municipality of Bokod was crowned Miss Benguet 2018.

1st runner up - Mr. Itogon Kennet Bassit and Miss Kapangan Grail Pacatiw
2nd runner up - Mr. La Trinidad Jediah Daniel Alfredo and Miss Kabayan Edriane Vicente
3rd runner up - Mr. Kabayan Dexter Cawaing and Miss La Trinidad Michelle Jose
4th runner - Mr. Bokod Crimson Jay Simon and Miss Itogon Chrizel Kate Bangaoet

Six Special Awards were given to the following municipality contestants:

1. Darling of the Press - Mr. Bugias and Ms. Itogon
2. Mr. and Miss Friendship - Mr. Tublat and Miss Tublay
3. Mr and Miss Photogenic Mr. Kabayan and Miss Kapangan
4. Smart Texter Choice - Mr. Atok and Miss Kapangan
5. Best Performer - Mr. Bugias and Miss. Kapangan
6. Social Media Favorite - Mr. and Miss Kapangan

Five Minor Awards were also given to the following municipality contestant:

1. Best in Talent - Mr. La Trinidad and Miss Kapangan
2. Best in Sports Wear - Mr. Bokod and Miss Kapangan
3. Best in Benguet Ethnic Wear - Mr. Atok and Miss Kabayan
4. Best in Creative Adivay Wear - Mr. and Miss Bokod
5. Best in Formal Wear - Mr. La Trinidad and Miss. Buguias.

Mr. and Miss Benguet is an annual pageant search in line with the province's celebration of the Adivay Festival and its foundation anniversary every November of the year.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Senator Dick Gordon suggests rehabilitation of Baguio like Boracay

Photo Courtesy || Senator Gordon FB page
Cordillera - Senator Dick Gordon on Monday hinted a possible rehabilitation of Baguio City to prevent further damage and preserve one of the country's gems. 

The senator is calling for a "new Baguio" to save the city's former glory. 
On his Facebook page, Gordon wrote Baguio is now overpopulated and city is suffering from too much pollution. 

"Napakaganda ng Baguio noon. Umaga palang naamoy mo na ang pine tress. May fog pa na nag uusok sa bibig mo kapag nagsasalita ka, "Gordon wrote.

"Pero ano ang nangyari sa Baguio ngayon? Overpopulated na, puro smog at traffic pa. It's time to make a NEW BAGUIO. We will do this for the people," he added.

Many people specially those living in Baguio who observed the slowly degradation of Baguio were also wishing the government to take action in order to preserved the city just like what they did in Boracay Island.

Gordon said the rehabilitation of Baguio should also be considered a national priority. 

"Like Boracay, the rehabilation of Baguio City...should also be considered a national priority. Baguio is also one the gems of our Country.
Photo Courtesy || Senator Gordon FB page

Sunday, November 25, 2018

WATCH: New route from La Union to Benguet now opens to public with travel time of 1 hour

Photo Courtesy || PTV News
Cordillera - The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) formally opened new alternative routes going to Baguio City and  Benguet province on November 26, 2018. 

DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar led the inauguration and opening of the bridge complimented by an alternative road that leads to Benguet's Asin Hot Spring and Baguio City.

The two major infrastructure projects of the government are the Aringay-Tubao alternative road and Anduyan Bridge, both were formally opened to motorists on Monday. 

JOB NEWS: 4,000 Job Opportunities at Clark Christmas Job Fair on Nov. 29, 2018

According to DPWH, the 14.24 kilometers Anduyan Bridge will greatly reduce the travel time of 2 hours and 25 minutes from Tubao, La Union to Baguio City to just one hour.

The new bridge with sidewalks on each side and reinforced concrete railings practically abandoned the use of bamboo raft for people of Barangay Rizal and Alog East in Tubao, La Union to cross Aringay River. It was made of two (2) abutments and a total of 11 piers all resting on bored piles 1,600 to 1,800 millimeters in diameters to ensure stability.

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Motorists using this new alternative route going up to Baguio will benefit from the scenic view of the province of La Union. It will also help in lessening traffic congestion along Agoo to Baguio City or Naguilian Road. 

The ceremonial inauguration on Monday was attended by DPWH Region 1 Director Ronnel M. Tan, Department of Tourism Region 1 Director Martin Valera and other government officials of La Union.

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source || DPWH; Video || dimitrivalencia YT Channel

ONE Championsip CEO Chatri Sityodtong: Team Lakay is the number one team in the world

Photo Courtesy || Nissi Icasiano FB
Cordillera - ONE Championship founder, chairman, and CEO Chatri Sityodtong said Team Lakay of Baguio is the number one team in the world. 

"There is no question that Team Lakay is the #1 team in the world. They have achieved so much on the wold stage with so little," Sityodtong made the statement in his official FB page.
"With a humble little gym in Baguio, Team Lakay has stopped some of the greatest teams and athletes in the world through its passion, tenacity, excellence, and humility. Thank you for showing the world that nothing is impossible and for exemplifying the true meaning of martial arts" he added. 

The 47-year-old Sityodtong also congratulated Eduard Folayang in his extraordinary performance against Singaporean  Amir Khan on Friday, saying that Eduard just proved himself to those doubters, haters, and naysayers who are telling him to retire after he lost the belt from Nguyen.

"Congratulations to Eduard Landslide Folayang on becoming the ONE Lightweight World Champion again! You inspire all of us with your courageous journey of overcoming adversity, defeating odds, and chasing dreams... It was truly the best Eduard Folayang that I have ever seen in the almost 10 years we have known each other," Sityodtong wrote.

Moreover, Sityodtong did not miss to congratulate the Philippines for getting a new record of a country that owns 5 world championship titles. 

"Lastly, I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations to the entire country of Philippines for now owning 5 world championship titles, the most of any country on the planet! It is no secret that Filipinos are warriors, but your achievements as a country is truly outstanding. I stand with you to celebrate and honor your heroes together. 
Indeed, it was a remarkable journey for Team Lakay to have reached this glorious moment on the history of MMA in the Philippines. With a world class coach Mark Sangiao and the whole team of Igorot warriors, Team Lakay is truly a world class team. 


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Igorot Hottie's Renz Lou Lagria makes it to the final on Southeast Asia's Toughest

Photo Courtesy || KIX
Cordillera - Igorot hunk Renz Lou Lagria has made its way through the final on Southeast Asia's Toughest competition 'R U Tough Enough'. 
Renz who represented the Philippines was among the six countries in Southeast Asia which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam who made it to the final. Finalist from this six countries will be competing for the title of "Southeast Asia's Toughest" and will win a grand prize of USD15,000.

Last year, Lagria was crowned the Toughest Pinoy 2017 held at the SM Mall of Asia.

Known as one of the so called 'Panagbenga Hotties', Renz Lagria will once again prove to the world that Filipinos are the toughest in this year KIX much bigger event called R U Tough Enough which will be held in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia.

Lagria, who is now considered one of the hottest and sexiest Igorot pageant model today, drew his strength and mental toughness from being an Igorot who grew up from the mountains and being a construction at a very young age.
This years' KIX and Fisherman's Friend R U Tough Enough contest aims to seek male and female participants from six different countries in Southeast Asia who has the physical strength, the mental endurance, and the emotional resilience to be crowned the toughest. 

R U Tough Enough competition has now grown wider scope this year as it expanded to Singapore and next will be Vietnam. Since its launched in 2014, it has attracted thousands of participants in various countries and crowned many deserving contestant including Renz Lou Lagria from Cordillera, Philippines. 


Cordilleran priest from Kalinga receives numerous recognition in California

Photo Courtesy || Leonard Oakes
Reverend Leonard Oakes from Tabuk, Kalinga Philippines received numerous recognition from different government officials and the Embassy of the Philippines in San Francisco California.
The Holy Child and St Martin Episcopal Church  in Daly city held a big celebration for Father Oakes' 10 years in service as a Vicar on November 17, 2018. It was celebrated joyfully with different individuals, groups, friends, families and "kakailyan" who showed their warm and loving support through music with Choirs singing hymns, worship and traditional songs, and the traditional Kalinga dance.

"His party was very organized. He had many guests coming from Baguio and Benguet. They also had canao" Ohmee Cortez, a  resident of Daly City California said.

 "God bless your work. God bless your weaving and may your tapestry continue to reveal God's unshakable and expansive love and commitment and presence in this corner of God's creation" was the heartfelt  and uplifting message of the Diocese of California, Rev. Canon Abbott Baily, to Father Oakes  during the mass.

Father Oakes was ordained Sacred Orders of Priest in August 1997 and Migrated to the US with his wife Haidee Salbino.  He was then chosen as the third priest for HCSM in 2008

Aside from serving as a Vicar, he expands his ministry reaching out and contributing to the community. He is a member of BIBAK California and the serving president for 2019.

He extended his passion and commitment for his ministry outside his church and he is being appreciated for promoting and encouraging programs for the welfare and development of his congregations and community in San Francisco.

Because of his big contributions at the bay Area, he was given recognition by the San Francisco Philippine Consul  General Henry Bensurto.
Photo Courtesy || Leonard Oakes
Father Oakes was also recognized by the Colma Mayor Joanne del Rosario, Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo, and San Mateo County Board of Supervisor David Canepa declared Novemeber 17 as Rev. Leonard Oakes Day.

 Rev. Leonard Oakes  gave an inspiring message for everyone  by saying, "Each one of us is  our own gifts of ministry. We need to recognize that. Share and shine that others may see that all things come from God and all things are being put into being".

Friday, November 23, 2018

Eduard Folayang beats Amir Khan, reclaims ONE World Lightweight title back

Photo Courtesy || One Championship
Cordillera - Team Lakay top fighter Eduard "Landslide" Folayang's journey to the Promised Land has been finally reached as he defeated Amir Khan of Singapore in ONE: Conquest of Heroes on Friday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Folayang has proven that he is not yet done with the sport, after beating younger fighther Amir Khan who defeated his teammate Honorio Banario via first round submission.

In the 2nd round of the bout, Folayang showcased his ring superiority by pummeling Khan with series of spinning back punches. Both fighters survived until the fifth round but all rounds are clearly won by Folayang. 

Three judges scored the bout via unanimous decision giving victory to the Baguio native. 

The 35-year old Folayang finally got his birthday wish, winning back ONE Lightweight World Title.

"There's no greater gift I can receive on my 35th birthday other than winning the ONE Lightweight World title back," Folayang said. "And there's no better place to do it but in front of my countrymen" he added.

As the most coveted belt in the world is now in his possession, Folayang improved his record to 21 wins with only 6 defeats.

Likewise, his teammate Honorio Banario won via unanimous decision against his Indian foe.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez wears Kalinga warrior costume for Miss World

Photo Courtesy || Aces & Queens
Cordillera - The Traditional Kalinga costume is now becoming a trend for fashion and beauty pageants because of its unique materials and beautiful combination of colors and designs.

After the Ifugao-inspired costume for the movie Black Panther, the Kalinga warrior costume is also making its way to an international recognition.

The design of this  Kalinga costume was inspired by the ingenuity, exceptional artistry, and the rich history of the Kalinga tribe in the Philippines. 

The ensemble is made of a fully-embroidered and hand-embellished bodysuit. The custom embroidery art on the entire body suit represents the historic tattoo art  known as the symbol of the Kalinga people and their warriors.

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The headdress is custom-made and decorated with feathers and the traditional "bongol", the native beads used to indicate a Kalinga woman's social status.
Photo Courtesy || Miss World

The country's representative to the international beauty competition, Katrina Rodriguez, had chosen to wear the Kalinga warrior costume as her national costume during the pre-pageant activities of Miss World 2018 at the Mangrove Tree Resort Parade in Sanya China.

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Rodriguez's national costume intends to pay homage to Apo Whang-od, the last surviving original hand-tap tattoo artist from the Butbut tribe of Kalinga.

A famous and talented Filipino fashion designer, Francis Libiran, designed the costume.

Rodriguez is aiming for the  Miss World 2018 title during the the coronation night  on December 8, 2018. She won the first runner-up in the Miss International pageant in Egypt last January.


Michael Kimmayong, First Igorot serving at Canada's Royal Police Force

Cordillera - Another Filipino has been added to a few numbers of Filipino law enforcers who are joining Canada's Police Force. 

This time, he is a proud Cordilleran. According to the Association of Cordillerans in Manitoba, Michael Kimmayong successfully passed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force with flying colors. 

 "We, the members and officers of the Association of Cordillerans in Manitoba, wish to congratulate our ACM Vice President Michael Kel-mi YoungKim-ay Kimmayong for successfully passing with flying honors in entering the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force," ACM posted in its FB page.

"Kim, as he is fondly called, finished the rigid training course held in Regina, Saskatchewan, it added.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCPM) internally known as the Force is the the federal and national police force of Canada. They provide policing in the eight provinces of Canada and responsible for enforcing federal laws throughout Canada.-wikipedia.

Kimmayong now joins fellow Filipino Don Laurel who is serving as a constable in Toronto, Canada.

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Laurel is a former child actor who he appeared on several Philippine TV dramas and films back in the '90s. For the past six years, he has been a frontline police officer of the 32nd Division of the Toronto Police Department.

Congratulations! sir Michael Kimmayong. You made Filipinos and Cordillerans so proud. 

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Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez wears Kalinga warrior costume for Miss World

Mark Preston Lopez - Fulbrigther from Bontoc receives prestigious award from the University of Florida


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

President Duterte declares Nov. 22 Special (Non-Working) holiday in Benguet

Cordillera - The Palace announced the 22nd of November 2019 to be a special non-working holiday in Benguet Province. This is to celebrate the 119th foundation day of the top vegetable-producing province in the country.
Proclamation 851 stated that, "It is but fitting and proper that the people of the Province of Benguet be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate on the occasion with appropriate ceremonies" which was issued by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

Photo Courtesy || Mayor's Office La Trinidad

The much anticipated trade fair has been started on Nov. 10 and will run until Nov. 24 to showcase products of different municipalities in Benguet. 

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The Adivay Festival will close with a thanksgiving ceremony on Nov. 24 and the employee's night on Nov. 29.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MUST WATCH: Top 10 incredible videos that will inspire you to visit Cordillera

The Cordillera region in the Northern part of the Philippines, also known as the Igorot land is being loved, protected and worshiped by its people as it offers tremendous beauty, inspiring culture and unique traditions.

These phenomenal grandeur of the Cordillera are captured, recorded and made available to us by tourists, vloggers,  and video enthusiasts who visited the land and wanted to share the magnificent view they have witnessed.

Here are top 5 of them.

TOP 5:  Hungry Syrian's Native Ifugao Cottage experience.

How does it feel living in a unique Ifugao hotel in Banaue. Basel, a Philippine-based vlogger from Syria shares his experience. 


TOP 4:  Banaue and Batad are Insane - Loz's Liesure 

Visiting for the first time, Loz's adventure to Batad rice terraces is insane. "Can't believe the northern Philippines rice terraces are this beautiful" he titled his vlog.

TOP 3: My Journey into Norther Luzon Philippines - Gareth Leonard

In his vlog - Gareth Leonard shares his travel experience to Bila, a small town in the municipality of Bauko, Mountain Province. The town is a developing tourist destination under the initiative of Eddie, a resident of the place and the founder of Tao Philippines. Leonard experienced unique Igorot culture and total hospitality of the locals.

TOP 2:  Finn Snow's Kalinga Bodong Festival Experience

He titled his vlog, LAND OF NO RETURN. When you visit Kalinga, experience their wonderful culture while you immerse your self with the people, going back home won't be in your option. You want to stay more days and enjoy the many things, Kalinga could offer. 


TOP 1: Kyle Jennerman (Becoming Filipino) - Road Trip From Bontoc to Kalinga.

Kyle Jennerman popularly know by his Filipino street name 'Kulas' documented his road journey when he visited Cordillera. " This could be not just of the greatest mountain roads to drive in the Philippines...but in the Wordl! Wow! Driving along the mountain sides in Kalinga is beyond breathtaking, and at times very intimidating," Jennerman wrote is his video description. 

Indeed, Cordillera has a lot to show to the world. To name a few among the many wonders of Cordillera, it  includes the breathtaking scenery, amazing culinary experiences when it comes to food and coffee, wonderful people, diverse culture and unique tradition to experience and learn from. Thus, it is undeniably true that Cordillera is one of the best place in the Philippines to visit. 

Searching for unique travel experience this Christmas season? Cordillera is waiting for you. 

Video and Photo Courtesy || The Hungry Syrian, Loz's Adventure, Gareth Leonard, Finn Snow and Kyle Jennerman YT channels.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mark Preston Lopez - Fulbrigther from Bontoc receives prestigious award from the University of Florida

Photo Courtesy:
Cordillera - A Fulbright from Bontoc, Mountain Province was given two prestigious awards by the University of Florida (UF), according to

Mark Preston S. Lopez, was awarded the International Student Certificate of Excellence of the College of Education and was also conferred the University of Florida International Center Alec Courtelis Award during the International Students' Week awarding ceremony held on November 14, 2018 at the President's Ballroom, Emerson Alumni Hall in UF. 

Lopez was also given a scholarship worth $1,500 dollar, and plague and a certificate.

Earlier in September, he was chosen as one of the recipients of the International Student Certificate of Excellence of the College of Education (COE) following the nomination from his academic advisor and professors for his outstanding academic achievement, commitment to service and leadership that are not only integral to the success of the College but more importantly to his achievement as a student and scholar. 

In April 2018, Lopez won the best paper award on the COE research symposium for his study on the implementation of the national language policy on mother tongue-based multilingual education in Mountain Province.

"I had never imagined that I would be realize such achievements. When I came to UF, my goal was to obtain my doctoral degree which is an enormous challenge by and of itself, and return to the Philippines and continue serving the country." Lopez told when he asked about the recognition. 

"At some point, I realized that I wanted to do more than just focus on my academics, so I emerged out of my shell and explored the vast opportunities waiting to be embraced and conquered," he added.

According to, Lopez is currently working towards completing his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, major in ESOL/Bilingual Education in December 2019. He is obtaining support form a Fulbright Graduate Scholarship through the Philippine-American Education Foundation (PAEF), a UF assistantship and a partial funding grant for the Commission on Higher Education, Philippines.

source ||

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Kalinga's Finest "Apo Whang-od" musical hits big stage in Manila

Photo Courtesy: Ang Pahayang Plaridel FB
Cordillera - The De La Salle University Harlequin Theater Guild (DSLU-HTG) has successfully re-run the first musical play inspired by the life of Apo Whang-od - the legendary tattooist of Kalinga on November 17, 2018 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle.

The musical play explores the early traditions and rituals of Cordillera and also feature the personal life of Whang-od in the past: her struggle for choosing romantic love and the destiny offered to her. The play also mirror how the tradition of tattooing in Kalinga which served as a reward of honor to warriors has become part of Filipino culture. 

Apo Whang Od has long been recognized and respected in her community as a master tattooist. Her practice started in her early adolescence and has since tattooed elders, women, and warriors from her community in the traditional Kalinga practice - using charcoal as ink and calamansi/suha thorns to puncture the skin - National Commision of Culture and Arts.
Photo Courtesy: Ang Pahayang Plaride FB Page
Today, many local and international tourists have heard about Whang-od and flock to her house in Buscalan to get inked by her. Most of the time, Whang-od would inked her signature tattoo design which is a linear three-dot. 

Afraid of losing the traditional art of tattooing, Whang-od is teaching her nephew along with other Kalinga women her techniques. Now, her nephew is helping her tattoo some tourist who come to her home in Kalinga. 

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The Harlequin Theater Guild had been very honored to play the life of the Kalinga legend saying the production did not only seek to honor Whang-od, but also made her known as a Filipina who has lived a life full of dreams. 

Recently, the  National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) conferred the Dangal ng Haraya Award for Intangible Cultural Heritage to Apo Whang-od. 

She now joins the ranks of Senator Loren Legarda, architect Augusto Villalon, late senator Edgardo Angara and artist and former National Museum director Jesus Peralta.


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