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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MUST WATCH: Top 10 incredible videos that will inspire you to visit Cordillera

The Cordillera region in the Northern part of the Philippines, also known as the Igorot land is being loved, protected and worshiped by its people as it offers tremendous beauty, inspiring culture and unique traditions.

These phenomenal grandeur of the Cordillera are captured, recorded and made available to us by tourists, vloggers,  and video enthusiasts who visited the land and wanted to share the magnificent view they have witnessed.

Here are top 5 of them.

TOP 5:  Hungry Syrian's Native Ifugao Cottage experience.

How does it feel living in a unique Ifugao hotel in Banaue. Basel, a Philippine-based vlogger from Syria shares his experience. 


TOP 4:  Banaue and Batad are Insane - Loz's Liesure 

Visiting for the first time, Loz's adventure to Batad rice terraces is insane. "Can't believe the northern Philippines rice terraces are this beautiful" he titled his vlog.

TOP 3: My Journey into Norther Luzon Philippines - Gareth Leonard

In his vlog - Gareth Leonard shares his travel experience to Bila, a small town in the municipality of Bauko, Mountain Province. The town is a developing tourist destination under the initiative of Eddie, a resident of the place and the founder of Tao Philippines. Leonard experienced unique Igorot culture and total hospitality of the locals.

TOP 2:  Finn Snow's Kalinga Bodong Festival Experience

He titled his vlog, LAND OF NO RETURN. When you visit Kalinga, experience their wonderful culture while you immerse your self with the people, going back home won't be in your option. You want to stay more days and enjoy the many things, Kalinga could offer. 


TOP 1: Kyle Jennerman (Becoming Filipino) - Road Trip From Bontoc to Kalinga.

Kyle Jennerman popularly know by his Filipino street name 'Kulas' documented his road journey when he visited Cordillera. " This could be not just of the greatest mountain roads to drive in the Philippines...but in the Wordl! Wow! Driving along the mountain sides in Kalinga is beyond breathtaking, and at times very intimidating," Jennerman wrote is his video description. 

Indeed, Cordillera has a lot to show to the world. To name a few among the many wonders of Cordillera, it  includes the breathtaking scenery, amazing culinary experiences when it comes to food and coffee, wonderful people, diverse culture and unique tradition to experience and learn from. Thus, it is undeniably true that Cordillera is one of the best place in the Philippines to visit. 

Searching for unique travel experience this Christmas season? Cordillera is waiting for you. 

Video and Photo Courtesy || The Hungry Syrian, Loz's Adventure, Gareth Leonard, Finn Snow and Kyle Jennerman YT channels.


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