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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Albay bet for Miss Philippines Earth encourages Filipinos to buy from local farmers

Photo Courtesy || Miss Philippine Earth's Official FB Page
Cordillera - Caraga, Albay representative for Miss Philippines Earth, Patrixia Santos encourages everyone to become responsible in choosing the purchases that they make. 
In her statement in Miss Philippine Earth official Facebook page, she said that buying local produce directly from the farmers  is one of the the best ways to help the farmers and boost the economy as well as lessen fuel consumption and can save the environment from pollution. 

"Agriculture is a major industry in the Philippines. One of the best possible ways to save the currently dying industry while preserving our environment is choosing to buy local produce! 
Buying local will not only boost the income of our farmers and the local economy. It will also cut back on environmental costs such as fuel consumption and air pollution, which both take a huge toll on the environment. This means that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced, as you avoid producing greenhouse gasses arising from unnecessary travel and refrigeration!
I buy my favorite broccoli fresh from a local farm in Baguio whenever I get the chance. You too should take the opportunity to make responsible and sustainable purchases where everyone wins!
So next time you crave broccoli (or any other commodities you need), think again before getting it from the nearest supermarket. Instead, make it a habit to buy your food from local markets and farmer stalls.
Let's all remember to volunteer our personal time to choose the better grocery alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of our food. 
When's the last time you bought food from a local farm? Let us know where you go to fulfill this duty to our environment, so we can give others how to make the same shopping choices!" 

Miss Santos have said it all so. Let's join this lady in her campaign and advocacy to  making better choices in our purchases and consumption.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Abra farmer makes a fortune from vegetable farming

Photo Courtesy || Agribusiness YT
Cordillera - From being an insurance salesman turned to a very successful farmer, Arnel Molina has shown that with dedication and hardwork, anything is possible!

Arnel started out in being an salesman from an insurance company and later decided to quit so he can pursue his passion for the business in farming according to Agribusiness. 

He said that working as a salesman was also an advantage for him and his business because he learned so many things of how selling works. 

Quitting his job as a salesman turned into the starting point of his very successful business. From producing all kinds of produce, free range chickens, pigs and more, Arnel does not let a single go to waste but instead turns it to something he can use for his farm. 

Whenever the market is low for a certain kind of produce or is about to spoil, he usually uses it as a source of feed for his black pigs or chickens.

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Arnel was asked if he considers himself as successful as he is, he said "yes" and how he can provide for what his kids need or want, going out to eat without having to worry of how much he could pay, being able to buy a car, and more.

Arnel was also asked for some tips for those who are aspiring to be like him or planning to start their own business. He said that dedication and hard will get you where you want to be in your business. 

He said that you also need to study the "market" and have a plan for your business to become successful, and patience. 

Arnel said that patience is an important value to have because just like him, he patiently waited 3 months for his investments to pay back including the salaries he pays out to those who work for him. 

He treats and respect his workers just like his own brothers and sisters and give them bonuses. 

These are things that made Arnel who is now, a successful businessman.

source || agribusiness

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Young farmer from Buguias earns PHP54,000.00 a month planting cucumbers in greenhouse

Cordillera - Integrating technology, innovation and of course hard work can produce incredible results to the earnings of farmers.

A young farmer from Benguet is earning around Php54,000.00 a month planting cucumbers in a greenhouse. 

Sergio Capsuyan, 29, a farmer from Abatan, Buguias is reaping the benefits of the knowledge he had learned in Japan. 

He was one among the youth members of the Buguias-Japan Agricultural Trainees Association (BJATA). He is also one of the Board of Directors in the said association. 

The association was organized for the members and trainees who acquired the Japanese agricultural and technological skills to apply them in their local farms in Abatan. 

Capsuyan said that he can earn an income of Php54,000.00 in one month or one cycle of weekly harvest by planting at least 8 beds of cucumber. He attributed his bountiful harvest from using a greenhouse  given to him by the Department of Agriculture Cordillera (DA-CAR) High-Value Commercial Crops Development Program. 

He said that it is very productive to grow crops in a greenhouse because he can control and maximize his irrigation including his production inputs. 

Capsuyan also shares how he mitigate insect pests in his crops by applying a method called fertigation. This is by fermenting a sack of chicken dung and 4 liters of Mukosako in a drum of water. This will become a liquid fertilizer that helps in the growth of plants and acts as a repellant to insect pests.

Mukosako is a wood vinegar condensed from a chimney attached to a fire chamber where wood and other combustible materials are burned. 

Fertigation is indeed a very good natural combo of fertilizing the soil and controlling pests not to mention the splendid production volume and quality wise. The raw materials used are organic, inexpensive and harmless to both humans and the environment.

Capsuyan also grows vegetables in the open field but he said that in terms of quality and productivity, greenhouse farming is the best.

Capsuyan was very appreciative to the help extended to him by the BJATA, the DA-CAR and other DA agencies that promote new technologies, new vegetable crops, crop programming and market development to young farmers like himself. 

Very soon, Mr. Capsuyan will receive a certificate as a Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) practitioner from the DA. 

source || Robert Domoguen Facebook Page at


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