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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cordillera farmers feeds the country with 1 million kilos of vegetables a day

Cordillera - The country has a steady supply of fresh vegetables. Thanks to the hardworking Cordillera farmers who provides almost 1 Million kilos of vegetables a day. 

According to the Department of Agriculture, the region has been the main contributor of food that feeds Filipinos in the whole country.

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Dr. Cameron Odsey, DA-CAR regional director, on Thursday said the region is the no. 1 producer of highland vegetables in the country.

"We supply 80 percent of the highland vegetable requirement in Metro Manila, and in other lowland provinces," he said.

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On average, he said Cordillera sells around 1,000 metric tons (MT) or 1 million kilograms a day.

The vegetables usually come from Benguet, Tinoc, Ifugao, and Bauko, Mountain Province.

The vegetables found in “chop suey” dish are brought to as far north as Batanes to the southern part of the country in Mindanao.

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Computed at an average of PHP30 per kilogram of vegetables, around PHP30 million moves around, helping propel the economy.

“That’s a big production trade,” Odsey said.

He said the farming sector contributes a significant amount to the regional economy with around 70,000 vegetable farmers tilling 25,000 hectares, with the bulk being in Benguet.

source || PNA


Monday, December 28, 2020

Honest farmer returns lost bag full of cash despite needing money to pay for his wife's hospital bill

Photo Courtesy || Tublay Municipal Police Station

Cordillera - The Tublay Municipal Police Station commended an honest farmer in their municipality for returning a sling bag he found containing large amount of cash. 

Tublay farmer Mr. Mando B. Alonzo brought to the police station the said sling bag which contains Php133,800.75. 

According to Alonzo, he found the sling bag while passing through Sitio Sayatan, Bayaan Road in Tublay, Benguet. 

Alonzo said he was surprised to discover that it contained a large amount of cash. He also found IDs and a cellphone number whom he contacted and agreed to meet with the owner at the police station for the turning over of the bag. 

Mr. Alonzo and the owner Mr. Roger Santiago, 29 years old, resident of Poblacion, Bauko, Mt. Province met at the Police Station where the later showed proof of identity under PMSg Ronald Neil Bagta. 

Mr. Santiago claimed the bag and thanked Mr. Alonzo for his honesty and kindness. 


Honest Igorota vendor from La Trinidad returns 2.7 million cash to owner
The honesty of Mr. Alonzo is a testament to the Cordilleran culture of "Inayan" which prohibits anyone from consuming or taking anything that he/she does not own. 

Despite his family's recent financial struggle, he didn't hesitate to do what is right. He might have earnestly prayed  for grace just when his wife was discharged from BeGh and signed a promissory note to pay an amount of P37,000. His wife just had a gall bladder surgery then.  However, he was wise enough to discern what's right and acted right.

Amidst the crisis that this current pandemic has brought to farmers, Mr. Alonzo did not hesitate to return the bag he found by contacting the owner and reporting it to the Police, then later turned it over to the rightful owner. 

Let this simple act of honesty and kindness become an inspiration and encouragement to everyone amidst the hardship and struggles we face in this difficult times.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Helping Cordillera farmers: DA's KADIWA now open at SM Baguio

Photo Courtesy || MJDacillo via DA-CAR Rafis FB
Cordillera - You can now buy fruits, vegetables, processed foods from the Cordillera region at the SM ground floor starting October 22 to November 1. 

The Department of Agriculture has opened the "Farmers Produce" to help farmers directly sells their produce to the consumer at a reasonable price.

Here is the announcement from Department of Agriculture Cordillera Facebook page:

DA KADIWA termed "Farmers Produce" is now open in SM Baguio.

Serving as a direct selling platform for highland farmers, the "Farmers Produce" market caravan was launched today with 16 participating farmer associations accross CAR.

Photo Courtesy || MJDacillo via DA-CAR Rafis FB
As a product of inter-institutional partnership between the Department of Agriculture Cordillera, Resto PH, and SM City Baguio, the Farmers Produce is seen to generate increased profit for local farmers amidst the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19.

Avail of fresh and reasonably priced organic and GAP certified vegetables, fruits, processed foods, and many more from October 22 to November 1 at SM Baguio Mall Atrium.    

Source || MJDacillo via DA-CAR Rafis FB


Friday, August 28, 2020

Generous Igorot farmer donates 10,000 kilos of vegetables to Raffy Tulfo in Action

Photo Courtesy || Raffy Tulfo in Action
Cordillera- Showing gratitude is one of the commendable values that Cordillerans have inherited from their forefathers. 

Not forgetting one's kindness, sympathy or help have been always taught at home, where children receive their first education from their parents.

A farmer from Benguet, Mr. George Punasen,  was one of the grateful Cordillerans who went to Raffy Tulfo for help way back in August 2016.
Even after a few years have passed, Mr. Punasen did not forget to show his gratitude and give back to the needy.

In August 2020, Mr. Punasen once again approached  Raffy Tulfo in Action's program  not to ask for help but to extend help  and share his blessings in return. 

He donated 10 thousand kilos of assorted vegetables in a 10-wheeler truck, which was then distributed by Raffy Tulfo to Barangay Payatas and Banrangay Common Wealth in Quezon City.
"Salamat ulit kay Mr. George Punasen. Thank you! Maramin kang mapapasaya, mga taga Barangay Payatas at saka mga taga Barangay Common Wealth." Raffy Tulfo said.

Chariman Manuel Co of Barangay  Common Wealth and Chairman Manny Guarin of Payatas have also expressed their gratitude to Mr Punasen's generosity.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Young agripreneurs (farmers) can loan up to P500,000 with no collateral and zero interest from DA

Cordillera - On January 2020, the Department of Agriculture had launched the Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs (KAYA) to enable the young Filipinos to venture into agriculture business. 
"We want to encourage the millennials to go back to agriculture and and become entrepreneurs", said DA secretary William D. Dar during the launching of the loan program in Pampanga. 

Under the DA-ACPC, young entrepreneurs can borrow up to P500,000 which is payable in 5 years without collateral and with zero interest. 

The KAYA Program will finance capital requirements of start-up or existing agri-based projects of young entrepreneurs and agri-fishery graduates ages 18-30 years old. 

To avail of the program, one must visit or contact the nearest DA office in your area or visit the official website at

DA officials will talk to you and coach you about your business plan. This is to make sure that your idea is viable and will be a successful venture in the future. 

Once approved, DA will release you the loan via KAYA cash card which you will use to withdraw the money from any ATM terminals. 

DA has recently partnered with PAYMAYA to allow disbursement of cash loans to borrowers using the PAYAMAYA app.

The loan grant from the DA is intended for young upstarts who are determined and serious to get into farming as a business.  
You don't need to have educational degree to avail of the program. You only need a viable, sustainable business idea to begin with and of course the will the succeed. 


Sunday, April 26, 2020

'Covid Carrot Man' offers truckloads of fresh high quality carrots to everyone for FREE

Photo Courtesy || Sheila Banagui
Cordillera - The generosity and kindness of the farmers in Cordillera had been demonstrated during this time of crisis. 
Social media has been flooded with remarkable stories and acts of kindness from farmers and other kindhearted individuals who generously offered their resources to people in need. 

On Saturday (April 25, 2020), a farmer who doesn't want to be identified has offered truckloads of fresh carrots to everyone for free, according to the post from Sheila Banagui. 

Banagui said, the generous farmer whom he called 'COVID carrot man' has unloaded truck loads of high quality carrots in front of Epiphany Church in Km 6, La Trinidad and later to the Cathedral of the Resurrection parking lot.

"This morning other farmers followed him. They too are struggling to survive this pandemic but they happily came with truck loads of carrots and other vegetables... For FREE," Banagui said.

Some farmers in the Cordillera region have been struggling to sell their produce specially during this enhanced community quarantine.

Local government units and organizations had came to the rescue by buying tons and tons of produce from the farmers.
Last week, The Philippine Air Force purchased around 13 tons of vegetables from Benguet farmers to be donated to folks in Manila. 

Also the government of Bocaue, Bulacan has bought 13,200 kilos of assorted vegetables from farmers of Bauko in Mountain Province.

The Pasig local government also bought fresh vegetables from Benguet to be cooked and given to front liners in the city.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cordilleran farmers choose generosity over profit; Sell veggies for less to help government in relief operation

Photo Courtesy || Johnny Diwas Waguis
Cordillera - Generous and kind Cordilleran farmers decided to sell their vegetables at a low price to help the government have affordable veggies to be distributed as relief packages to people in need.

Manong Joven Pasadillo, a farmer from Palasaan, Mankayan, Benguet sold his 3.6 tons of womboc under the "10 Piso Para Sa Farmer" program of the Provincial Government of Benguet.

Pasadillo could have earned a whopping P72,000 if he sold it at the La Trinidad Trading Post for P20-P25 a kilo but he said that earning half the price is okay to him. 

"Olay san 10 pesos tan tulong on kakailyan san odom.(10 pesos is alright. The rest is my contribution for our provincemates)" Pasadillo said.

Another generous farmers Manong Paul Malucay, manong Leonardo Baguingey, and company from Bulalacao, Mankayan, Benguet, donated their 1.5 tons of assorted vegetables to the provincial government waiving the 10 Piso per kilo.

"May olay kosto tan para relief iib-a tako. Panlaglagipan da en dakami ay farmers". (It's alright, no need of any payment for they are intended as relief for our neighbors. That they may remember us farmers)," the group of farmers said in a statement.

Cordilleran farmers are known to be generous during time of crisis. They live by the principle "the secret of living is by giving". 

Farmers didn't hesitate to extend their assistance to those in need. 

Many netizens praised the generosity of the Cordilleran farmers.

"God bless all the farmers who have generous heart, Go will return that favor, one netizen commented. 

"Thanks for your generosity. God bless you always. Sana in the near future the government will also assist you," another one said. 

source || Johnny Diwas Waguis


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto thanks Benguet farmers for vegetables supply

Photo Courtesy || Vico Sotto
Cordillera - Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has thanked Benguet farmers for supplying fresh vegetables to the city amid Covid-19 crisis. 
On his official Facebook page, Sotto said the lack of vegetables in the market will benefit the Benguet farmers since Pasig city will be sourcing out vegetables from them which will be distributed to the frontliners.

"Vegetables supply is lacking in the market today. That's why Cong Ronnie Ong of the Hillbilly Partylist is a big help... and it's also a big help to our fellow farmers from  BENGUET," Sotto said.

"Thank you very much," he added.

The young mayor said the veggies that were bought from Benguet farmers will be cooked and served by the city's community kitchen and will be delivered to the frontliners.

Sotto originally planned and launched the community kitchen in March as a way to provide the frontliners' supply of meals due to the absence of mass transportation and the effect of the temporary shutting down of business establishments. 

Meanwhile, the municipal government of Bocaue, Bulacan also bought around 13,000 kilos of assorted vegetables from the farmers of Bauko, Mt. Province. 
Said vegetables will be part of the relief packs which will be distributed to around 16,000 senior citizens in the said city. 

Cordillera farmers have been suffering from the low demand of their produce since last year and worsen by this covid-19 pandemic. 

This results to some tons of vegetables end up wasted.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Albay bet for Miss Philippines Earth encourages Filipinos to buy from local farmers

Photo Courtesy || Miss Philippine Earth's Official FB Page
Cordillera - Caraga, Albay representative for Miss Philippines Earth, Patrixia Santos encourages everyone to become responsible in choosing the purchases that they make. 
In her statement in Miss Philippine Earth official Facebook page, she said that buying local produce directly from the farmers  is one of the the best ways to help the farmers and boost the economy as well as lessen fuel consumption and can save the environment from pollution. 

"Agriculture is a major industry in the Philippines. One of the best possible ways to save the currently dying industry while preserving our environment is choosing to buy local produce! 
Buying local will not only boost the income of our farmers and the local economy. It will also cut back on environmental costs such as fuel consumption and air pollution, which both take a huge toll on the environment. This means that your carbon footprint is significantly reduced, as you avoid producing greenhouse gasses arising from unnecessary travel and refrigeration!
I buy my favorite broccoli fresh from a local farm in Baguio whenever I get the chance. You too should take the opportunity to make responsible and sustainable purchases where everyone wins!
So next time you crave broccoli (or any other commodities you need), think again before getting it from the nearest supermarket. Instead, make it a habit to buy your food from local markets and farmer stalls.
Let's all remember to volunteer our personal time to choose the better grocery alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of our food. 
When's the last time you bought food from a local farm? Let us know where you go to fulfill this duty to our environment, so we can give others how to make the same shopping choices!" 

Miss Santos have said it all so. Let's join this lady in her campaign and advocacy to  making better choices in our purchases and consumption.


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Thousands came out to buy fresh and affordable Cordilleran vegetable in QC.

Photo Courtesy || Jim Meer Libiran
Cordillera - Fresh vegetables from Benguet were on display at the Fresh Market at Quezon Memorial Circle today (March 7, 2020) and tomorrow (March 8, 2020). 

Vegetables came directly from farmers in Cordillera, so the price is much lower compared to vegetables sold in Supermarkets. 

Starting at 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, buyers can buy fresh vegetables from Cordilleran farmers. 

Around 16 tons of vegetables were available at the Fresh Market with prices currently at P80 for a kilo of broccoli, P150 for kale, and P80 for spinach, according to a post by The Veggie Drop Off, which is a group of volunteers who organized the two day event. 

Photo Courtesy ||Jim Meer Libiran

On Saturday, thousands of buyers came out at the Fresh Market to buy cheap vegetables from the Cordilleran farmers.

Some buyers have become volunteers to help the farmers and organizers in conducting the smooth flow of selling vegetables.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Hardworking farmer from Benguet builds Dream House from vegetable farming

Photo Courtesy || Agribusiness
Cordillera - While young people of this generation abandon farming and go to the city, get a college degree and work as an employee of a company, this engineer from Benguet chose the opposite. 
Joel Paquito, abandoned pursuing his career being a full time engineer after finishing his degree on electrical engineering and went back to farming instead. 

Paquito, now a full time vegetable farmer in his local town in Bugiuas, Benguet said in an interview with Agribusiness that his heart was in to farming. 

"May puso kasi ako sa farming. Yung namulatan kung trabaho ng magulang ko, lalo na yung tatay ko... Talagang yung puso ko bumalik sa farm," Paquito said.

Unlike from being an employee in a company where you have a boss, Joel said that in farming you are the boss and no one is pressuring and controlling you in whatever you want to do. 

He said that what he learned from his degree in electrical engineering, he can also apply them in his work being a farmer.

Asked about the common problem of farmers who suffer from bankruptcy due to pest and oversupply of vegetables in the market,  Joel admitted that he too suffered from not getting returns from his capital due to a disease that affected the soil.

However, Joel didn't easily give up otherwise, he will be the loser in the end. He gave an advice to his fellow farmers what to do when they  face challenges and are affected with problems.
"Bilang farmer, kailangan mo ring maintindihan na ang lugi ay hindi ibig sabihin na yun na ang huli. Pag ang nasa isip natin ay tapos na baka hindi mo na mabawi [ang puhunan mo]. 

Joel said that you have to plant again even if your first plant was unsuccessful. 

He also pointed out the importance of having some savings. 

"Kailangang mag-ipon ka. Kung may pera kailang hindi mo dapat iwaldas lahat, darating ang panahon na yung tanim mo rin malulugi, meron tayong back-up," Joel shared.

"Karamihan talaga sa mga  farmers pag may pera hindi iniisip ang kalugihan... Dapat sa mga farmers alam ang [pinagkaiba] ng 'needs at wants'... Alam natin ang kailangan natin sa farm at sa buhay, hindi lang puro 'wants'," he added.

Joel shared some tips to his fellow farmers in managing their finances when starting to farm. Since farming takes a  month or two for soil preparation up to harvest, he advised that farmers should have an emergency fund allocated for the two months that they don't have an income. They can also take some extra work to get income while waiting for the harvest.

Joel proved that you don't need to go abroad or get a job from the city to make a good life. Because of his good principle in farming, he was able to buy his own car and build his own house. 

Watch the whole interview of Joel below from Agribusiness

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Batangas province thanked Cordilleran farmers for donating truckload of vegetables to Taal evacuees

Cordillera - A post from social media Facebook last week has created a huge buzz of good reactions among the netizens regarding Benguet farmers who donated truckloads of vegetables to the distress evacuees of the Taal eruption.

The Facebook post from the La Trinidad Mps shows photos of police officers and some volunteers loading  thousands kilos of vegetables into big trucks that will later leave for Batangas.

The photos has gone viral on social media with over 14,000 shares and 3.5,000 comments as of this writing. It has also been reported by some media outlets.

The provincial government of Batangas thanked the farmers for  their generous act of donating truckloads of vegetables to those affected by the eruption.

"Sa mga minamahal naming Benguet farmers, malaking tulong ang donasyon ninyong gulay. Maraming salamat. Mabuhay po kayo.

Meanwhile, netizens' hearts melted for this generous act and compassionate deed by the farmers to the affected residents of Batangas. 

Many netizens wrote messages of appreciation to farmers and also thanked them for their kindness. 

"God will sustain everything you need, to our dearest farmers, you have such a wonderful and generous hears for the needy. God bless Benguet farmers and everyone who has been part of this program.. Matago tago tako amin," netizen commented. 

"Adorable kayong mga farmers and we are proud of you. You are kind hearted, loving and generous. You are really a children of God. Mabuhay kayo and I have believe God will take care of you," another citizen wrote.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mayor Isko Moreno assures Benguet farmers and traders continues sale of vegetables in Manila's Market

Photo Courtesy || Benguet Governor Melchor Diclas
Cordillera - Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso assured vegetable farmers and traders that they can continue selling their produce at Manila markets. 
In a meeting with Benguet governor Melchor Diclas together with Benguet Provincial Officials today, Mayor Isko assured them that the public markets in Manila will continue to accommodate vegetables and flowers coming from Benguet. 

Moreno told the Benguet officials that they should not worry and clarified that only on the Recto (Tondo side) is not permitted to display vegetables on Friday (January 17) evening because of the preparation for the celebration of the feast of the Sto. Niño on 17-19 January.

However, the rest of "perpendicular roads ay pwede... tuloy yun.. baka naman nagkaroon kayo ng misconception... tuloy yun" Moreno explained.

Moreno also said that vegetable vendors can resume the usual selling of vegetables on the 18th and 19th because they no longer use it.

"Yung Recto (Tondo side) pwede nang malatagan... kasi di na namin gagamiten," Moreno said.
Benguet officials earlier set a meeting with Mayor Isko to air  the concerns of Benguet farmers and traders about their fear that they will get affected with the planned closure of Divisoria for the upcoming feast of the Sto. Niño.

Mayor Isko assured the officials that the sale of vegetables will continue, although there are some little adjustments that must be supported for the meantime.

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