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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Abra farmer makes a fortune from vegetable farming

Photo Courtesy || Agribusiness YT
Cordillera - From being an insurance salesman turned to a very successful farmer, Arnel Molina has shown that with dedication and hardwork, anything is possible!

Arnel started out in being an salesman from an insurance company and later decided to quit so he can pursue his passion for the business in farming according to Agribusiness. 

He said that working as a salesman was also an advantage for him and his business because he learned so many things of how selling works. 

Quitting his job as a salesman turned into the starting point of his very successful business. From producing all kinds of produce, free range chickens, pigs and more, Arnel does not let a single go to waste but instead turns it to something he can use for his farm. 

Whenever the market is low for a certain kind of produce or is about to spoil, he usually uses it as a source of feed for his black pigs or chickens.

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Arnel was asked if he considers himself as successful as he is, he said "yes" and how he can provide for what his kids need or want, going out to eat without having to worry of how much he could pay, being able to buy a car, and more.

Arnel was also asked for some tips for those who are aspiring to be like him or planning to start their own business. He said that dedication and hard will get you where you want to be in your business. 

He said that you also need to study the "market" and have a plan for your business to become successful, and patience. 

Arnel said that patience is an important value to have because just like him, he patiently waited 3 months for his investments to pay back including the salaries he pays out to those who work for him. 

He treats and respect his workers just like his own brothers and sisters and give them bonuses. 

These are things that made Arnel who is now, a successful businessman.

source || agribusiness


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