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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gwendolyn Pascua - First-ever Cordilleran mission controller for astronauts in Europe

Photo Courtesy || Gwendolyn Pascua
Voyage to space is one of the most difficult task of any astronaut. But with the help of a mission controllers such as engineers, experts and engineers here on Earth, the journey to space is possible.

One of the scientist working in a Mission Control Center at the Biotechnology Space Support Center (Biotesc) in Lucerne University in Switzerland is a Cordilleran from Kalinga.    

Her name is Gwendolyn Pascua, who hails from Tabuk, Kalinga and she is the Project Planning and Coordination, Operation Lead Engineer and the Ground Controller at BIOTESC in Switzerland.

BIOTESC acts on behalf of the European Space Agency that is tasked to guide scientists who are conducting experiments with astronauts and the International Space Station.
International Space Station (ISS) [Photo:]
“We prepare [the astronauts’] experiments and procedures starting from planning their experiments, coordinating with scientists and payload developers. We do all tests necessary on the ground before they are sent to the ISS (International Space Station),” Pascua said. - [Estanislao Albano Jrvia

Gwendolyn Pascua was in the Mission Control Center of BIOTESC who successfully flew Thomas Pequet  aboard the Soyuz MS-03 on November 17 of last year.

Thomas Pequet was the first French Astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) who was blasted into space aboard the Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS for a six month space tour under the European Proxima mission project.

Soyuz MS-03 [Photo:
Being an astronaut has been an aspiration for Gwendolyn since she was a kid and now all the efforts and sacrifices she had done to pursue her dream are slowly coming into reality now that she is working with a renowned space agency in Europe.

Congratulations! May you become an inspiration to a lot of Filipinos and Cordillerans to continue pursuing their dreams.



Anonymous said...

Congrats...God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Congrats. ..God Bless you always. ..

JeCsOn said...


Anonymous said...

so if dhe came from tabuk kalinga ... why igorot?

Anonymous said...

For your info bro. Igorots are from cordillera region. Cordillera Region comprises of six provinces: Benguet, mountain province, kalinga, apayao, abra, ifugao

Sidney Bruce said...

congrats. sana all

Unknown said...

Phillipines pride

Unknown said...

why?r u kidding everybody can go to school as long as they can,do u think I P poeple can't or they're still Illiterate till now ? (as u said Why ?)for ur info, American and Belgian (teachers & missionaries )gave us educations since they have arrived in the Cordelieras,and they produced 2 Doctors during peace time, 1 is Dr.Jose Carino of Baguio, 1 is from the Bontok,now how many decades had passed still our brothers from the lowland thiking backward.Spanish gave U religion but not Education education is only given to the pinensulares, meztisos,and sangleys(wealthyChinese)likeJoseRizal, not for the Indios (austronesian stocks)or the Natives, 350 years versus 45 years just compare.

june said...

nice to hear news like this. just showing that we can show the world what Filipino are made of.

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