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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

New Romantic Netflix Film 'Love You Long Time' Showcases Baguio and Enchanting Atok, Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Love You Long Time || PJHaights

Cordillera - A captivating new love story is set to capture hearts as "Love You Long Time," a Philippine drama film, an entry in the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023 is now showing in Netflix. 

Directed by JP Habac and produced by Studio Three Sixty, this cinematic gem promises a tale of emotions set against the backdrop of the picturesque town of Atok, Benguet.

Photo Courtesy || Netflix's Love You Long Time
The film stars Carlo Aquino (Uly) and Eisel Serrano (Ikay), who portray characters entwined in a unique romance that transcends time and distance. 

Set in the stunning landscapes of Baguio and Atok, Benguet, "Love You Long Time" weaves a narrative of connection and longing reminiscent of the Korean film "Il Mare."

One of the film's standout locations is Haight's Farm in Paoy, Atok, Benguet, celebrated for its breathtaking vistas adorned with a plethora of flowers.

As the characters, Ikay and Uly, communicate through two-way radios across two different timelines, their story unfolds against this picturesque setting.

Ikay, a writer seeking solace in Baguio, finds herself unexpectedly connected with Uly, a resident of Atok, Benguet, as he repairs a walkie-talkie. 

Their evolving relationship forms the heart of the narrative, evoking a sense of nostalgia and heartfelt connection that is sure to resonate with audiences.

As "Love You Long Time" graces the silver screen, viewers can anticipate a touching love story set against the scenic charm of Atok, Benguet, reminding us that love's power knows no bounds, even in the face of time and distance.


Monday, July 4, 2022

Kalinga's Scenic Bulo Lake to be featured in a new Netflix film

Photo Courtesy || Christopher Ng.
Cordillera - Largest subscription-based streaming service Netflix is set to stream a new film that features Kalinga province.

The City Tourism of Tabuk has said Mavx Production has chosen the scenic Bulo Lake to shoot a new film because of its picturesque scenery and lush grassland.

Mavx Road Manager Tricia Ladiao traveled to Tabuk City to conduct a site inspection and logistic validation. Together with Romero Salas and Edward Blanco, they discovered that Bulo is the perfect location for their film.

According to Ladiao, the film will feature Ms. Kylie Padilla and Mr. Gerald Anderson. Albeit it has no working title yet, she revealed that one of the protagonists is originally sojourn in Kalinga who went to meet his/her partner in the Netherlands.

The production team will start recording scenes in the city in the coming months. Once completed, the film will be shown in movie theaters nationwide and on Netflix next year.

Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. 

It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.


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