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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

WATCH: A Thrilling but Dangerous Tram Ride Experience in Buscalan, Kalinga

Photo Courtesy || Jet Lau Rider

Cordillera - Have you ever considered adding a dash of adventure and thrill to your visit to Kalinga? 

Well, a group of curious tourists in the town of Buscalan certainly hadn't, until someone proposed an unconventional idea - a tram ride. 

Without a moment's hesitation, they decided to take the plunge into this unexpected adventure, and what ensued was a whirlwind of excitement they'd never forget.

The tram, a seemingly humble contraption, served an indispensable role in the lives of the locals. It bridged the gap between two sides of a formidable mountain, making journeys that would normally take them 30 minutes to an hour, as swift as a fleeting breeze, lasting just around a minute.

The mechanism was deceptively simple: sturdy metal cables securely anchored on both sides of the mountain, a rugged cage designed to haul goods, and a wheel-equipped car to set it all in motion. 

It was a marvel of ingenuity, a lifeline for transporting essential supplies across the challenging terrain.

However, a word of caution – this tram wasn't designed for human transport, and for good reason. Safety concerns loomed large, and it was not recommended for adventurous souls seeking a joyride. 

The tram was a lifeline, a thread connecting two worlds, a unique facet of life in Kalinga, but one best left to its intended purpose: the humble yet vital task of transporting goods.



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