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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Honest tricycle driver in Sabangan, Mt. Province turned-over found cash to Police

Photo Courtesy || Sabangan MPS
Cordillera - Netizens commended the honesty of a tricycle driver in Sabangan, Mt. Province for turning over a cash he found to the police station. 

Report from the Sabangan Municipal Station said Mr. Rudy Lamyong Caligtan, a member of the (STODA) from Barangay Losad, Sabangan, Mt. Province turned-over cashed money in different denomination amounting to P14,320. 

Caligtan said he found the money at the Nacagang Junction which he later turned it over to the police station. 

The owner of the said cash later notified and came to the police station to claim the money. 

Photo Courtesy || Sabangan Mps

Netizens meanwhile expressed their commendation to Mr. Caligtan for his honest act of returning the lost cash. 

"What you did is the best, May the Lord bless you and will reward your honesty," one netizen said. 

"Good job, May your good deed inspires others to follow. God Bless You," another commented. 


Anonymous said...

One in a million .... a pure and clean heart ...

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