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Friday, November 29, 2019

Baguio city impresses foreigner: It's the best place to live because people respect you

Cordillera - A Christian minister from Ghana said he was pleased to discover how Baguio city is  such a beautiful place to live for a visitor.

In an interview with a local TV network, Bishop Maxwell Hagan was impressed by the way he was treated with respect by the people of Baguio since he lived here.

"As a foreigner I find myself lost looking for a place and anybody who approached, they speak you with respect, they make you feel you are part of this place and part of this community" Hagan said. 

Hagan recalled how we was warmly welcomed by the people of Baguio when he visited the city in 2010. He said he was treated not as a visitor but as part of the community. 

"This is a place where visitors no longer become visitors, you become part of the family," Hagan said.

He invited others to come and visit the city and enjoy the unique culture of the city and the Cordilleras. He is confident that it will be a life-changing experience to live here. 

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"I'm telling you, your life will never be the same. This is a home away from home," Hagan added. 

For Hagan, Baguio is a place where you can find hope, peace and progress.

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Maxwell Hagan is a Christian preacher from Ghana and he is the Presiding Bishop of the Dominion House Christian Center Worldwide that publishes and distributes Christian-based publications. 

source || PTV


Emerita albas said...

We uphold the law and promote peace and order.

Unknown said...


A&W said...

God richly bless Baguio City. Thank you very much Daddy Bishop Maxwell A. Hagan.

The Maid's Diary said...

We do respect but when foreigner comes and do the opossite remember most of this tribe are branded as a head hunters. So redoect begets respect. If a foriegner will come and spoil our children... We are unified in many ways so let's build and continue peace to everyone.

Unknown said...

Welcome to our "ili"/(town)☺

Unknown said...

Welccbasic good characteristic traits of cordillerians, traiting visitors as if they are member of the community. Thanks Reverent Hagan for observing that good traits of cordillerans.

Anonymous said...

people of the cordilleras.....they're the best....visit Baguio and experience the hospitality you can not find anywhere

Unknown said...

Cordilleran formula to the foreigners and tourists.

Unknown said...

Thank you for these kind words Bishop. God bless you and God bless Baguio City, a a city on a hill /mountain to give light everywhere.

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