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Sunday, August 6, 2023

From Highland Farmer to Humility Battalion Commander: CDT 1CL JAKE P. MATIW Inspiring Journey

Photo Courtesy || Philippine Military Academy Facebook

Cordillera - CDT 1CL Jake Pel-ey Matiw's journey from a highland farmer in Bontoc, Mountain Province, to the Humility Battalion Commander of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines is a true testament to the power of dreams and determination. 

Despite never imagining himself as a soldier, his deep desire to provide a better life for his family became his greatest blessing.

Leaving his household behind, Matiw embraced his calling and embarked on a career that would take him to greater heights. 

With unwavering pride for his roots, he joined the profession of arms, aiming to bring honor to the people he left behind in his native highlands.

Now, as a leader in the armed forces, he encourages aspiring youth to follow their hearts and join the Long Gray Line. 

Matiw's advice is simple yet profound – to humble themselves, dedicate their efforts to the Lord, and witness the incredible voyage that may unfold before them.

His inspiring journey reminds us that greatness can come from the most unexpected places, and when we pursue our passions with humility and dedication, we can achieve feats beyond our imagination. 

CDT 1CL Jake Pel-ey Matiw's story serves as an inspiration to the youth, proving that with faith and hard work, one can make a difference and touch the lives of many.



Anonymous said...

Carry on with humility the dream God planted in your heart.. He will always be your guiding light in your mission ahead

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