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Friday, February 5, 2021

Writer of erroneous learning material apologizes over discriminating portrayal of Igorots

Photo Courtesy || DepEd Logo - Wikipedia

Cordillera - The writer of the erroneous learning materials portraying Igorots having curly hair and look different from ordinary Filipino in terms of appearance has sent an apology letter to the Department of Education (DepEd).

The teacher-writer who sent an apology letter to DepEd said she had no intention to degrade the Igorots in the learning materials. 

She further added she was unaware of the impacts it caused to the Igorot people and assures that it will not happen again. 

The region where the learning materials were distributed admitted they were not able to check into the examples used in the materials during the quality assurance process.

Recently Congressman Dalog, Jr. of Mt. Province has sent a letter to DepEd secretary Briones to look into some learning modules which apparently contain discriminating portrayal of the Igorots. 

The Department of Education has come into mass barrage of criticism on social media for not fact checking of the learning materials and its apparent lack of knowledge about the Igorots. 

A trending proud Igorot challenge with a hashtag #i_am_proud_igorot_challenge has been posted and shared by proud Igorots to show the real real appearance of Igorots as opposed to what it described in the erroneous learning modules. 



Unknown said...

It would be better if all those modules and textbooks portraying wrong information ,wrong description of Igorots will immediately be recalled and take out of the classrooms as it teaches wrong notion ...wrong information about the Igorots.

Unknown said...

recall the books and issue a public apology on national tv.

Jan Go said...

Puro Hangin Daw, what a joke to a so called educator or PhD. A mockery to Philippine Education system rooted with incompetence and ignorance. Bakit walang quality control ang DepEd? Laki ng budget mo Briones di mo magawa ipareview lahat libro o learning materials kaya nakalusot TABLOID na ito sa paaralan.

Ydao-anganTangeb said...


Ydao-anganTangeb said...

Dont just apologize, resign your post for you have no business being an educator. Bigotry is learned. Obviously you dont understand that even the wrong, when it comes from a teacher becomes right.

Unknown said...

Why shouldn't show the face and complete name of that author. I suggest she should undergo psychiatric exam

Unknown said...

Author is very irresponsible.She is not worthy to be a teacher. Leave the teaching force.You are a disgrace to such a noble profession.

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