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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Cordillera choral group wins gold medal in the 8th Bali International Choir Festival

Photo Courtesy || Jayson Manuel L Osong
Cordillera -- A choral group from the Cordillera Regional Science High School (CRSHS) wins Gold medal (Level 1) in the Teenagers Category and another gold medal in the level 4 Championship Qualifier in the ongoing 8th Bali International Choir Festival held in Indonesia. 

The said choir festival was participated by 99 choral groups around the world.

The choir group from La Trinidad, Benguet acquired 81.65 points in the Folkloric Championship round which enabled them to amass additional gold medal from the competition.

The CRSHS Glee Club is the First-ever High School from the Cordilleras that represent the Philippines in an international choral tilt. 

The competitions were adjudged by 16 internationally acclaimed choral experts. 

The Bali International Choral Society (BCIF) is a project that involves levels of choirs from children's choir, to choirs of youth and seniors. It involves various institutions, choral communities, schools, and churches from all over Indonesia and internationally. 

Moreover, the visions has been developed by organizing events that involves hundreds to thousands of participants. 

It  was founded by Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra in July 2000 with a vision to build a strong choral life in Indonesia.
The events can include concerts, seminars, workshops, choral music camps, collaborations, choral clinics, competitions and symposiums. 

The projects helps singers and conductors gain experiences by building skills, knowledge, and attitude in workshops, rehearsals and concerts. 


  1. Congratulations to all of u!!!

  2. What a great feat! Congratulations!!!

  3. ano ba ang inaawit nila? the melody is good, but the lyrics of the song is hardly understood.what is the message intended?

    1. An indonesian folklore po ata. SOLERAM is the title if i am not mistaken

    2. Soleram, is an Indonesian folk song, parang kasin tunog ng "Longayban" natin sa Cordillera.
      1. Soleram, soleram
      Soleram anak yang manis.
      Anak manis, janganlah dicium sayang
      Kalau dicium, meralah pipinya.

      2. Satu, dua, tiga, dan empat
      Lima, enam, tujuh, delapan,
      Kalau tuan dapat kawan baru sayang,
      Kawan yang lama ditinggal kan jangan.

      Lullaby, lullaby,
      Lullaby sweet child.
      Sweet child, do not kiss baby,
      If you kiss, the cheeks go red.

      One two three four,
      Five six seven eight
      If you can, dear new friend
      The old friend who left will do.

  4. And for info, it is their first ever contest. They had no local choral competition experience and yet they did it so well..amazing ��

  5. Another pride of Cordillera..
    Keep up the good work..

  6. Congratulation SciHigh! So proud of you guys ❤❤

  7. Congratulations sayang ko Cordillera proud Igorot

  8. Congratulations, great job ..

  9. So, the song "Longayban" is an adaptation from an Indonesian folk song?
    Anyway, congrats! Igaba-gabay yo!

  10. serene.....i am so proud of you all nailed it...such a beautiful song...i thought it is our 'Longayban' only to find out that it is in Indonesian.....keep it up....power on....

  11. Wow! so beautiful, reminiscent of the Ilongo "ili ili" melody sung a capela on YouTube.. Congrats!



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