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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Retired policeman in Kalinga appeals to residents to keep their trust to the PNP

Photo Courtesy || Esteban Wacdangan

Cordillera - A retired policeman in Kalinga had an appeal to the residents to maintain their trust and confidence to the police. 

This is after the tragic incident that happened in Tarlac where a police sergeant killed mother and son in point blank range. 

Many expressed their anger towards the Philippine National Police (PNP) over the killing committed by one of its personnel. 

However, the outcry did not sit well on many honest and well-mannered policemen including this retired cop from Kalinga. 

Retired policeman Esteban Wacdangan wrote a message on his Facebook account. 

He said: "Here are your police in the remotest areas of the country, I just recently retired from the PNP service, my humble & kind appeal to all community residents just to give a moment of attention to know the sacrifices & devotion to service of your policemen;  leaving their families even in times of disaster operations, in times of non-working days & Holydays. Their children even lack the daily guidance & supervision due to their quite long been absence at home. Again I am appealing to the public to please maintain your TRUST & CONFIDENCE to the POLICE, let the law punish those only a very few erring policemen but not to include the whole PNP organization. Forgiveness, giving & loving to our fellowmen be the noble message to everyone this Holyday Season, GOD BLESS US ALL."



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