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Monday, July 6, 2020

Diligent boy from Benguet sells organic mushrooms to earn money for his school needs

Photo Courtesy || LoStories || Rober Nocum (Mushroom)
Cordillera- Growing up in the mountains of Cordillera, everyone must have spotted an organic mushroom of any kind or "oong and boo" as the locals call them.  It's been part of every locals' childhood collecting mushrooms and learning to identify what's edible and what's not.
During rainy season, the Cordilleran mountains are blessed with abundant organic mushrooms apart from edible wild plants and fruit-bearing trees. Elders call them the 'manna' from heaven relating it from the manna received by the Israelites in the Bible times.

A 10-year old, Jessie Almoza, however had taken these gifts of nature gratefully and wisely as he was seen selling bags of  'boo' to  motorists. Most of his costumers are also locals who are familiar with organic mushrooms and their health benefits.

Young Jessie's entrepreneur skills at an early age and his determination to do something worthwhile was commended and received  tons of positive comments from netizens and those from the offline community.

Some children at this stage are still discovering what's worth their time and effort, but Jessie had already found his.

"Maganda naman....., na meron silang ginagawa habang wala silang pasok. Dati rati pag ganitong season, merong ganyan na binebenta dito," Ryan, the first buyer said in an interview with TVPatrolNorthLuzon.

Unfortunately, his sales had been affected by the community lock down in his town due to the current pandemic.

The grade four pupil from Itogon Benguet, Jessie, had been saving his profits in a plastic bottle for his school needs.
 "Gagamitin ko para makaipon ng pera para pambili ng gamit ko sa school," Jessie said in the same interview.

Jessie's parents don't have have  a stable job and his father is a stroke patient. Hence, his determination to save up for his education and help his family.

His mother and sister have to climb the mountains as early as six in the morning to search and collect mushrooms for Jessie to sell. This is their main source of living.

As for Jessie and his family, they receive the gift of nature wisely and  honor the gift of life with a grateful heart as they live within their means and strive hard to survive despite the world's current battle with Covid-19.

Indeed, blessings come in any form, in any kind and in any circumstance. We are blessed more than we know. The only difference is how we recognize and acknowledge such blessings.

How have you been blessed? Do you mind sharing them with us?



Unknown said...

Matago tago amin a kailiyan at Igorot's😘💝

Marjorie A. said...

Ada kona mang sponsor piman garud eskwela na like cellphone and data for load tapno maituloy na eskwela na. And or cash for livelihood for his mother tapno makatulong

Anonymous said...

Sana may mag sponsor sa kanya ganyan ang masarap tulongan may determinasyon sa buhay.

Anonymous said...

Mayat piman dayta nga obraen dagiti youngsters tapno dumakkel da nga adda ijy panunot da iti business ,pagkakuartaan for the families welfare,ISU pay maeduron to everyday needs.,sabhirap po Ng buhay ngaun we need to survive due to this pandemic,mayat nga mausruan UB ubbing to kasta nga tumulong t nagannak habang bakasyon.haan gadgets gadgets to if iggaman da.

Anonymous said...

Wow naimas dayta nga mushrooms,uray igisa lng ti sardinas naimasen

Anonymous said...

I would like to mention Batch 80 of San Isidro High School led by Ms Marjorie Olsim and Mr Benjamin Palbusa from Baguio city and Buguias respectively, continued to provide support like shelter and food and other support . Bless the family of Jessie and bless the family of all the donors.

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