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Monday, July 26, 2021

Diligent 5th grader boy in Abra sells Donuts despite storm surge to help parents

Photo Courtesy || Jedd Za Trin

Cordillera - A boy from the province of Abra has been praised online for his resiliency in selling pandesal despite the continues rainfall brought by the enhanced southwest monsoon.

Photos shared by netizens online shows Prince Julian Bolesa of Abang, Bucay, Abra selling pandesal around the neighborhood with his bicycle very early in the morning. 

The non-stop pouring of rain over North Luzon doesn't stop Prince from making money. 

According to a post from Jedd Za Trin, the young boy buys donuts from C-J Bakery at Poblacion, Bucay then sells them  around the town using his bicycle. 

 At a very young age, this grade 5 student learned the value of money and diligence. 

When other children at his age  are just learning some household chores or some new computer games, Prince on the other hand is learning to help out his parents with this entrepreneurial skills.

He worked on despite the pouring rain and received an outpouring of support and blessings.

Thanks to sympathetic netizens and  kindhearted neighbors extending their help beyond measure and buying his pandesal and donut on a regular basis.

This proves what Benjamin Disraeli said that 'diligence is the mother of good fortune.'

Meanwhile, netizens were amazed to see a diligent boy who knows how to make money rather than going to streets and beg for money.



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God bless you kid..

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