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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cordilleran Landlords are giving food packs to their tenants during community quarantine

Photo Courtesy || Food Packs: Mayor's Office - La Trinidad
Cordillera - Knowing the impact of the current pandemic crisis, Landlords in Cordillera are providing food packs to their tenants to sustain their food supplies during the implementation of the community quarantine. 
Landlords didn't wait for the government to provide relief packs to their tenants  but out from their own pockets, they bought basic needs and gave them to their tenants who were affected by the ECQ.

A landlord from La Trinidad, Mr. Denver Kis-ing has distributed relief packs containing kilos of rice, canned goods and instant noodles to all his boarders according to the office of the Mayor. 

Another tenants from the said town said they also received food packs from their landlord.

According to Kean Abat-Marzo, they always received vegetables from their landlady in Puguis even before the start of the pandemic. 

Also, Ms. Florelyn Sabadi, commented that their landlady Ms. Eileen Ayban Yabes distributed whole chicken to her boarders. 

Another landlord from Pinespark was also very generous to his tenants including their neighbors by cooking food for them since the start of the lockdown. 

Many of the landlords showed concern to their tenants in time of crisis by giving whatever they can provide such as waiving their rental fee, giving relief packs and cooking them food. 
Last month, President Duterte asked landlords to allow their renters and tenants to stay in their properties and promised to shoulder the rental fee if they could no longer pay.

"They are already on quarantine, they have nothing to eat and they are worrying about this [rent]. Now do not force them to pay. Let them stay in the place, I will pay. I swear to you upon my oath of office, I will pay if they can't pay," Duterte said.


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