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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

5 Amazing Igorot Vloggers/YouTubers you should subscribe to

Photo Courtesy || FDG Stages, Gorgeous George, IcordilleraKid.ak, The Igorota Vlogger, Vagabond Igorot  
Cordillera - From creating informative content like how-to-do stuffs to creating funny jokes meant for entertainment, these amazing Igorot vloggers or YouTubers have joined the wagon of the thousands of people around the world who shared their time and content on YouTube.

Here's a list of some amazing Igorots vloggers that you should consider subscribing to.

1. FDG Stages

From their YouTuber channel description, FDG Stages is a maker of vlogs that matter, short films that entertain, and other videos that make life a bit lighter.

Yes, indeed, this group of Igorot actors are really good in the reenactment of some of the famous Igorot jokes.

The channel has now more than 16 thousand subscribers and growing with over 1.4 million total views.

2. Gorgeous George. 

This funny guy from Benguet started creating short videos of himself acting with a dual role has earned thousands of followers in his Facebook account and YT channel. His funny content of true to life situations that got you thinking, "Agpayso piman" (That's true).

3. IcordilleraKid.ak 

A product of Pandemic lockdown, these two sisters (the actors) and their mother (the director) produce another entertaining videos for Cordillerans in Facebook. Their funny videos and parodies got them thousands of followers and subscribers in YT channel. These siblings are really good actors and amazing poets. A bright future awaits them for sure.

4. The Igorota Vlogger

A Hong Kong-based Cordilleran vlogger creates informative content on her YouTube account. She also provides news and updates regarding OFWs in Hong Kong as well as creating various daily life guides and tutorials in her Facebook and YouTube channel.

5. Vagabond Igorot

Armed with their high tech drone that can take amazing aerial video shots, this group of young video creators in Cordillera is producing great contents in their Facebook and YouTube channel. Their great skill in video editing is a topnotch as they were compared to Nas Daily, a famous YouTuber who produces short but packed with knowledge videos.

May these five Cordilleran vloggers inspire and encourage you to bring out the best of your creativity and the uniqueness of your skills that can either entertain, inform, or educate others.



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Pasali naman yung Rhye Daluping from paracelis 😀

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