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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

WOW! Lola from Ifugao can still read the Bible without wearing eyeglasses

Photo Courtesy || Josie Zynbak
Cordillera - Our vision normally weakens as we age. When we reach our 60s, our eyesight begins to deteriorate and it can be difficult to read or see small objects. So we need the aid of reading glasses.

But this Lola from Ifugao can still read her Bible even without wearing eyeglasses. 
Read her story below and learn her secrets.

Her name is Bugan Datong and she is known as the Oldest Woman in Gohang, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines. Every morning she wakes up early and sits in front of her house. With her naked eyes, she reads her Bible from morning until evening. Most of the time she reads orally that you can hear what she is reading. Her eyes and her Bible can only rest when she eats her meals and during the night time when she's sleep. According to her, it is her joy and pleasure to read he Bible every day. She had been doing this for five years from now. Her neighbors always see her reading her book.
In front of her house is a public passage way. Passers by especially those whose first time to see her were surprise upon looking at her reading her book without wearing eyeglasses. That even while they were walking they kept looking back at her saying with one another: "Look, that Old Woman knew how to read! Her eyes can see the letters and the words clearly!" Some of them stopped walking and paused for a while to hear if she reads the words correctly. When they proved that this Old Woman read it correctly, they smiled at her and expressed their praise and appreciation to her. They said to her in a joke: " Bless us grandma that we may also live a long life like you." We rarely see an old aged like you reading with her naked eyes." Then she smiled at them and replied positively.
Indeed, she never wore eyeglasses ever since she was young up to present. She used to read the English Bible, "King James Version." Recently her nephew and niece donated  a Bible translated in "Ifugao Version" which she is using now. This Old Woman is a widow with six (6) children. She is kind and generous. Her husband, Bacnis Hinnayyop passed away on December 2008.
 Moreover, she only finished grade IV but she also memorized some of her favorite Christian Songs even without looking at the a copy or "Codigo." Her memory is as strong as her vision as well. Furthermore, she knew how to dance the "Ifugao Native Dance" but can't do this time for she is physically weak due to her age. Above everything, her hidden secret is very simple. Ever since she was still strong she was very industrious. She worked hard in the rice fields and in the mountains. She only ate food from her own plants and meats from her own fowls which she raised at home. In short, her foods through out her whole life were all Organic.
Many people believed that these Organic Foods are the major factors why she lived a long life with a strong vision which is true. Christians are also aware that it was all her blessing from God Yahweh in heaven which is also true. Hence, her Hidden Secret is now revealed.

source || Josie Zynbak 


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