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Saturday, January 16, 2021

PART TWO: 5 Amazing Igorot Vloggers/YouTubers you should subscribe to

Photo Courtesy || Donya Pidang, Igorot TV, Ibaloi Be Like, Dr. Kilimanguru, Kadwa Michael TV

Cordillera - Last couple of weeks ago, we featured 5 amazing Igorot content creators from Facebook and YouTube. We received messages and comments from netizens suggesting  other Igorot vloggers that should be in the list too.

So, here are other amazing Igorot vloggers that you should be subscribing to as well. 

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Why is it very important to support them? Creating videos, may it be for entertainment, tutorial, and information is not an easy task. Watching, commenting and subscribing to their channel is a way of showing support and also motivating them to create more videos for us to watch and learn. 

They may not be as popular as those vloggers from Manila or those 'artistas' who venture into vlogging but they too deserve our support. Vlogging or creating content could also a source of income for our kailyans here in Cordillera. Some of them are even donating their income from YouTube to a good cause like buying school needs for underprivileged children in remote villages.

1. Donya Pidang Sayote  

An Ibaloi vlogger based in London, England, Charles Bencio  or popularly known as Donya Pidang Sayote is one of the originator of Igorot comedy videos on Facebook and YouTube. His YouTube channel has over 10K subscribers and has over 131K followers on Facebook. Donya Pidang is known for his charity program such as donating school supplies to poor students in Benguet.

2. Kadwa Michael TV

New to the world of vlogging and inspired by Vagabond Igorot, Kadwa Michael TV features an Igorot farmer vlogger who creates farm related videos that provides 'how-tos' to farming. Behind the vlog is Mr. Michael Loguitan, a 27-year old farmer and student of Benguet State University. Support his channel as he brings you the life of a farmer in the 'Bukid'.

3. Igorot TV

Get teased but don't take it seriously from Mr. Igorot TV - another Ibaloi comedy vlogger on Facebook and YT. If you're a 'ba-ak', his channel isn't for you. He hits you to the bone with his magic card until you realize that it might be time for you to really get a girl friend or hurry - get married. He's just kidding, anyway, remember?

4. Ibaloi Be Like

Proud of his Ibaloi heritage, this Ibaloi vlogger take it to the next level, dancing the Ibaloi cultural dance  (Tayaw) in the thick snow of Canada with his bahag as if he's not feeling the cold at all. Amazing guy with an amazing skin.  He too is a good comedian and a tech reviewer. 

5. Dr. Kilimanguru

This Cordilleran doctor in the name of Dr. Winston Creones Tiwaquen also known as Dr. Kilimanguru shares informative health guides in his social media channels. If America has Dr. Oz, Manila has Dr. Willie Ong. Cordillera has Dr. Kilimanguru. Subscribe to his channels as he gives you medical advice for free.



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