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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Visiting museums or art galleries may help people live longer, according to a new study.

Cordillera - A new study from University College London (UCL) have found out that people who are engaged in arts-related activities every few months of more could help them live longer. 
The researchers discovered that those who engaged in arts more frequently at least every few months had a 31% lower risk of dying early than those who did not. The study also showed that going to the theater or museum once or twice a year was linked with a 14% lower risk of dying, according to article published in the BMJ Journal.

The reason, according to the study why their is a link between "arts engagement" and living long can be credited to socioeconomic differences between those who go to museums, art galleries, and theaters, and those who do not. Although wealth only accounted 9 percent as the reason, social and civic engagement, and mobility also played a role. 

Daisy Fancourt, author of the study told that these leisure and pleasure activities that people don't think as a health related activity do support good health and longetivity.

She said that engaging with the arts can help in lowering stress and build creativity that allows people to adapt to changing circumstances. 
"We also thought that a greater sense of purpose could play a role. If this study is added to the larger of evidence, we are getting an increasingly rich picture on how arts can benefit health and it's not about one single outcome. It can have wide ranging benefits and support healthier lives live longer." Fancourt added.

In an editorial published by the World Health Organization said that both receptive participation, like visiting a museum, and active participation, like singing in a choir, had health benefits.

Based from this study, the WHO said that everyone should have the chance to take part in cultural activities.


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