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Friday, December 20, 2019

WOW!: Kalinga's "Sissiwit" song hits nearly 2 Million views on YouTube

Photo Courtesy || Hilair Wacdangan
Cordillera - Believe it or not, Kalinga's "Sissiwit" became the most popular song among Cordillerans in 2019. In fact, it's the first Cordillera song that reaches nearly 2 million views on YouTube (1.8 million views as of this writing).

Uploaded 2 years ago by Simple Tone, Kalinga YouTube channel, "Sissiwit" has been the number one song in the Cordilleras.

If the Koreans have the "Gangnam Style", the Cordillerans have the "Sissiwit". Its popularity is phenomenal. It's the most requested song at concerts, wedding occasions and community gatherings, among others. It also an ongoing viral post on Facebook today.

Like any other viral video, "Sissiwit" has reached  many Cordilleran OFWs abroad and it become a song of inspiration to them. 

It also inspired many YouTubers and song composers to create their own cover song out of it including the most popular Ilocano singer and composer The Four-Decade Dou.

The "Sissiwit" is a Kalinga word that means bird. The song was originally composed and sung by Hilair Wacdagan of Tanudan, Kalinga. 

The cheerful and lively melody of the song make it well-liked and perfect accompaniment for any traditional Cordillera dances.

There's even a trending "Sissiwit Challenge" on Facebook inviting anyone to post their "Sissiwit dance".

The song would continue to be the most-played Cordilleran music this coming year 2020. "Sissiwit" is an inescapable cultural phenomenon which serves as an introduction to Cordilleran culture and talent among Filipinos and around the world.

Original songwriter Wacdagan could not believe his composition could reach this milestone.

"Agyamanak unay ti adu adu nga suporta yu kakabsat ken kakailyan iti Cordillera, nakatataba po ng puso, haan ko namnamaen nga aglatak toy kanta tayo nga isut mangted ti ragragsak tayu tunggal ada okasyon nga isut maysa ah kararagsakan nga maisalsala tayo," Wacdagan said in his Facebook post.

The popularity of the song could diminish in the next 2 - 3 years, like most songs, however, it leaves us the mark in our musical mind that for sure whenever we listen to it, we'll definitely get up to sing and dance.
Sissiwit Lyrics

Awad tun dinukmaak
Un kaay-ayumak
Intarok ta ammaak
Sissiwit un naatap

Nu kad nu oggoman yo
Tukkayan na ima yu
Isunga ammaan yu
Satu un sissiwit ko


Sissiwit ko, o sissiwit ko
Nu lumawa ak, buburrun ko
Sumulag nu oggoman yu
Ta sakon di nampaamo

Immoy ko binisita
Igaw di sukbut na
Nangitlog si duwa
Maam-ammaan siya

Nu pion yu maam-ammo
Mampakada kayo
Tapnu maoggomman yu
Sa un sissiwit ko


Sissiwit ko, o sissiwit ko
Nu lumawa ak, buburrun ko
Sumulag nu oggoman yu
Ta sakon di nampaamo



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