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Friday, May 31, 2019

The beauty of the Igorot traditional dances showcased in South Korea by SLU Dance Troupe.

Photo Courtesy || SLU Dance Troupe FB
Dance Troupe of Saint Louis University (SLU) Baguio performed and showcased the beauty of traditional Igorot dances at the 2019 Jinju World Folk Arts Biennale in Jinju, South Korea.

Sherwin Santagio, SLU Dance troupe's trainer and choreographer was so thrilled to represent the country and share the culture and unique identity of the Cordillera during the art festival on May 23-26 in South Korea.

"We are so delighted to be chosen to represent Philippines, because it is not only a chance of representing the country but a chance to share the culture of the Philippines especially the unique identity of the Cordillera" Santiago said in an interview with Good News Pilipinas.

The SLU dance troupe represented the Philippines in the World Folk Arts  along with other dancers from other countries like China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

Despite having less than a month of preparation,  they represented their country and their Igorot tribe with pride as they danced with grace like they always do.

SLU dance troupe had been performing in various festivals and been representing the country abroad like Belgium, US, China and Thailand.

All members of the dance troupe are grateful to everyone who supported them making their recent shows in South Korea a success.

Watch the short video clip of their presentation below.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Good News: House OKs bill on free dialysis treatment for indigent patients

The House of Representatives  has recently approved  a  bill seeking to provide free dialysis treatment for indigent patients on a final reading.
House Bill 9156 or the "Comprehensive Renal Replacement Therapy Act"  obtained a majority of 177 votes from lawmakers. 
The bill intends to provide free dialysis treatment to indigent patients, a comprehensive renal replacement therapy (RRT) for patients with end stage renal disease, and expand the PhilHealth benefit package. 

The PhilHealth benefit package includes coverage for kidney transplant replacement therapy for both living and deceased donors. The package shall also cover the cost of laboratory expenses for both the recipient and donor, hospitalization for the transplant operation and cost of organ retrieval. Likewise, the benefit package covers the medication and post-discharge laboratories for the recipient for a month and the donor for the span of one year.
The bill states  that all qualified indigent patients shall be covered by a  "No Balance Billing Policy" (NBB) while increasing the PhilHealth Z Benefit package  rates for peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis after kidney transplant procedures.
The bill mandates all government hospitals from regional, provincial or national including stand-alone dialysis facilities, to have a dialysis service area compliant with the licensing of the Department of Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

Furthermore, the bill ordered the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to cover for the expenses of the remaining sessions needed for both peritoneal and hemodialysis patients after they have used up all their benefit package from PhilHealth.
source || abc-cbn.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

'Igorots are one of the most civilized people' - Canadian Vlogger Kulas

Cordillera - If you are following the journey of "Kulas" over the past days, you would have watched his solo travels  from Baguio going up to Atok, Bugias, Mankayan and all the way to Bontoc. 

Kyle Gennerman or  Kulas is one of the famous non-Filipino vloggers that started his YouTube career in Cagayan De Oro in the Northern part of Mindanao. 

He created his own video content that are all genuine and full of positive vibes to promote every bit of the Filipino culture including the people,  language, food, and almost everything you could think of. 

He is the kind of a vlogger who likes interacting with the local people almost everywhere.

Kulas is a very polite, positive, happy and a down to earth vlogger who truly loves the Philippines and the Filipino people. 

In his latest post in his Facebook page, he made a live stream to express his admiration to the Igorots of the Cordilleras and the beauty of the rice terraces. 

"Igorots are freaking tough. I just wanted to go live just to say how much I appreciate you people in the mountains because of your attitude, and your strength and your courage...," Kulas said while showing scenes of the Bontoc river in the background. 

Kulas also acknowledged how the Igorots work so hard  planting rice in the field and building massive and beautiful rice terraces.  He then encourages every tourists to always remember  that behind the beauty we see are the Igorots who built them. 

"We  have to always remember that there are people who are living here who are doing back-breaking labor to provide rice for others and to make these rice terraces that beauty that they are," Kulas said. 

He also had a message to those people who are discriminating the Igorots calling them uncivilized only because they are living in the mountains. 

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"I tell you right now. For anybody who comes to the Philippines, if you discriminate without getting to know  people, you shouldn't even come here.... All it takes is coming up and  talking  to people and understand . 'Cause I tell you right now, I met some of the most civilized people in my life here in the mountains. They open up for you, they give you tea, they care for you, they take you  somewhere and they want nothing in return," Kulas added. 

Many netizens following Kulas in his journey are so thankful for his sensible comments and his adventure in the north  allowing the beauty of the Cordilleras  be featured in his vlog. 


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Baguio honored 67-year-old retired police officer who brings 4 golds from SEA Athletic Championship

Photo Courtesy || Erlinda Lavandia FB Page
Baguio City - A retired police officer and the queen of Philippine javelin proves that age is just a number after bringing home 4 gold medals from the recently concluded South East Asia Athletic Championship held in Singapore from May 4 to May 5, 2019. 

67-year-old Erlinda Lavandia, one of the greatest javelin throwers in the history of Southeast Asian games won four golds in different throwing events namely javelin throw, discus throw, shotput and hammer throw. 

In the javelin event, Lavandia recorded a distance of 25.6 meters; discus throw with a distance of 18.99 meters; shotput with record distance of 7.25 meters and hammer throw with a record of 20.8 meters. She bested athletes from several countries such as India, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

On Monday, the city government of Baguio honored Lavandia during the flag-raising ceremony for bringing home glory and honor to the city. 

She received cash incentives from the city government as part of the city's program of giving incentives to Baguians who bring honor to the city through sports. 

The strong 67-year-old Lavandia told in a local news interview about how she was able to pull out her energy despite her age. 

To stay fit and strong, Lavandia said that she keeps on training, eating healthy foods and sleeping on time. 

"Thorough training. Kailangan mag-training ng maigi. Dapat may dedication at determination and discipline," Lavandia said. 

"Kailangan on time ka matulog, yan ang sikreto ko doon" she added. 

Lavandia's goal is to always be a world champion and wants to compete with best athlete from the USA.

Lavandia is taking her rest these days as she prepares to represent the country in yet another competition. 

She will be flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to compete in the Asian Masters Athletic Championships from November 28 to December 9, 2019.

Watch her interview in ESPN5 YT channel below


Monday, May 20, 2019

4 Cordilleran cadets among Top 10 of PMA's Mabalasik Class of 2019

Photo Courtesy || PMA
Cordillera - The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has announced the top 10 and the awardees of the MABALASIK (Mandirigma ng Bayan Lakas at Sarili Iaalay para sa Kapayapaan) graduating class of 2019. 

On Tuesday, May 21, the top 10 cadets and awardees were presented to the media a Fort Del Pilar Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City. 

Four of the top ten are Cordillerans. They are:

Top 3 - Cadet 1CL Jahziel Gumapac Tandoc from La Trinidad, Benguet,
Top 4 -  Cadet 1CL Daniel Heinz Bugnosen Lucas  from Barlig, Mt. Province,
Top 6 - Cadet 1CL Richard Balabag Lonogan  from Sagada Mt. Province, 
Top 8 - Cadet 1CL Glyn Elinor Buansi Marapao - from Bugias, Benguet

A total of 258 cadets composed of 186 male and 72 female cadets who joined the PMA Mabalasik Class will graduate from the prestigious academy. 

Each PMA cadet will be guaranteed a military career as an officer in the Army, Navy or Air Force upon graduation. 

This year's PMA graduation rights will be led by topnotcher Cadet 1CL Dione Mae Apolog Umalla from Alilem, Ilocos Sur.

Other cadets in the top 10 list are:

Top 2 - Cdt. 1CL Jonathan Eslao Mendoza - Sangley Point, Cavite
Top 5 - Cdt. 1CL Aldren Maambong Altamero - Kidapawan City, North Cotabato
Top 7 - Cdt. 1CL Marnel Dinihay Fundades - Laganes, Iloilo
Top 9 - Cdt. 1CL Ruth Angelique Ricardo Pasos - Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City
Top 10 - Cdt. 1CL Daryl James Jalgalado Ligutan - Sta. Mesa, Manila.


WATCH: Canadian Vlogger "Kulas" travels to the vegetable terraces in Atok, Benguet

Photo Courtesy || Becoming Filipino YT
Cordillera - Latest Update: Canadian vlogger begins his solo travel in the northern Philippines. In his latest video blog, he featured the beautiful vegetable terraces in Atok, Benguet.

Watch his video below:

Becoming Flipino travel vlogger Kyle Jennerman, or popularly known on YouTube as "Kulas" visited Baguio City this week and had his first-hand interaction with the Ibalois.

In his Facebook Post today, he wrote about his experience learning the Ibaloi language while he was in the city public market looking for locally cooked food for breakfast.

Kulas is known for his love interacting and talking with Filipino locals wherever he had the chance to. He wanted to learn and experience the culture of the different provinces in the Philippines especially in the southern part of the country.

This time around, he planned to go for a solo adventure in Central and Northern Luzon. His first destination is Baguio.

"Searching for breakfast, and wanting to understand a bit more about my surroundings... This morning I headed to the Baguio Public Market! After asking around, I found out there were some local carinderias squeezed in the middle of the market just nearby the strawberries", Kulas wrote on his Facebook post.

Finding a perfect spot to eat after choosing his 'adobong sitaw' for breakfast, he began his usual "chika-chika" moments with the "Ibaloi Titas" sitting beside him.

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Wanting to learn the language, Kulas started asking how to say phrases and words in the Ibaloi dialect.

"AWESOME! It was an overload of education. You see, all of the Titas around me and the one serving food were not from Baguio itself. They had come from various Municipalities around Benguet..." he wrote.

Although it's his first time to learn the Ibaloi dialect and struggled  pronouncing them, he was able to learn few phrases like "Mapteng ja agsapa" and proudly able to speak "Eses Mo Tita" when he left.

"For the next few minutes I tried, and I tried, and I tried... I was freaking hard trying to pronounce "Mapteng ja agsapa". Seriously, I failed big time!. Can you pronounce that?! But to make up for it... after finishing my meal I stood up and said: "Eses mo Tita"... Everyone smiled!", Kulas said.

"Tita knows best, and they certainly taught me a lot this morning during my local style breakfast in Baguio Public Market." he added.

Kulas is in the Cordillera region this week and probably be uploading some cool videos in his YouTube channel here:

Please follow his journey as he is one of the best vloggers and one of those foreigners who have genuine love for the Filipino people and their culture.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

20-year-old Baguio miner gets 'golden ticket' at Abs-Cbn's 'Idol Philippines'

Photo Courtesy || Roque Belino FB
Cordillera - A young contestant from Baguio city got a golden ticket on the latest episode of ABS-CBN's Idol Philippines TV program. 

20-year-old Roque Belino from Barangay Kias in Baguio impressed the judges with his naturally country-inspired voice when he sang the OPM song titled 'Ika'y Mahal Parin'. 
One of the Judges, James Reid said he loves Belino's voice because it's unique and described it as a country-rock. 

"I love the color of your voice. It's really cool," was Reid's remark. 

"Yung boses mo. I don't see anything wrong with your voice," Vice Ganda also commented. 

Likewise, judge Regine Velasquez said his voice has character and that she's charmed. 

Belino also sang a snippet of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, when judge James Reid requested for an English song. 

All 3 judges voted Yes for Belino's performance and got him the golden ticket to Idol City, the next level of Idol Philippines 2019. 

Idol Philippines, formally known by its title as the Search for the Idol Philippines, is a Philippine reality singing television competition on ABS-CBN being aired every Saturdays and Sundays. It aims to find the new solo singing talent in the country. 

Watch below Belino's performance:

Friday, May 17, 2019

Team Lakay's Geje Eustaquio is back after defeating South Korean foe in Singapore

Photo Courtesy || Team Lakay
Cordillera - Former ONE Flyweight World Champion Geje Eustaquio is back after defeating South Korea's Kyu Sung Kim via unanimous decision in the undercard of One Championship: Enter the Dragon in Singapore. 

The taller and much younger Kim was schooled by the former Team Lakay champion in the first and second round. Eustaquio put pressure to Kim in the first two rounds with perfect kicks and counter-punches. 

Eustaquio made a big score when he caught the younger fighter with a right back-spinning punch straight to his right  face. Eustaquio mastered the art of counter punching and capitalized his short height to effectively skip from the counters of Kim. 

The 3rd round had put Geje in a difficult situation when Kim connected some clean and hard punches. Nevertheless, his determination to win the fight prevailed. He then decided to go toe to toe with his opponent and connected some punches of his own with a take down near the end.

The judges who scored the bout give Eustaquio the winning decision. Winning the bout is a first step for Eustaquio to getting back to being a world champion again. 

As being recalled, Geje lost his title to Brazilian fighter Adriano Moraes when they faced for the 3rd time in Manila this year. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

JOB ALERT: PDEA - Cordillera is looking for new agents

Photo Courtesy ||
Cordillera - Do you have what it takes to become a PDEA agent and be a front liner in the war against illegal drugs?

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the lead agency in the campaign against illegal drugs is looking for new qualified individuals to become PDEA's agents. 
PDEA-Cordillera spokesperson Rosel Sarmiento said that qualified applicants can be men and women who are 21 to 35 years of age, holder of a Baccalaureate Degree and must be Career Service Professional Eligible.

Sarmiento also said male applicants must be 5'2" in height while female applicants must be 5 feet in height.

Interested applicants may send their letter of application to his office at Camp Bado Dangwa in La Trinidad, Benguet. 

Attached a Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form Number 212) (original copy) with applicants's mobile number and email address, and photo copies of NSO-issued Birth Certificate, Official Transcript of Records, college diploma and Certification of Eligibility. 
Qualified applicants will take qualifying examinations, neuro-psychiatric tests, medical and dental examinations and physical fitness test, and will undergo background investigation and panel interview. 

At present, there are only 70 operatives of PDEA who were deployed in different provincial field offices in the Cordillera region. 

Four Cordilleran SAF commanders to be conferred 2nd highest medal of the PNP

Cordillera - Four Cordilleran commanders of the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) will receive Medal of Heroism "Medalya ng Kabayanihan" for their bravery and heroism during the Marawi Siege in 2017. 
The Medal of Heroism is the second highest award that can be bestowed to a member of the Philippine National Police who have shown bravery and heroism in combat. 

Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Ano, who chaired the National Police Commission approved the conferment of the "distinguished conduct medal" to Police Col. Rex Arvin Malimban,  the overall SAF Combat group commander and four other Cordilleran police officers. 

The four Cordilleran commanders who will also receive the medal are Lt/Cols. Lambert Suerte,  Lt/Cols. Ledon Monte, Lt/Cols. Jack Echman Angog and Lt/Cols. Mario Mayames, Jr. 

Both Suerte and Monte are from Benguet province, Mayames is from Mountain Province and Angog is from Kalinga. All of them are alumni of the Philippine National Police Academy.
Current PNP Director Oscar Albayalde has recommended the conferment of the five SAF commanders through the Special Promotions, Awards and Decorations Board. 

The conferment of medal to the five officers is to honor the gallantry and heroism they demonstrated in leading the SAF commandos against armed group in Marawi.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Baguio City has a new Mayor in Benjamin Magalong

Photo Courtesy || Benjamin Magalong FB
Baguio City - Benjamin Magalong, the police general who led the investigation into one of the bloodiest botched operations in police history has been chosen by the people of Baguio as their new mayor. 

A new leadership under Magalong will replace incumbent Baguio Mayor Mauricio Domogan who sought for a congressional seat this year. 

Magalong is best known for his PNP chairmanship in which he led and published a full, fair and just report on the Mamasapano incident.

Magalong's core value of leadership includes speeding up government action, revitalizing the environment, innovative peace and order management and effective traffic management.

The following are Magalong's platforms:

Speeding Up Government Action. Government services will be made accessible, available, and affordable to the people. We must do away with policies that make our people wait in long lines just to be served, or told to return in vain for follow-up.

Revitalizing the Environment. Government will take the lead in efforts to intensify environmental protection, preservation, conservation, and replenishment of dwindling resources. We will craft and execute long-term solutions that will assuredly provide the most appropriate solid and liquid waste management at the least possible expense. Our goal is simple: We must ensure that our constituents have clean air, safe potable water, and access to reasonably priced food source. Urban agriculture shall be promoted among residents.

Innovative and Order Management. We will aspire for no less than the best possible peace and order management for Baguio, considering the city’s rapidly growing population. Modern innovative solutions including “Safer Cities” technology will be applied.

Effective Traffic Management. We have to devise a more effective traffic management system through a consistent application of the 4-E’s

source: Sunstar Baguio

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cordilleran actress Maribeth ‘Mai’ Fanglayan nominated Best Actress in Gawad Urian 2019

Photo Courtesy ||
Cordillera - Actress Maribeth 'Mai' Fanglayan of Cordillera was nominated the Best Actress in Gawad Urian 2019. 

According to the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Fanglayan was among the nominess for the 42nd Gawan Urian. 

Fanglayan was nominated for playing the role as Fasang in a local film "Tanabata's Wife". 

Hearing the news of her nomination among the best actress together with known and veteran actresses like, Nadin Lustre, Anne Curtis, Ai-Ai de las Alas, Pokwang, Bela Padilla and Glaiza de Castro, Fanglayan was shocked. 

In an interview by Conan Daily, she said that she could not believed that her name was included in the list of nominees. 

"I was literally shocked and almost dropped my phone when someone called me and congratulated me for being nominated as Best Actress in URIAN!" she said. 

"I never believed it myself when I saw my name in the list of nominees", she added. 

Many Cordillerans were very honored of Fanglayan's nomination as among the best actress and this achievement is a proof that Cordillerans have indeed capable of being a top talent in the acting. 

Mai Fanglayan is from Mountain Province. She graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree of Mass Communication.



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